Bar Refaeli Really Likes Bikinis

May 23rd, 2011 // 105 Comments

Because Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t going to make himself jealous (Or won’t he…), Bar Refaeli continued to wear bikinis in France over the weekend. More importantly, I lead with a shot of her butt instead of her breasts for once because I’m growing as a person. I’m more refined now, cultured if you will. *sniffs box of Lucky Charms* Damn, that’s a good year.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin


  1. Cock Dr

    It’s good to be friends with rich people who own big fancy boats.
    And when you have an ass like that rich people want it on their boat.
    Bar continues her heartbreak bikini tour of Europe.

  2. God is Black

    Please God I’m confused…..You say in the Bible only homosexuals enjoy the pleasures of the ass but when I look at pics#1 and pics#15, my penis wants to do really nasty things to this Israelite’s perfect ass?What? You say I am having gay thoughts and should repent by saying 50 Hail Marys while masturbating to the fore-mentioned pictures?You are truly wise! Bless you Father!

  3. Bar Refaeli Bikini
    Keyser Ballsy
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    This makes me want to oppose the pre-1967 war borders.

  4. Bar Refaeli Bikini
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  5. Richard McBeef

    these pics should bring out Parker, plus I heard she can make a great Reuben.

  6. Angela

    Good lord, this is like a bat signal to all the latents.

  7. Bar Refaeli Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    she is still peeing!!!

  8. CC

    Like the difference between a pussy and a cunt, pussy is the the wet spot between women’s legs, the cunt is what totes it around! Leo gut tired of the cunt. I bet.

  9. Pippy Longcockings

    I promised myself I wouldn’t jizz in my pants at work anymore. Too late!

  10. Bar Refaeli Bikini
    The Judge
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    Quite possibly natures perfect food. Ready supply vitamins A, B & C. The look on the other girls face says “Damn that pussy makes me look like a rabid badger in heat!”

  11. Turd Ferguson

    No shocker here, she looks GREAT in a bikini.

  12. RICHIE

    INSANE, but if you’re gonna throw that one back, at least he had Blake Lively on the hook already.

  13. When are we going to get the sphincter shot already?

  14. Bar Refaeli Bikini
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    Even the other woman in the photo is going “dayam!”.

  15. Bar Refaeli Bikini
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    look at the waist then the ass

  16. Bar Refaeli Bikini
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    her face looks like kate hudsons

  17. Bar Refaeli Bikini
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    great shot… give that guy a raise

  18. Bar Refaeli Bikini
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    Always like her nice ass, and body too.

  19. titsonsnack

    I wonder about a man’s sexual orientation when he seems a little too fixated on putting it in a woman’s anus.

  20. Bar Refaeli Bikini
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    girls…you should all aspire to have that ass…..

  21. Venom

    I am sorry, there is nothing special about this chick.
    You have to be pretty desperate to go gaga about this chick.
    She is average at best.

  22. the captain


  23. Bar Refaeli Bikini
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    Is her body that fantastic? She looks ok but she’s not really a ‘super model’. Good for an ordinary girl on the street look. Also, she’s had major liposculpting of that perky ass.

  24. vitobonespur

    What do you call Bar Rafaeli and 4 oz. of orange juice? Breakfast of champions!

    @Venom…it certainly is fortunate for the majority of the people here, who think she’s gorgeous, that you have arrived to straighten us all out. Christ, what a bunch of idiots to think that Bar Rafaeli is anything above average. And how about those designers and photogs who also think she’s pretty special and pay her tons of gold just to pose for them? I hope you straighten them out as well.

    • Venom


      Go to any mall or nightclub and there are a billion chicks hotter than her.
      Most of those models are not that attractive, they just fulfill a body type.
      I mean come, Giselle is the top supermodel and her face looks like a goddamn horse.

      Not everyone is a desperate middled age dude that can’t get women you know.
      Clearly Leo did not think she was that special, because he kicked her to the curb and moved on.

  25. Listen to the voice(s) of reason

    Venom you lispy little fairy, just because you cruise malls and nightclubs looking for trannies and strike out doesn’t mean you have to bitch and moan about real men wanting to bed real women. Grow up you picklesniffer

  26. Bar Refaeli Bikini
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    Amazing rear shot – great work!

  27. BradsPittHair

    You people are the dimwitted masses. I wonder if he (Bar) has had his sex change yet. The tuck game is good here alternatively.

  28. cc

    People, she’s not peeing. She saw me in my Speedo and experienced an instantaneous torrent of vaginal lubrication. It happens a lot, so I normally wear cargos when I am swimming.

  29. Bar Refaeli Bikini
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    ew u kidding me

  30. Bar Refaeli Bikini
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    its shapeless and lifeless

  31. Bar Refaeli Bikini
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    ummm has no one else noticed the pee stream?? couldn’t just pee in the ocean like everyone else had to do it on your million dollar yacht?

  32. Bar Refaeli Bikini
    El Trolo
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    Está para chuparle el ojete grrrrrrr

  33. Brooke

    I think I like the view from behind more than from the front, and I’m not into asses.

    Going into this post, I had good intentions, but I think I just called her a butterface.

  34. Raymond Siste

    Raising my bar one rung higher.

  35. Bar Refaeli Bikini
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    umpf. so hot.

  36. Bar Refaeli Bikini
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    If I had that body, I, too, would have trouble focusing on anything else.

  37. Bar Refaeli Bikini
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    She better get treatment soon.
    She’s developing Ke$ha ass.
    Dr. Chet has the cure….

  38. Anya

    terrific body, not a disgusting skinned chicken like leann rimes or a fucking hairy 2 foot fatass like the kardashian hooker.

  39. Bar Refaeli Bikini
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    I remember when i could survive on snack food and beer and never so much as put on a pound… that don’t last kids. And no she wont be aging gracefully. Think Kathleen Turner and Kirstie Alley

  40. Bar Refaeli Bikini
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    why leave her for blake?
    damn fool

  41. Bar Refaeli Bikini
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    Now that is a beautiful body!!!

  42. Bar Refaeli Bikini
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