Bar Refaeli: 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover

February 10th, 2009 // 237 Comments

That was fast. Bar Refaeli made the cover of the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue which hits newsstands today. The news was announced last night on Letterman, and word on the street is Leonardo DiCaprio was silently campaigning for Bar to get the coveted cover. Sometimes he just likes to remind the world he bangs hot women. To which I say, how many trees died making this issue, Mr. Environmentalist? I’m pretty sure the pages of SI aren’t made of love and pixie dust. – - Except maybe this one. Damn your infallible logic, DiCaprio!


  1. Spider Monkeys in the White House

    Along with the $ trillion dollar welfare package about to be signed which will officially change the USA into a communist country, apparently Biraq Oboomba is going to remodel kitchens and bathrooms for all the porch monkeys who don’t want to work for them. And apparently anyone who works at McDonald’s will now have health care, paid for by McDonalds. So now a burger is going to cost $10. Great. Not that I care, it’s the coons who voted for this Ape in the White House that will be effected the most, since most nigger families live on McDonalds and Burger King. Ghetto food. We got a fucking Ape in the White House, it’s a travesty.

  2. greg

    see? I’m fine now.

  3. shalita

    dude, this post is WAYYYY too intense

    understandably there are still ignorant racist ppl in this world, and it will never end. and while they have the right to their opinions and freedom of speech and all that…

    not really the venue to vent about the President

    also, Bar’s boobs are totally fake. but she’s still gorgeous

  4. 2for2true

    #201, you seem to know a lot about working at MacDonald’s, so I’m guessing you are close to making that coveted ’2nd assistant trainee to fry cook’ position. Bless your little heart….maybe someday you can save up enough to get some nice dental implants and move right on up to cashier. Until then, you’ll make an excellent posterboy for those interested in dropping out of 3rd grade.

  5. I would love to fuck the shit out of that Kosher ASS…..

    then Donkey Punch her in the face and scream JIHAD!!!!!!!! JIHAD! JIHAD!!!!!!

    Tie her up and Bomb that Pussy (just like her people bomb all the other helpless)

  6. Unfair

    wow the jews sure are taking over now. even sports illustrated. I know how racist of me.

  7. alex

    Uh really nice natural boobs. Leo has done nice for himself hahaha. Lucky girl. She’s cute.

  8. sophie

    in regards to comments 8 and 14 :

    you are a pathetic, ignorant racist. obviously poor white trash who’s never been out of your trailer long enough to see the real world and expand your meager excuse for a brain. get a grip.

  9. Dumbass

    No, they are not natural. That’s a good silicone boob job. It holds up better than saline.

  10. Emily

    Umm…ok i don’t know where commenting on stories turned into hate speeches. I guess those of you doing and saying these things are perfect people with amazing looks and can do anything and are very intelligent. Oh except you spend your day commenting a celebrity gossip website and are horrible people on the inside. I hope in 50 years theres almost no totally white people left (and im white) then maybe we can stop this white entitlement that people feel they have. This country was built on the back of slaves and american indians. They are the reason we flourished. So for people to talk like they’re so much better and so much more entitled, they need to look at their history and see that the white people were the LAZY ones….umm…thats why they got slaves. They STOLE land and rights from the Indians and they KILLED thousands of them. People here all talking about black people like they only do bad things….everyone does bad things EVERYONE. Black, white, red, brown. All of our history is full of death and violence. People here were talking about casting stones? Yea, to quote the good book(that i believe is a collection of stories to guide us to good), “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. Religion and Hate has ruined the world. People want to blame everyone but themselves.

  11. Emily only does Anal (bag over head of course)

    So Em, you think white people are lazy? Is that why we rule the world? We conquered everything 100 years ago. We walked on the moon. OUR scientists have robots on mars and all throughout the solar system. Computers, robots, factories, airports.
    I agree with the slavery issue and I support human rights efforts. But the idea of us as lazy is a little…ignorant. If you tried to work side by side with me you would have a heart attack. And die. That would be a good thing.

