Bar Rafaeli in a bikini

July 30th, 2008 // 139 Comments

These are shots of Leonardo DiCaprio’s on/off girlfriend model Bar Rafaeli. I don’t know what it says about a man who gets tired seeing a girl like this naked. Except I do and it says “Hey, I’m Leonardo DiCaprio and can get any woman I want with minimal to no effort.” Yeah, well, I can get any chick I want too. Provided she’s susceptible to hypnosis, a heavy drinker and “trying to pay her way through law school.”


  1. eric

    That’s a woman.


  2. That’s the kind of “bar” i’d like to slip up and into….

  3. I want to start a water hole on NYC called Bar Rafaeli

  4. Charles Few

    What? Another bikini pictorial sans ass-shots? That’s why I come here!

  5. sixpack

    I have nothing snarky to say; that is one good looking girl. Her body is insane. Now cue the douche-nozzle with his fuckin’ website.

  6. nipolian

    He probably keeps breaking up with her because she is fucking that dork in pics 8, 10 &11.

  7. pistola

    those are the most perfect boobs i’ve ever seen… and i’m inclined to believe that they’re real. she must be an idiot or something.

  8. Karma

    They really are amazing breasts on a fantastic body. Very depressing for me :(

  9. veggi

    Leo keeps breaking up with her because, like most of the male commenters, he’s a latent homosexual. That’s common knowledge (about both).

  10. That body is damn near perfect, no doubt. You just know Leonardo is yelling out “I’m the king of the world” while banging her from behind. Damn lucky bastard.

  11. Deacon Jones

    *eyes cross, head getting….dizzy*

    adjawjkdjawkl wdjnw dkjwnd wjd the iff na diwdn wndn…….jee d=dndkwwk

  12. ph7

    I would be on that and off that again, too.

  13. steve

    He’s tormented because she’s got that body, but when she takes her panties off all he sees is Jesus’ head, wearing his crown of thorns and weeping, and saying mournfully “Go ahead, Leo, nail me again…”

  14. Fat Chicks Suck

    That is one hell of a body.

  15. typical superficial loser

    Damn ugly with no meat on her bones. Her ass is flat and she looks like a shaved monkey. White trash scum

  16. Tom

    Oh wow, that THAT is a woman! What a perfect body. Thanks for these pictures.

  17. its a mystery to all that leonardo lands these chicks…

  18. Harry

    Sweet Baby Jesus…to spend a week as Leo’s penis.

  19. Andy

    Leo knows what he’s doing. Gotta keep the girls in doubt. Then they work hard at looking good and not acting like bitches. The second you commit, it’s pull-the-ripcord weight gain and permaPMS. The mistake is thinking they have character and integrity of their own – completely untrue, you have to dangle rewards and punishments in front of them constantly, or they’ll turn into selfish complaining fat pigs (like you see all the time with a litter of kids at the mall).

  20. Randal

    Good for Leonardo DiCaprio, an all around and well versed actor that has made a huge splash in the industry, as well as a name for himself. A good majority of movies that he’s selected to do are always those that stand above the crowd because of him.

    Everything Leonardo DiCaprio touches turns to gold.


  21. Clem

    Not winning many Ugly competitions that’s for sure.
    And probably not spending $22,000 a month on dodging cakes.

  22. Aaron

    Leo is keeps the “on again-off again” relationship going because no matter how beautiful the woman might be, she is still a woman, therefore annoying as HELL from time to time. She also bleeds for a week every month.

  23. nobody

    i cannot believe the hotness of this woman. why oh why would anybody break up with her? leo, you idiot.

  24. Rick

    #19 is right. Keep ‘em guessing or you’ll regret it.

  25. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    In the first photo she is showing you where I shot my load on her last night and in photo #9 she is rubbing in load number 2.

    Leo, you are a homosexual. Not because you keep breaking up with this girl, but because you follow that Al Gore global warming hoax. Stop flying around in your private jet and the earth wouldn’t be so “warm”.

  26. Actually Leo has talked about his quite a bit. He says he loves her but the whole “cultural” thing is hard to figure out. By that he means she’s a jew – an Israeli megajew, no less – and so, no matter how beautiful she is on the outside, that makes her ugly as sin on the inside. Poor guy.

  27. Di Crappio

    Skinny body with big ol natural bitties

    Rare find…a major keeper…fap

  28. rough daddy

    what the hell happen to leo? hes not with her nomore? whats wrong with this kid? futhermore, its rarely seen a chick being so luscious and not an ounce of fat on her…

  29. Grumpy Old Man

    #26 – I agree. I also wish people wouldn’t believe that “law of gravity” hoax. And those kids better get off my lawn.

