Bam Margera is a Little Bitch

June 21st, 2011 // 507 Comments

Here’s what we know about Ryan Dunn‘s death:

1. He was drinking. Heavily.
2. He got behind the wheel of a Porsche with a passenger in the car.
3. He drove at speeds believed to be around 100 mph down a rural Pennsylvania road.
4. He has a history of DUI.

Knowing all this, Roger Ebert made the following comment on Twitter yesterday:

Friends don’t let jackasses drink and drive.

Pretty reasonable statement considering Ryan Dunn could’ve – and actually did – kill someone. Except Bam Margera is upset now thanks to the “millions” of Jackass fans/sycophants who made it abundantly clear that shoving a toy car up your anus and stapling your nuts is an excuse to drive like a murderous fuckhole:

- I just lost my best friend, I have been crying hysterical for a full day and piece of shit roger ebert has the gall to put in his 2 cents
- About a jackass drunk driving and his is one, fuck you! Millions of people are crying right now, shut your fat fucking mouth!

Look, to Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn’s legitimate friends and family, it has to unbelievably suck to lose someone you care about because he made a epically shitty decision that miraculously didn’t end in innocent bystanders dying. To you, my sincere condolences for your loss. Now, to Bam again, and the disturbing examples of blind celebrity worship who’ve flooded the Internet with crocodile tears because Ryan seemed “so nice” in heavily edited entertainment products or your roommate “so totally partied at Bam’s house one time” or you live in West Chester, etc., go fuck yourselves. Instead of being behind the wheel of a Porsche, if Ryan Dunn had ran down the street randomly firing a gun, which is basically what he did, would you still sit there and go, “But he was so funny!” I don’t care if you’re Blake Lively or the stockboy at Walmart, anytime you decide, drunk or sober, to put innocent people’s lives at risk to make your hot-shit car go “vroom,” some form of Darwinism takes place when you’re removed from the gene pool. On that note, if you came to this site expecting me to actually coddle a “celebrity” who could’ve killed some poor sap coming home from work, or your own family getting back late from vacation, you came to the exact wrong place, and the door’s right over there. (If it’s stuck, try jiggling the handle.)

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  1. bryan

    absolutly agree with this article. its sux that Ryan dunn passed, but he is an jerk. millions of dollars and the idiot couldnt to take a cab. how stupid can you be?? he killed someone!!! simple as that. my heart goes out to his family, but what a true jackass

  2. Tracey

    I didn’t read all these inane, pissy and angry comments, but I do have something to say.
    Yes, he was drinking, his passenger was drinking too. He had a nice, shasshy car and they died as a result of drunk driving.
    Why does Roger Ebert feel he needs to comment on this before they even notified any families? THAT is what I have a problem with.

    • Mandi

      This is the dumbest comment ever.

      1. If the families didn’t know by then what happened, then they had their fingers in their ears, screaming LA LA LA LA.
      2. Ebert can say whatever the hell he wants whenever the hell he wants because he’s a human and having an opinion is fun.
      3. Why did YOU feel the need to comment on it AT ALL? I’m guessing your answer would be a lot like #2.

      • Random Comment

        No, the passenger’s family had not been notified when he tweeted his message. It took awhile for the police to release the passenger’s name to the press.

    • watson

      Welcome to the internet age, my dear. Delivering bitch slaps at cyber speeds before the ink has even dried on paper.

      • Mandi

        The passenger’s family hadn’t been notified because his body was BURNED BEYOND RECOGNITION. So I’m supposed to wait a day to express my outrage at him being killed by his drunk psycho friend because his family hadn’t been notified? I’m sure when the reports hit the news about Ryan Dunn and a friend being killed, the family at least already suspected it was him. Either way, people are entitled to have an opinion on this story any day they want.

  3. Michelle

    Great article Fish.

  4. Do_Freebirdt

    Dear Bam,
    You’re right about absolutely nothing. The really sad part is that a Navy SEAL who made it thru three tours of Iraq died because some rectal reject decided that he would show his virility by getting real drunk and driving real fast. It should have been you in the drivers seat.

    • Do_Freebirdt

      I appologize Bam, I shouldn’t have said I wished it was you in the drivers seat. I meant totype passenger seat.
      Again, please accept my appologies.

