Bam Margera is a Little Bitch

June 21st, 2011 // 507 Comments

Here’s what we know about Ryan Dunn‘s death:

1. He was drinking. Heavily.
2. He got behind the wheel of a Porsche with a passenger in the car.
3. He drove at speeds believed to be around 100 mph down a rural Pennsylvania road.
4. He has a history of DUI.

Knowing all this, Roger Ebert made the following comment on Twitter yesterday:

Friends don’t let jackasses drink and drive.

Pretty reasonable statement considering Ryan Dunn could’ve – and actually did – kill someone. Except Bam Margera is upset now thanks to the “millions” of Jackass fans/sycophants who made it abundantly clear that shoving a toy car up your anus and stapling your nuts is an excuse to drive like a murderous fuckhole:

- I just lost my best friend, I have been crying hysterical for a full day and piece of shit roger ebert has the gall to put in his 2 cents
- About a jackass drunk driving and his is one, fuck you! Millions of people are crying right now, shut your fat fucking mouth!

Look, to Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn’s legitimate friends and family, it has to unbelievably suck to lose someone you care about because he made a epically shitty decision that miraculously didn’t end in innocent bystanders dying. To you, my sincere condolences for your loss. Now, to Bam again, and the disturbing examples of blind celebrity worship who’ve flooded the Internet with crocodile tears because Ryan seemed “so nice” in heavily edited entertainment products or your roommate “so totally partied at Bam’s house one time” or you live in West Chester, etc., go fuck yourselves. Instead of being behind the wheel of a Porsche, if Ryan Dunn had ran down the street randomly firing a gun, which is basically what he did, would you still sit there and go, “But he was so funny!” I don’t care if you’re Blake Lively or the stockboy at Walmart, anytime you decide, drunk or sober, to put innocent people’s lives at risk to make your hot-shit car go “vroom,” some form of Darwinism takes place when you’re removed from the gene pool. On that note, if you came to this site expecting me to actually coddle a “celebrity” who could’ve killed some poor sap coming home from work, or your own family getting back late from vacation, you came to the exact wrong place, and the door’s right over there. (If it’s stuck, try jiggling the handle.)

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  1. Jack Ketch

    Alcohol was involved ? Heavily ? Shocker !! NOT.

    • I hope yoU die

      Jack k, i just wish you have a slow painful death. and all of this fucking haters that read your pathetic blog, i also hope Becky dies horribly, Olivia i hope she gets feel big because you have 183 people sharing this.yeah. yeahh you are a media hurricane.. tremendous amount of followers 60 comments wow.. you go get’m champ.

      • It had to be said

        Spoken like a Jackass fan. Moron.

      • Parker

        I looked him up in the Doucheopedia and guess what? He’s in there. Only douchebags let douchebags drive drunk.

      • Woooow

        To the person “I hope yoU die”, I hope u get the help u so desperately need. And maybe find a hobby, u sick fuck. GET A LIFE

      • Lola

        Wow, hoping someone dies and gets raped is pretty messed up guy. I’m a jackass fan too, and Ryan was probably my favourite. I’m really sad that he is dead, but, he killed someone. Facts are facts. If you want to be an ass and put yourself in danger, go drink some drain cleaner. Don’t get behind the wheel of a car. I’m also assuming that “I hope you die” is a 13 yr old kid, because no adult should have that thought process.

      • Any Guy

        I hope yoU die = let me digress. FUCKIN’ WAAAH WAAAAH WAAAAAAH. I hope you didn’t wet your bib with all your crying. you’re a pathetic cunt and your hero is still dead. last laugh = all of us. wishing people dead is SO brutal! you must be a really tough guy. we laugh at you. HARD. go drive home and speed up around the turns. have a few drinks first, that’s what smart people do right?

      • I hope yoU die

        I noticed only haters and people with nothing nice to say read this blog.. so there is my direct message to them.. Lola go choke on a dick you dumb bitch.. I don’t understand how you guys think this was premeditated.. it’s call an accident for a damn reason.. You don’t plan on crashing and burning to death with a friend of yours…

      • kimmykimkim

        I love how fucking idiots say, “I hope u die blahblahblah,” not realizing they themselves could die these horrible deaths they’re wishing upon people. Everybody dies you knob-gobbler. Again, these are the fans of Jackass so its not like we should expect any sort of sophistication from them.

