Bam Margera Brought a News Team to Ryan Dunn’s Crash Site

Here’s what we know today about Ryan Dunn’s death:

1. Police have now determined his Porsche was traveling approximately 130 mph after an accident reconstruction team examined the crash site.
2. The “three beers and three shots” story along with Ryan looking “fine” before he left is the bar’s official talking point because Pennsylvania has a dram shop law making them liable if they continued to serve Ryan while he was visibly intoxicated.
3. Guests at the bar said he was wasted. Sort of like in this photo. At the bar.

Yesterday, Bam Margera visited the crash site and brought a news team with him for an exclusive interview because he doesn’t dress like a hobo version of the lead singer of HIM for his own benefit. From there he proceeded to let the cameras film him crying before claiming to have been psychically moved by Ryan’s death to rip apart a van before he even knew about it. You can’t make this shit up. Via Fox 29:

“I was in Arizona with best friends having the best time with friends,” Margera said.
“He was the happiest person, the smartest guy with so much talent.”
Margera said on Sunday night he started to rip out parts of a van for no apparent reason. It turned out that incident happened at the same time Dunn died in a crash.
“It is not right,” Margera told us as he was in tears.
“It was the worst phone call I got in my life,” Margera said.

Look, I’m not expecting Bam Margera to make some statement about Ryan Dunn’s behavior because, yes, he grew up with the guy and is probably still processing all this. But to bring a goddamn news team to make a spectacle of your loss is pretty fucking macabre, and yet anyone who mentions Ryan Dunn could’ve killed innocent people is being tasteless. To put things in perspective, if Kim Kardashian saw this, she’d start taking notes. Or tell Kris Humphries to fire up the floor waxer because her ass is looking dull. I’m not a psychic van mechanic.

Photos: Splash News