Bam Margera Brought a News Team to Ryan Dunn’s Crash Site

June 22nd, 2011 // 201 Comments

Here’s what we know today about Ryan Dunn‘s death:

1. Police have now determined his Porsche was traveling approximately 130 mph after an accident reconstruction team examined the crash site.
2. The “three beers and three shots” story along with Ryan looking “fine” before he left is the bar’s official talking point because Pennsylvania has a dram shop law making them liable if they continued to serve Ryan while he was visibly intoxicated.
3. Guests at the bar said he was wasted. Sort of like in this photo. At the bar.

Yesterday, Bam Margera visited the crash site and brought a news team with him for an exclusive interview because he doesn’t dress like a hobo version of the lead singer of HIM for his own benefit. From there he proceeded to let the cameras film him crying before claiming to have been psychically moved by Ryan’s death to rip apart a van before he even knew about it. You can’t make this shit up. Via Fox 29:

“I was in Arizona with best friends having the best time with friends,” Margera said.
“He was the happiest person, the smartest guy with so much talent.”
Margera said on Sunday night he started to rip out parts of a van for no apparent reason. It turned out that incident happened at the same time Dunn died in a crash.
“It is not right,” Margera told us as he was in tears.
“It was the worst phone call I got in my life,” Margera said.

Look, I’m not expecting Bam Margera to make some statement about Ryan Dunn’s behavior because, yes, he grew up with the guy and is probably still processing all this. But to bring a goddamn news team to make a spectacle of your loss is pretty fucking macabre, and yet anyone who mentions Ryan Dunn could’ve killed innocent people is being tasteless. To put things in perspective, if Kim Kardashian saw this, she’d start taking notes. Or tell Kris Humphries to fire up the floor waxer because her ass is looking dull. I’m not a psychic van mechanic.

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  1. J

    Who said he brought the news team?

    • Mandy

      You think they just happened to be there at the same time? If that was even the case, why would he talk to them?

      • Superificial Equals Idiots

        Geezus christ — consider the situation, morons.

        [1] Everyone is desperately trying to get an interview/statement from Bam.

        [2] I’m sure Fox was informed by someone associated with Bam he’d be there, but to say Bam coordinated it — is not true.

        [3] If you think he said, “bring cameras down, I’m gonna be crying. It will be great TV” – then you’re a soul-less shell of a human being looking for the worst in everything + everyone.

        Bottom line.

        Now, ya’ll go eat your own asses.

      • Tom

        Only a real dunderfuck would think this wasn’t all a bullshit show by the world’s least pleasant attention whore douchebag.

        When I’d heard about Dunn’s death, my first thought was, “Why couldn’t it have been Bam?” Literally, that was my first thought. I guess there’s still hope.

      • Tom

        Did I mention my penis is wedged in my own ass.

        Did I also mention I use words like “dunderfuck” ?


        P.S. – Did I mention this is from Tom.
        P.S.S – This Tom. I have no weiner. I’m basically a weinerless Tom.

    • AZA

      Can’t wait to hear what this douche’s BAC was when he creamed himself and his friend.

      Amazing that people keep on forgetting that what Dunndid was illegal, selfish and stupid.

      I feel sorry for Dunn in the sense that out of EVERYBODY at the bar, no one cared enough, or were too stupid to try and stop him from leaving.

      130mph. You’re fucking kidding me. You’re fucking…kidding.

      Anyone who tries to defend his actions deserves to die an equally stupid way.

      DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. I’m sick of people dying for bullshit reasons like this.

  2. J

    And first! (and second!)

  3. whiskeyafternoon

    I’m glad you’ve assembled a set of speculative data into a story, Fish. This involves neither boobs nor light, fun themes. Any reason why you keep pummeling us with this story? Most of us don’t come hear to chitchat about death.

    • J

      Um because it is a celebrity site and Dunn was a celebrity? Why the fuck do people question story content so much?? the fuck..

      • whiskeyafternoon

        my point is that there are much perkier, nipply-er celebs to discuss. most people, I would assume, come here for a distraction from the grisly realities of life, not to discuss autopsy reports. i’m aware it’s a celebrity site, wonderpants.

      • kcarroll26

        I appreciate Fish’s take on this story and enjoy reading it in between the boobs and potty talk. I like making fun of Bam’s mascara running when he cries, too, but does that make me a bad person? Don’t answer that….

    • A

      Uh, maybe so if you have your afternoon whiskey you think twice about getting behind the wheel? Or so other idiots don’t drive 100 mph over the speed limit? Nothing wrong with pointing out the consequences of moronic choices. Plenty of other stories about bikinis and boobs to keep you entertained. The Superficial writer always writes about idiotic celebrity behavior – just happens that this time it lead to death.

      • whiskeyafternoon

        right, because my internet handle has relevance to my actual existence. perhaps I’ll change it to “Unicorn Who Bleeds Chocolate”, because that would reflect upon my personal life. thanks A. Fish is certainly free to post whatever he chooses, correct. I’m just pointing out that stories about idiots doing stupid things and paying the consequences are bland and morally bludgeoning us with that is tiresome.

    • TomFrank

      The response these posts are getting is reason enough for Fish to keep beating this drum. It may not be ALL about the page views, but…man, the page views these are giving him.

    • Wootang

      Because he’s getting mad hits from this story, duh. Look at the comment counts.

      • Ish Kabibble

        Whatever mad hits he’s getting he deserves. Unlike a public figure (like, oh, Roger Ebert, e.g.) he doesn’t have to backpedal from the hideous truth.

        Insights delivered hilariously provide us with thoughtful interludes from contemplating Kortney Kardashian’s crotch.