      • I hope yoU die

        Kim’ how about you go back to work you whore, and yes i’m a jackass fan and you are right you can’t expect nothing from me.. but i know something about you .. Fat ugly bitch.. you will die of STD soon, very soon, bear with me.

      • Craigipedia

        shockingly enough… drunk driving is considered a premeditated offense (unless you can prove you were drugged, unaware of the intoxication, and thus not liable for the circumstances).

        He chose to get plastered, and he chose to drive, and he chose to drive fast… if he had not died in the collision, but instead had just killed his passenger, the DA would definitely be pushing a heavy manslaughter if not a murder charge, because drunk driving is premeditated.

        Having said that, wishing that a woman gets raped so as to get back at some guy you dislike is seriously seriously deranged. You probably should talk to a professional counselor.

      • WhosaJackass

        I hope yoU die, sounds like you need a nap. Like all wannabe Jackasses you’re desperately looking for attention and acceptance from someone/anyone. Sadly, people feed into your ultra cool, would have been proud to be in Dunn’s car and died too, mentality. Hell, look at me even I’m feeding into it and enabling your desperate need for attention.
        Ryan’s death tragic, the cause, Pathetic. You as a Jackass fan fed the flames of his stupidity. You enabled him to buy a fast expensive car, all the booze he could drink and all the drugs he could take. You made him famous for being nothing more than an addict with a never ending stream of excess. Fame is a motherfucker, and it took his life…so be angry if you must that someone took the time to say Ryan Dunn killed someone. Or perhaps, if you follow your hero…you can be next. Either way, take a nap and come back after Recess with a better argument than “I Hope You Die”.

      • Shannon

        Wow, are you capable of taking your little girl emotions out of the equation and aknowlege the fact that this guy died because of choises HE made? This blogger may be a little harsh with his depiction of the event, but his points are valid. Driving drunk is stupid and leads to death. Wipe your tears and learn a lesson from this wreckless jackass. A title he willingly gave himelf.

      • Bree

        I hope you die painfully death and get raped for suggesting that a drunk driver is culpable for his own death! But as for the actual drunk driver who’s decision killed both himself and another person, and willingly put innocent lives in danger? He didn’t deserve it man, what a fucking saint.

      • hotszytotz

        It wasn’t an accident. Intentionally drinking, he drove on hiw own free will, he torked the car to 100 mph. it wasn’t “oops I slipped and fell behind the wheel of my car and accidently pushed the gas pedal down” An ‘acident’ implies there was zero intent involved and that he had no control over the situation. He had plenty of control.
        He fucking killed someone you ignorant snagglecunt. A firey, painfully horrific death that you should be thanking your non-existent god wasn’t someone you loved and actually cared for as opposed to some d list celebudouche. Fuck you.

      • kimmykimkim

        @ I hope you die: You’re hilarious! Thank you for proving my point!

      • InTheFace!!

        I think Dunn tried to do a stunt where he tried to stick a real car up his ass. Unfortunately it failed. Maybe that’s why you don’t think its funny…

      • Yam

        Listen up I hope you die, ‘accident’ implies that no one was at fault. Drinking yourself into a stupour and then getting into your very fast car and driving like a loon is well… that would be ALL your fault! That’s why its fucking illegal to drink and drive you arse. Its called murdering people with a car!

      • Alyssa

        Fish, so unbelievably sucinct. There is nothing, absolutely nothing more to say. At least you have the integrity to say what everyone should be echoing all over the place.

        Ryan Dunn broke the law.
        He killed himself.
        And he took someone with him.
        He is no hero, only an example.

        Do not, ever, ever drink and drive. End of story.

        I hope yoU die – I hope you actually learn something out of all this. Maybe when you’re 15 you’ll understand.

      • brent

        and I hope you’re plowed into the ground by a Drunken Driver you fuggin TOOL

      • belladdddd

        don’t let this dbag get the best of you. anyone with a brain would. HEY ROGER! FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS SMOKE. MAYBE THERE’S A F*CKIN REASON YOU CAN’T TALK.