  5. moi

    I LOVE YOU FISH!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Juliapalooza

    No, actually, Mandi, today is just fine. Ebert’s post was on the same day. Anything else I need to weigh in on since now I am apparently the arbiter of propriety?

    • Mandi

      Well, if you are, in fact, the “arbiter of propriety,” (snort) then you pretty much gave yourself that title since YOU suggested a timeline, not me. Also, a 24-hour waiting period is… stupid. We hear a story and have an immediate reaction to said story, but can’t say anything remotely negative about that story until…. the next day? Wh-why? No one’s feelings will be hurt then? I’m just confused is all.

      Also, I’m sure the pages of your thesaurus are nice and worn, but if you could give them a rest and show a little love to the “reply” button, that’d be lovely. Thanks.

      • Juliapalooza

        Do you honestly think that I would regard myself that highly? It was meant to be sarcastic, and not snarky. Perhaps adding a smiley *gasp!zOmg* would have made that apparent.

        You’d be glad to know that I am so heartbroken from your jabs at my vocabulary and my one time inability to respond correctly on an internet blog. Wait for it…! (Snort).

  7. Bam Margera Roger Ebert
    Oh Hell No
    Commented on this photo:

    Roger Ebert was RIGHT ON. Bam is an IDIOT but then again, he IS a Jackass too.

  8. Reece

    As sad as the situation is (it always is when someone loses their life senselessly) Its about time someone said something. Was Eberts comment a little too soon, yes. But he was spot on. What I think is funny is that after his tweet all these losers on twitter were saying that they’re going to stop following him and they’ll never watch his show again. A) He’s not even really on TV anymore and B) I highly doubt the caliber of ppl who think that Jackass is the best thing on TV are the kind of ppl that he lays awake at night praying that they’ll like his latest blog post on how the Film Noir genre is really a metaphor for the darkest caverns of our psych.

    My first thoughts when i heard he died was “If you live your life doing dumb shit are you automatically disqualified from wining the Darwin Award when you die?” Because there is a 1% chance you will die of natural causes

  9. Pussy Galore

    Fish. Your synopsis on the situation at hand. SPOT FUCKING ON! I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  10. matt

    Who actually said that BECAUSE he stuck a car up his ass he had permission to do what he did? No one. Tenuous isnt the word.

  11. Koke

    Well said

  12. Parker

    A blogger on a celebrity website is complaining about “celebrity worship?” Irony, eh?

  13. Colette

    I don’t usually bother posting comments although I’m a loyal fan of reading your blog, however I really want to say THANK YOU. I respect you so much for speaking the truth, and yes it sucks that anyone died but if you drink and drive, you deal with the consequences, and you’re right, it could have been all of you devout Jackass fan’s friend/mother/brother standing where the porsche went off the road. Blind celebrity worship doesn’t do anyone any favours.

  14. SMB

    …this post is why you’re my fucking hero.

  15. atagnat

    You the man Fish. Sick of these fuckheads defending a drink-driving moron.

  16. Charlotte

    Completely right on. Well said.

  17. Betheney

    For years i’ve been reading this blog and I think this entry is my favourite. I especially like “go fuck yourself”


  18. Pinkmoogle

    Very much agreed. It’s a horrible tragedy, but a stupid mistake that should have never happened.

  19. Yam

    Amen. My best friend got killed by a drunk driver two years ago. He overtook on a blind corner speeding and hit her full-on. We found a printed out email on the road from his car detailing the pub crawl they were on. The sheer moronic stupidity of it just amazes me… Darwinism indeed! Pity so many innocent people get taken out by assholes like him. Real friends don’t let friends drink and drive.

  20. Mandy

    According to the Huffington Post, the passenger in the car was a Navy Seal with three tours in Iraq.

  21. P. Didddy

    Well said.

  22. Real Talk

    If one of your relatives or close friends just passed, would you really wanna hear someone talking about him being an idiot?? No you fucking morons!! The man made a mistake… are any of you perfect? NO! Show some fucking respect and shut the fuck up!

