Bam Margera is a Little Bitch

June 21st, 2011 // 507 Comments

Here’s what we know about Ryan Dunn‘s death:

1. He was drinking. Heavily.
2. He got behind the wheel of a Porsche with a passenger in the car.
3. He drove at speeds believed to be around 100 mph down a rural Pennsylvania road.
4. He has a history of DUI.

Knowing all this, Roger Ebert made the following comment on Twitter yesterday:

Friends don’t let jackasses drink and drive.

Pretty reasonable statement considering Ryan Dunn could’ve – and actually did – kill someone. Except Bam Margera is upset now thanks to the “millions” of Jackass fans/sycophants who made it abundantly clear that shoving a toy car up your anus and stapling your nuts is an excuse to drive like a murderous fuckhole:

- I just lost my best friend, I have been crying hysterical for a full day and piece of shit roger ebert has the gall to put in his 2 cents
- About a jackass drunk driving and his is one, fuck you! Millions of people are crying right now, shut your fat fucking mouth!

Look, to Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn’s legitimate friends and family, it has to unbelievably suck to lose someone you care about because he made a epically shitty decision that miraculously didn’t end in innocent bystanders dying. To you, my sincere condolences for your loss. Now, to Bam again, and the disturbing examples of blind celebrity worship who’ve flooded the Internet with crocodile tears because Ryan seemed “so nice” in heavily edited entertainment products or your roommate “so totally partied at Bam’s house one time” or you live in West Chester, etc., go fuck yourselves. Instead of being behind the wheel of a Porsche, if Ryan Dunn had ran down the street randomly firing a gun, which is basically what he did, would you still sit there and go, “But he was so funny!” I don’t care if you’re Blake Lively or the stockboy at Walmart, anytime you decide, drunk or sober, to put innocent people’s lives at risk to make your hot-shit car go “vroom,” some form of Darwinism takes place when you’re removed from the gene pool. On that note, if you came to this site expecting me to actually coddle a “celebrity” who could’ve killed some poor sap coming home from work, or your own family getting back late from vacation, you came to the exact wrong place, and the door’s right over there. (If it’s stuck, try jiggling the handle.)

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  1. Lame

    If Dunn was drunk, then so was the passenger who was probably well aware of it before getting in the car, so nobody is really a bad guy here. It was a dumb mistake, now their dead, that’s bad enough isn’t it? Nope, you guys should keep talking about how much of an asshole he is. If the drunk passenger had been driving he would have been the asshole and Ryan Dunn would have been the poor innocent victim, right?

    • Ish Kabibble

      If Mother Teresa were driving drunk, then I guess she’d be the asshole. But she wasn’t and he was.

  2. marlee

    Well fucking said. I’m tired of fame being an excuse for lack of judgement or consequence.

  3. Steve

    You’re coming off as somewhat of a heartless bastard in this. Yeah, fair enough Ryan was drink driving but at least show a little decency. Insult those mourning his death and calling them ‘fuckheads’? How about when you die, I’ll call your parents and call them great big fuckheads? Hmm?

    • the superficial's lemmings in full force

      I can’t belive people are celebrating his death. like oh well serves him right he deserves to die he might as well have murdered ten people with a kitchen knife. Fck all of you. the newest report was that the death was extremely violent…oh and so was the car fire afterwards. this is a tradgedy so stop your judging and learn from it., hurt from it, and never make the same mistake. people on this blog giggle at tits and ass and fart jokes and everyone is acting like they have NEVER driven drunk before. lets wait for the toxology reports people. Well I drove drunk once and for some reason fate led me home safely and I was in a stupor for weeks thinking about the stupidist thing I had ever done and I will never ever let myself or anyone I am with do it again. every time a celebrity dies the superficial retaliates with anger: ‘stay alive and entertain me you worthless piece of shit’. If the celebrities are the dancing monkeys you hate so much than get a new fcking job or stop reading gossip smut. all of you lemmings can go fck yourselves. FCK the superficial i will never click on this site again.