      • fsgdfgff

        Bam has a lot of things to cry about, honestly. He’s famous for embarrassing his family on television and living off of Ville Valo’s fame. He even got the shit beat out of him by a black woman for being a racist–lol, remember that? He overall needs to shut the fuck up. The majority of people only like him cause of Ville Valo.

      • Kevin

        It sucks Ryan died, but it is his own fault. If you get behind the wheel of a car with .196 BAC and you crash, the only person to blame is yourself. Also Bam is being a little bitch. Ebert made a good point, if someone had stopped him from driving he’d still be alive.

    • Jack Ketch

      @ I hope yoU die … is English your second language ? lol Do you know what premeditated even means ? For fuck’s sake you’re on the wrong site, girl … stick with PopSugar, or better yet, Celebitchy, where the administrator is so anal she bans people for saying “Heidi and Spencer should be taken out back and shot.” She’d need a crash helmet for the comments posted on The Superficial. We like it here because we can say it like it is, and so can Fish. That being said, pissed-up people who get behind the wheel of a vehicle AND take a passenger do NOT deserve any respect whatsover. One less (or perhaps two) drunkard(s) in the world. Get it ? Grow a fucking brain while you’re at it. That might come when you grow up. Maybe, but I doubt it.

      • Ish Kabibble

        At least Dunn was spared the indignity of being raped before he killed himself and his passnger. (I think.)

    • ghostchant

      Ebert did the right thing. He at least admitted his tweet was too soon, but stated that he still stuck by that thought. Ryan Dunn was kind of funny and obviously an important part of jackass. However, as stated in the article, remorse for his actions that night are despicable and a testament to the pedestal people place fuckheads in Hollywood on.

    • Fuck Ryan Dickface Dunn

      Fuck he isn’t dead? I was hoping all of these bitch ass pussies drove a buss off a cliff together. Put that on Jackass 4.0 you cult of fuckin queers. BTW If I ever see that bitch ass pussy Ryan Dunn, Ill personally drive my fuckin car into that bitch. Don’t these fuckin drunk morons get enough attention?

    • Fuck Ryan Dickface Dunn

      Quote from Katt Williams ” HE AINT DED! “

  2. Sizzle

    Well said, as always.

    • Slartybartfast

      Yeah, Bam can kiss my ass. His whole MO is about being a douchebag prick to everyone around him and now we all know that Dunn was the biggest Jackass of them all, and Bam’s all jealous.

      • Fletch

        Check, Check and check.

        No sympathy for this guy. No sympathy for his friends who let him drive.

        Guilt is a bitch isn’t it Bam

    • DogBoy

      Ditto. Perfect in tone.
      Self-destruction is one thing, this is quite another.

  3. Becky

    Right on

  4. Olivia

    BRAVO. You said everything I wanted to say. Amen.

    • V

      Seriously. Perfect post.

      Enough with the mindless, fake, ass kissing. Nobody gave a shit about this dude before this. He wasn’t even a favorite Jackass. So now if Snookie does something retarded endangering others, and she dies tragically and stupidly, she will become a hero too? Fuck no. This all could’ve been prevented. And this can teach a lesson to all the bunch of fuckbutts that drive around buzzed and/or drunk.

  5. baron of all media

    great post.

    that is all.

  6. Damn straight, Fish. Damn straight.

  7. Ming

    Your mama died from eating too many bigmacs. F^ck off.

  8. maeby


  9. Sara

    word, bro.

  10. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

    Ebert is pretty much a jackass–a correct jackass–but a jackass nonetheless.

  11. numbah 1

    Um, Roger Ebert to close his mouth? His lower jaw was amputated a few years back. He can’t speak, and can’t shut his mouth.

  12. wilko

    very nice.

  13. DKNY

    Dead drunk? Good riddance.

    • Lemmiwinks

      He shoved a toy car in his asshole, now what’s left of this asshole would probably fit in a toy car.