    • Minako

      Actually, while I choose to come to this site because there’s always T&A, I enjoy the more serious stories and keeping up with celebrity drama too. If it was all boobs, I’d just be “reading” Playboy.

  4. Katie

    Fans showing up at the crash site noticed Bam there and one started filming him from a distance – you can find that video on YouTube. He wasn’t there to give interviews or whatnot. Once word got out he was at the site, the news team showed up in a flash.

    Whether Bam’s interview was a performance or not – which I truly don’t believe it was – is entirely besides the point. Anyone can make shit up or interpret that as they choose to, but it takes a different breed of person to poke fun at anyone who’s grieving a loss.

    • RoboZombie

      And it takes a dumb cunt to say “besides the point”. It’s ‘beside the point’. I bet you say irregardlesly too. Douche.

      • Katie

        Really? You’re going to use what you think is a grammatical technicality to make a point? (A point, I should add, that you didn’t actually make.) Look it up, son.

      • AZA

        If dunn survived he’d be in jail.
        Wonder if you’d feel sorry for him if he raped a 16 year old while he was under the influence. Both scenarios are illegal – driking and driving, manslaughter, and rape.

        Still care about this asshole?

      • REC

        My boss says “besides the point” and “irregardless” all the time, tell tale sign of a total tool trying to cover his ass.

      • bitingontinfoil

        Wow, that’s ALL you have to contribute? A spelling error…throw your shawl back on and go sit in the sun granny. Uber-Douche.

    • who cares

      This was not a “show”. The poor man is devastated. I saw the video that was not on the news….he is completely devastated. How horrible to lose your best friend in such a manner. :(

      • RoboZombie

        “In such a manner”? HE did it to himself…and to another guy! Jesus. I lost a friend to cancer, OK? THAT is bullshit. My friend was a fucking genius, no really, he was a scientist, actually doing good for the world, not some drunken dumbass.

    • Dan

      I don’t think people are poking fun at him for grieving – they are poking fun because some drunk guys went 130 MPH, wrapped themselves around a tree – and we are supposed to feel sorry for them.

      This happened to me in high school. Some “popular” (read asshole) kids got drunk and flipped their friend’s mom’s SUV. Of course one of them was not wearing a seatbelt and was sitting in the trunk area of the SUV. He flipped out of the SUV and died. Boo-hoo we were all supposed to say. They had counselors and said we could take the day of school off.

      • Obviously it was a stupid decision to drive or to get in the car, but it’s still sad for the people who didn’t make that decision, weren’t there to veto that decision, and are now left missing the ones who did. Dying because of a stupid mistake doesn’t negate the value of a person’s life to the ones who loved him.

        And losing people like this is almost worse, because there’s no, “Well he was sick for a long time, we were expecting it.” It’s astounding how many ways grief can make you connect yourself to events you had no part of and blame yourself for situations out of your control. It sucks ass.

    • blah

      I totally agree. Kinda sad about how many stupid dicks are allowed to use computers. Especially that dumb cunt RoboZombie.

      • The Grim Reaper

        blah i raise my ever thirsty sickle in agreement.

      • That Bastard Tony

        @AZA. Actually, if he’d survived and his passenger (or another motorist) died, he might have still gone free. That’s what makes this situation all the more fucked up. Celebrities often get away with murder (figurative and literately) and I’m fairly sure that he would have gotten either probation or a very light jail sentence had another person died instead of him. it’s bad enough drunk drivers kill innocents by the thousands each year due to their stupidity, but it’s even worse when someone from a career that surrounds them with enablers does this and isn’t treated like the piece of shit they are, regardless of who lives or dies.

    • Minako

      Sorry, emgym but losing a friend in this way is certainly NOT worse. Dunn’s death was his fault. Seeing friends die of cancer or other medical reasons for no reason whatsoever, having done NOTHING to deserve it, is devastating. Even knowing that they only have so long to live – which you seem to think should prepare you for the loss – is still incredibly difficult to deal with. Especially since in that amount of time you have to watch them suffer day to day because they are being attacked by their own bodies and there is nothing you can do to help.

  5. kimmykimkim

    This guy would’ve ripped apart a van anyway cuz he’s fucking retarded.

  6. Dan

    So he started ripping up a van for no reason? Isn’t that what jackass guys do – stupid stuff for no reason?

    It is like saying I knew something bad was going to happen because I was sitting in my chair in my office.

    There might be psychic connections, but I doubt this is one of them.

  7. flabbergast

    dumbass… the world is a better place without dumb fucks that drink and drive. Shithead could have killed someone that deserves to be alive. And Bam is a dickheaded attention hound looking to profit from his friend’s death by wailing and crying on camera. Look dude, your friend was an idiot… you are an idiot, try to learn from his fuck up instead of trying to be a dipshit on tv. And for fuck sake admit that what he did was wrong and stop defending such irresponsible behavior, its a slap in the face to anyone that has lost someone to the dumb choices of a drunk driver crashing into them. Rot in hell Ryan Dunn, you deserve no less.

    • cc

      Thanks for saving me a lot of typing.

    • MLVC

      I HATE USING ALL CAPS BUT YOUR RESPONSE WAS EPIC… feelings exactly. Attention whore Bam crying fake tears is almost as good as watching them pull that fuckers wreckage from the scene.

    • Jack Ketch

      Well said indeed.

    • Carrie

      If these guys and the entire MTV family wants to be seen in a more positive light, this would be a damn good time to get some PSAs out and tell these idiot kids not to drive like morons and be respectful of their surroundings—they don’t even have to mention drunk driving. The fact that he was driving 130mph at 3am and died in a fiery inferno should be enough of a message.