  30. shai

    You stupid ignorant ,what is it about bar being Jewish and a Israeli?
    are you a jealous girl or a jealous fag?

  31. rough daddy

    #19 very wise my friend…

  32. Beth

    You people are revolting. Also you’re uninformed. Leo is very attracted to Bar, but it’s not all a bed of roses (literally). One reason she’s so thin is that she has Crohn’s disease. Look it up; it’s not exactly a treat…

  33. Deacon Jones


    Summed it up pretty good. Walking that fine line is tough, but its fucking hilarious too.

    Go bang Starr Jones than you fat ass

  34. Deacon Jones


    Way to deflate my boner, bitch

  35. Ben

    “she has Crohn’s disease”

    no wonder there are bubbles in the water around her

  36. typical superficial loser

    All’s well until she takes her panties off and there’s a male anatomy hanging down there. Maybe that’s why Leo keeps coming back

  37. wtf

    Her body is fantastic obviously, but not perfect until the ass has been shown to be perfect, I suspect form the side view that it is quite flat and average.
    The reason he gets bored of her is because for some god for saken reason he can get many girls this hot and hotter by snapping his fingers, her face is average so picture 20 other women with a body that is just as hot, a hotter face, who are younger and willing to screw him 6 ways from Sunday and keep their mouths shut and their thoughts to themsleves except for the obligatory ego stroking. I’m still waiting for his life to turn into a trainwreck, he”s a celbrity so it will.

    #26. I believe the world is screwed, but for loosers like Gore and Leo to talk about global warming and living efficiently when they fly around on private jets and own giant mansions is disgustingly hypocritical. The wealthy contribute the most waste and polution because they consume the most. While Gore was promotiing his little movie it was found that his palatial mansion cost a wopping $30,000 a year in energy and heating bills. God knows how much water these clowns waste with their olympic pools and only drinking bottled water and how much food thy waste because their private chefs didn’t cut off the crusts or didn’t cook the steak well enough.

  38. Barak Obama

    Praise to alah this woman has some nice tits.

    #30, How self centered are humans to think they can damage the earth’s atmosphere in the geologic short time of 150 years since the industrial revolution?

  39. ph7

    #33, it may not be a treat for her, but it’s definitely doing wonders to her smoking hot body. in fact, if her beautiful breasts and flat stomach are a symptom of Crohn’s, I recommend every female be inoculated with the disease at age 13.

  40. John

    Yeah, she’s incredibly hot, but like #27 says the Christkiller part is definitely a dealbreaker in terms of marriage. Leo should get her drunk and high and act out all the fantasies he’s been trying to keep secret, then move on.

  41. Grumpy Old Man

    #39 – it’s called nonlinear dynamics. Don’t ask; you wouldn’t understand.

  42. Hello My Name Is: I Hate You

    Who cares if she had Crohn’s, she is still a beautiful young woman. She has a career and seems to not be in the papers for being anything other than hot so I have respect for her. That’s her job, to be hot all the time. She does it well. So what if she is dating a super dork.

  43. Harry

    #26 — Dream on that a right wing retard like you could ever talk to a girl like this, much less blow a load on her. Stick to blowing your wad on sheep and your cousin Gus.

  44. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    #37, LOL! You owe me a cleaning lady (preferably mexican, they do the best work) for making my cherry-limeaide shoot out my nose and all over my computer & monitor.

    #38, you said it.

    #42, go blame india, china and indonesia for all the pollution. My Nissan Pathfinder isn’t making the earth “warmer”.

    There is no evidence to support the idea that carbon emissions cause significant global warming. None. There is plenty of evidence that global warming has occurred, and theory suggests that carbon emissions should raise temperatures (though by how much is hotly disputed) but there are no observations by anyone that implicate carbon emissions as a significant cause of the recent global warming.

    The satellites that measure the world’s temperature all say that the warming trend ended in 2001, and that the temperature has dropped about 0.6C in the past year (to the temperature of 1980).

  45. Madonna_Kebabsoff

    I have to say that this chick is cookin…she has two big pots and the Gas up high *John Lee Hooker

  46. Joe

    For those questioning the hotness of her ass, here you go:

  47. Sport

    Leo = fag.

  48. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    Joe, thanks. That is one fine ass. Confirms the fact that leo is a homo.

  49. Fat Chicks Suck

    She doesn’t have Crohn’s disease. #33 is an idiot. Why is it so hard to accept that it’s possible to have a great body with hard work and a proper diet? Show me where you found out about her “Crohn’s disease” #33.

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