      • BanDit82BaBy

        You sir……..just blew my mind. Seriously tho, my father in law was police chief in WC for 30yrs, and no one has anything nice to say about the Margera family or that circle of retards that leach of that cokehead.

      • Jillia


        So true. I live in Philly and have quite a few friends from WC and can attest to the severe lack of anything remotely good to say about these douchebags.

  14. Carrie

    The Superficial as a voice of reason. Well said, sir.

  15. Carrie

    Maybe that will keep the cry-babies screaming for Fish to be sensitive on HIS OWN BLOG from posting their asinine condemnations. But probably not. Overly-excitable people are unpredictable. Here’s the truth–one can’t live a life of that sort of risk-taking and expect to reach the ripe old age of 45. Period.

  16. Me

    Very well said!

  17. RoboZombie

    What a little punk! Hey Bam(nice name btw), here’s a jackass stunt: Shove that lightsaber up yer ass!!!

  18. Ana

    Someones in a bad mood :P

    Nicely said.

  19. Binks

    Right fucking on Fish.

  20. Live like a jackass, die like a jackass. Fuck all of them.

  21. Richard McBeef

    Bam is a little bitch, but I think that is entirely independent of his comments about Roger Ebert.

    Fish complaining about celebrity worship… Yeah, except that pretty much pays the bills around here.

    • RoboZombie

      I tend to see less worship and more insulting going on around here, I don’t know what site you’ve been visiting.

      • Richard McBeef

        It’s more or less the same thing.

        And the 5000 comments on yesterdays Ryan Dunn post telling Fish he is an asshole because RD was such a great dude equals mad click dollas, son.

      • RoboZombie

        OK, I didn’t read all those…i got a taste of the innanity early on.

  22. Any Guy

    FISH – you are again, my hero for this AWESOME post. drunk driving is essentially putting a gun in innocent people’s faces and just ‘hoping it doesn’t go off’. great logic. dead goon.

  23. Jess


  24. Too Far

    Ya, bla bla bla, everything you posted was accurate and factual. HOWEVER, it is too soon for a comment like that to be made (Ebert and yours to be honest). Period. Ebert was looking for attention and was in the wrong by saying that the same day he passed. A lot of people die annually as a result of their own foolish decisions, should we pi s s on that persons grave THE DAY they die and point out the obvious (in this case- don’t drink and drive)!!?? If for any reason, don’t comment on that for the loved ones remaining that feel bad enough already. I have never previously left a comment, and the Superficial writer is usually spot on, he missed the mark on this one… And also – you are going to call out his best friend for clearly having a rough day… If your best friend dies from something similar, I will be sure to mock him that same day, wait until you call me out, then trash you for being a bit c h. For the record- YES- I know a 2nd person was in the car…So no need for anyone to reply simply pointing that fact out- YES, he killed someone beside himself. Still too soon Ebert and SF writer..

    • It had to be said

      Bullshit. This idiot’s behavior had the most predictable consequences EVER. When it actually happens we are all supposed to act surprised and mourn? That’s stupid.

    • Appropriate

      I get what you’re saying, but in the grand scheme of things, I think this is a very appropriate time to say what the Superficial writer and Ebert said. Will there be national discourse on this guy’s death in a few days/weeks when toxicology reports come back to confirm what we already know? Probably not. Now is the time to get this sort of message out to Jackass fans and others who pay attention to this story (mostly people in their teens/20s/young 30s I would guess). Drinking and driving is NOT okay. It doesn’t matter if you’re a celebrity known for doing dumb things. Choosing to do THIS is beyond dumb, and he had to pay for it with his life. He wasn’t immune, and neither are his followers or anyone else who chooses to drink heavily and drive. Get that message out now, when people are paying attention, and maybe it can affect the choice of someone else.

      • Juliapalooza

        Jesus. Thinking that kids that love Jackass will by proxy drink and drive is like saying that because some fucking cartoon camel smokes, they will, too. Bullshit.

    • Exactly

      Glad someone said that. Obviously drunk driving is a terrible, terrible thing and no one is going to fight you on that but Bam wasn’t the one driving, he is just a friend grieving the loss of someone close to him. Cut him some slack while he tries to cope with it.