  8. RoboZombie


  9. kcarroll26

    I read somewhere that Ryan Dunn was a Navy SEAL and war vet. Too bad that he will only be remembered as being the friend of the douchebag known as Bam Margera….. oh, and that whole “shoving a toy car up his ass” and drunk driving “thing’….


      That was the passenger he murdered.

    • A

      The person he killed was a SEAL and war vet. Ryan Dunn was just a jackass.

      • kcarroll26

        Yeah, I stand corrected. I just realized that when I Google’d Ryan Dunn + Navy Seal. I should’ve known better than to think that idiot ever had potential. All of those Jackass people are sell-outs. They sold their dignity for a fast buck. Pathetic.

    • pickleshmickle

      do you live in a cave? that’s the other dude in the car. the one dunn probably murdered. he was the navy seal and war vet. you know, the innocent guy.

      • kcarroll26

        Yes, I do live in a cave where I’m free from getting killed by drunk drivers. :) For the record, his passenger was NOT innocent, pickleshickle…. he knowingly got into a car with a guy who was wasted, driving a Porsche, who was famous for doing stupid shit. This so-called “innocent” person could’ve spared his own life had he used better judgement and decided to be the designated driver. Neither one of them was innocent. If they had mowed down a pedestrian on the sidewalk or slammed into a man coming home from the night shift at the factory, THAT would constitute innocent bystander.

      • Jovy

        “the one dunn probably murdered”

        What the hell do you mean “probably”? He DID murder him.

      • clover

        guess Hartwell wasnt a part of the almighty Seal Team Six. They might have jumped out in time.


    Yeah. What a loss of a true genious. It really does take a Rhodes scholar to shove a toy car up thier ass with such expertise. Oh, and Bam, instead of bawling like a little bitch, why don’t you give a real tribute to your dearly departed friend. How about shoving the muzzle of a loaded pistol up your ass and pulling the trigger? That would be a wonderful way to express your grief.

    • kcarroll26


    • cc

      I have a revolver he can borrow. Hell, he can keep it.

    • clover

      Just no. No to all three of you above this post. Bam maybe be stupid but he is a stupid grieving human being. His friend dies from being an epic idiot and you tell him to shoot himself? I dont even think The Fish is that cruel. In fact, if every stupid fuck killed himself at this very instance, planet Earth would stop revolving from the sheer weight of dead bodies. Some of your relatives, maybe even your parents, would die of anally inflicted gun wounds.

  11. Venom

    He is a fucking douche just like his idiot friend that drove drunk at 130 mph on a rural road and killed himself and his passenger.
    For anyone to even defend these morons they would have to be a moron themselves.

  12. we all grieve differently, i’d cut him some slack.
    sure it’s a little camwhorey, but isn’t the whole jackass franchise..

    dunn’s paid the ultimate price for his impaired judgement, and a lot of hearts are broken. but so take away from it the obvious moral lessons, and throw out all the emotional stuff, which is more just in the context of the initial shock of it all

    • watson

      You sir have a heart. From all your previous posts on The Superficial I thought you only had a dick and were one. When I read your future obnoxious posts, I wont be as irritated any more.

  13. Richard McBeef

    500 comments this time, fish. I am pulling for you. Shoot for the stars, baby!

  14. rican

    As a matter of fact, he DID kill an innocent bystander, the guy was sitting in the passenger seat.

    • Richard McBeef

      choosing to ride in car driven by someone piss drunk erodes away much of your innocence

    • kcarroll26

      Not sure how innocent the bystander was… he knowingly got into a super fast car with a drunk guy who was famous for doing stupid shit. Something tells me it wasn’t the first time they topped speeds of over 100mph in that car. He may as well have been behind the wheel as far as I’m concerned, because he chose to not be the designated driver/voice of reason.

      • Venom

        In the SEAL’s defense, seeing what he has been through over the years with him buddies, he probably foolishly overestimated Dunn’s capabilities forgetting that Dunn was not a trained anything other than an idiot.

      • rican

        Well, for all we know the SEAL could’ve been telling DUNN to slow down. It’s happened to a lot of us at one point or another that we get into a car driven by a drunk who then starts doing stupid ridiculous shit.

    • If he was telling Dunn to slow down or not is beside the point. You’re a fucking moron if you get into a car with a driver who is wasted, bottom line. I’d have expected better judgment from a Navy Seal.

      • watson

        For fucks sake AlexK he was mostly likely also drunk. Inebriated. Result: Impaired Judgment. So yeah he would act like a moron and get into a car with a drunk driver. Fish, these people got to go.

  15. Nope

    The news team was already there, along with a bunch of other news and media outlets. Do some god damn research Fish. And when dud you turn into such an elitist a-hole. This site used to be funny-ish. :)

    • Daniel

      If the team was already there, why did he talk to them? I don’t see the need to act like he is a victim of an ambush and the news team just caught him from far away. He was obviously more than willing to put his face on camera. If I was grieving my friend’s death and someone stuck a camera in my face, I would leave.

      • Carrie

        He’s a media whore. I didn’t, and still haven’t, visited the crash sites where I lost friends. But if I did (and I understand people’s need for closure) drive up to said crash site and saw a news crew, I would wait to come back another day.

  16. kimmykimkim

    Hey, Fish, I agree with whiskeyafternoon. This story is getting old. Of course, I know you will post what you want, I’m just not gonna read them, bc I’m smart enough to know I can make that choice. But hey, how about some more silly shit and boobs and dudes with their junk flopping around in their sweatpants? Maybe some obscure nerdy references that I don’t get. You know, like old times! If I wanted real news I’d go to Fox…hahahaha, no I wouldn’t Fox sucks…almost had you there huh?

