Of Course Bam Margera Tattooed Ryan Dunn’s Face Above His Armpit

August 3rd, 2011 // 61 Comments

Posted without commentary because a.) what more needs to be said here and b.) now I have to explicitly write in my will that none of my friends should tattoo my face above their goddamn pits. (Mons pubis? Only if you give me an eye patch.)

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  1. Bam

    Shame Bam wasn’t in the car as well.

  2. oprahthehutt.

    I feel like I need a shower.

    • Ms. Poodle

      I know.. I can practically smell him from the picture.. You think he could afford another outfit.. or at least running water. blech.

  3. Poison Ivy League

    Now people will just ask him why he got Zach Galifianakis tattooed on him.

  4. Bam Margera Ryan Dunn Tattoo
    Hugh Jass
    Commented on this photo:

    Pretty sure that’s Zach Galifianakis

  5. That also explains the Matchbox car tramp stamp he’s got – or at least gives him an alibi for it now.

  6. V

    I never undestand people who get family members and friends faces tattoed on their body. It’s just too weird. If getting the face of a celebrity tattooed on you is sick, someone you know? WORSE. It’s just creepy. “Oh yeah let’s get it on, Bam” DUNN FACE STARING AT YOU. How does that work? Especially with people that get family members on them. Or little children :s

    • Frank Burns

      Jennifer Aniston got a tattoo to commemorate her dead dog. Figure that into your equation, but have some whiskey nearby.

  7. MM

    Fucknut, party of one, you’re table is ready…

  8. sweetie_pie

    Why is the new tattoo above the Eat Shit #1 tattoo, coincidence?

  9. WTF

    He should have got Dunn’s face tattooed on his mole. It’d be like a second head.

  10. Fish, if you’re getting your face tattooed that low on any of your female friends’ anatomy, for accuracy’s sake I pray you have a soul patch and a butt chin in real life.

  11. Facebook Me

    I’ll take who is the bigger asshat for a $200 Alex

  12. eh it’s a reasonable tribute, they were supposedly good friends. but now, if the unthinkable were to happen and bam bought it down the road, would the next guy (knoxville, steve o..?) have to tat both bam and ryan? in which case i hope wee man’s not last (might not have enough room..)

  13. Lou

    his face needs a courtesy flush

  14. Bam Margera Ryan Dunn Tattoo
    That's "libertarian," not "liberal"
    Commented on this photo:

    Hey, Fish, you’re looking at a product of the esteemed Pennsylvania public school system (I believe the same one from which you come). Who needs education reform when you have such sterling examples as Bam Margera and his band of asshats running around proving that the public education system is perfectly fine the way it is. Shit, just pay teachers more money to keep sucking at their jobs.

  15. blah

    His friend died, he got a tatoo. Whatever.

    I think you’re reaching a bit with “above his armpit”. It’s on his arm. Is every back tattoo a tattoo “above your ass”?

    • WTF

      Apples?Oranges. That’s as close to the pit as you can get, but your back is a much larger canvas, so this dumb shit would have an even larger canvas to work with. Bottom line, this guy should be burned for fuel.

      • abbbby

        ^^ I second that.

      • PoorMaryKelly

        He’s gotta leave enough room somewhere to tattoo the faces of all his idiot friends that die doing the stupid shit they do. I’m very surprised it didn’t happen sooner. Play with fire ur gonna get burned.

  16. cc

    It looks as though he grew a nice, big comedone on his face in memorian as well. How sweet.

  17. JC

    Not shown, the inscription tatted directly onto his armpit: “I hope you’re drunk driving and sticking stuff in your anus in heaven, broheim.”

  18. DogBoy

    was ‘next to his asshole’ taken?

  19. Kendra

    He’s a fetid douche.

  20. Donald Trump

    So what you’re telling me is – this douche bag got a tattoo of a dead douche bag on his arm. Wow.

  21. Venom

    Here is hoping he gets in a Porsche or Lamborghini and drives it into a wall at 150 mph with no seatbelt on.

