Bar Refaeli: 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover

February 10th, 2009 // 237 Comments

That was fast. Bar Refaeli made the cover of the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue which hits newsstands today. The news was announced last night on Letterman, and word on the street is Leonardo DiCaprio was silently campaigning for Bar to get the coveted cover. Sometimes he just likes to remind the world he bangs hot women. To which I say, how many trees died making this issue, Mr. Environmentalist? I’m pretty sure the pages of SI aren’t made of love and pixie dust. – - Except maybe this one. Damn your infallible logic, DiCaprio!


  1. Alec Baldwin

    She made me a supporter of Israel.

    Maybe Hammas just wants to bang hot chicks?

  2. gigi

    she is sexy and beautiful but i don’t think she should have made the cover, there are plenty of other models more worthy

  3. Deacon Jones


    Nah, theyre all fucking gay. They’re raised separated from women their whole lives basically, so they go catholic church style and fondle each other.

  4. Anexio

    Hey, # 82, someguy….

    You totally redeemed yourself in my single drippy and crusted eye.

    “Maybe I should have ignored it and commented on the boobies. They are nice.”

    I’m going to get my ass kicked off here for posting something thats not superficial but here goes anyway.

    Dude, you cant say “I’m all for free speech!”, and then in the same sentence request censure. Sure, the racist guy was vile. Even I cringed a little and thought it wasn’t funny. But, for me anyway, the beauty of this site are the crazies. The Superficial is like a fucking trainwreck you cannot look away from.

    In closing, this is THE SUPERFICIAL, where smart people can be retards and retards can try to be smart. (Proud to be in the later category.)

  5. shankyouverymuch

    This woman’s face is just NOT cute, or pretty, or “GORGEOUS” like many blinded by big tits idiots keep commenting … YES her body is stellar, yes she has a certain sex appeal.

    BUT without question she is UNDOUBTEDLY a “Butter-Her-Face” kind a gal. She has a harder cold look to her face a-la Stephanie Seymour. Although Stephanie’s sexier looking over all, to me anyway.

    & I totally agree with #94 compared to models of the past- i.e. Heidi, Elle McPherson, Rebecca Romajn, Christie Brinkley, these girls all had truly very pretty, happy & inviting faces to match their ultra sexy bodies, & in this case Barf, I mean BAR :O), just doesn’t measure up .

  6. Yes, she is HOT

    When you have a body that perfect and a face that cute, then you can call her “ugly” or “not worthy”. Until then, shut the fuck up. Oh, and 17, that is what real, spectacular boobs look like.

    And I’m a girl. Some of you ladies need to learn to stop being so bitter. Geez, it’s unbecoming.

  7. greg

    104- yeah… it IS like a trainwreck… good job summing it up!

  8. Deacon Jones


    “Bitter” sums up about 90% of the women on this site.
    “Racist or perverts” sum up 90% of the men on this site.

    It’s all a big happy dysfunctional family!


    You nuts. She does not have a butter face.

  9. shankyouverymuch

    Oh hey #106, are YOU the chick old shanky slipped it into last nite? yeah probably so, & you’re still mad cuz I didn’t leave you enough bus money for the ride home. Next time baby, next time.

    Listen girl, I didn’t call her ugly, just not up to par for the cover of SI, & that’s an empirical fact … BELIEVE IT !

  10. shut up

    #14, 44, etc. isn’t a conservative, he’s a racist asshole and a pathetic excuse for a human being. So all of you talking about beating the “conservatism” out of him need to shut your mouths. This guy is neither a liberal nor a conservative…he’s a twisted, sick individual and blaming conservatism or anything else is both moronic and predictable.

    As far Bar here, she’s just not that hot…admit it.

  11. shankyouverymuch

    #106- Deacon go back to the pulpit my man- & pray for your vision, because if your eyes are telling you that Bar isn’t a butterface- they are malfunctioning badly & need correction … BELIEVE IT!

  12. marme

    I vote Chuck Few for blog administrator!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Yes, she is HOT


    Nice try at an insult, but it just doesn’t work. It’s actually kind of awkward really. Are you a some sort he/she? I wasn’t speaking directly to you, but it’s very telling that you thought I did. And look up “fact” too, won’t you? Now crawl back into that hole you came from.

  14. Yes, she is HOT

    oops…109 not 106

  15. Deacon Jones

    Shank you,
    Post a pic of yourself, then you can talk shit about THE COVERGIRL OF S.I.’S SWIMSUIT ISSUE.

  16. Israeli

    Are you guys idiots? Her boobs are VERY REAL. If you really can’t tell the difference between real and fake then you’re stupid as fuck. And NOT ALL JEWS HAVE BIG NOSES you sheltered bimbos.