    • Real Talk

      Steve hit the nail directly on the head!

  4. Natasha

    Why are people acting as if the passenger was forced into the car by Ryan? He’s more at fault because he was driving, yes, but Zack got into the car, presumably having known that Dunn had been drinking because he was most likely with him the whole night. Both of them are to blame for their deaths.

  5. Johnny

    What the fuck do these guys do about exactly how Dunn died? Nothing. Where they there to see it? No. Do they have they incomplete police investigation file to the accident? No. So they should keep their fucking mouths shut. How they fuck do they know an animal didn’t run in front of the car and they swerved to avoid it? It looks like it was a wooded area after all.

    A pathetic attempt to gain readers. That’s all this this. If speculating about someones death just hours after someone’s died is the best they can do and how low they’re willing to go then that suggests to me the people who wrote and approved this and vile, insincere pigs with no morals. I certainly won’t be giving them what they want by coming back to read their insensitive filth.

    Now, I, like any human with half a brain will wait for the full police report before I pass judgement. I’m not an attention seeker who’ll jump on someones death in an attempt to get readers. Unlike some people.

    • Mandi

      If you’re traveling at a normal, human speed, then swerving to avoid hitting an animal wouldn’t reduce your car to the size of a matchbox and light it on fire. It just wouldn’t.

      • Ish Kabibble

        I’m still waiting for the all the facts to come in before I condemn O.J. for killing Ron and Nicole.

      • Real Talk

        Mandi – If you knew what you were talking about, you’d know that this has actually happened before…

  6. josh

    Hey fish, fuck you. I read this site a lot, and you cartainly have the uncanny ability to assume your presumptions as fact. You weren’t there, yet you seem to be sure the road was littered with kids playing hopscotch and pregnant women shopping. In the early hours of the morning on a country road? Nah.

    • N

      Exactly. Anyone who jumps on this douchebag’s nuts over his comments is just as fucked in the head as he is. I’m not saying this is what happened, but what if the accelerator stuck, and that was the cause of excessive speed? Since we weren’t there, and there is nothing left of the car, we will never know. But shit like that does happen. I hope the toxicology reports come back clean, just so pieces of shit like this can eat their words and see what pieces of shit they actually are for dogging the deceased.

  7. Fifi

    I love you.

  8. Sarah

    2 Things that are wrong with this..1.they still don’t know his alcohol level 2. It was not a rural road. I live about 5 min from the accident and its very suburban. About 30 min outside of Philly. Before posting on your extremely popular blog, get your facts straight. The rest is just your opinion so that I will not argue with.

  9. Ish Kabibble

    I love the “too soon” crap. Ebert should’ve waited…what?…another 45 minutes? Two months?

    It’s the same deal with the bungholes who said, “No, you can’t build a mosque so close to WTC, even if it’s next to a stripclub.” OK, 5 blocks away? 10? Weehawken?

  10. Ish Kabibble

    ” work in the transportation industry you idiot and know more about driving and safety than you ever will. I know about drinking and driving – but I’m also a human being you fucking peon.”

    Should’ve read: “you fucking non-transportation industry peon.”

  11. Abby

    Love you Fish. Sending this to the people I know waving the “Poor Ryan Dunn” banners.

  12. Mandi

    Yes I do. It didn’t come off as sarcasm, it came off as snotty. My bad apparently for misreading (though I still think that was your intended tone). Also, you sound like you’re super fun at parties. Let’s hang out.

    • Mandi

      Well now I’VE misused the reply button so I’m gonna go crawl in a hole and die now. This medicine tastes sooo bitterrrr. Dang.

