Bar Rafaeli in a bikini

July 30th, 2008 // 139 Comments

These are shots of Leonardo DiCaprio’s on/off girlfriend model Bar Rafaeli. I don’t know what it says about a man who gets tired seeing a girl like this naked. Except I do and it says “Hey, I’m Leonardo DiCaprio and can get any woman I want with minimal to no effort.” Yeah, well, I can get any chick I want too. Provided she’s susceptible to hypnosis, a heavy drinker and “trying to pay her way through law school.”


  1. jewbag mc jew

    @ #99: and she’s also the only good looking girl in israel. lol

    This chick is overrated. In US I see girls much hotter than her on the street and they’re considered average. I guess in Israel people are used to seeing inbred looking girls with crooked noses so when a decent one (only because of European genes) comes in, they all worship her.

    Maybe if Israelis stopped killing innocent women and children of Palestine, god will forgive them.

  2. Marilyn Monroe

    Question for the patently misogynistic and/or anti-Semitic, racist pigs that flood virtually every bikini post with squeals of “wominz ain’t got no in-tig-ruty”, “duurrrr, dem’s sum Kriest-killahs” and “she be (will be) ugly/fat/old and is therefore inferior to me”:

    Do ANY of you have mothers? Sisters? Wives? Female friends? Goddamn, it’s one thing to call a flabby celebrity out on her bulges or cellulite (after all, they’re paid to look good), quite another to spew hateful, racist, nonsensical crap. You obviously know nothing about relationships (and spare me the tired diatribe that you’ve banged and left hotter, younger chicks–we all know that’s a lie) or real women; is this because you were somehow raised in an environment completely devoid of the female gender?

    In any case, seek help.

    P.S: Bar is smoking hot.

  3. christian joe

    @ @
    @ @

  4. Tinky Winky

    This is how I see it. She is average hot, which means that I would gladly do it with her given half a chance. As for Leo…he can get any girl he wants because he is a girly looking guy (well…he’s a celebrity too, and that helps a lot). Very maculine looking males have to work harder to get girls like her (although, it’s not impossible). I wish I looked more girly like, my love life would be so much easier. :P

  5. Tinky Winky

    Maculine=Masculine, obviously.

  6. rough daddy

    @104? masculine looking like how ron pearlman of hellboy?

  7. Drunkman

    Just imdb’d this chick and she is BANGIN (as if it wasn’t obvious from these pics)

  8. Ass Man 101

    I was disapointed that there were no butt shots.

    @ 106 is correct and his link is good.

    Please post pics of this chic daily.
    No heterosexual man alive could ever get bored looking at this wonderful specimen of human flesh.

  9. Two big HANG-CLOCKS in bikini?

  10. Ass Man 101

    This chic is beyond hot.

    Sports Illustrated has 50 pics of her here:

    Cake and icecream with a side order of vanilla pudding…

  11. SuperBitch

    actually whoever said she has chron’s disease and that’s why she’s thin…that’s so not true. The medication you have to be on for CD makes you extremely bloated and puffy…the complete opposite of what she looks like. I have two friend who have it and they went from being thin girls to very chubby girls. Anyway she has an amazing body which i’m assuming has to do with genetics and working out alot. Her face is less than attractive in my opinion though..

  12. faggy fatty hick white trash fag

    101- Where do you live? I know I have seen maybe 5 girls that look this good ever, and I live in L.A.

    P.S there are lots of cute Jewish women in H- wood

    Keri Russell, thin Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sara Michelle Gellar, Scarlett Johanssen, Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Alicia Silverstone, Yasmine Bleeth, Rachel Bilson, even Zac Efron

  13. Deva

    I have nothing to add about this filthy jew pig. You all see a hot chick, I see the height of an evil race of people.

  14. Ted Mosby

    Those bikini puppies brought tears to my eyes.

  15. Fat Chicks Suck

    #113: Yes – I have already proven that Beth is a fat, jealous, lying idiot. I haven’t seen anymore posts from her so hopefully we won’t have to deal with her again. Maybe she took my advice and she’s running on a treadmill.

  16. stupid libturds

    #114 All the people you mentioned are only part jewish. ScoJo is half jewish half Swede. JLH is baptist from Waco TX. The rest also have a heavy dose of European in them – especially telling are the blue, hazel or green eyes with light-colored hair. A pure-blooded Jewish person would have dark brown eyes with dark hair.

  17. ishi-san

    @ 19: That’s very sad, but true! …….and I don’t like to admit it, being a girl myself….

  18. Lian

    to #101

    you’re a f***ing idiot!!!!
    You have no idea what you’re talking about
    Talking about killing? what the f**k do you know? sit on your couch all day long watching TV makes you an expert is the war we are dealing with daily?
    And by the way not all jewish people have “crooked noses ” you superficial moron…
    We have some of the most beautiful women in the world… go make a trip to israel, it will be hard to hide your boner ( on second thought- maybe it won’t)
    Just be carefull- you don’t wanna get a bomb on your ass

  19. scooby

    christ killer.

  20. hmm

    What is Bar ” mixed ” with???

    Jews don’t only look one way… that is like saying ALL italians have black hair.

    The original willy wonka was full jew and had blonde hair and blue eyes

  21. Jew Lover

    Jew Haters are the stupidest friggin people in the US.

