Bar Refaeli and Naomi Campbell in Bikinis

For those of you not interested in staring at Bar Refaeli’s spectacular jugs in a bikini off the coast of Sardinia today (Read: The legally dead.), there’s plenty of other awesome going on in these photos:

1. Naomi Campbell hanging out with Leonardo DiCaprio, the star of Blood Diamond, right after she was in court for, wait for it, owning blood diamonds. In Leo’s defense, he probably just fears cell phones to the face like everybody else. There’s no shame in that.

2. Leo attempting to hide from the paparazzi using alternating manners of stealth: Hiding in the shadows like Batman and pretending he’s an NFL coach secretly calling shots.

LEO: *talks into script* Areweoutofthoselittlesandwiches?
FRIEND: What? I can’t hear you behind that thing.
LEO: *moves script away from face* ARE WE OUT OF THOSE SANDWICHES?
PAPARAZZI: *snaps picture* At last. Your soul’s mine, DiCaprio! Muahahaha!
LEO: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Photos: INFdaily, Splash News