Bam Margera Caught Cheating on His Wife With a 17-Year-Old

February 23rd, 2011 // 161 Comments has gotten a hold of several recent photos of Bam Margera in a Calgary hotel room with a 17-year-old girl who’s not his wife. While some people might suggest the story here is that he’s clearly been caught having an affair, I think we should look at the more pressing issue of how right I was in this post about him banging Kat Von D. I’m not trying to say I’m Jesus or anything, but let’s admit I could probably pass as a lesser-known brother. “Oh, Big Bro? He’s cool, but let’s talk about you. Particularly partin’ those boobies. I call them ‘boobies’ because I intuited that you like that. I know, it’s amazing and I should really have my own bible. Is that pepper spray?”

Thanks to Cassidy who sought my guidance and counsel, as it was written.

Photos: The Dirty, Splash News


  1. Dan

    I think I like organized religion as much as fish. Well done!

  2. Bam Margera Cheating
    Commented on this photo:

    That’s Bam? Huh, thought it was Wee Man.

  3. Bucky Barnes

    I don’t know what the age of consent is in Calgary but am pretty certain photo documentation of your exploits with (possibly) underage women is contraindicated.

    • Dan

      Bam Margera isn’t known for his brains…

    • beyond

      Age of consent is 16 in Alberta. It was just upped from 14. I miss those days.

      • Bucky Barnes

        So she’s legal. Also legally blind, evidently.

      • Drew

        I live in Calgary, and the age of consent is 16, up from 14 from previous (it’s a provincial law, not municipal).

        However, there’s a catch to it. It’s 16, but you have to be within 2 years, while still being “legal”. 14 and 16, cool. 16 and 18, cool (barely, and I believe if you have a good lawyer, you might not get away with this). 17 and 19+, not cool.

        So basically, if her or her parents decide to press charges, he’s fucked. If they don’t decide to press charges, he’s fine, but if a media blowout occurs because of it, you bet your ass someone will.

        The guy is a waste of space loser anyway. Lock the annoying, unfunny piece of shit up for all I care. Hell, maybe I’ll call the Calgary Police for fun.

      • Bucky Barnes

        Bam’s lawyer should file a preemptive complaint. “My client was photographing himself enjoying a quiet drink alone when the defendent broke down the door, ran in and grabbed him by the penis…”

      • fozzie bare

        “contraindicated” check out the brain on Bucky!

        And funny to see the canucks comparing crib notes. I thought that kinda thing only went on in the deep south.

      • Rocky Dennis

        @ fozzie bare

        no, its predominantly stupid yankees that participate in comparing crib notes.

        Down here, we bang all your stupid girlfriends/wives that show up for Spring Break, do what youve been trying to do with them for years (cram it in their asses), then take pics, post them online and compare notes. After all that, then we make fun of their STUPID accents and lack of ability to stay monogamous to tools like you after only 2 beers.

    • Of course the age of consent is 16. Can you think of another reason to go to Alberta?

    • buck

      It’s actually 16 here so it was legal. I’ve gone to school with her for years. Disgusting/mean person

  4. Bart

    How can someone, that ugly get to fuck a 17 year old ?

  5. Colin

    And he took a picture of it? Next thing you know, people will be doing coke on national TV.

  6. miz

    what a cheap fuck! a $25 dollar handle? come on at least have a bottle of goose when your that rich.

  7. Artimus

    He’s just pissed the Jersey Shore kids took his “King of All Douches” crown.

  8. I wonder if the chick is hot. I really can’t tell from the pic.

    • Bucky Barnes

      You really just want to know if she has a dick, don’t you? Good question. Hopefully she does since I one of them probably should.

  9. Any Guy

    this guy hasn’t gone away YET? I hate his fucking face. ‘too cool’ buddy, nice fingernail polish. I always knew he was borderline ‘white trash retarded’, but this just proves it beyond a shadow…

  10. I agree with Bart Simpson.Picture 2 and 3 his irises are fucken red like the Devil’s Bastard-Son and who writes in shitty marker on his hoodie “THE TALIBAN”, WTF?Plus the pimple waiting to exploded! God that 17yr old looks very fuckable…………………

  11. Deacon Jones

    His wife on that show a couple years ago was hotter than hell. What a moron.