  17. netstarman

    I wonder if she sits underneath Kim Kardashian’s ass will Bar Refaeli turn into a Armenian? or lose her sun tan either which.

  18. joblo

    there are two types of men in the world – guys who think this girl is HOT – and friggin HOMOs.

    sorry HOMOs – THIS GIRL IS HOT!!!

    on a side note, why are the most recist white guys always the dumbest, most uneducated, ugliest inbred-looking fuckers out there? JUST WONDERING.

  19. Owned

    Joblo: ’cause they got it from their mamas.

  20. cavy

    #28 lalalallaa, Holy crap….I think you may be one of, if not the ONLY, poster on here that makes any actual sense. You are so right, it hurts – I’ve been thinking the same thing….anyone who would call this woman a tranny or that she’s too skinny (and that FAT is actually healthy…wtf?) is on the same mental wave length as the Octo-Mom! As much as I love America, this Country’s people are getting more and more demented by the day!

    Cheers to you!

  21. meee

    i just don’t think she has a good face. & she’s going to need a breast lift in about 5 years, which sucks.

    if i were a guy, i’d hit giselle first.

  22. shankyouverymuch

    #115 Listen DOOOOSH-bag Deacon YOU’RE obviously a MORON that is unable to comprehend written English, so I will interpret for you. Where do I ever write that I’m comparing myself to a model, I’m comparing her to others who have held the same position with SI. & in that regard for the reasons I’ve already stated & others I have not – SHE SIMPLY DOES NOT MEASURE UP.

    YOUR premise supposes that nobody can give an opinion on any facet of life unless they themselves have been involved on some level with that particular subject matter. Which is of course absurd – like YOU.

    So the next time you see a movie, or hear a new song on the radio etc, don’t you dare express YOUR opinions about them. UNLESS you’re a better director or song writer then the director or of the movie or the writer of the song you are criticizing, you’ve got no right to say anything.

    Can you follow that logic Dipshit-Deacon??? OXOXOX


  23. e-rock

    I love how men or women for that matter say she has natural boobs, PULEEEZE! Granted she is a 10, and I think she deserves the cover all the way, and if I could look like her, LORD that would be awesome, but I didn’t win the genetic lottery like Miss Bar. But those bad boys are SILICONE. Sorry guys, get a clue. Women get breast implants to feel better about themselves, and in her case, obviously look better. Cuz she is SMOKIN! I know she has breast implants, because they look just like mine. GO BAR, and on that note, GO LEO!!!

  24. shankyouverymuch

    #113 …………. “actually kind of awkward really” the only thing awkward is the position YOU contorted yourself into last night when you had me pile-driving my worrier into your tight little brown-eye! I really didn’t think a chick could like anal so much, but you certainly proved me wrong on that score.

    As far as your invite to “crawl back into that hole you came from” well if you come visit me again tonight I’ll be glad to go a second round on your tight little butty for you, I know YOU really love it … GOOD TIMES OXOXO


  25. KeroWit

    #42….SAGGY BOOBS??!!
    Get fucked.
    A slight DROOP (NOT SAG- you wanna see sag then google it, I bet you a million they look NOTHING like Bar’s breasts, LOSER) of her breasts is sexy as all hell! 200X BETTER THAN those disgusting bolt on soccer balls all these so-called, ‘Swimsuit models’ have these days.
    Fucking fake shit.
    She’s gorgeous- natural, great body, cute freckles, flawless, pretty face….Giselle is attractive but too much of the time looks too masculine in the face and has a gay man’s ass.
    And to the clearly HOMO FUCKS or FAT ASS JEALOUS SL*TS who say she is a Butterface, I’d love to see what the fuck you look like!!

  26. Yes, she is HOT


    Stop trying to use logic in an argument about opinions. It just doesn’t work. You think Bar isn’t hot enough. I think she’s hotter than the surface of the sun. See how that works?

    “I really didn’t think a chick could like anal so much, but you certainly proved me wrong on that score.”

    What are you smoking? What fairytale do you live in?

  27. Lowlands

    I can’t see it well.60% chance it’s a landingstrip.

  28. dfgdfg

    the bikini bottom on the cover is really hideous

  29. Fat Chicks Suck

    Hot body, cute face, no fake boobs. Obviously not FLAWLESS…but very hot. I’d marry her.

  30. #125- YAY!!

    THANK YOU #125!!!! perfectly said! what the fuck is wrong with these assholes!?!