  13. valo2011

    i cant believe some people.two people have died,yes drink driving is wrong alcohol makes u do stuff u dnt usually do.How would u feel if it was ur mother father sister etc who had died through drink drive.Would u be like oh ok fuck em they shouldnt of done that.No u wouldnt

  14. andrew

    lets think of it this way (anyone who is supporting ryan dunn having died like some kind of greek hero) if he hadn’t died, and the passenger in his car had, he’d be facing manslaughter charges, he’d be fucking in the ass by his cellmate named bubba.
    honestly. do you really think he wasn’t wrong, stupid, and stupid, for driving while being shitfaced? someone died, because of Ryan fucking Dunn. the only way it’s not his fault for this persons death is if someone held him down and forced a couple bottles of vodka down his throat, put him in the car and rigged the brakes and gas. (also told him there was a bomb if he went under 100mph) and… none of that happened. so guess what, Ryan Dunn is a dumbass who killed someone, you can still be his fan, doesn’t make you wrong, but don’t defend him killing someone by means of stupidity. that just makes you look stupid.

  15. Motorboat Captain

    His Porsche flew through forty yards of trees before it burst into flames. Now that’s quality engineering. I had a coworker who couldn’t even make it through one single row of tombstones when he crashed his Subaru.

  16. Deidre Fryfogle

    @TheFish…This made me want to have your babies. :)

  17. ally

    Well said!!! Had it been anyone else, a ‘regular’ Joe Schmo, people wouldn’t be up in arms as they are now.

  18. don't give him the coverage

    You play into his hands by giving him this kind of coverage. With his tearful visits to the site of the accident, with attacking roger ebert (who says many things that are more offensive than this), it is clear that bam just wants to make sure he gets maximum exposure out of this tragedy.

  19. lola

    truth be told, if bam is so distraught with emotion he really shouldn’t be reading rag mags anyway, and if it were anyone not in the public eye, they would have put the same information out there because that’s what police reports do, and yep, that’s what reportERS do. Compassion, sure. Coddling, no way. This guy made a career of doing stupid crap. If he survived he’d probably be taking a bow over his dead friend sitting in the car next to him.

  20. People_Are_Morons

    For those of you saying he’s scum for killing the passenger:
    The passenger was an idiot to be in car with a person who he very well knows has been heavily drinking AND driving, he was signing his own death letter by getting in the same car

    Ryan was an idiot for DUI and the passanger was MORONIC for getting in the car with him

  21. Chris_UC

    I can’t stand to see how much hate is being thrown around about Ryan Dunn so soon after his death. What happened was terrible, and unfortunately, two people lost their lives in the process. There’s no doubt that Ryan shouldn’t have been driving, but people have very limited sympathy when these kinds of things happen. I had a cousin who last year was drinking and driving, and nearly killed himself and his passenger. Was he at fault, yes. But in their lifetime everyone makes a mistake. I’m sure if most people on here thought about it, they could think of someone who died in an accident or were killed due to their own mistakes. I’m not saying that Ryan should be cannonized because he was popular and on Jackass, but for god’s sake, you could stop mocking him and his friends. Let them deal with it in peace and keep your negativity to yourself.

  22. wendy

    I wonder if all of u people talking shit would say the same thing if it was someone you loved ! Lets not forget his passenger was also drinking and made the CHOICE to get into the car . It must be great to sit back and judge people So Im guessing none of you IDIOTS have ever drank and made a bad choice ? I highly doubt that. Have a little respect for his friends and family !! Im also guessing that none of you know these people personally and you want to sit back and talk all this bullshit grow up and get a life !!!!! All of you suck.

  23. Mick

    I did actually live in the West Chester area years ago and knew Bam and Dunn. What you see in the videos IS how they live (and lived) their lives. Reckless? Absolutely. Responsible? Not at all. Dunn was actually a dick to more than a few people I knew back then, especially after his celebrity increased. I still feel a bit bummed dude is dead BUT how do you think Zach’s parents/loved ones feel? Dunn killed that dude. Everybody seems to be forgetting this small fact.

