UPDATE: Bam Margera might have OD’d

July 20th, 2009 // 77 Comments

Anyone remember Bam Margera? Well, I’m going to post about him anyway. TMZ reports he was taken to the hospital yesterday after a 911 call regarding a possible overdose. Damn, that’s a shame. It’s always a sad to a bright, talented young person get sidelined by drug addic- wait. Isn’t this the guy who taped himself beating up his dad while he’s taking a shit? Can I change my previous commentary to “Ha HA!”?

UPDATE: Bam’s mom is claiming he was just “severely dehydrated” because, hey, who doesn’t love a good enabler? Back me up, Michael Jackson. — Oh, right.

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  1. beast man

    most talent-less hack in all the business, he and all the other jack ass losers taught a generation on kids that its cool to be a dip-shit

  2. Question-man

    completly out of point! bexause I don’t see no point on commenting on this so,…

    It’s hot in belgium!

  3. likewhoa


  4. DeviousJinx

    Noooooooo!!!! I love Bam! It’s Missy’s fault, he was forced to hand over his sack when they got married. Hope he’s ok, we need another Jackass movie!

  5. Val

    This guy is king of the asshats. Too bad the title of this post couldn’t have read “Bam Margera OD’s and then dies in a fire.”

  6. HENRY

    i agree with your comment 200% “beast man” bunch of talent-less hacks sad kids or youth these days think this is what you do to get noticed one way or another in showbiz or for entertainment. by the way i am 31 years old. so i am talking about anyone younger then my generation.

  7. HENRY

    i agree with your comment 200% “beast man” bunch of talent-less hacks sad kids or youth these days think this is what you do to get noticed one way or another in showbiz or for entertainment. by the way i am 31 years old. so i am talking about anyone younger then my generation.

  8. gaywad

    such a handsome devil.

  9. Death2Speidi

    #5 Haha….seriously, this guy might be THE douchiest D list celebrity EV-ER.

  10. HENRY

    Sorry i posted same comment twice i didn’t see the 1st time because it didn’t show it so i resent it again to post Oops! cant take it off the second time maybe the moderator on here can?

  11. grim reaper

    I’m waiting for you, Bam.

  12. The Jerk

    Every member of JACKoffASS are talentless hacks anyways. I could barely watch BAMs show back then and I barely cared when he got married to that hot piece of ass of a wife and I only cared when I saw the shitty amateur porn video…where am I going with this I have no idea.. SF, please post more important shit on this site like “BAM has died from OD’d while his dad beat the shit out of him while being on the toilet”..now thats news.

  13. yan

    and my money was on steeve-o kicking it first

  14. Binky

    This guy is more trouble than Bam Bam Rubble.
    Who would have guessed drugs could have been involved ?
    I’m stunned.

  15. AmericanWhiteTrash

    Such a waste of talent, oh wait….

  16. That is sad but I cannot say that I did not see it coming.

    Foods Lower Blood Glucose Levels

  17. Deacon Jones

    A group of us got in a fight with him and his posse at the Rat in West Chester, like 6 years ago, a bunch of us fell down the steps, bouncers and all

  18. Death2Speidi

    #10 A double-post? You sicken me. Control yourself.

  19. Misty

    So is he dead or what?

  20. HENRY

    Death2Speidi i never posted before lol. this is like my second time :). i have been reading this blog for about 2 tor 3 years. i just read the story’s, and read everyone’s comments and stay silent. so now i am finally commenting. i read this and other entertainment blogs ” i wont mention who ” since i don’t know if they all support each others news. i like to read them everyday. more so since the news is updated a lot on THIS site.

  21. mel

    The only thing this guy is good at is being an idiot. And it’s not even funny.

  22. Misty

    I agree with #1 and #6…….Aren’t our children’s role models today just lovely? I’m 32 and I’m about ready to start a colony of my own. Remember that movie “The Village” with Joaquin Phoenix in it? You know, something like that. Can you imagine a colony of decent people with morals and values? We’re so out of place in this world, are we not?

  23. MAY have OD’d? This guy can’t finish anything he starts…

  24. The Jerk

    @20.. tl;dr

  25. HENRY

    what does tl;dr mean??