  12. Emily

    I work very hard, taking care of sick. And you don’t think people of other races helped in those developments? and we dont rule the world. America and Europe are the only countries with large “white populations. Saying we “rule the world” is the most moronic things i’ve ever herd. Thats why everyone hates Americans and that exactly the entitlement im talking about. Case closed, you proved my point for me.

  13. Gina

    @209 Yeah, I agree saline implants don’t hold their shape as well as silicon. She definitely didn’t have her tits done in the states – i think you can only get saline there. Anyway, Leo is prettier than this chick. If he got implants, maybe they’d put him on the cover of SI, too.

  14. .....

    holy crap…#19 and 41… her boobs are droopy?? have you EVER seen what real boobs look like? bolt on tits do not look like real boobs.
    and shes gorgeous.
    but whatever.. this world is full of plastic…. so i guess i cant blame all of you naive people for your unrealistic expectations of what women should look like. i wish the expectations were just as tough for guys.

  15. Meh

    Face is so-so. Rack is fake, but who cares? Fake tits are to be expected on a swimsuit model. Whatever.


    Can everyone just STOP feeding the fucking troll already?

    If I have to post this on every god damned thread, I will. *slaps forehead*


  17. with jews, you lose

    i wonder how much jews had to bribe the magazine to get this butterface on front page.

  18. I had heard of her but never thought she was special, but she looks really hot in this. Maybe SI airbrushed it like Marissa miller’s freckles?

  19. noona

    I’m sorry but I don’t see the big deal. Nice body, ok face, don’t get the fuss.

  20. Mr. Sticky

    She is hot and deserves the cover.

    And saying that Barak Obama is black pisses me off. HE’S WHITE TOO! That man is as much black as he is white! If you can call him a black man, you could also call him a white man!

    And he is not even the first black president! That distinction goes to John Hanson! Look at a portrait of him, he has all the black features. He was president of the Continental Congress after 1776, and before George Washington. Why is this fact important? Because America celebrated their bicentennial in 1976, therefore admitting that the United States began in 1776, which makes John Hanson and the other early Presidents legitimate!

    I couldn’t make this up. If you went by the day that George Washington became president, then I could understand excluding John Hanson, but the country ITSELF promoted 1776-1976 as the bicentennial. The presidents before Washington should be recognized, and John Hanson was a black man.

    So get over it you racist freak who keeps posting your hate spam. John Hanson was the first black president, way back in 1782, and no one cared then, much like no one cares now. You should be more concerned about getting a crazy president, or some war pig. Those are the ones to watch out for.

  21. Reido

    Leonardo and Refaeli? Jesus, their fucking kids better be named variations of Donatello and Michaelangelo.

  22. Roxy

    She’s pretty, but that’s about it. How proud I am to be Jewish and know that we, too, can objectify women.
    Wooooo hoooo. Admittedly, she looks good. Can’t hate on that. But I’m getting bored of all these bikini posts…

  23. Not pretty is she

    Yeah we all know how this average skank got there. And rest assured there will be more “like her” to (dis)grace our covers. End game is drawing near.

  24. Linds

    You’re out of your minds… she’s gorgeous, CLEARLY! I can’t believe the ruler some of you are using to measure women’s beauty if this girl is near the bottom… jesus.

    ((Alssooo..not sure what you’re all talking about… that is a very real chest. Trust me! If they weren’t they’d look like glued-on grapefruit halves.))

  25. Heather

    @ the people defending the freedom of speech KKK douchetard whose mental capacity is at least 8 times closer to that of an ape than the president he’s criticizing, the constitution protects freedom of speech, but it makes an exception for “fighting words.” *TAKE NOTE* In this day and age, those count as fighting words if anything does… Fish should take them down.

  26. LMS

    I would kill to have a body like that!!!
    Sure I can name some chicks who are better looking, but any negative remarks are from guys who sit at their computer desk and jack off to porn all day! Her boobs are saggy? Newsflash! Thats what REAL boobs do-and look like! But you wouldnt know because you’re so accustomed to big fake bolted on airbrushed tits and have long since forgotten what a real woman is supposed to look like!
    Any chicks out there are probably some fat slob with hair on their upper lip who eats Doritos all day and could only dream of looking like this!