    • jess

      You also seem to be forgetting that Zach was a grown man that should have known better than to get into a car with someone who had been drinking. Yes it is sad that this has happened to both of these men and my heart goes out to their families. But my mother always drilled it into my head that I should never drive drunk and I should never get into a car with someone that has been drinking and I never did either. Can everyone on here talking shit say the same?

  24. derk85

    wow! i told my self i was not going to comment. But i could not help it. Ryan Dunn was a person just like you and i. throw out all the fame and yes people would have though that he was an ass. but what it come down to is people do stupid stuff when they drink the reason why i dont do it, ur not the same person as if ur sobor. I am a fan of jackass and for those people who like me grew up with cky the start of it all. i feel sad about dunn. no i dont know the guy on personal level. but i watch cky and jackass since i was like 15. i wish he was not stupid for drinking and driving and that he was still here. but he never intended to do this. i can bet that he people here that are talking crap about him drinking and driving have them selves done it before alot of us have so lay off the shit talk n take a look at ur self. n for the people who said that they would not expect less from a jackass fan. well im a fan and i bet my i q is higher than urs and good look with that min. wage job of urs. how that for a steriotype

    • jess

      Couldn’t agree more. Very well said!

    • Dave R.

      If your IQ is higher then you’d know how to type a cohesive sentence without text message abbreviations and spell “stereotype” correctly (or at the very least use the automatic spell check for Christ sakes).

  25. Elad

    Exactly what I was thinking, but with bigger words. You just earned another follower on your Blog…

  26. Danny

    You don’t know jack shit about Ryan Dunn the tox tests aren’t out yet and the cause of the crash still unknown so fuck you, Ryan was one hell of a nice guy if I was bam I would of kicked roger fuckfaces ass!!!!Ryan is dead he can’t defend himself but I will so stop talking out your asses!!!!!oh ya Fuck You!!!!

  27. Danny

    I’d like to shove a toy car up all you haters asses,why don’t you wait tell the real results come out before you stupid fucks open your mouths!!!people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks you bunch of stupid fucks!!

  28. jess

    I think people need to have some respect for Ryan and his friend’s family. I do not condone drunk driving in any way because my uncle was killed by a drunk driver 12 years ago but Ryan had people that loved him and they deserve the right to grieve without assholes disrespecting their their loved ones. Get over yourselves because I’m sure none of you have ever made mistakes in your lives because I bet you’re all perfect right?

  29. Anthony

    Im a jackass fan and dont get me wrong, im sad that he died, but he got what he deserved. You act like a jackass you drive like one, he not only killed him self but somebody else too. Im sorry to say this but he was a fucking idiot.

  30. Corbijn Von Doom

    I don’t know Ryan, I don’t know nor have met any of the Jackass group. I’ve watched their stuff and it’s entertaining. That being said, it’s a tragedy when anyone dies in a situation like this. I’m sure his friends feel a great deal of loss and this should be respected. From what I’ve read Dunn has wrecked multiple times with cars that belong to others and his own modified cars. Dunn also got a DUI in 2005. There is an old saying “you play with fire, you get burned” and it’s unfortunately true here. He was a person who pushed the line on playing safe and unfortunately this caught up with him. Another person died in the crash but I would bet that this person was there of their free will knowing that Dunn was drinking and the car he was driving was what it was. Nobody dies in a tragedy for smart or ideal reasons; that’s why we call it a tragedy. Just because he died in an awful accident and someone else passed away doesn’t make him any less of a human being. I’m sure nobody here is a saint and hasn’t put their own safety and (or possibly someone else’s) life on the line because of a dumb decision. Hindsight is always 20/20. Give his friends the respect to see him laid to rest regardless of opinion. I wonder how many critics here are also complaining about how the Westboro Baptist Church is going to picket Dunn’s funeral? Can’t have it both ways, those of you who feel some “justice” in Dunn’s death should compliment WBC instead of acting like hypocrites.