      • Yam

        @ Exactly – well we would all be happy to cut him some slack if he wasn’t being such an self-righteous celebutante about it… “millions of people”? right.. Why is it that death seems to automatically mean you get bumped up to sainthood?

    • And when, pray tell, is it not “too soon” anymore? Seriously, if he had plowed into a van full of orphans and baby harp seals instead of a tree would it still be “too soon” to call him on being a manslaughtering fucktard? If, as Fish suggested, he had been running down the street firing a gun off at random and had tripped and broken his neck, would it be “too soon” to call him out for his stupidity?

      Dude got in a car, chose to drive over 100 miles per hour on public roads, and killed not only himself but someone else as well. He was a fucking moron who deserves what he got, and it’s damn lucky he didn’t hit some unrelated person.

      Ebert’s comment was innocuous and true, I don’t see what the issue is.

    • Craigipedia

      Why must Ebert necessarily have been looking for attention? I post things all the time to Facebook (less to Twitter, I hardly use it at all). I know Barack isn’t reading my hash tags and that the majority of the world doesn’t give a rats ass, yet I still post my opinions on my website, or on forums like this.

      Ebert saw that a celebrity killed himself and a friend while driving drunk and just voiced his opinion. He wasn’t inherently looking for attention – the only reason he got attention is because he is famous, lots of people probably had the same reaction to news of any number of tragedies including this one

    • V

      It’s not too soon though. While I object to people calling this guy names, especially famous people since his family doesn’t deserve that mockery in the first place, you have to take in mind the people that enjoy Jackass. They’re mostly idiots. Who probably think these guys are heroes. Who probably have driven while buzzed and drunk. Let this be a lesson to them. Too soon? Teach them a lesson while the example is still fresh.

      • Carrie

        No such thing as “too soon” in our society–if it isn’t in front of us on the computer screen, we’ll forget it in a matter of hours. For everyone shouting that it’s too soon to turn this into a lesson, why don’t you try this? Set your iPhone calendars with an event to sit down and think about drunk driving two weeks from today. I imagine that alarm will come as quite a shock. Or better yet, set up an automatic donation to MADD or SADD or DADD, bet you’ll have no idea where that $10 went when you check your statement.

    • Fletch

      This was not too soon. This could have been avoided.

      Gilbert Gottfried’s tweets about Japan were too soon because that could not be avoided.

  25. bryan

    3 beers and 3 shots in 4 hours is considered drinking heavy? jesus christ, you must be a pussy

    • Bryan – my thoughts exactly. Bizarre rationale. Dunn must have banged his girlfriend that elicit that kind of vaginal analysis.

    • TomFrank

      My condolences to the families of your future DUI victims.

      • A_Klein

        A++ TomFrank. Fuck everyone who thinks this is acceptable behavior.

        The guy allegedly tosses back 6 drinks in 4 hours, wraps his car around a tree and manages to kill a friend in one swoop. But hey – Bryan thinks he’s not a “pussy”, so I guess it was all worth it.

      • Based upon any Blood Alcohol Calculator analysis, with 3 beers and 3 shots in 4 hours, Dunn would have been well under the legal limit of .08. To falsely proclaim his accident to be the result of heavy drinking is disingenuous. Makes me question the author’s true intent.

      • While Dunn’s behavior was far from acceptable, it’s still a flat-out lie to claim he was drinking heavily. Totally irresponsible, but that doesn’t change the fact that the author is engaging in sensational reporting at the expense of a dead man.

    • Yeah cause bragging about how much you can drink before getting behind the wheel is sooooo much less douchey.

    • Obvious Troll

      You’re so cool.

    • TomFrank

      I ran those figures through a Blood Alcohol Calculator myself. It does comes back under the legal limit of .08—as long as you’re over 170 lbs.—but it still says “Possibly Impaired—Do Not Drive.”

      Also, that .08 is a *legal* distinction, not so much a biological one. Driving skills can be significantly affected in the .04-.06 range. It’s not for nothing that we’re one of only a few countries (Wikipedia lists eight) with an allowable blood-alcohol content of as much as .08; most allow .05 or less.