    These are the same assholes (particularly the writer for the site) that would be up-in-arms as soon as someone says something bad about gay people, no matter how right it may be…

    • Paul Zummo

      Respect? The man got behind the wheel of a car after drinking himself into intoxication and put other lives at risk. Better him than some innocent victim.

      So shut the fuck up, jackhole.

      • Real Talk

        I work in the transportation industry you idiot and know more about driving and safety than you ever will. I know about drinking and driving – but I’m also a human being you fucking peon. Of course drinking and driving is dangerous… but that being said, he’s also a human being – he has friends and loved ones that are mourning. The shit just happened yesterday… like I said, if it were your loved one, you wouldn’t want someone saying how stupid they were less than 24 hours after they died.

    • Carrie

      Ever think that maybe Fish HAS lost someone to something like this and that’s where he’s coming from? Because, as you may have noticed, anyone on the comments pages that has lost someone to a drunk driver, or lost someone who was the drunk driver, feels the same way as Fish. And why should we respect him? He was nothing to me, just another idiot who got rich for something stupid. The first responders who had to pick that wreck apart and the people that notified the families get my respect, not the asshat that caused it. Take your “Real Talk” to Popeater, I’m sure they’ll respect your opinion on the matter.

      • Real Talk

        Carrie – Like I told the dumbass above, my job is dedicated to making roads safer. I read reports of crashes all the time, know the dangers of drunken driving, and more about transportation safety than you ever hope to – that being said, think about if one of your loved ones died 12 hours ago in an unfortunate (non-malicious) incident and I talked about how big of a douche he was… how the fuck would you feel??

        He’s a human being that made a mistake… Fish can’t be bashing Chris Brown or anyone that shares an opinion about gays… then turn right around and clown a man immediately after his death. Had he maliciously pulled out a gun and killed people, it would be different. You should respect him because he was a fucking human being – just like I respected you before dumb shit came from your keyboard. I’ve never heard of the guy before this happened, but he’s a human being.

      • Carrie

        When I lose loved ones, I stay off the internet because I have better things to do, like grieve. When I lost 4 friends because the one who was driving the car decapitated the rest by driving into a parked trailer, I wasn’t tweeting or posting facebook statuses how wrong everyone was by assuming the driver was an idiot because he was drunk. Because my friend was drunk and he was an idiot and he took three 21 year-old guys with him.
        Why do I have to feel sad because a human who mattered not to me decided to gun the gas pedal and die in such a manner? Why do I have to respect someone who has a history of DUI and driving fast when he continually put himself and other people at risk? My father is the head of the body shop of a major trucking line, please don’t assume that I know nothing about transportation safety. I’ve been in the shop when they’ve brought in trucks covered in blood and brains.
        I respect that you make the roads safer. That’s an admirable thing, especially with all the dumbasses texting and talking and drinking and applying mascara. I’m sorry that I don’t feel compassion that a man who engaged in risk-taking behavior, and took someone with him when it got up to him. I feel compassion for the families—not him.
        And if I have to respect every single person alive, I’m in trouble. That’s all.

      • Mandi

        HA. Real Talk, you respected Carrie until “dumb shit came from her computer.” Well I respected Dunn until he CHOSE to drink and CHOSE to get behind the wheel and CHOSE to drive 130mph (actually I probably lost respect for him when he started shoving things up his ass, but that’s neither here nor there) and KILL himself and his friend. And who the fuck cares if you’re in transportation safety? I work in an office and I know this guy’s a fuck. ACTUALLY, you should be HARDER on him since you know what his decisions can lead to. To sum up: you are stupid.

      • SMB

        …and now i love carrie, too.
        …”real talk”; you just got owned, dickhead.
        (I am SO fucking SICK of this lack-of-accountability culture we live in I wanna punch things)

      • Real Talk

        Carrie – the website’s system won’t allow me to respond directly to your newest comment, Mandi, or the idiot below her….

        Question for you – if someone very publicly came to you talking shit about how bad of a decision your friend made ON THE DAY THAT HE DIED, how the hell would you feel??? Bam is a public figure – are you really naive enough to think that he was sitting around looking at Facebook after he died?? If that’s the case, there really is no point in attempting to carry on a debate with you. You know he had that fact thrown at him as soon as someone he knew found out.