  31. spoojame03

    oh my lord….. you are all sick. like him, what he did, how he lived his life or not, a fellow man just passed and instead of pointing fingers, just show some damn respect!!!!

    if you have nothing good to say then say nothing.
    you are all hypocritical low life’s

    R.I.P. Ryan Dunn.

    • Dave R.

      There’s no respect to be shown. Nothing he did in his career denoted any actual respect. It was funny, but not respectable. And how he died, there’s definitely no respect there. Dangerous, hazardous, irresponsible, and ultimately deadly. How do you show respect then?

      Show some damn respect? Not likely.

  32. Danielle

    Thank you so much for writing this!! I thought I was one of the few people who felt like this. Glad to see there are other sensible people out there.

  33. Em

    You sir, are my hero. The gene pool got a little cleaner when that moron bit it. Thank god… if only the rest of the jackass crew could have been in the car with him…

  34. kristi There’s an open letter to Bam on this site that makes a lot of sense!

  35. Joe

    You feel like a big man, don’t you, for calling someone a little bitch whose friend died in a car crash. Regardless of the circumstance, whether he committed vehicular homicide or was the victim of vehicular homicide, it’s still devastating to have your friend pass away. You either haven’t had that happen to you or you’re just a heartless motherfucker. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if you had a child who drank too much, drove a car with him and a friend in it into a wall and then someone said, “Quit being a little bitch. Your selfish, asshole child deserved it.” I bet you’d be cool with that, wouldn’t you? I’m not condoning his actions or excusing them and wish he would have been smarter, but to say he deserved it is pretty fucked up. Are you telling me you’ve never had too much to drink and gotten behind a wheel? Most likely that makes you an asshole AND a hypocrite. I’ll tell you, you need to quit your job, join the WBC, and go picket the funeral of a homosexual.

  36. Mindy

    I have been reading your site for years — have always loved it. This is my first time comment because I think this is the BEST post you have made. EVER.

    Well fkn done, you.

  37. Ebby-chan

    As a person who loyally reads,never comments(far to chubby a girl to give my 2 cents usually)but lost an awesome person to some dumb ass drunk driving fucker FUCK YEAH FISH!!!!!

  38. InnocentBystandard

    I agree with the message of this blog post, except I STRONGLY disagree that you are rubbing in Ryan Dunn’s death. Even though he did something EXTREMELY stupid, it’s nothing to really analyze and to call out his fans/friends/family was really uncalled for. Everyone who is related to Dunn is hurting, and regardless if he made a bad decision; there is no need to try and expose him and Bam. I am not even a fan of Dunn/Bam or to be honest Jackass, I just think its disrespectful to write this blog about a person who is already paying the price for stupidity and their family/fans are too.

  39. Bam Margera Roger Ebert
    Commented on this photo:

    Ebert’s comment about Ryan Dunn almost sounded like it was written Gilbert Gottfried. Regardless, it was poor timing. I understand Bam’s angry comment about the loss of his friend, but he needs to take a hard look at himself before he opens his own mouth.

    The friends of “Jackass” star Ryan Dunn — who died in a car crash earlier this week — considered him such a terrible driver after a series of wrecks in cars he owned or borrowed that they joked about expecting him to die in a car crash.

    The sound in this clip comes from the DVD commentary of “Viva La Bam,” the “Jackass” spinoff on MTV that followed Bam Margera and his friends, including Dunn. In this clip, Bam, his mother April and pal Tim Glomb talk about how Dunn had wrecked six cars of his own and three that belonged to other people. “I have him in the death pool for death by vehicle,” Glomb says at one point.

    Bam i

  40. Kurt

    What makes Bam a bitch? I don’t get it, his good friend died, and Ebert’s mutant ass makes a public crack at him. Why is Bam a bitch for responding to that? Ebert looks like he walked off the set for Genesis’ video for “Land of Confusion”

    I guess i don’t understand why Bam isn’t ripping Ebert apart, it’s really pretty easy. Everyone with their judgmental comments can go eat a dick. I bet you people have your own messed up shit that you do in private.