      • Fucking Fuck Faced Fucker

        Look at Ryan Dunn’s face in the pre-crash pictures. I’ll be surprised if the BAC report doesn’t suggest Ryan was way over the legal limit. And there is no excuse for driving 100 MPH. Yes this is a sad story, but we need to take responsibility for the fact that this guy made some mistakes.

      • Tom – Dunn’s probably closer to 200 pounds. My point is that he was clearly irresponsible. Driving 100 miles per hour on a country road is outrageous, drunk or not. However, I think it’s lazy and ignorant to accuse him of drunk driving based on pure speculation. What for the police report before you start preaching.

        The author clearly has an axe to grind. That was my primary complaint. It makes him look incredibly lame.

    • somethingoriginal

      That’s because they only know what he drank at that bar. 4 hours would have meant he hit the bar at about 10.30pm. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’d turned up half cut.

      • watson

        okay fine we wont speculate on the whole drunk driving business. then what pray tell would cause a man to drive at about 130 mph (according to radar online) off a road? Blindness? Temporary amnesia? A hot chick in the woods? Possessing the fine quality of being a jackass? Sudden heart attack? Stroke?
        You tell me what you think. I will give you a hint of the probable cause. Starts with an “a” and has seven letters. Hint: it can cause impaired driving.
        Calculate BAC all you want. Even one beer can impact driving. Why dont ppl get the seriousness of the idea of a 2 ton machine being a lethal weapon?
        Fish is cruel but death is even crueller.

  26. Amy

    PERFECTLY stated, Fish.

  27. SamIam

    Well said man!

  28. Bill

    I’m glad that you at least provided links to the “evidence” you found. But 6 drinks in 4 hours could put you below the legal limit and the claims about 110 mph are currently unsubstantiated…

    • phuckphase

      ummm….a Porsche hitting a tree doesnt look like a dental retainer if it hits at 40 MPH, does it? I think the cops know what 100 MPH hitting a tree looks like….

    • Below the legal limit is not the same as sober, just so you know.

    • V

      Buzzed driving is drunk driving. Remember that please.

      • dumbass

        who is the source for this ‘information’ he only had 6 drinks in 4 hours? maybe by tomorrow the story will be that he was sitting with his grandma playing yahtzee all night, drinking nothing but ovaltine, was on his way to visit orphans and a deer jumped in front of his porsche causing the accident?

      • Fucker

        I believe buzzed driving is drunk driving because it’s when you’re over the legal limit.

    • Yam

      well if he smashed those beers and shots into his face in the last hour of those four hours it most definitely would. Look at the photo – he looks trashed.

    • watson

      *British accent with a stern expression and glasses* Bill you are the weakest link. Goodbye.

  29. Mags

    Seconded! All the way Round.

  30. General Disarray

    Right the fuck on, Fish!

  31. Jennifer Brix

    Unfortunate situation but your statements are right on.

  32. doodles

    Here, here!

  33. rainbowbre182

    hey, writer of this article,

    if your best friend got drunk, drove, smashed his car and died, would you be upset wouldn’t you? Ya i think you would. He’s your best friend.

    An article on the internet does not give you the right to act like an asshole. Yes he was drunk, and ya maybe off screen he could be giant asshole, but he still had friends and family who loved him, just as you and your friends do.

    The guy made a bad decision, clearly, but that doesnt give you the right to preach your bullshit. Elvis died due to drug and alcohol abuse, yet he’s still worshipped as a god.

    It’s sad when someone dies no matter what the circumstance, let the people who love him grieve and give your head a shake you giant asshole!

    • Carrie

      Actually, it’s his blog so he can write whatever he wants. Weird how that works.

      • rainbowbre182

        yea, but he doesnt have to be an inconsiderate douche bag because someone he doesnt know died.

        How about his best friend dies and i write a blog about how much of an asshole his dead friend is…

        Or how about i write a blog about how much of an asshole your dead best friend is, would you like that?