  26. Delgo

    I agree with #10

  27. Must have OD’d on “doucheness”

  28. Daryl G.

    Overdosed on penis.

  29. O&A Pest

    He lived? Bummer. Maybe that is Karma for lying about sex tapes with people’s wives… that never happened. Ass

  30. O&A Pest

    He lived? Bummer. Maybe that is Karma for lying about sex tapes with people’s wives… that never happened. Ass

  31. Pilatunes

    beast man @1. Too true. Bam and all the other trash Jackass deviants should have stayed underneath their rocks (read: mental health facilities) forever. I don’t know how the hell these people ever had a show and two movies. Pathetic.

  32. The Jerk

    tl;dr = too long; didnt read.. its quite useful for posts that make my eyes go cross-eyed trying to pay attention and I stop caring.

  33. Dicknose

    As much of a retard as he was he’s not without talent, kid was a hell of a skateboarder i think we can all agree on that =/

    and tl;dr means too long, didnt read @ 25

  34. HENRY

    “The Jerk” Oh! well i didn’t know that but ok.

    i am not use to commenting on here or anything where you are supposed to (type) a certain way online. like chats etc but now i do eh?

  35. dubba

    i bet his 2 cronies get buried alive with him like when the egyptian pharoahs died and all hteir servents got tossed in with them

  36. #25 – It means open a freakin’ search engine and fire away…

  37. Johnny Knoxville


  38. Over dose on what? horses sperm…..

  39. Valerie

    He was so hot, too

  40. Ada

    Seems to me some people are a little jealous. I mean, for God sakes, if I could make millions acting like a jackass, I would too. Who wouldn’t? Bam is just doing what the rest of wish we could…acting like a kid for a living!
    Love ya Bam!

  41. Sil

    oh, no, i love Bam !!

  42. e-rock

    I live in the same town as this grungy jerk, and hang out as his club The Note a lot (he half owns it, but can’t run it to save his life), and can tell you first hand, its probably true. I have met him numerous times, and even though he is nice to me(only because Im somewhat attractive), he is a complete loser, and constantly doing serious drugs. Looks like he crawls out of the dumpster when he goes out. Last time I saw him was a Clutch concert at the Note in May, and the lead singer brought him on stage, and Bam couldn’t even talk. It was ridiculous. And his family are a bunch of assholes too. Bad, bad influence on younger kids today.

  43. Ursus

    Margera was born the same day as me. We turn 30 this year, but I never thought I might outlive him. Which is dumb, I guess.

  44. deaunit

    If all of you hate him so much and want to talk all this shit, why did you even waste your time not only reading this post, but commenting on it as well! That just doesn’t make sense, you hate him so much and call him such a “talentless douche”, then why are you even wasting your time?! He OD’d people, and some of you actually have the nerve to say to bad he didn’t finish what he started? What the fuck is wrong with you?

  45. e-rock

    I JUST GOT WORD THAT THIS STORY ISN’T TRUE!! I live in the same town, and know his friends, and apparently he got hurt doing a stunt…. or so thats the word on the street. HE APPARENTLY DID NOT OVERDOSE. From the mouth of the horse, or ahem* jackass.

  46. Don Rickles

    I bet his parents are relived that he finally moving out of the house! BOOYAHHH

  47. tati

    @42 – i live in that same town. I saw him a few times at Rex’s and one time he was so smashed (during an Year Long Disaster show i think), that he burned a hole in his brother’s jacket with his cigarette–without even realizing it. what a tool. i refuse to step foot in the note!

  48. Wow!

    @44…ummm….this is a gossip site whereon people…….get ready now……comment. *Gasp* Crazy right?

  49. Bethany

    Any douche who can make money by acting like an idiot gets a hats off, in my opinion. Anyone who disagrees is a huge liar. He got rich by being stupid, now who wouldn’t do that?!?! The stupid people are the ones who buy into his bullsh*t and feed him the attention. Hope the dehydration tales are true, and that he hasn’t just collapsed in a drug-induced stupor.

  50. #44 – You’re right… it would have WAAAAY more fucking funny if we had pictures of him dead, you know, like Chris Farley…. so you want me to feel bad because some douche wants to be a 30 year old teen and doesn’t know when to say when?

    You fucking killjoy…

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