Bar Refaeli is in a Bikini Again

December 29th, 2010 // 28 Comments

I’m not even going to put on airs here. Here’s Bar Refaeli in Cabo yesterday and I like ogling her breasts and ass. In fact, it’s one of the few things that makes my happy anymore, and I’m not going to mask it anymore with Inception jokes or talk of how I mail her stick figure drawings of Leonardo DiCaprio cheating on her but she never seems to believe they’re real photos. I’m probably not using the right colored pencils.

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  1. yoursisterscunt

    Life is beautiful.

  2. Professor Miheini Krapyourface

    Given that there are women like Bar in the world, on what possible basis do women like Kim Kardashian think of themselves as even remotely hot?

  3. oh BTW thanks Fish for posting this thread of a hot chick. looking at that fug face before this one was really bad. and the Teen Mom one wasn’t pretty either.

  4. Parker

    Thinking about her plump little ass and anal sex and coating her rectum with my DNA makes me wonder if her poop is kosher. This would be a great question for a rabbi if anyone knows one.

    • piltdown man

      Well Parker, as long as YOUR DNA only makes it as far as a lump of shit the world can breathe easier.
      Perhaps you could keep a cat with a dirty litter box to relieve your filthy mind to…

  5. Satan's bitch

    It’s so refreshing when you come right out and admit that the post is simply to enjoy the tits & ass, Fish. I like that about you.

    She’s a pretty girl and all, but she fucks Leo DiCaprio, so she loses points for low IQ.

    • Pangulin

      I would point out that there has yet to be seen any video or image showing Bar actually having sex with Lenny Lump-Lump. Until there is absolute proof of her lack of judgment in that area, I say,”Why dun her for it?”.

  6. Danny Tanner
    Commented on this photo:

    she’s so hot….leo you lucky son of a bitch!

  7. scott
    Commented on this photo:

    Dear Superficial Guy,

    You know it would be a crime against humanity NOT to begin the 2011 with pics of Bar’s tight little ass, don’t you?



  8. Apostate

    I would walk across red-hot coals or convert to Judaism for her,whichever is more painful….

  9. Lord Montgomery

    ewwww …. she has a kesha body

    • krutboo

      there are no words, at all in the history of humans talking to each other, that can excuse what you just wrote. Sir, turn your penis in immediately. You are fired from being a man.

      • Lord Montgomery

        hmmmmm …….. You are kind of sensitive there cousin …… looks like some one has been masturbating to this picture all afternoon

    • LOL in Kesha’s sad, sad dreams she has this body. Or in Bar’s twisted, twisted nightmares she has Kesha’s, and no one to Kesha that shit.

      LMAO I said that to my man, he was confused.
      yes, vulgar comment, relax.

  10. wim

    fortunately we have at least hundred fifty million FAT american women!!

  11. c
    Commented on this photo:

    it’s not even worth denying that she’s pretty fucking perfect.

  12. Iodine

    Drop dead average as usual. I don’t see anything remarkable about her except how short her legs are and how flabby she let her ass get.

  13. sauperficialman

    Actually her body is rather normal. she has a high body fat ratio.
    she will blow up soon. no wonder she wants to tie the knot with leo asap.
    she will be a good girlfriend for 2-3 years. but leo will not want her after that.
    her ass is flappy because of that high body fat. she does not habe a classic model body which will age well – like seymour, linda e., ect…

  14. Anne

    i like her body, its smooth it has no lumps or bumps

  15. burner

    She is hot as fuck, I love her natural perky tits and face.

  16. 36-MILLER
    Commented on this photo:

    Always hot, beautiful nice ass.

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