      • Whatever


      • Carrie

        rainbowbre182, if it’s your blog, you can write what you want. Chances are I wouldn’t be a subscriber to your blog–you don’t seem very insightful, sarcastic, satirical, or funny.
        Also, I’ve lost 6 friends to drunk driving. One of them decapitated the entire carload of friends by driving into a parked semi-truck trailer. I’ve seen exactly what drunk driving does to family, friends, neighbors, towns, etc. Please stop preaching.
        And as my final point, as I said before, this is Fish’s site, he gets to write what he wants. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

    • Aaron

      The guy didn’t just “die” – he killed someone. Had he lived he would be arrested and charged with something akin to vehicular homicide. Sorry to his family that they lost him, but the guy KILLED SOMEONE. The fact that he, too, died is irrelevant to that fact.

    • Trep

      As a reply to the “What if it was your friend…” scenario. If my friend did that, i wouldn’t even attend the memorial service.

    • Kris

      So let me get this straight…Dunn=Elvis=God…Really??? *tilts head, looks confused*

    • Sweep The Leg

      Wow!… someone dying of a drug overdose alone in their own bathroom and someone intoxicated behind the wheel of a fast…very fast…moving car on a PUBLIC highway is comparable? Your glaring lack of logic renders your [already misguided] rant meaningless.

      • Carrie

        Elvis is guilty of killing about 500 peanut butter and banana sandwiches—not quite on the level of slamming a friend into a tree at speeds of 100 mph. If you’re going to make comparisons, please make sure they fit the context of whatever point you’re trying make.

    • MercyMedical

      If my best friend got drunk & drove their car at excessive speeds and wrapped their car around a tree in the process and killed themselves I would be upset.

      I would be pissed that my best friend was such an idiot that they chose to do something like that, thus removing them from my lives.

      Bam has a right to be upset, but he should be upset that his best friend made a moronic choice that night…

    • rican

      @rainbowbre, the real Douche is Dunn, he killed someone on his suicide drive.

    • crackerass cracker

      No, the 1st amendment gives him that right. Freedom of choice gives you the right to not read something that’s going to make you cry like a little baby girl about. If you don’t want to read anything offensive, perhaps you should frequent a christain ministries blog, or start your own at

    • V

      A television show doesn’t give these guys the right to drive carelessly around while putting others at risk. If this guy didn’t give a fuck, then people ON THE INTERNET, shouldn’t give a fuck about ~people’s sensitivities~ when pointing out the obvious just because their irresponsible alcoholic friend died and they’re mourning. How about get off the internet and not read people’s opinions?

      Sorry, I know it’s tragic and I’m sorry for anyone’s loss but let’s not pretend this guy was nice or a hero. He didn’t give a fuck about hurting others while drinking at a bar and then speeding. Let people express outrage. Have you ever lost anyone to drunk driving?

    • dumbass

      the assholes that hijacked airliners and flew them into the world trade center killed alot of innocent people, but, by your logic, we should all have grieved for their passing and waited a while before calling them assholes?
      and I’m pretty sure Elvis didn’t drive his toilet into a crowd of innocent bystanders, killing them. at least not on the day he died.
      personally, I’m not as outraged as fish seems to be over the passenger being killed – he had to have known the driver was drunk, got in the car anyway, so even if he wasn’t driving and didn’t cause the wreck, he knew what he was doing, knew they were going to go operate that porsche on public roads with a drunk behind the wheel, so idk if I’d go so far as to call him an ‘innocent’ victim. the only good thing about this story is it was a 1 car wreck.
      booze is legal, and weed is illegal why now?

      • kimmykimkim

        Booze is legal, weed is illegal…that IS some fucked up shit huh? Nobody is ever going to die from “weed” poisoning, and nobody is ever going to go into delirium tremons from lack of weed. It’s a fucked up world we live in.

      • watson

        umm…. dumbass wait a minute. doesnt weed cause impaired coordination and delayed reaction time? maybe not in all users but some? I think its a depressant to some extent like alcohol. I wouldnt know because i dont smoke. But if alcohol is legal and causes this much damage, couldnt stoned drivers also cause trouble on the road? Look it up. Im pretty sure it does. I dont think using a possible instance of drunk driving as a platform for legalizing weed is sound. Either way, I wouldnt want the loony fucker behind me on the highway stoned or drunk period. Booze is only legal b/c it been around longer than weed.

