Bam Margera is a Little Bitch

June 21st, 2011 // 507 Comments

Here’s what we know about Ryan Dunn‘s death:

1. He was drinking. Heavily.
2. He got behind the wheel of a Porsche with a passenger in the car.
3. He drove at speeds believed to be around 100 mph down a rural Pennsylvania road.
4. He has a history of DUI.

Knowing all this, Roger Ebert made the following comment on Twitter yesterday:

Friends don’t let jackasses drink and drive.

Pretty reasonable statement considering Ryan Dunn could’ve – and actually did – kill someone. Except Bam Margera is upset now thanks to the “millions” of Jackass fans/sycophants who made it abundantly clear that shoving a toy car up your anus and stapling your nuts is an excuse to drive like a murderous fuckhole:

- I just lost my best friend, I have been crying hysterical for a full day and piece of shit roger ebert has the gall to put in his 2 cents
- About a jackass drunk driving and his is one, fuck you! Millions of people are crying right now, shut your fat fucking mouth!

Look, to Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn’s legitimate friends and family, it has to unbelievably suck to lose someone you care about because he made a epically shitty decision that miraculously didn’t end in innocent bystanders dying. To you, my sincere condolences for your loss. Now, to Bam again, and the disturbing examples of blind celebrity worship who’ve flooded the Internet with crocodile tears because Ryan seemed “so nice” in heavily edited entertainment products or your roommate “so totally partied at Bam’s house one time” or you live in West Chester, etc., go fuck yourselves. Instead of being behind the wheel of a Porsche, if Ryan Dunn had ran down the street randomly firing a gun, which is basically what he did, would you still sit there and go, “But he was so funny!” I don’t care if you’re Blake Lively or the stockboy at Walmart, anytime you decide, drunk or sober, to put innocent people’s lives at risk to make your hot-shit car go “vroom,” some form of Darwinism takes place when you’re removed from the gene pool. On that note, if you came to this site expecting me to actually coddle a “celebrity” who could’ve killed some poor sap coming home from work, or your own family getting back late from vacation, you came to the exact wrong place, and the door’s right over there. (If it’s stuck, try jiggling the handle.)

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  1. Wykid

    It’s a shame when ANYONE dies, no matter the cause, but he KILLED someone else, while acting like a (excuse the pun) jackass. If he had lived, he would’ve ended up in prison for this, NOT being cried over like he did nothing wrong. Some people really need to get their heads out of their asses and stop their fucking whining. Just because some idiot stuck a car up his ass and acted like a tool all his life, to entertain the stupid, it does not give him a pass from what he did. If the passenger in the car was your best friend or family member, I bet your attitudes about it would be completely different and you’d be passing judgement then! Fish is only saying what a LOT of other people are thinking but are too scared to say, because it’s not the “PC thing to do”. I have sympathy for his passenger, NOT for him. Oh, and the comments about his drinking not being excessive are fucking stupid and ignorant. It’s more than enough alcohol to impair you from thinking rationally and making life saving, split second, decisions, which most likely could have saved him and his friend. He doesn’t deserve to be put on a pedestal but clearly some people don’t have any smarts.

    • Dave

      Thats such an ignorant post. His friend made the decision to get in the car with him, just like he made the decision to drive how can you feel so much sympathy the passenger and not for Ryan Dunn. Great logic there Wykid

      • Jack Ketch

        See the many earlier posts … would YOU get into a car with a fucking drunkard ?? Never mind …

      • LOL Dave, this is one of the stupidest comments ever. So that makes it ok and he shouldn’t be judged for the shit he did? Now THAT is some dumbass logic. How the hell do you know if his friend thought he was fine to drive, or not, like all you whiners keep throwing out there, claiming he was sober? That’s right, YOU DON’T. HE was the one driving 100 mph, NOT his friend. There was nothing ignorant in my post. Maybe you should learn to read. It usually makes more sense that way. I’m not going to put some douchebag on a pedestal just because he died.

  2. Racer X

    Bam is a douche.

  3. cashmoneyman the third

    Hey! I live in West Chester! The fuck did I ever do to you?

  4. Putabirdonit

    I am so glad you posted this! Who knows how many times he has driven drunk in the past. You can only get away with it for so long before something happens and unfortunately he took someone elses life in the process. Don’t drink and drive especially when you can afford your own personal driver!!