    Jews per capita have made the biggest contribution to your country being the greatest and most envied nation on the globe.

    Stop listening to your illiterate, drunk, dog fu*@#king Pa or sperm receptacle Ma and read something with less pictures in it.

    Go enlist, trash.

  22. mamma mia

    I am laughing my a*s off here. You guys are soooo funny. It is always entertaining to go to sites like this and see how people get rid of their agression, jealousy, showing their faked indetity and claiming to be all that.
    No healthy man in the world would say no to Bar. And why? Because they can better look than think. And that’s your weakness, my dears. And don’t think women don’t know it. I don’t know how many men I have seen who made a fool out of themselves for a decent pair of tits. And women taking advantage of them. If you think men are leading in a relationship then sorry most (not all though) arenb’t. They just don’t recognize the suttle manipulatuion they are controlled by. It is offending for a woman of style to be reduced to the body and that’s exactly why you small-build poor idiots will NEVER date a woman with class. Never. At least, there is SOME justice in the world.

  23. Donkey Ass

    #113 You are an idiot. You have no clue what Crohn’s Disease entails. And you don’t go from being thin to puffy because of the meds. Moron

  24. veggi

    HOLY SHIT I JUST FOUND OUT THIS CHICK IS A FUCKIN JEW!!!! in that case she’s not hot at all. jew puss is tainted. next.

  25. SuperBitch

    okay “donkey ass” (fitting name) why don’t you explain to me all about it then? Being i had two friends who had CD and i see the 30 some pills they had to take and told me that’s why they blew up? You know what..don’t explain it to me, asking you to do that would actually be like saying you have knowledge of some kind..forget it.

  26. Penis Envy

    @ #118

    Dear walking STD: There’s no such thing as part Jewish you dumb obese monkey ape. You’re either Jewish or you’re not. “ScoJo”‘s mom is Jewish, therefore she is Jewish. And Jewish people can come from anywhere, therefore your comment about what “pure” Jews would look like is >= as stupid as you sound and probably look.

    The funny thing about these Jew-haters on here is that it is so fucking blatantly obvious how scathingly jealous and self-hating they are. BOO SHITTY HOOO I’LL NEVER BE AS HOT OR SUCCESSFULL OR WEALTHY OR INTELLIGENT AS SOME JEWS, SO I MUST BASH THEM OUT OF JEALOUSY!!! wAAAHHHHH!! Kiss my damn ass and get a life. Go sit on your fat asses after you get home from an exciting day of Walmart greeting and watch TV- much of which is created, put together, or stars Jews- and the complain about how much you hate Jews- for some reason that you can’t even fathom.

    Christ-killers bla bla bla bla bla. Christ, your “savior,” was a Jew by the way. You just hate the fact that pretty much your entire belief system is based on a Jew. You can’t escape it. Take away the Jew and you’re just a prehistoric piece of shit worshipping rocks. Now go contribute something to society you goddamn motherfucking vagina-repelling flea-infested shit-for-brains jealous fugly flabby cellulite-ridden asshole piece of shit, God knows the Jews have already contributed enough.

    P.S. Don’t bother checking your email or cell phone or voice mail or mailbox, you haven’t gotten any new messages— just like you haven’t your whole life, you friendless bottom feeder.

  27. veggi

    my vag is so loose and saggy and oh my there is a fetid odor emanating from it. next.

  28. Brazen

    Them titties is fake. But she is still a honey…

  29. I think she needs to swim more. :)

  30. Erin

    She is gorgeous, no matter what any of these nerds are saying. Whats with all of the racial crap? When the heck are people going to grow up?
    And by the way, her tits are not real. I have implants, so I know exactly what the tell tale signs are, and they are definitely implants, really good ones too. Either way, she is beyond smokin hot, and so is Leo. I think they make a gorgeous couple. Anyone who says any different needs to have their head examined.
    AND STOP WITH RACIAL CRAP!!!! Its beyond stupid. Really.

  31. hey

    How can u bee half-Jew? judaism is a religion, like Christianity, you cant be “half” something, you either is or not.

    Anyway most of the beautiful girls he has mention are “full” jewish (both parents of them are jewish).

    And im, a christian myself, knows a couple of jewish girls which all of their family has red-blonde hair, with bright eyes (not sure if its all blue or green),
    and this Bar Refaeli’s family, as like most of israeli girls came from europe, like most of the jewish in israel, and they are all “full jewish” there in israel, and still you can see more of bright hair and eyes people there then in any other country in the middle east.

  32. someone

    i’m pretty sure i’ve read in a few places that she has implants. still, her body is great.

  33. Jocco

    Judaism is a religion but also considered a race. Do some research on it. The originals were Semites. The rest are converts.

  34. Rome

    Yes, you can be a “half-Jew”. It’s not only a religion, you know, but also an ethnicity. Don’t people go to school anymore? Geez.

    And what does any of this have to do with Bar’s hotness? She has the greatest body I have ever seen. Though I would’nt call her a butter face, it definitely is subpar compared to the rest of her.

  35. Toejammn'

    I would love to go motorboating on those tits.


    i love her

  37. joey -

    Inception is an AWESOME movie! Played with my head a bit though. That said, this is one for my movie collection :-)

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