    • uncle phil

      the only thing elvis killed on his way out was the plumbing in his bathroom.

    • kimmykimkim

      Elvis died due to constipation. Seriously. He pushed too hard and burst a blood vessel. The constipation was most likely due to using too many drugs. But he did not die of an overdose, though that is the popular belief. But please, how the fuck can you compare some idiot who shoved a toy car up his ass to Elvis? People still know who Elvis was, but 40 years from now, no one will know who this Dunn fucker was.

    • Yam

      I’ve caused an accident while drunk that killed my best friend. One stupid, stupid moment and you can never take it back, you can never undo it. I hope a lot of young people learn from this fool’s mistake. Young people always think they are indestructible… Its been 16 years and I still think about her and the pain I’ve caused her family everyday. Look after your friends and take their keys off them.

  34. Marin

    ohhhhh I get it, it’s a dick!!!!

  35. MarkM

    I’m still waiting for them to find the video camera with the tape in it that starts “Here’s my driving really fast while drunk stunt!”

  36. Bow Chica Wow Wow

    Great post!

  37. RXBRAT79

    EXACTLY what I was thinking. Well said.

  38. RitzyA

    F*CK YEAH. Very well said.

  39. Bam Margera Roger Ebert
    Commented on this photo:

    why the fuck is Roger Ebert tagged in this article

  40. bear

    Well said. Truly. Not enough ppl get that driving drunk is as bad a picking up a gun!

  41. See Alice

    Hulk Hogans son all over again .

    • Carrie

      Exactly, and where were all the bleeding hearts when that tragedy occurred? Because Nick Hogan survived this EXACT scenario, he’s turned into some sort of monster, while Ryan Dunn is a tragic hero for dying.

    • V

      Basically. Both irresponsible.

      Ryan didn’t have to die. All of this could’ve been prevented. I feel awful for the way he died but I’m so glad he didn’t kill more people.

    • RAR

      His “friend” made a conscious decision to be the passenger in a vehicle driven by a drunk driver. Additionally, he did’nt try to stop Dunn. Yet everyone claims he is innocent. The complete failure of a fair assignment of blame here is obnoxious.

      • Carrie

        I don’t claim he’s innocent. I just think it’s ridiculous how everyone is treating this different because Dunn was killed instead of surviving to face his consequences. It’s pretty scary how some people want to put him on a pedestal because he did dumb shit. And yes, his friend should have stopped him or not gotten in the car. But, to play Devil’s advocate, I’ve had friends tell me they were sober (when they definitely weren’t) and good to drive when I’ve been absolutely shit-canned and I believed them.

  42. ElleW

    I don’t think that the majority of Jackass fans are the type of people to be much for reasoning things out, so I suppose it only makes sense they’d apply the same logic to this, blatant generalisations and run on sentences notwithstanding.

  43. Longshot421

    Perfect. Compassion for people who lost a loved one: lots. Patience for folks who risk innocent lives while DUI: zero.

    Well said.

  44. cc

    I will add my voice to the chorus of people saying ‘Hurray! Finally someone is willing to tell it like it is!’

    Bam looks like one of those a’holes standing on street corners asking for 50 cents to wash your windshield with some filthy water. Which is pretty much would he would be doing if he didn’t fortuitously tap into the ‘drooling idiot’ demographic.

    • V

      Perfectly said. Go read Bam’s twitter. I’m susprised this didn’t happen to him first. He’s an addict, a loser, an idiot. All of the jackasses seem unstable as fuck, depressive like all extreme comedians are, addicts, alcoholics. They’re careless, wreckless. They don’t get their acts together because people celebrate their lunacy.

      I understand famlily and friends are hurting, and Ebert should not have called him a jackass, but dear lord people, this accident was awful, let this be a reminder to all drunk/crazy drivers out there to STOP! There’s so many of them! So many!!

  45. Les


  46. Jessica

    Yeah… I made a comment similar and was told that I was uncooth and should think of his family… My response was “No, he should have thought of his family.”

  47. Makkatt

    While I am saddened by the loss of life for any reason, you said what needed to be said. Kudos.

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