  5. SuzeC

    Long time reader, and while I generally agree with the tone of this site, this is the first time I’ve ever been motivated enough by something written online to leave a comment. WELL SAID. I’m a news reporter who just finished writing a story about a 21-year old mother who was killed in a DUI crash under very similar circumstances as Dunn and his passenger… Except the driver of her car lived and was sentenced to 4 years in prison. And now her son will grow up without a mother. I have sympathy for dunn’s family but none for him, or the morons surrounding him who perpetuated this behavior. Just because someone’s dead doesn’t mean they’re some sort of hero or martyr. We don’t mourn the spree shooters who then turn the gun on themselves. Rogert ebert can say whatever the fuck he wants, and in my opinion, his comment is unassailable and bam’s anger is seriously misdirected.

    Thank you for not kowtowing to the fuckers who are afraid to speak seriously about this tragedy for fear of offending someone. This is by far, the best, most well written treatment of this subject I’ve seen anywhere, well done.

  6. kimmykimkim

    Roger Ebert is 100% correct. If you know your friend is drunk and is about to drive, punch him in the face and take his keys (this is usually necessary considering being completely shitfaced actually hinders your ability to tell that you are completely shitfaced.) However, if you are drunk as well, leave the car behind, get a fucking cab or call someone. It’s that fucking simple and I do it anytime that I know I’m THAT drunk. Luckily, depending how you look at it, I was given a perfect example of what drunk driving can do by my 19 year old sister when I was 13. She only ended up killing herself, luckily, bc all too often that is not the case. Anyway Bam is a little bitch who obviously can’t handle that there are consequences in life. And, Fish, thank you thank you for this post.

  7. Ashley

    Who knew that, when you aren’t talking about Katy Perry’s tits, you are an intelligent, stable-minded guy. Of course, I’m impressed by any guy that can do more than stratch his balls and simulate sex using a hot dog and donut.

  8. Donald Trump


  9. Bam Margera Roger Ebert
    Commented on this photo:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. He tempted fate and got the shaft. Now, about the rest of the jackasses…..

  10. Randy

    Watch Out Roger Ebert and This Fuck Tard will go after face cancer next.

  11. Moron Slayer

    Actually, minus all of the hate, The Superficial put it best. Sad for friends and relatives- a true loss. On the other hand, what the fuck? We all know better today. No, it doesn’t mean he should have died. But, it does mean thank whatever you believe in he didn’t take one of your loved ones with him.


  12. Tim

    There is difference you nut job between running down the street firing a loaded gun (intentional), to careening off the road in a Porsche (obviously unintentional). Am I a Jackass fan? Yes absolutely. But its not blind celebrity worship to say that though Ryan Dunn made a terrible mistake and paid the price, he is a man who deserves respect in death because of how he made his life. Bam also deserves respect because they were literally like brothers. Its sad he feels he needs to get online the same day of the accident to defend his friend. I dont normally read your blogs because your topics are not entertainment to me, but should you ever make a bad choice that leads to your mistaken and untimely demise, I would at least have the decency to appreciate the fact that you did bring some people entertainment/happiness during your time here. Thats called being empathetic in case you are unaware, and it should have been the reaction of Ebert from the beginning.

    • V

      I think this is a moment when everybody, especially public figures and people who’s opinions matter to some, can send the right message if they care to. Remind people of no drinking and driving, make sure their kids don’t do it either. His fans should not be ofended if people are outraged or point out his irresponsibilities.

      But at the same time, Ebert should not have called him a jackass. He’s dead and he suffered a lot. Was he asking for it? Yeah, that irresponsible way of livinf of all the Jackasses was begging for a tragedy. But sensitivity for the dead is mostly for the people who are surviving him. No need for the insults. He’s dead. He paid the price. No need to punish his family.

      I still mantain his family shouldn’t even be reading this stuff. People have the right to express outrage. At one point wrong words will be used.

      • deluxemickey

        Why not call him a jackass? It’s that very ephithet that earned him the cash to buy the Porsche and splatter himself and his friend into the next life.

      • V

        Because it’s not helping in any way. He’s dead. And there’s better ways to get your point across.

        I think about his family. All the pain he has put them through all these years with his idiocy, then dying tragically, then people insulting him immediately. It’s too much. No need for that.

        You know who I would insult? Fans acting like he was some sort of hero. They are the ones who don’t even let you state he was drunk driving. Those people are the jackasses.