    My friend got in a brawl with him at The Rat in West Chester, he’s not as hard as everyone thinks.

  12. Bam Margera Cheating
    Commented on this photo:

    With a face only a shooting gallery would love. For target practice.

  13. The real crime is his radio show on Sirius.

    • meg

      Holy shitballs, he has a radio show? What the hell does he talk about – nibbling his dingleberries out of his crack hair?? W….T…..F.

  14. Sumsum

    No worries, that’s just Wee Man…

  15. cailinn

    He has a long, sad life ahead of him

  16. dont get it

    that girl looks clingy.

  17. Donvito 2.0

    Haha, Looks like Bam is as big of a cradle robber as his disgusting uncle is. Hes been hooking up with fresh-out-of-high-school girls for years now. He’ll stick it in anyone with a warm hole. Married or not. Which btw, hes currently separated from his wife, not that it makes this any better. It doesn’t matter what the age of consent for Canada is. He lives in the United States where the the age of consent is 18. He should know better.

    • the law

      The age of consent isn’t 18. You’ve been watching too much porn. It varies state to state and in PA (where he’s from) it’s 16.

      • whocares

        Still, its a 31 year old man hooking up with someone who is not even out of high school yet. Its disgusting and he should be ashamed.

    • Jesus Tapdancing Christ…where do people get this idea that there’s a national age of consent at 18? 18 isn’t the age of consent in 3/4 of US states.

  18. Shart

    Sorry, the Jackass guys are hot. (the midget is questionable though.)

  19. Ricky Rao

    The guy is a huge douche and a scumbag…….is there any surprise here?

  20. Jill Ess

    Um, she looks a little older than that. She wishes she was 17.

  21. Mike

    Coming up next on jack ass. Statutory Rape.

  22. Bam Margera Cheating
    Egg Man
    Commented on this photo:

    Bam???? I thought he was dead!!

  23. misterfister

    Bam needs his faced punched in for wearing eyeliner and scarves.

  24. ElleKay

    I’m Just sayin… just because there is a picture of him in a mirror with a 17 year old, doesn’t mean it’s proof that his penis was in her vagina.

    Besides. The Canadian age of consent is 16. So even if he did fuck her, it wasn’t illegal.

  25. BlubboTehClown

    Where’s the next picture in the set.. you know, where his fat father busts in to the washroom and starts slap-fighting with him?

    The only reason this douche is “famous” is because of idiotic marketing fools who once said “Yeah, that skateboarding thing is k-rad man! We need to appeal to the sk8ter market! That guy “Bam” even has a cool name! Cue product endorsements!”

  26. jonesy

    Does this guy even skateboard anymore? Because that’s what matters. That, and Libya. Libya, Skateboarding and this chick’s Dad who is going to go Gadaffi on someone’s ass.

    • babooda

      @jonesy, you are not serious!
      This chick’s Dad is probably pimping her ass out to celebrities like Bamaroni here, in hopes that she will get pregnant, marry the bum (under threat of criminal charges being filed) and move them all into a nice big house, to live the cushy life!

      • jen

        Thats is so true! so bitches if u need a suger daddy u know where to find Bam. Ha,ha,ha “oh” and if u want free diseases look for BAM! poor Missy she need to get her self check!

  27. Joe Blow

    His big fat-so uncle got busted for two counts of sexual assault on a child. So I guess this ambition to be on To Catch a Predator with Chris Hansen must run in the family. Aim high moron!

  28. jojo

    So wait. The guy from Jackass is a complete Jackass? He really snuck up on us with that.

  29. jsimpson

    His face is so ugly he scare the paint off a barn door.

  30. Lydia

    I knew this guy growing up and used to hang out with the group of them before they were famous and just a bunch of drunken skaters. He’s always been an ignorant fucktard. I’m surprised Steve-O and he are still alive to be honest… horrible to say, but damn .

  31. Deandra

    Gross, Iam 17 and no way in hell would I be with anyone over the age of…..17! I hate when you sick bitches stare at us in the malls (especially at lunch time when me and my freinds go there) you sit at your table are stare at us like we are not aware of it. My dad is 39!!! I know you guys check us out and really we DONT LIKE IT SO STOP LOOKING! We may smile at you but we are totally making fun of you for living in your moms basements while playing WOW…or living in your shitty little apartments playing WOW. This girl is fucked in the head and probably was molested because the only girls I know who go out with older guys are the ones who were molested. I live in Calgary and while some of the guys in my circle are 18 and go on all excitedly about 14 is legal (its not) it really creeps me out, like get a life!