  17. Cock Dr

    These people are celebrities? For real?

  18. Any Guy

    EVERYONE MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO/AUDIO CLIP – this is NOT spam, its Bam and his mom (I believe) talking about how shitty and reckless of a driver Ryan is/was and how the EXPECTED him to die like this….

    now what do you JACKASS fanboy RETARDS have to say now? assholes.

  19. Any Guy

    watch this – seriuosly, its NOT spam, pretty on point really, what WILL the Jackass fanboy/defenders say now.

    • Any Guy

      whoopsie – sorry for the double post Fish, my original comment did not show up for me, hence I posted it again. damn. well, it IS a really good clip and very relevant.

  20. meh

    SUPERFISH YOU CALLED IT!!!! George Clooney dumped Elisabetta Cannalis. Post it and make with the jokes pronto.

  21. Rancid

    Back in 1986 when I was in High School, I ripped out the carpet of a 1976 Ford Econoline. Moments later, I received a call telling me that my beloved pet guinea pig (Dude) had died. At that point in time, it was the worst phone call I ever got in my life.

    In 1990, during my sophmore year in college, I tore out the seats of a 1982 Dodge B-Series. Soon afterwards, I got a call from my girlfriend who was dumping me. I was devastated.

    Flash forward to 1997. I ripped out the dashboard of a Toyota Sienna. Since it was a mini-van, I thought I was safe. Wrong. I got a call from my wife’s lawyer. He told me a) my wife was divorcing me and b) my house just burned down.

    Let this be a lesson to you all – don’t attempt any interior van rennovations yourself. Leave it to the capable hands of a certified technition.

  22. hz

    I don’t know why Fish keeps pushing this story, we get it dude you made comments about him being drunk before getting proof, people(including me) got mad about it, then the proof he was drunk came out and you were vindicated.

    You were 100% correct about him endangering other people and all that, you don’t have to keep beating us over the head with it

  23. Carrie

    I love how, on day 3 of this story, there are still people bitching at Fish to stop writing his opinions on his own blog. If you want a sugary, bullshit story, Popeater is winning awards over there for that sort of journalistic integrity. Christ, people, if you don’t like the opinions on this site, go somewhere else. And besides, if you need your internet to be a moral, sensitive place, you’re in a bad spot.

  24. Bubba

    I find it funny that people’s arguments are “Well, why did he talk to the news team if he didn’t bring them?”. Have any of you ever lost anyone? You’re not exactly thinking clearly or in the right frame of mind. Some of you people amaze me. Yes, he drove drunk. Yes, his drunk passenger got in the car with him. Yes, he was driving at excessive speeds. Thankfully, he did not end any lives, though that could have been a scenario. But he didn’t. The fact of the matter is that there are two PEOPLE (they are still human beings) dead, and there are people grieving. Do you have no human decency? Fish, this site used to be funny.But, after the past couple of days, I think I’ll be sticking to other sites. I get dark humor. I’m all for it. But you’ve been nothing but tasteless in this matter. There is a line. And for someone who is anonymous, it’s easy to be the heartless coward, knowing there’s no reprecussions for you. And to every one else who are being assholes; Walk a mile. Put yourself in another’s situation. And then let he without sin cast the first stone. Have some common, basic human decency. I’m no celebrity worshipper, by any stretch of the imagination. Regardless, they are still people.. and the apathy surrounding this is astounding to me.

    I’m fully prepared for the trolls to lather on their unintelligible flames.

    • rican

      Um, I DON’T think you get dark humor, and he ended TWO lives, his and the SEAL’s. If you laugh at the dark humor at the expense of people you don’t care for nor like, then you have to accept it when it’s at the expense of people you think you know, or idolize.

      • Bubba

        I’m not surprised that you have literally no, zero, NONE understanding of what I actually was saying. I’m really not.

    • bitingontinfoil

      HE ENDED THE LIFE OF THE PASSENGER THAT WAS WITH HIM ASSHOLE. You’re saying the passenger deserved it ’cause he was drunk also? Talk about having human decency, you’re extolling the virtues of a drunken idiot who killed the passenger in his car? How do you think the PASSENGERs family feel about that? Where is the common decency of the fans for *THAT* family?? HE chose to drive, HE’s responsible. The asshole friends he was with ALLOWED him to drive – they’re just as liable. Shove your holier-than-thou attitude right up your deluded puckered asshole.

      • Bubba

        And yet, the person whose life he ended chose to get into the car with him. Funny how that works, isn’t it? And it’s not holier-than-thou. I’m simply better than you.

      • Bubba

        Oh, and did you just gloss over what I said? Because it seems pretty clear that the message that I was actually conveying was lost on you. Or are you just retarded? Go back, read again, take the bass out of your “voice”, and then come back to me.

  25. Bubba

    Oh, and for the record, Fish… least Perez Hilton, as much as you bash on him….shows his face. You, you pussy, get the luxury of being a faceless asshole. Time to let this story go.

    • Richard McBeef

      Perez’s identity has to be public, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to force his garish fabulousness in everyone’s face.

    • Anon

      Fish embraces the anon aspect that makes the interwebs so great. He doesn’t seek notoriety like Perez.

    • uncle phil

      Anonymous moral indignation is completely courageous though.

      • Bubba

        Ohhh….and the reactionary anonymous trolling towards “moral indignation” is courageous, as well. We could go back and forth all day long. The point still stands.

    • rican

      So what’s your point Bubba, Fish should show his face in order keep posting on this story, or you are a moron?

      • Richard McBeef

        Bubba the point does still stand. Please post your full name and address with your comments.