        I’m not a Jackass groupie – frankly I’ve watched the show twice in my entire life and had never even heard of Ryan Dunn before this incident. I’m not saying Ryan Dunn didn’t make a mistake – again, obviously drinking and driving is bad… but I’m saying that we lived in a fucked up society with fucked up people when people sit and gloat about someone dying. I could sit here and talk shit about your friend – because according to you, that’s okay – but I’m a human being who still has a shred of decency.

      • Real Talk

        Mandi – Me being in the industry means I know way the fuck more than you about the importance of driving safety… and apparently more about being a decent human being and other aspects of life. If your reading and comprehension skills were halfway decent, you’d see that my beef was with the gloating and hehe haha mentality being displayed on the day that the dude died. If you actually read before you typed, you’d see that I said what the guy did was wrong – but again, a DECENT human being wouldn’t go around gloating (on the day that it happened or any day thereafter for that matter) because someone made a bad choice that killed himself and his friend.

        SMB – There’s really no point in responding to your gibberish.

      • Carrie

        Real—who’s gloating? I wasn’t aware I was gloating. How does the fact that I don’t respect him or feel compassion equal me gloating?
        Nor did I say I know more than you about what YOU do for a living, all I said was not to discount what I know.
        My community had to put up with a whole slew of crap when that wreck happened, and the friends took most of the flack to shield the families. What did I say to everyone that said he was a moron for driving? I agreed. How could I not? I’m a pretty straight talker—and I was mad as hell at him, too.
        This is what I know—whatever we did as a community, we didn’t do enough because a carload of high schoolers died in a drunk driving wreck two months later. I can’t make this shit up.
        People NEED to be mad about this, people NEED to be told the truth about this kind of shit, because it happens too often. When a public figure, one with thousands of young, impressionable fans, decides to slam back 14 drinks at the bar and die in a fiery inferno, someone needs to step up and let the young, impressionable fans know that he was a Goddamn moron for doing what he did. I’m glad Fish isn’t kissing his dead ass because he’s a celebrity.
        I don’t have decency? Sure. Whatever you say. I’m just mad as hell about the way that MTV and Popeater and Perez Hilton and every other asskisser is spinning this story. There shouldn’t be a spin, there should be a hell of a lot of anger because, unfortunately, anger is really the only thing that motivates people anymore. Well, besides money.
        Here’s the bottom line, Real. Don’t preach morality to me, I don’t have to feel anything about his death. I’m not a fucked up person, just one that doesn’t mince words, on or off the internet.
        I’m not telling you how to feel about this, you have your views and I have mine. You’ve insinuated that you don’t respect me, that I’m a fucked-up person, and that I don’t have shred of decency, while I’ve said nothing about your character. Would you like to know why? I don’t know you outside of this forum, I respect that you have a hard job and see lots of shit that I don’t. And I’m not going to insult you. I’m sorry that you’re insulted by the fact that I could care less this guy killed himself.

      • jess

        Not true. I lost my uncle to a drunk driver 12 years ago. But I believe people should show a little respect for the families and let them grieve in peace.

      • Carrie

        @jess, I’m not speaking for everyone who’s lost someone because of alcohol+driving. Definitely not.
        Real Talk is trying to tell me I have no decency because I don’t feel bad for this guy. I feel bad for his family. I’m glad when I lost friends, they weren’t famous and I didn’t have to be smacked in the face with it every 3 seconds. Those of us who are taking a harder line with this aren’t complete assholes, it’s more than likely that we’re all just fed up with the idiots that make these choices and impact families.
        Also, we are a society of goldfish, this will all be forgotten in a matter of weeks, if not days. (Good for the family—bad for the Jackass fans who see nothing wrong with his behavior).
        And anyway, this whole thread got out of control. It started because Real Talk wants to call Fish out for expressing his own feelings on his own blog, which seems like a silly thing to do to me.

  23. Georgie

    Bam was really sweet in jackass 2 ;) I love him so much!!

  24. bg

    This was so well said, thank you for this.

  25. Kimarie


  26. CraiginPhoenix

    So do the jackass fans defend all drunk driving killers, or just the ones they hero worship?

    I am sure there are a ton of drunk drivers in prison who are more than willing to shove stuff up their ass so you guys will come to their defense as strongly as you did Ryan Dunn.