    • hotszytotz

      Unintentional? Really? So he opened up his maw and the drinks coincidently fell in each time (and I hardly believe he only had 6 drinks, he’s a known cokehead and was probably 3 sheets when he arrived at said party, but that’s speculation and mho.. so I digress) And I’m sure he tripped and fell into the driver’s seat right? and of course he pressed his foot down on the gas on accident because he meant to drive slowly and cautiously in his porsche as he’s also known for his safe and non-thrill-seeking-behavior. Let me dumb it down for you, zit-popper:
      intent [ɪnˈtɛnt]
      1. something that is intended; aim; purpose; design
      2. the act of intending
      3. (Law) Law the will or purpose with which one does an act

      See that last one? he drank, on his own and gleefully posted the evidence on twitter. he wasn’t drugged or force fed hops via funnel. He got behind the wheel of the car on his own. No one made him. There wasn’t an emergency or imediate need to drive. He showed off his car by speeding. Yes, he unintentionally lost control, but all his actions up to that point caused that loss of control. Fish is 100% in his ‘Natural selection’ call, and you can do the world a favor and further that cause by headbutting a bullet.

  13. Inmate 12236969

    It’s amazing how many jackassholes think that Dunn did no wrong.

  14. Stephanie

    I think the reporting of this story is highly irresponsible. Too many sites are reporting this as a “tragic accident”, and it’s sending the wrong message. He was drunk, chose to drove, and killed himself and the passenger, there’s nothing accidental about that. I keep reading “only the good die young” and “live fast, die hard”. Really?? He could have killed other innocent people in his stupidity. There’s nothing cool about that. Excellent post, Fish.

  15. Anon

    Fish, you are always awesome. I was a bit surprised but very happy to not see a RIP article on this guy. Weeee!

  16. Michael

    Hear, hear! Well said sir.

  17. gooniegoogoo

    Darwin’s theory of evolution actually worked for a change…..let’s hope a bunch more idiots manage to get themselves killed as well.

    Sorry guys….not a fan of Jackass….I feel for the passenger’s family….but to try and defend highly dangerous drunk driving is pointless.

  18. V

    I’m sorry he died the way he did, I hope he didn’t suffer too much. I’m sorry for his family who probably put up with so much bullshit from this guy. I’m glad he didn’t take more lives with him, like innocent bystanders and sober drivers.

    I want to understand at what point in life did he and the Jackasses became heroes to people to find now the reactions people are having when you can’t even mention he was driving drunk without them feeling offended. All these guys have lived carelessly, it was only a matter of time before one of them DIED wrecklessly. Go read Bam’s Twitter. That guy is out of control. If he doesn’t stop he will die like he lives too.

    Again, my condolences to his family (who shouldn’t even BE online reading people’s outrage – It COULD have been someone else who died because of his stupidity), i think he was funny and the nicer of the bunch, but I will not pretend he was some kind of generation hero now just because he made a fool of himself on TV and died tragically. Look at all the Jackasses. They’re all depressive, unstable, wreckless addicts. Nothing to look up there and no surprises here. Be glad it wasn’t another Nick Hogan situation, or many of his fans would be singing a different tune.

  19. Luke

    I completely agree with the fact that what he was doing was insanely irresponsible, but that doesn’t change two things:

    1) He still died, and that has to suck for his family and friends.

    2) Ebert’s comment was in bad taste, too soon and, honestly, wouldn’t even be that funny had time passed.

    I don’t think Bam is trying to defend what Dunn did, he’s saying that his best friend died and Roger Ebert made a shitty joke about it. That has to hurt. You can get into the ethics of what killed him later, that doesn’t matter right after someone dies. All that matters then is the fact that they did die.

    • WhosaJackass

      @Luke I think you make a valid point. Where it’s perhaps true Ebert made a tasteless comment, the fire storm that came after was also unnecessary.

      Yes 2 people died (lets not forget, 2 people died).

      Bam is upset at losing a friend, however, it’s hard to feel sympathy for the guy when he’s put Ryan in harms way countless times with no regard for his health or well being. Now that Ryan has lost his life with the same reckless abandon that Bam himself glorify’s daily, he has little room to come after someone for identifying cause and effect, is hardly a means for attack.

      Bam has little regard for anyone else, and I’m sure were the tables turned Bam would be one of the first with a senseless comment or joke. However, now it’s personal for him and all bets are off. It’s kind of a double standard, don’t you think?