  41. BeccaS

    from an outsiders point of view(i dont really watch jackass, not a massive fan but i dont hate it or Ryan Dunn) celebrity or not, he was drink driving, with a passenger in the car, and hes lucky he didnt kill any other innocent bystanders on the road. Its a very horrible time for Ryans close family and friends, and its a tragedy that two human lives have been taken, but Ryan isnt innocent in all of this. Im not saying he deserved to die, im purely saying he was being careless driving drunk, and it was the inevitable he was going to crash. I hope that Ryans family find peace in their time of need, and that Ryan himself rests in peace, along with the other un known passenger.
    So people dont hate too much okay? 2 people lost their lives, dont be disrespectful yeah? :/

  42. Assholes

    wow…all u haters are assholes, i hope one day u all burn to death, i am not a jackass fan, i think the shit they do is childish but still, two people died and all you people can is bitch and say fuck about it. i take back what i said…i hope that all u haters get that call saying someone in ur family burned to death.

  43. alex

    like i said somewhere else, though it’s very sad to see ryan go, it’s not shocking. i mean, people knew bam and ryan and friends drank heavily and drove around afterwards. shit was bound to happen. it sucks that he took someone else with him. but it could’ve been a lot worse.

  44. Reece

    I love that u comment on the millions of ppl commenting on it, while u stand on ur little soap box and preach just like they are.who are u anyway and are u saying that if u do something bad then that should define u as a person? Because I would say that u arguing that someone YOU didn’t know was a bad person after they are dead Is a pretty shitty thing as well and I know only a few ppl will read it but I hope those few ppl remember u as that dumb fuck who made stupid, unnecessary comments about other ppl while he sits there on his fat ass staring at the computer screen which is probably in his parents basement because he’s a 30-40 year old loser. I know ur gonna come back at me with some stupid reason y your right and I’m wrong but I don’t really care cause at the end of the day your still u and I’m still me, thats gotta suck for u.
    Someone with a Brain.

  45. dude your an ignorant fuck!your probably some obese mongoloid!lol

  46. Sarah

    A kid I went to high school with was killed in an accident almost a year to the date of Ryan’s accident. His friend was driving in excess of 100 mph down a dirt road for no apparent reason. She lived and it was his truck. Shit happens. Don’t speak poorly of those who’ve lost their lives. Would it made it any better if Dunn hadn’t killed someone else to you fucks? NO! You’d still be writing trashy articles about how much of a fucking idiot Dunn is for driving intoxicated. Millions of people do it. Have a little fucking respect!

  47. shaq

    Good riddance. Scum is as Scum does.

    THE GOOD: One less azzhole like him on the road.
    THE BAD: He killed his friend.
    THE VERY GOOD: He won’t kill others.
    THE BEST: Maybe 1 or 2 of his dumbazz fans will learn a lesson.

    Ya think?

  48. hju

    Guys don’t shove toys cars up their anus either , not even as a joke! Maybe he really “is a Little Bitch”. Maybe they all are?

  49. bree

    you guys are fucking crazy how can you judge him for drunk driving when half the dumb fucks in this world do it to ,and you people would defend your best friend to so before you people start running your dam mouth take a look in the mirror because your no better than ryan dunn or bam bargera

  50. LittlemissD

    I loved Dunn, and i love Bam, and i do understand what you mean, however Bam just lost his best friend and Edger WAS too quick to tweet that, he should of said Friends dont let friends drink and drive, it wouldnt of done any harm, how would you feel if your best friend died and someone tweeted something like that. I do understand it was his own folt, and he did ‘kill’ a man but he decided to get in the car WITH him his OWN decision so he was to blame for his death too! I dont appreciate hate comments.I know facts are facts but no need! oh and it dosent make Bam a bitch, its makes you one. Let Ryan rest in peace man!
    RIP#Ry# We will miss you…’well i will anyway’! ♥

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