    • Mark M

      No, no…not a Porsche or a Lamborghini…those are good cars. A Corvette maybe, or some piece of Jap crap. Bam Margera is a subhuman piece of shit…

  22. kimmykimkim

    Strange. I would think Ryan Dunn would look a little more crispy. That tattoo artist fucking sucks.

  23. Bam Margera Ryan Dunn Tattoo
    Commented on this photo:

    man, i love the hangover too – i should get it!

  24. JRS2

    It’s called a shoulder.

  25. Bam should get a full body photo tattoo of someone whose not a total douchebag.

  26. Minnie Mouse

    Eww. What is that growth beside his nose?

  27. Ed

    The thing that pisses me off about that guy is he doesn’t even realize what a joke he is. At least the Jersey Shore crew show shame once in a while.

  28. sc4play

    Love the ‘Eat Sh*t #1′ a little further down. Just one question…..Do you hug your mother with that arm?

    • Haven’t you seen the show? That’s the arm he uses to break various things belonging to his mother and fire paintballs at his dad.

      • I believe that’s the arm he used to push live baby alligators up into his mothers vagina after chloroforming her and lubricating them with Weeman’s semen.

        The funny thing is even knowing that’s not true, all of you are thinking “yeah, I can see him doing that”.

      • “Weeman’s Semen” is the name of my Def Leppard cover band.

  29. Bam Margera Ryan Dunn Tattoo
    Commented on this photo:

    I’ll take tattoos for two hundred Alex…

    What pus faced piece of dog shit recently got a tattoo of Bluto on his shoulder?

  30. Bam Margera Ryan Dunn Tattoo
    Commented on this photo:

    Everywhere he goes he leaves skid marks.

  31. Bam Margera Ryan Dunn Tattoo
    Commented on this photo:

    What pisses me off is somewhere some hot chick wants to fuck this guy.. sad.

  32. I’m Buck Melanoma. Moley Russell’s wart. Not her wart. Not her wart! I’m… I’m the wart. She’s my tumor. My… my growth. My… uh, my pimple. I’m Uncle Wart. Just old Buck “Wart” Russell. That’s what they call me, or Melanoma Head. They’ll call me that. “Melanoma Head’s coming.” I’m s… uncle! Maisy Russell’s uncle!

  33. medium rare

    Gutter trash

  34. ImOnBamsSide

    I can’t believe how cold hearted all these comments are. They were best friends. I completely understand why he would get him as a tattoo.

    • Mark M

      You are a fucking dipshit.

      • Jo

        If ppl dont like em then why the hell you writing on here, wasting ya time really aint we? Stupid dicks! end of the day he died, Bam got a tattoo – leave them too it! I love Jackass its funny! an if you ppl dont like it then go watch Glee or something! You are all cold hearted for making fun of someone who died and of Bam for having a tattoo of his best mate who he did CKY with with is soooo long ago! I hate Amy winehouse but im not slaggin her off coz she died.

  35. Bam Margera Ryan Dunn Tattoo
    Commented on this photo:

    i like jackass, who doesn t like watching middle age morons hitting themselves and acting like teenagers ? But bam, is one sob i really don t like, he s such a duchebag, viva la bam, unholy union baaahh 100 % Shiiiiiiiit !!! i don t understand why this gutter trash have fans that make him rich !

  36. Leo

    Wow cool I’ma get that next bam

  37. Schmidtler

    Here’s what i’ve learned on this site the past few days:
    Kat Von D drives a Bentley
    Ryan Dunn drove a Porsche GT
    P Diddy’s teenage son drives a Maybach
    I graduated High School, College and Graduate School with honors, and I drive a Dodge.
    Take my advice, kids – drop out of school now and quit wasting your time. Get some tattoos, do some drugs, stick some junk up your ass. That seems to be the path to success.

  38. Bam Margera Ryan Dunn Tattoo
    Commented on this photo:

    Funny how he’s started looking like the fatso (namely his dad) in his jackass clips

  39. Fuk

    How about all o you shut up because its not anyones fault that Ryan died only if it was one of you 3 dumb fucks

  40. holly.

    You guys are absolute bitches. It’s not ‘above his armpit’. It’s on his goddamn shoulder. now stfu and leave him alone, I wish it was you in the car.

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