  31. shankyouverymuch

    #126- No, because of her face, I don’t think over all she is hot enough. YOU – “think she’s hotter than the surface of the sun” …

    Here’s the difference between us- I’m smart, have good taste & think logically, YOU’RE a filthy cumsponge, with Paris H. Pink taste that doesn’t even know how to spell l-o-g-i-c. … “See how that works?”

  32. squirlgal1

    She is very pretty. Why is she dating Leonardo DiCaprio?

  33. SATAN

    i meant to say:

    i would gladly let her shovel gallons full of her own shit down my throat if it meant i could exhaust my every last ounce of semen down hers

  34. shankyouverymuch

    #125 ‘KeroWit’ – YOU need to rename yourself to ‘DimWit’ yes DimWit is MUCH more befitting a person of your limited mental capabilities & bent over hairy knuckled stature.

    As for your imbecilic argument “who say she is a Butterface, I’d love to see what the fuck you look like!!” I refer you to #122 OXOXOX


  35. Yes, she is HOT


    Oh really? So by logic you mean jumping to the conclusion that I like Paris Hilton? Yes, that is truly logical. No fallacies there! Aristotle would be proud.

  36. Yes, she is HOT


    Oh, and by the way: claiming that you’re smart on while on the Fish is like claiming you’re not crazy even though you’re sitting there in a straight jacket. Also, claiming you’re smart just never works. Show, don’t tell.

  37. #25 is an idiot

    @ #25
    Freedom of speech doesn’t just cover speech that you like, you fucking idiot. This is a private site, so the point is moot anyway, but fucktards like you should get the fuck out of America. Take a shit on my constitution and I’ll take a shit on your face.

  38. sushi

    I can’t believe people are saying “She aint no Gisele” as if that’s a bad thing. Gisele Budchen is butt ugly with no tits. This girl has a rack to die for.

  39. sushi

    I can’t believe people are saying “She aint no Gisele” as if that’s a bad thing. Gisele Budchen is butt ugly with no tits. This girl has a rack to die for.

  40. shankyouverymuch

    #135 … It seems to me that by the way YOU write, the way you phrase your answers that you are a not from the US originally- where are you from sweetheart?

  41. Chh

    There isn’t one poster here who would kick her out of bed for eating crackers. Unless of course you’re all cut like Hugh, maybe then you’ll have a different opinion.

  42. kauai

    SI models used to to have beautiful faces to make the cover e.g.. Daniella, Heidi, Paulina, Christie. Clearly that’s no longer the case and the standards get lower every year. First it was Tyra, then Marissa and now this. I don’t want to look at dead ringer for Leo with long hair. Which begs the question, what kind if a narcissist dates a look alike?

  43. kate

    She is really very hot on the ***sugarmingle. c om*** . There are so many hot pics on videos on that web. If you have a look, you will not want to move the eyes.

  44. I Hate You

    Hey #8, Did you have a bad run-in with a big black cock? You seem bitter. Get fucked you little racist cocksucker.

    This chick is hot, those tits arent fake, and if you don’t think she’s hot, you’re probably gay. Or blind. Or both.

  45. Lemmy Caution



  46. kitty_kat

    @45- Sorry, but you really betrayed yourself in your post. IF you knew anything about real women you’d be able to tell the difference between REAL breasts and fake silicone sacks like these (or whatever the hell they’re putting in them these days). That also explains your rather unworldly assertion that only “slender” women are automatically more attractive.
    I mean, jeez! I find that I am constantly shocked by how little the people on this site (especially the men) actually know about the female body. These have to be some of the most obvious breast implants I’ve ever seen!

  47. Fed Up

    I will stop reading this website if you do not filter out the bullshit racist comments.

    Shame on you. I am a human rights lawyer. Some of the comments above are clearly hate speech. Superficial writer – have them removed from your website.

  48. Fed Up

    I will stop reading this website if you do not filter out the bullshit racist comments.

    Shame on you. I am a human rights lawyer. Some of the comments above are clearly hate speech. Superficial writer – have them removed from your website.

  49. First Post On Superficial

    First of all…. This website is not meant for backwards thinking people to voice their hate speech. Obama is a well educated, ideal candidate for president. He may not look like the typical president, but who gives shit. Get over the fact that he’s black and lose the racist attitude. One can only assume that a person with so much hate must be compensating for something.

    Secondly…This chick is hot. Fake boobs or not, that’s a great rack. I’d like to shadow the plastic surgeon that put those suckers in and learn his trade. Quit being so hypercritical of this woman.

    To 146 (kitty_kat) : Thin girls, with curves, are attractive. No one wants to see cottage cheese thighs and a saggy ass on the cover of a magazine.

  50. Wearing a pair of full size trousers wasn’t her game, folks!!

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