      • Bubba

        Jason LaMontagne, Oak Island, NC. You’re not getting my full address……..and now what? And to Rican…, my point being, is that it’s easy being an anonymous, callous prick without having to worry about the reprecussions to follow. Fish doesn’t care, because to the world, he’s just Fish. And although Perez HIlton is persona non grata, he at least has the balls to show his face. No matter WHAT he says, nor what his opinion. There’s a face to the name. Fish? “I can say what I want, and no worries. I can pass people on the street without a care.”. He’s the kid that got his ass handed to him in school, and is now taking his frustrations out on the “beautiful eople” any way that he can.

    • Carrie

      Guys, I’ve figured it out. Fish isn’t apologizing for his “callousness” (as some of you put it. James Blunt isn’t apologizing for the Auschwitz pic on his Facebook. Ergo–The Superficial writer=James Blunt. You’re welcome.

      • Anon

        Bubba, you are a mong. Perhaps if he were bullied in school it was FOR voicing his own opinions, however unpopular they may be. Having no face allows him to say whatever the fuck he wants to in order to see who agrees with him without getting beat up over it by idiots like yourself.

      • Bubba

        Yeah….I call those cowards. Go check out the mirror. You might find one there too.

    • Anon

      No one cares what you call it because you’re too busy being trapped in the closet. Also, I just found a mirror, which can display no human characteristics such as courage. Problem?

    • Jovy

      Hey Bubba(nice name, Jethro) here’s an idea..why don’t you show us YOUR picture so we can finally put a face to the obnoxious bitch that keeps moaning about how insensitive he/she/it thinks Fish is.

    • clover

      Bubba gone and done a bad thing. People can search that name if accurate on yellow pages or other people directories. You may have cojones but your brain is even smaller. than both combined. Besides, Perez Hilton likes the attention.

      • Bubba

        lol…is it now? Please…..someone come pay me a visit down here.

      • Bubba

        Or maybe….just maybe…..Bubba isn’t a stupid fuck like the rest of you, and just wanted to see if someone like yourself would comment on being able to find me in the yellow pages, as if you would do something. Or maybe Bubba’s unlisted. Maybe Bubba’s real name isn’t what he said it was. Or maybe it is. Dumb bastard.

      • clover

        Umm even if your number is unlisted, if you are an American citizen your name *IF ACCURATE* can be searched. how do you think employers run background checks? Not yellow pages dipshit hence the other part of my sentence. You can pay to run background checks online of anyone you want. All you need is a name. It helps if the name is unique but it also helps to know where people live so you can eliminate unnecessary hits. Once you find the right person, you can see every address they have ever lived at and listed on their tax returns. even their email addresses and license plate numbers. i would know motherfucker because I have done this shit before. Just be glad I’m not crazy. In return for my kindness, I ask that you never return to The Superficial. Even if your real name isnt John LaMontagne. And if it isnt then you are no better than Fish. Take a page out of his blog. Quit grandstanding about anonymity. LaMontacunt. Fucking bama.

      • Bubba


      • clover

        Wow, you are so tough. Grant me a wish. Drink some NC moonshine and go wrap your car around a tree, Dunn Style. Fireball is optional. Be sure to leave a fire retardant suit next to you so clover will know just which idiot died when clover googles it. If clover has time to spare. But for God’s sake dont wear the fire suit. That would ruin it. But Clover will probably be too busy reading The Superficial to google it. Who knows? Fish might even do a post on you, Bubba. Not.
        Toddles, Im off to bed. : )

      • Bubba

        See….right there. That just proves the kind of person you are: one fucked up piece of shit. Here’s the thing your stupid mother fucking ass doesn’t seem to comprehend. Fish runs a popular website that many people read. He has a public forum where he can say whatever he want. Somewhere along those lines comes a certain responsibility. I can certainly appreciate what he’s saying initially about being stupid and drinking and driving. But, he’s being completely tactless, and beating this thing into the ground. SO I come along and say that he’s in fact, being tactless. AND YOU, in all your retarded behavior, are getting mad at the peon that has no voice. Is also just trying to voice his opinion, that is no where near getting heard. That apparently gets you so upset, that then you try to act crazy (which doesn’t intimidate me in the slightest, you should know), and wish death upon me. Now, who’s really the dumb mother fucker here? No, shut up, I’ll answer that for you. You. People like you are seriously the plague of the Internet. Little pathetic sacks of shit that get off on this sort of bs. I pity you. Truly. Your life must be truly sad.’s toodles retard. Not toddles.

      • Fish reader

        @ Bubba what a troll.

      • Bubba

        lol…I’M the troll?

    • clover

      You simply seem to skip over the word IF. Draw whatever conclusion you will. I didnt try to act crazy. Please, you wish. I think i even stated “I’m not crazy.” Re read the post. I simply demonstrated to you why most everyone online from Fish readers to YouTube characters to bloggers use pseudonyms. Anonymity is nothing new on the internet. In fact it is probably why blogs like this thrive. Anonymity is a crucial part of web life. yeah I wished you a fiery death. Well duh. You are one fucking irritating internet moralist. Call me retarded. I will reply however I like.
      But what i love is that you say fish has no courage then post a name because people dared you to. Then when I told you if it was your name how stupid that was. Then you say that Im stupid for considering it to be your real name. If it wasnt your real name then You are a liar or a coward or both. You are also most likely then a hypocrite. So you have already lost. Fish may be a coward but you are both a coward and a liar. Possibly a hypocrite too. Enough. I have learned a most valuable lesson today. Its impossible to talk sense into people on the Internet. especially those called Bubba. You sir can continue patrolling the internet with your “morality”. And maybe I shouldnt have wished death onto you. it was a wasted wish because it will come whether i wont it to or not. I dont have to hold my breath. We all die someday. In the mean time continue your anonymous online preaching. And Fish will keep on posting anonymously.