    • Juliapalooza

      Thank you for the gross generalization; not all the Jackass fans are defending Ryan Dunn, but simply questioning the timing of Ebert’s tweet and whether or not Bam’s response was justified.

      • CraiginPhoenix

        C’mon Julia,

        Go to Eberts facebook page or any board where this topic is being discussed to see all the sycophants lining up calling people “faggots” for being disgusted by a drunk driver, while defending this grown mans awful decisions.

        But apparently it is easier to come after me for calling them out, than to go after them.

    • Real Talk

      I don’t even like Jackass, but it’s insensitive as hell to blantantly bash a man so quickly after his self-inflicted death and treat it like an after-school special… dude has a family and friends too.

  27. emily

    No one should ever celebrate someone’s death. But, when you drink to get drunk you do it knowing that you’re losing inhibition as well as control. Driving wasted on a rural road driving 100 mph is going to end badly. It’s playing with fire…my bad. Some stunts you can do without getting hurt-other stunts don’t end so well and you end up killing friends and innocent bystanders. Luckily, the latter was not affected. Unfortunately, two people were killed because of ill-thought decisions. There’s a difference between empathy and sympathy. I feel for his family, friends, and fans and even for himself for being so careless with his own life and the life of someone else. However, every choice has consequences and he put himself in the situation that ended up killing him and a Navy Seal. So, instead of badgering each other over the internet maybe we should all just see this as a lesson of what happens when you’re so callous to life.

  28. my penis is so hard

    I going to miss Dunn. What he did was dumb, yes, but I’m still going to miss him. Honestly? I wish Bam had died instead. Is that fucked up? Yes. But Bam is such a pussy now that he’s grown up. The reckless days of CKY are over and instead pushing the limits of pure foolery, he just complains about what stunt he is forced to do. Its annoying.

  29. N

    So Bam is a little bitch for being upset that his lifelong best friend, who was practically a brother to him, is dead? Regardless of how it happened, dead is dead. You can’t undo a fuckup that big. If your best friend of 20+ years died, wouldn’t you be upset if some half rate movie critic queer was making jokes about it? I agree that drunk driving is fucking ignorant, and you reap what you sow, but bashing Bam for being hurt by his friend’s death is pretty fucking pathetic if you ask me. On tv, these guys were all jackasses and fools, and did nothing but one stupid thing after another. But Ryan Dunn was the stable one always trying to talk them out of shit he was pretty sure was pushing the limits too far. Also, outside of Bam and Steve-O, all accounts were that the rest of the crew was just performers, and shut it off when cameras weren’t rolling. Steve-O was a drugged out idiot that could never turn it off, and Bam was an attention whore that refused to turn it off, but the rest were normal guys when it wasn’t being done for show. No matter how someone dies, anyone talking shit saying they deserved it is a sick and soulless fuck, plain and simple. I had a friend almost die from her drunken idiot boyfriend driving drunk. He ultimately died after spending a month in a coma. It sucks, and they made a stupid decision, but someone still died, and that still sucks.

  30. Bam Margera Roger Ebert
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m willing to bet his own cock glows just like this from all the V.D.

  31. Anger as a response to death is childish

    Who hasn’t heard of jackass and wondered when one of these guys are going to kill themselves or each other.

    But it must be said a lot of people drive tipsy, drunk or on drugs because the social scene is designed that way. It’s not like new york where you can walk or take the subway after. Unless bars let you pay a fee to keep your car there over night or have a bunch of bunk beds in the back to let you sleep it off or monitor the amount of drinks sold per person or bar owned vans and busses to get people home etc. this shit will always happen. There needs to be a bigger movement to regulate safe transportation because making people be self responsible is not working.

    and I don’t care what the reasons or who they are, you don’t talk this much shit about someone who dies the day after it happens if only to allow their relatives some fucking respect. The writer immediately turns to anger as a way to deal with death which is unhealthy.

    Make pot legal and maybe less of this will happen.

    • jess

      I don’t agree with the pot comment but have to agree with you on the respect part. Its pretty shitty that people are bashing a dead man while his family is grieving. And he can’t even defend himself.