    • Deandras Daddy

      Its ok sweetie…come talk to Daddy about it.

      I know its cold up here in Calgary, but you can warm your hands in the hole in the front of my boxers while we talk.

    • What? You’re laughing at me? But I own my home and play WoW!

      FYI, there are all kinds of women who weren’t molested that are with older guys for fame and money. It’s called “opportunism”, or colloquially, “golddigging”.

      That’s a fairly insulting generalization… you’re showing your age.

    • babooda

      This little rant was brought to you by the oh so mature mind of a 17 year old surfing a celebrity site which frequently features scantily clad females and older males cavorting together! Yeah right, you are 17 or for that matter female!
      What you are is weird! I really like how you described yourself for us,”living in your moms basements while playing WOW…or living in your shitty little apartments playing WOW.”!

      • if that asshole is really a 17-year old girl. then she is probably secretly mastubating to this dude who banged that 17 year old. and every girl i knew who went ill to this age range ended up dating a dude about 15-20 ywars older than her. girls who didn’t go eeeewwww about it usually dated guys in their own peers.

    • Charlotte Corday

      Your father is 39? So your family is in that socio-economic indicator known as “trash.”

      Here’s a clue, DeeDee: Try college.

  32. Bam Margera Cheating
    Happy Spillmore
    Commented on this photo:

    Typical lesbian, bearded Jawa.

  33. Bam Margera Cheating
    Commented on this photo:


  34. Andriiya

    “I’m Johnny Knoxville and this is To Catch a Predator.”

    • Aussie Mama

      I hear Knoxville’s ‘HUNG LIKE A CASHEW NUT’, that’s why he only parties with hookers and not groupies. Pre pubecent looking peen they say.

      Bam; Bam is a honey! always thought his wife wife very ordinary to say the least.

  35. Bam Margera Cheating
    Commented on this photo:

    Douchie McDoucherson

  36. beakrush

    I love when stuff happens in my hometown

  37. Why would you take pictures of an affair when you’re a celebrity and married? You’re always going to get caught.

    I’ve just come to the conclusion that all celebrities are raging morons.

  38. Annie

    clingy AND young. good job bam, i liked you you were better when you were sleeping with ville valo.

  39. babooda

    Is it just me or does he look like a character out of the “Lord of the Rings”, perhaps a bearded half hobbit/half goblin or a troll! His “costume” in the second through fifth picture certainly gives him that appearance.

  40. Jill

    Dear Hollywood,

    Just DON’T get married ANY MORE. We’re not fooled.

    Obviously there’s not an iota of monogomy in your town.

    Save your dollars and spare us plEEzzzzzzzz….

    Most Sincerely,

    the Village Idiot

  41. Bam Margera Cheating
    Commented on this photo:

    Hod on, this guy isn’t a fudge packer? Huh.

  42. bartnumber2

    that’s a gross thing to say…’gets’ to sleep with a 17 year old…why is that a POSITIVE thing?

  43. NTT

    He looks like he smells really bad.

  44. LOL

    i know her very well

  45. E-rock

    I met him at the Playboy mansion, and a few times around town (we both live in the same town), and I have to say Im not suprised at all… Dude has serious issues.

    • Paloma

      Dude wouldn’t have any of the money he has now if he didn’t have serious issues. He is part of the original jackass crew is he not? Umm, that would indicate that he’s a fucking jackass right? All you have to do is look at him to figure that one out. He can just stand there without speaking or moving & it’s obvious he’s a dillweed. Who the hell dresses like that?

    • Nah, all normal people staple their scrotums to their inner thighs.

  46. Bam Margera Cheating
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m sure his wife is relieved that she won’t have to have sex with him any longer…

  47. Kristen

    Ummm…Bam hasn’t been officially “together” with his wife for quite a while now. He has posted photos of himself with other women on his website and he discusses the fact openly on his radio show.

  48. Bam Margera Cheating
    Commented on this photo:

    She likes him because he looks like the frog she got in second grade.

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