      • Bubba

        1) I wish that you acted crazy? How does that even make sense, and why would I wish for that?
        2) I never said that that wasn’t my name. I also never said that it was. I said how could you possibly know.
        3) I lost? What exactly have I lost here, ultimately? Do wins/losses matter to you on the Internet? Are you that much of a loser? Don’t answer. I already know it.
        4) I really don’t think you understand the meaning of hypocrite.
        5) And I called you retarded and stupid because you’ve said retarded and stupid things. Plus, your lack of proper sentence structure and puncuation lead me to believe that you don’t have anything beyond a 4th grade reading/writing comprehension.

        Look, the fact of the matter is this: everything still stands. And should I point out the fact that in all of our back and forth squabbling, I never wished death upon you? And yet you…

        Who’s the better person here? The guy saying to have a little respect for the dead? The guy asking for a little basic human decency? The guy that asks for things like this to just not be beaten to death? Simply because Fish thinks he’s trying to prove a point, but can’t let it go, and simply comes across as an asshole? Or is it you, getting upset at the guy just asking to do the decent thing? The loser that wishes death upon someone he doesn’t know? Just goes to show you how much of a loser you truly are, since we’re counting wins/losses. You’ve got nothing better to retort with, so…”I hate you. I hope you die. Meh!” Ohhhh, petulant child.

        I’m done with this. Fuck you, clown.

  26. Abby

    Why does he look like the marshmallow man out of Ghostbusters now?

  27. Turd Ferguson

    Bam is a worthless douchebag. His stunts are occasionally funny, but how can you take anyone seriously that wears eye mascara all the time. He is a giant Diva asshole – perfectly OK to exploit his friends death while admonishing others that do. All these Jackasses are celebrities for being that drunk asshole at a party who does stupid shit for money. Certainly no ‘amazing talent’ there in any of them.

    (RIP Ryan.)

  28. Ryan Dunn Jackass RIP
    Commented on this photo:

    Is that his wife? Was he married

  29. Anon

    Fish, I will just say I like all your posts on this story. Fuck all the other people who are acting like you have only posted this story in each slot the last three days. You just posted Katy Perry tits, ffs. If you people haven’t figured out where to get free porn, much less free nudies of celebs, you’re as retarded as they come.

    For every person who “stops reading this site” (yeah right), there will be many to take your place. That’s like getting mad at a Burger King employee and saying you’ll never come back. The manager doesn’t give two shits. You think you’re the only one who is making or breaking Fish? Hahah, fuck off.

    Keep it up, Fish!

    • Just_As_it_IS

      I’m here just for the pics. Every now and then I’ll go into the comment threads just like now, to see people’s opinions. I mean, c’mon, don’t tell me you like all his posts… that’s the worst part! A “good post” IMHO happens here once every couple of months, nowadays 75% of the posts end with imaginary non-funny celebrity dialogue, and the rest is just more of the same years-old jokes about Kim Kardashian’s butt, Paris Hilton’s herpes, Justin Bieber’s gayness, Lindsay’s addiction, etc. It’s plain boring to even make me grin.

  30. Kaitlin

    It’s unfortunate that anyone had to die.
    That said, I think that Bam should spend a little less time reading internet comments about his friend and talking to news crews. I don’t see the other jackass guys openly commenting on the situation… yet.

  31. Reece

    Damn, .. what a Shame, .. the dude from Hangover is dead, .. I guess we won’t be seeing a part 3 then?

  32. Johnny Knoxville

    You know who the real victim is here? The poor sap who’s job in life is to be the manager at the shitty chain restaurant where these fucks were drinkning. He said way too much to the media the day this story broke not knowing how big this story was going to get and will probably lose his dumb job over it once they run the receipts from that day and see the epic drinking these clowns did. That’s who I feel sorry for.

    • Carrie

      Oh yeah, that place is done for. It’ll be lucky to make it out of this without a lawsuit, and their liquor license is as good as gone.

  33. WhosaJackass

    I’m surprised this is still news. Ryan Dunn is now strictly a statistic +1 with the guy who chose to get in the car with him that night. Yet people are coming out of the wood work praising him as a “Great” guy, who was so “kind”.

    He was an alcoholic. Likely into drugs as well. He chose to drink to excess, hopped in his “Jackass” bought car and drive 130mph then crashed and burned. How is this a hero? How is this even a celebrity? Because he did most of his stupid shit on camera?

    Of all the people posting about this, how many really knew the guy or even met him? Hands? Anyone? He was an idiot who did stupid shit on camera, he gave nothing back to society, contributed nothing to the world, and his pure stupidity took him out. It it wasn’t this, it would have been a grenade shoved in his ass. It just would have taken more time. Prepare your rants for Bam’s death, then Steve-O, and so on.

    • Ish Kabibble

      Pretty sure you’re wrong. I think I read how he served in a leper colony for a year or so.

      • Drew

        The only association Ryan Dunn had to a “leper colony”, was using the song “Aboard the Leper Colony” as the theme song for his show, Homewrecker.

        Are people seriously this fucking stupid and so blind that they’re starting to make shit up to make him look like less of a useless cunt that murdered someone? Good lord.

  34. naano

    bam’s best friend died so suddenly he’s a saint and a martyr. anyone who truly pities this pituitary retard is just as much of a moron.

  35. catapostrophe

    You can tell he knows how people are supposed to look crying about their loved ones on-camera, but can’t quite make himself look that way.