  27. American Me

    To all of you extremely fucked up twits criticzing this beautiful woman you need to either shut the fuck up or stuff more Hagendaz in your traps.

    As for #14, I pretty much don’t give a fuck for your right to Freedom of Speech and all your racist bullshit. As far as I know, you’re just some dumbshit 13 year old with acne who when not trolling the various sites, is usually engaged in rubbing dickheads with your small circle of friends and lying about all the pussy you’ve gotten up to now.

  28. DMM

    Fish, you need to do something about the racist remarks on this site. It’s getting to the point where you can’t read a single post without going through dozens of KKK rants.

  29. Tinfoil Raccoon

    @226 LMS: So true. You have to wonder about the new trend in blog comments where – supposed – guys (who knows who and what they really are….) go around complaining that some actress or model has saggy boobs, or “flap jack tits.” And the comments are being said about women who have perfect looking, and many times natural, breasts. Bar has a great body. Anybody who says otherwise is delusional.

    When I start seeing repeating trends in multiple blog comment sections around the web it seems fishy to me, no pun intended. ;) Methinks somebody is being paid to roam around the ‘net and post certain things as an exercise in social engineering. “And the new social engineering trend will be……….Trashing natural breasts! Steer the population onto the idea of having bolted on hard cantoloupe breasts that stick straight out and up! Anything else will be called “saggy” or “flap jack”! Ready! Set! Go!!”

  30. Tinfoil Raccoon

    And the other social engineering trend in blog comments seems to be labeling curvy women as being “manly” or “man-ish.” As if anything other than 85 pound skeleton is being “a man.”

  31. Iran Forever!

    I hope Hamas shoots an IED at her. Fuckin jew. Dicaprio complains and POOF! she’s on the cover. Maybe she should donate some of her money to the poor innocents her terrorist country has killed.
    I hate this cunt.

  32. LMS

    Good points there Tinfoil Raccoon!
    Its a sad day when we as a society favor rock-hard basketball tits that are up to the collarbone over natural breasts, even if they “sag.” I dont not understand why men like fake tits in the slightest,or why men favor a woman who pays for her looks over a natural woman with “flaws.” I do not think fake tits look attractive at all. They look, well FAKE!!! And whats the point of having something thats obviously faker than a $10 toupee? You’re not fooling anybody!
    Now Im no twig, but Im not fat either. Im a healthy weight for my height. But if I walked into a modling agency they’d tell me I was a cow! It sickens me that we as a society favor 90 pound skeletors over women with some meat on their bones! So if you’re over 90 pounds you’re a “fat ass!” No wonder women are starving themselves and sticking their fingers down their throats after dinner!

  33. Your Blackest Nightmare

    Dear Billy Bob, Goober and Ellie Mae,

    Has inbreeding damaged so much of your brain that you think that people actually care what you troll about here?

    Don’t pick fights you can’t win, amateurs…

  34. maudina

    To everyone complaining about the “huge” bags under her eyes. EVERYONE will have those lines under their eyes photographed from that angle, lowering her chin. The thing is, in such magazines, they are usually airbrushed. Personally, I could always do with a little less photoshop.

  35. no 1 u no

    “To everyone complaining about the “huge” bags under her eyes. EVERYONE will have those lines under their eyes photographed from that angle, lowering her chin. The thing is, in such magazines, they are usually airbrushed. Personally, I could always do with a little less photoshop.”

    No, she always has tiny swollen and eyes and weird puffy cheeks-is she getting botox?!- not really attractive. Also she has piano legs in a lot of picks.

    And to another poster, it’s tranny models like Gisselle who have the bodies of teenage boys and implants that are rightly called mannish. It has nothing to do with real womanly “curves.” Quite the opposite.


  36. She is really hot. I like so many hot videos and pictures. If you have a look, you do not want to move the eyes.

  37. Hi there.. Well after reading this I thought I’d leave a little note. Obviously I’m giong to have to come back when I’m not so rushed to check out some more of your posts or threads, whatever you call em here lol ! Thanks…

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