      • Luke

        I don’t really think he puts him in harms way. The stuff they do on those shows is all supervised and if Dunn didn’t want to do it he wouldn’t. And Bam’s attitude if the tables were turned is irrelevant, it doesn’t make Ebert’s comment (and honestly this blog post) any less distasteful. I mean, you’d think that either Ebert or the writer of this blog could be a better man that one of the stars of Jackass.

    • V

      Yeah, people who use a tragedy for humor is beyond lame.

  20. Rah

    Very well said. Love it!!!

  21. foxxyaaisha23

    Mr Superficial, (I don’t post enough to call you “Fish”) you and your post are awesome. brutally truthful but awesome. this is why I love your page.

  22. WhosaJackass

    Bam is just upset that Ryan is getting more press than him, and he can’t figure out how to top this Jackass stunt.
    I’m sure if Bam has another line of smack and 2 or 3 bottles of Jack, then grab a buddy and drive home, who knows…maybe He’ll be on the front page tomorrow.

  23. Mister Chris

    Cool story bro


    Roger Ebert is a fucking half faced having asshole, and you’re riding on the same “maybe if I put something out there that completely trashes Ryan Dunn too, I can be just as cool as Ebert!”

    • Anon

      I’m sorry, I can’t understand any of what you just said. Can you try talking without your dad’s cock in your mouth? Thanks.

    • V

      Oh fuck off. Do we all have to act like this guy was a hero just because he humiliated himself on TV and died as a consequence of his own life-long lunacy, stupidity and selfishness? Stating the obvious is not trashing the guy. It’s reminding the facts to everybody so that idiot fanboys like yourself stop glorifying a person that put others in danger and didn’t give a fuck.

      Are you a better person than Ebert who reminded people to not let morons drive drunk when you’re making fun of his cancer? At least Ebert didn’t make fun of him. Was he wrong in calling him a jackass, IMO yes. But he wasn’t making fun. YOU are making fun of a deadly disease you hypocrite. Careful with karma.

  24. Cock Dr

    The only person involved in this story who just makes the “celebrity” status radar is Roger Ebert.
    Oh hey, Paris Hilton got dumped!

  25. leelo

    You hit the nail on the head.

  26. Scott

    Can I steal the muderious fuckhole quote. It’s awesome

    • Fucking Fuck Faced Fucker

      That depends. Can you learn to spell murderous fuckhole properly?

      • One Two

        Its a fucking typo. . Why so serious? Its not like Scott drank and drove off a road in a Porsche. Priorities, people. Priorities.

  27. Robin

    Your post is dead on. When will people stop being blind, followers and excerise some common sense? Drunk drivers deserve what they get, and that includes celebrities.

  28. Bam Margera Roger Ebert
    Commented on this photo:

    Hey Bam , just wondering, if Ryan had been killed by a drunk driver, would you still be complaining like a little bitch? Btw, go fuck yourself!

  29. Retardwithoutacause

    Look, I’ve been a fan & frequent hell-getter to this site since it’s been around (this is where I flaunt how long I’ve been an internet patron of this site/hero). This is the place where I justify my celeb obsession-’guilty pleasure’ with smarmy, absurdity-aware chit-chat.

    But my god, the way you’re treating this Dunn story, you sound like my fucking mother, let alone half the nation’s. U M.A.D.D???

    The man provided vapid, yet sarcastically intelligent humor to millions of us when we were too young to know what the hell any of it meant, and yet we could still damn sure laugh at it; Jackass is the Boomerang generation’s 3+ stooges, & we’ve just lost Moe to his grandest & stupidest mistake. Yeah ma, I get it, he was drunk & drove himself to his death, along with a hand-holding friend. But goddamnit, as much as he COULD have killed some innocent bystander (and don’t even get me started on his little buddy-friend, who was obviously too drunk to understand the logic of entering a regoddamnediculous sports car driven by an hero/Ryan Drunnk.), he didn’t. Had he done so, then he most assuredly would’ve deserved this little parade pissing you,Tom Hanks’ son, and god knows how many right-wingers have been throwing around (Jesus, so it’s come to this, has it?) So save your Mammy diatribes for your usual spiels upon actual celebs, plx.
    They’re entertaining & god knows I love ‘em, but with the kind of respect I’ve seen you show even the most novelty of celebrities, I would at least expect as much from you for a guy who’s shoved a Hot Wheels up his ass.