  36. rainbowbre182

    yep, none of you have ever done anything wrong…continue saying how much he deserved to die because he made a bad decision…none of you have ever sinned. none of you have ever been distracted while driving whatsoever, whether it be alcohol or texting while driving…just give it up, some people are upset, some arent…now let it go and let the people that do actually know him and love him grieve. No one is any better than anyone else.

    P.S. i do not know him, nor am i trying to preach anything so do everyone a favour and dont respond to this

    • Anon

      The point is: if he wanted to do something fucking stupid and reckless, he should have done something that didn’t involve anyone else. He killed a guy. He could have killed more. He was a dick. It’s on par with people who want to commit suicide but decide to go shoot up a mall first. If you want to take yourself out, don’t drag innocents into it with you. That is why he’s a cunt. If any of my friends did that, I wouldn’t even want to go to their funeral for being so fucking stupid and selfish. We all do stupid shit, that’s a given and no reason to even say that empty drivel. That’s not the point. Condolences and blah blah bullshit to the family and friends, the guy still lived up to his job title.

      • rainbowbre182

        the point is your reply has nothing to do with what i said….i said you’re all acting all high and mighty like none of you have ever done anything wrong or ever made a bad decision.

        i’m not sticking up for the guy. He drove drunk and now he’s paid for it. The other guy also chose to get into the car with a guy know he knew was drinking. If i got into a car with someone who i knew was drinking and i died, then that was my own decision. The driver didnt kill me, i killed myself by making a bad decision and getting into the car. If the driver hit another car and killed them then yes, he did murder them. But if you choose to get into the car with someone who is drunk, then you’ve signed your own death sentence. If you make it out a live then good for you, you’re extremely lucky.

        No one is any better than anyone else so stop acting like you’re all perfect human beings. You’re either complete assholes or you’re view of yourselves are completely skewed. NO ONE IS ANY BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE!! thats all

      • Carrie

        We’re complete assholes, have you ever been on this site before yesterday? Sheesh.

      • Anon

        Actually, we are better than him, thankyouverymuch. A lot of people are better than other people. I like to think I’m better than a guy who shoves toy cars up his ass, staples his balls to a table, and drives 130 mph while wasted and kills himself and another person (no matter if that person signed their own death warrant). Yeah. Read all of that. I’d go so far as to say you’re better than that.

        Also: “the point is your reply has nothing to do with what i said”. That’s a retarded comeback. How was the point of your original post the fact that my non-existent-as-of-then reply had nothing to do with what you said?

  37. OnTheRealThough

    lmao @ people leaving bottles of jack daniels at the crash site in remembrance.

    • Carrie

      I bet if you asked those people how to spell “irony” they would look at you like you were speaking in clicks.

  38. Racer X


    I didn’t see any tears, acting for camera.

  39. Bam Margera Ryan Dunn
    Commented on this photo:

    an open letter to all:

    The real sad part of this story isn’t the fact that someone died, or the fact that that someone was or wasn’t a “celebrity” it’s the fact that he had everything at the tip of his fingers and completely took it for granted. sure he could afford that nice ride and could party where/when/how he wanted and with who. But you know what he had? He had the luxuries that most of Americans don’t. He could afford basic room and board, 3 meals a day, a car let alone gas and health insurance.

    As I sit here typing with one hand while my 6mo daughter play on my lap I am hopeless. my 89 year old grandma is sitting in the living room oblivious to the anxiousness and stress we are feeling just to take care of the very bare necessities to keep her well. She recieves 1,200 before taxes in SS but apparently that isn’t considered poverty level so she doesn’t qualify for governmental help. my dad is a roofer who makes next to nothing a month and has to pay out of pocket for everything. My 63 year old aunt (Bless her heart) has been working literally 27/7 (how I wish that were an exaggeration) taking care of my grandma by feeding/dressing/cleaning/bathing her. You name it she does it. She does this for NO PAY because we cant afford to pay her. The only tradeoff we could offer her was to live in the house rent free and in return turn she had to agree to turn her life over and dedicate all of herself to helping my grandma. And since she can’t even afford to live on her own she had no choice but to take us up on our offer.Sure we have a helper come in a few times a week for 200 and how we pay her is a miracle that I will never understand. We are stretched beyond our means in every imaginable way. I am this close to asking for handouts because we are just beyond tired beyond exhaustion beyond even being civil to each other over simply taking care of my grandma. All of this and I’m not even touching on the half of it. It is tearing my family apart and I am heart broken. I am in tears watching my family go through this I cant even tell you how sick it makes me. How sick I am at how I can hardly afford to buy the box of adult diapers month that I am asked to contribute. I’m embarrassed of what my family has become.


    Where is the fairness in that?? Life sure is funny sometimes. Maybe one day I will look back on this time and laugh…

    I am posting this as many places as I can so that hopefully everyone reading will stop for a second and realize that it really can get worse. Hopefully all the celebrities will realize that what they have is a privilege and that most people would do anything to be in their shoes for no other reason then to afford a dignified life that they are not ashamed of.

    And for everyone that is down and out on celebrities with addiction problems, like Brook Muller, give it a rest. Addiction is a desease that has no cure. How can anyone expect her (or anyone) to get better when all people do it point and judge? Who are we to give up on her? Instead of nasty messages and hurtful words why not show a little compassion and understanding. If that was your mother or your aunt would you point and laugh at her and tell her how hopeless she was? I’d put all my money on no you wouldn’t. You would cry with her and hold her hand and tell her everything will be alright and that she has a sholder to lean on when things get tough. You would hug her and promise to do all you can to help her and let her know she is not alone. You would love her. Why then are you all so quick to judge a total stranger?

