Bam Margera Caught Cheating on His Wife With a 17-Year-Old has gotten a hold of several recent photos of Bam Margera in a Calgary hotel room with a 17-year-old girl who’s not his wife. While some people might suggest the story here is that he’s clearly been caught having an affair, I think we should look at the more pressing issue of how right I was in this post about him banging Kat Von D. I’m not trying to say I’m Jesus or anything, but let’s admit I could probably pass as a lesser-known brother. “Oh, Big Bro? He’s cool, but let’s talk about you. Particularly partin’ those boobies. I call them ‘boobies’ because I intuited that you like that. I know, it’s amazing and I should really have my own bible. Is that pepper spray?”

Thanks to Cassidy who sought my guidance and counsel, as it was written.

Photos: The Dirty, Splash News

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