    I’d just like to publicly toss myself to the gallows by saying I’ve followed this blog for well over 6 years now as far as I know (who the hell keeps track of how long they follow a dick-beater’s diatribe on celebrities?) & I never once thought this would turn into some sort of MADD meeting.

    May you all choke on your whore mother’s cent-scented pubies, ya fuckin’ imbeciles.

    • V

      “sarcastically intelligent humor”

      What is so sophisiticated about Jackass? It’s the most neanderthal unevolved piece of humor only chimps like yourself would enjoy. it’s people like you who made these good for nothing assholes feel like invincible Gods. ALL of them are like this. All of them don’t give a fuck. One down, how many to go?

      Drunk driving kills people every day. We don’t want to see better lives wasted just because some douchebags decided they were invicincible that night.

      • Juliapalooza

        Yes, because all valid humor and comedy must be “brainy” like the neurotic hipster blitherings of Woody Allen films. Sometimes a bunch of guys launching themselves off of skate ramps in shopping carts is funny.

    • Juliapalooza

      Well said. Thank you for providing yet another example of how not all fans of Jackass are illiterate bottom feeders.

      I love how the assumption is still that if you think Ebert was wrong for the timing and diction of his tweet, you must excuse and condone drunk driving. Unbefuckinglieveable.

      • V

        Fanboys are acting like he said something worse. He said the truth. Fish said the truth. Deal with it and stop taking bullets for this loser. You’re acting like people can’t state the obvious just because the guy is dead now. This is when people should use him as an example the most. People are saying worse things to Ebert just because he dared to point out the obvious and insult the sensitivities of people who enjoy idiots doing idiotic things.

        Grow up. Too sensitive? Get off the internet. Too stupid to drive? Get off the fucking road. He said millions of times he was an asshole at driving. Why was he still driving?

      • Mandi

        Exactly, V.

        Do people not say Michael Jackson was a pedophile just because he’s dead? Well some probably do but they’re insane. Facts are facts. Dead or alive.

  30. Isabel

    I agree that its very sad and i love jackass and pretty much everyone in it, but thats what happens when you drive drunk. So it was his own fault he made the decision to be and idiot and drive drunk. Enough said.
    R.i.p Ryan Dunn.

  31. Sharkbait

    You’re gonna catch a lot of hate for this post, but this shit needs to be said.

    Earned some new respect from me for sticking your neck out, I got chewed by my friends for saying basically the same thing.

    He died yes, it sucks and broke up a family and a tight group of friends/performers, but lets look at the reality here: He died doing something illegal, reckless, idiotic, and got someone else killed in the process.

    If this was any other Joe off the street not a single one of you would give half a fuck.

    At first I felt kinda bad about it, but then I heard he not only was he going over 100mph, but drunk and with someone else in the car who also died. So fuck you.

  32. adam

    Three beers and four shots over four hours is heavy drinking now?

    • hotszytotz

      And if you really, in your heart of hearts, believe that is *all* he had ingested that evening, then I have this very generous Nigerian Prince you should email.

      Who knew the internet was filled with idgits?
      Like a fuckwitted goldmine out there.

  33. The media at large

    I doubt anyone’s going to see this, but when’s your mom going to die a happy, blog-runner’s mother’s death, Xanaxing her way into a concrete barrier? You’re sure a smart one, surely you must be open-minded as well?

  34. comeonnow

    No excuse for driving drunk. I’m not an alcoholic, nor a lightweight, but my rule is that if I have more than one drink or beer, I take a taxi. Yes, maybe that’s a little too cautious, but I don’t want to be impaired in the least bit. The last thing I ever want to do is kill an innocent person because I didn’t want to spend $20 for a safe ride home. Some of you may call me a vag, or whatever else, but at least you don’t have to worry about me killing you. Great post.

  35. CraigInPhoenix

    Right on the money. That is why I come to this site.

    Has this a hole killed an innocent family, we would not be talking glowingly about him.

    As it stands he just killed the passenger in his car.

  36. Justuhbill

    But he put a matchbox up his butt… If that doesn’t give someone the right to drive 100 mph after drinking, what does? America isn’t the country it used to be…

  37. little stevie

    given the specs on a Porsche 911 a hearty sneeze could cause you to bump your foot on the pedal hard enough to blow you off the road in one second.