    Take my will & my life,
    Guide me in my recovery,
    Show me how to live.

    misspellings and grammar issues and the like in this post but I can care less. I have bigger fish to fry.


  40. Wootang

    Silly Fish, Why would you use a word like “macabre” in a jackass post? You know these kids don’t read so good.

  41. jackass22

    In what parallel universe does shoving a car up your ass qualify you as talented?

  42. CG

    BAZINGA you prick

  43. lauren

    Yeah the news team couldn’t possibly have been there BEFORE Bam got there, considering this is being covered on every news channel especially, I’m sure, the ones in West Chester,PA. The guy died. It doesn’t matter how it happened, he DIED. He has family and friends and yes even FANS! Which you have what 20 people that read this site? Is no one allowed to mourn for the guy? You’re such a dick.

    • bites

      So are you one of the 20, or just a casual intruder?

    • Anon

      Mourn for the tard if you like. It makes him no less a tard. People die everyday. What makes him so special? Oh yeah, he took someone else with him. And yes, I’m sure Fish is able to keep this blog afloat with merely 20 fans. You’re seriously trying to “insult” Fish because he called a duck a duck and lambasted this guy for being a selfish, reckless prick? Oh lawdy.

    • Do_Freebirdt

      Fish is a male, so yes, he is a dick. Just like you’re a vapid, low IQ, ignorant cunt.

  44. Ish Kabibble

    Aw, shucks, “the poor man is devastated.” And he needs for you to know that he’s devastated.

  45. “He was the happiest person, the smartest guy with so much talent.”

    I highly doubt that such a smart and talented individual would make a living for himself by preforming stunts like sticking a hot wheels car up his ass.

    Bam, go fuck yourself. Your douchebag friend just cleaned his defective genetics out of the gene pool.

  46. Alex

    You know who will get fucked in all of this? The damn bartender. Being responsible for your own actions has been a fucking myth starting circa 1983/credit card explosion. It has just spread to different contexts. Mark my words. The bartender will be the media scapegoat.

    1. It follows the trend of no one can be expected to be responsible for their own actions

    2. Takes away the tragedy of it all and gives it a lynching mindset.

    Prove me wrong.

    • Anon

      Unfortunately I think you’re right.

    • Carrie

      You aren’t wrong and it’s sad. I’ve tended bar for years and it sucks being the baby-sitter for all the ass clowns who don’t want to take any responsibility. “Well, she served me knowing that I was intoxicated so it’s her fault!” Give me fucking break, if one doesn’t want to get drunk, one should stay out of bars. I offer a cab to anyone that’s tipsy, if they don’t take it and decide to be a drunken idiot, I’ve at least covered my ass.

      • I work in a club and it’s the same thing. I constantly get yelled at by assholes when I cut them off and haved been called a bitch, prude, narc lol. Then they offer the next girl a big tip to serve them anyways and they stupidly do. Yet they’re the same guys that would sue you in a heartbeat when they crash their bmw for ‘over serving’ them. You can’t win w these assholes.

      • Carrie

        Right, bianca? It’s disgusting. I get a huge kick out of cutting people off, especially when they start acting like super-douches and then I get to kick them out. That’s my favorite.

  47. Do_Freebirdt

    Do you think that between sobs Bam was able to make it over to offer condolences to the widow of the man that Dunn killed? The reason I say that is because they live less than 50 yards from the crash site. Well, at least she does – he’s visiting the morgue until they bury him.

  48. Do_Freebirdt

    This just in. Ryans Dunn’s blood alchohol level was .196. That’s right – POINT ONE NINE SIX. That’s 2 1/2 times the legal limit in Pennsy. It seems that the 3 shots and 3 beers over 4 hours story was just a little off.

    He wasn’t just a Jackass, but also an Asshole.

  49. superstar

    Idiots hating on Ryan Dunn have some fucking respect. This is someone’s son, grandson and best friend to possibly most the Jackass crew, especially Bam. Imagine how it must feel losing your childhood best friend.
    Obviously Dunn had it coming if he was drinking then driving, no responsibility there but the passenger was clearly being stupid as well drinking and allowing himself to get in the car knowing Dunn had drank.
    But still, it happens all the time with people not just him but think of the people around that are related to him and those who were close to them, hating on Bam and wishing he died just because he likes attention is not right at all. Jealous cunts just because he actually managed to make something of himself.

    • Anon

      You have extremely low expectations if being a part of Jackass is “making it” to you. Or just a lack of dignity, but who in Hollywood has any of that. Most of us didn’t respect him when he was alive… why now? Not having a heartbeat doesn’t automatically mean he gets respect or whatever. Sucks for his family and friends. But they aren’t reading this site. If they were, they would be in for a lot more heartache. Dunn was still an idiot. If he had killed some innocent bystander(s), I doubt we’d be seeing so much support for him.

  50. First of all, my regards to the family and friends who lost someone. It is hard to deal with someone’s death, no matter the circumstance…. HOWEVER…

    Dunn was a complete frivolous and foolish dumbass for driving drunk. He asked to put himself in the fucking grave. Anyone who doesn’t concur is of the same bitchassedness. Take away the drinking factor, HE WAS STILL DRIVING 130 MPH. Wtf does he think? That he’s some Nascar driver? Right. He could have still killed innocent pedestrians. Shit like this goes down every fucking day, and no one mourns the death of some fuckjob who kills himself AND someone else whilst driving drunk at 130mph. But because Dunn was some type of “celebrity,” you fucking imbeciles think it’s a totally different circumstance? Righhhhhht. Get the fuck outta here. He is right where he belongs.

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