  32. Bam Margera Roger Ebert
    Commented on this photo:

    Why does everyone concentrate on the negative in someone life after they’ve died, especially when it’s a celebrity and alcohol or drugs may have been involved? Hasn’t their family’s gone through enough already? Think how you’d feel if someone in your family died and all you saw or read was the negative things they did. Can’t we ever respect someone (and their family) enough to remember the good about them we liked and let them RIP?

  33. LD

    You rock, Fish. You fuckin rock. That is all. :)

  34. bgmomma

    i agree with you 100% percent. the guy was a complete fucktard for driving drunk and killing his friend. period.

  35. Kate

    Well well well said, Fish.

  36. Sean

    How come the person getting into the vehicle shares no responsibility? Sure he wasn’t driving but he knew the driver had drinks then he shouldn’t get in the vehicle. Its sad for both of their families and friends and Ebert was wrong that’s why he felt it necessary to apologize and clarify his statements.

    Nobody deserves what happened to those two- they made terrible mistakes.

    • Ish Kabibble

      I don’t think Fish used the word “deserve,” but what precisely would have been more fitting or deserving an outcome? And if the outcome wasn’t deserving for them, for whom would it be deserving?

      • jess

        They sure as hell didn’t deserve to die. I wonder if everyone talking shit on here can say they have never driven drunk? I can say I never have because I lost my uncle because of a drunk driver. But I’m not talking shit.

  37. cheezbox

    Thank you, Fish. Seriously.

  38. cheezbox

    and to Bam—the whole world is sad it wasn’t you who died.

    • jess

      Well aren’t you just an ass. I feel bad for Bam because he lost his best friend. Maybe you should show a little respect.

  39. 3G's

    Truer words were never spoken

  40. meg

    Yup, thank you.

  41. belladdddd

    YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT. it has NOTHING to do with the fact that he was on jackass or made a career out of shock-humor. thousands of people die in drunk driving accidents every year and whether they were the class clown or the class nerd, rich or poor, it is still SAD. roger ebert’s comments were insensitive to the fact that someone was LOST and frankly so are yours. what about the person who got in the car knowing he had been drinking? is he a jack ass too? becasue he was a WAR VETERAN. you f*cking self-righteous prick. it’s so easy to hide behind your celebrity blog.

  42. é.g

    Um, marry me?

  43. Brandon

    Opinions are like assholes everyones got one

  44. Don't Need to Tell You

    Who ever is hating on Ryan for killing someone…grow the fuck up. You weren’t there & you don’t know what the fuck happened. Seriously..All of you can run your mouths but it’s getting you no where…they are dead, that’s that. It sucks…but END OF STORY. R.I.P Dudes.

  45. NineInchNailed

    Thank you, Fish, for saying that. I have no idea what the fuck is wrong with people saying we should feel bad for a drunk reckless driver with history of DUI’s because “he was a nice guy” (who killed his friend and could’ve killed many more) or because these comments are “too soon”. Wow. Really?

    Seriously, people?
    Actually, how much do you want to bet that if instead of Dunn’s friend it was a dog who was in a car with him, that 80% of all these “poor Dunn u guyz are asshols1!” would be saying “omg, cant bleive he died hw sad but why did the poor puppy hve to sufer 2 omg”? Because apparently the fact that he killed another person doesn’t have any effect on these people.

  46. Drew

    You all need to use your manners and be respectful now,

  47. Amy Winehouse's Dentist

    Why do people drink alcohol in the first place? To get drunk.

    1) Alcohol does not taste good. If you think beer tastes good, you’re an idiot.
    2) It is not an effective way to hydrate yourself.

    They drink to get drunk. The only other people who drink to get a “buzz” which is the same kind of reason. Then there are people who just drink it to look cool.

  48. Jamie

    I totally agree.

  49. kate

    preach it boy

  50. MPC

    What the hell?
    He’s not a bad guy because he was speeding and had a crash?
    Sure, he really shouldn’t have done it.
    But comparing drink driving to running down the road randomly firing a gun?
    That’s fucking ridiculous and only a blind and ignorant fuck would say something like this.
    I can kinda see the point that “he might as well have been doing the same thing, because he could’ve hit anyone who just walked out in front of him.”
    But it’s also as far from the reality as possible…

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