  38. truth

    I posted yesterday about the fact I live in West Chester and see this type of irresponsible behavior all the time from area morons. For those of you lauding this site for taking a position on this incident, go fuck yourselves. The autor of this blog has previously taken a stance on domestic violence (Chris Brown) and excessive substance abuse (Charlie Sheen) so it should come as no suprise that between posts about nipple slips and hairy Armenians you’ll get something like this. Don’t like it? Perez Hilton supposedly isn’t bullying people anymore so head on over there.

    I think the one thing that is being completely overlooked by the people who have the time to calculate BAL’s on here is the possibility that there was more than alcohol involved. Gee, whaddya think the chances are that Dunn and these other monkeys did a few one hitters in the parking lot before driving down 322? Yeah, yeah nothing’s proven until the toxicology report comes out and how dare I say things about somebody who just died. But what about the living? What about those thousands of kids out the that MTV had to put a warning on every Jackass show for because there are people stupid enough to “try this at home”?

    • Dr Ha-Ha

      Maybe you meant to post *berating* instead of *lauding*, cause the latter doesn’t make sense in the context of your first paragraph.

  39. pabs

    look at all the hate and irrelevant comments. You people need a hug! Then look in the mirror and reboot your lives. Not too late for you, as it is for Dunn.

    • Jack Ketch

      You’re suggesting that had this GIGANTIC IDIOT/FUCKTARD/DRUNKARD been hugged that he wouldn’t have gotten pissed up, got behind the wheel, taken a “friend” with him and endangered that friend, himself and everyone on the road and on foot ?? Jesus, are you fucking kidding ??? Most of the comments on here are right on and very relevant, I might add. Yes, it’s a horrible tragedy, but it was self-flicted, sorry. I’m more sorry for the “friend” who was stupid enough to get into the car, and HIS family, than Jackass. Enough said.

  40. tasha

    This is one of the most disrespectful pieces of trash I have ever read!! For real lives were lost and that’s the main point!!! Everyone makes poor decisions at times, like the decision to wright this garbage and post it!!! Do yourself a big favor and be quiet before you make a bigger ass of yourself

    • Jack Ketch

      A little late to be telling nearly 300 posters to shut up, eh ?

    • hotszytotz

      Yeah, I make bad choices all the time. Not horrific, fire-filled life ending choices, but I’ve been known to return a few items at the GAP.

      You. Swallow. Bullet. Save the gene-pool.

  41. Geez, if that hurt his feelings, just wait until the wrongful death lawsuit leaves his friends family bankrupt. Oh wait, by then Bam will be too busy to take calls or help out.

  42. Jeff


  43. jack-eeyyyy

    A-fucking-men, Fish. A-fucking-men.(Standing O for the Superficial)

  44. stratacat

    Ebert’s best quip ever.

  45. Wow- these Jackassholes make us Superficialites look like we drink with our pinkies sticking out.

  46. Bam Margera Roger Ebert
    Commented on this photo:

    Wonder how many Jackass fans have stopped to think that if Ryan had survived he would be looking at vehicular homicide charges at the very least. Some hero….bad enough to kill yourself but now another family is without a loved one due to his actions.

  47. Mandi

    Look. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you do nothing to prove how “insensitive” Fish is being when you wish death or harm on Fish/posters/family members, etc. In fact, it makes you look like a fucking retard.

    Also… yeah death is sad. But it’s not sad in the same way for everyone. I sort of couldn’t care less that these dudes are dead. I didn’t know them. Let their family and friends do the mourning for the rest of us and stop trying to make me feel bad because some irresponsible loser was involved in what is essentially a murder/suicide.

  48. Juliapalooza

    For fuck’s sake. I, and a few others, never said you COULDN’T condemn the man for driving drunk or using him as an example. Can’t people just wait a day? I would say the same thing about another public figure whether I was a fan of his work or not. Situations like this point out, again, the glaring lack of respect people have for one another and how social media has emboldened the public in ways that are ridiculous; the trolls that are making insensitive comments about Ebert are abhorrent and hypocritical.

    • Mandi

      So… if no one had said a word, and then tomorrow called Ryan Dunn a fucking drunk idiot…. you’d be all cool? What is the appropriate cool-off period? How long do people have to wait before criticizing his actions?

  49. AleisterCrowley

    Bam’s a moron but he did just lose his best friend so let it go.

  50. Bam Margera Roger Ebert
    Commented on this photo:

    I love you!!!… this is the most sensible thing anyone has so far written about this…I agree with everything!

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