Balthazar Getty: ‘Oh, hey, my wife and I separated. Did I not mention that?’

July 21st, 2008 // 38 Comments

After photos of him and a topless Sienna Miller emerged, actor Balthazar Getty decided to wait a full week to announce he and his wife have been separated. Maybe he digs the asshole vibe, I dunno. Here’s the statement Balthazar issued to the press via Us Magazine:

“The breakdown of a marriage is a very difficult and painful experience especially when children are involved,” Getty wrote. “In light of the fact that many pictures have surfaced in print and on the Internet which has caused myself and my family great embarrassment, I felt it necessary to at least acknowledge publicly that yes indeed my wife and I have separated and I will not be commenting any further.”

What’s so difficult about telling your children that Mommy keeps a cold wedding bed? My dad told me all the time. Sure, I was only two, but I’d throw my blocks at the oven to let him know I knew where he was coming from. I turned out just fine. *whips mouse at intern* Sorry your boyfriend left you!


  1. Jen

    First!! Neato, it’s my first time being a schmuck like the rest of you!!

  2. ishi-san

    she still doesn’t look like sienna miller

  3. ishi-san

    @ Jen: Congratulations! :-) I don’t get this first-game either

  4. A-1

    Well, at least he came forward with a statement. It covers his ass at the very least. If he doesn’t want pics taken, he should consider not being naked on a balcony with another woman.

  5. rebecc

    what a fucking whore.

  6. saka

    Cute couple. They appear to be happy. But I saw his personal ID on wealthy men personals site “”"”"M e e t i n g W e a l t h y.c o m “”"”" last week. What is he looking for on that site? Looking for sugarbabe?
    .???`?->< -???`?..???`?->< -???`?..???`?->.???`?->< -???`?..???`?-><-?

  7. saka

    Cute couple. They appear to be happy. But I saw his personal ID on wealthy men personals site “”"”"M e e t i n g W e a l t h y.c o m “”"”" last week. What is he looking for on that site? Looking for sugarbabe?
    .???`?->< -???`?..???`?->< -???`?..???`?->.???`?->< -???`?..???`?-><-?

  8. havoc

    More men should do this.

    Or at least try it once.



  9. BEAM

    What the hell is a Balthazar Getty?

  10. So basically he just wants everyone to know he hit that.

  11. Where's Darkwing Duck?

    That guy is a Turd!
    She is a whore!

  12. Ted Mosby

    Who would’ve thought a guy with the name Balthazar would get so much ass?

  13. His family is loaded, does the name Getty not mean anything to you?

  14. Did anyone check out my website?

  15. rough daddy

    that douche’s familly is loaded i think,,,anyone ever fill up their gas tank at a “getty”station?

  16. JPRichardson

    13 is right, this womenizer is the great-grand son of Paul J. Getty, the founder of Getty Oil Co. Yes, he is filthy rich.

  17. Vince Lombardi

    It’s J. Paul Getty. Like the J. Geils Band.

    And it’s “he and his wife have been separated.” Always drop the pluralizing noun and read the sentence without it – if it sounds wrong, it is: “him (has) been separated” or “he has been separated.”

    oh, and it’s also “womanizer.” With an A.

    On the upside, “schmuck” and “turd” are 100% correct, as well as accurate.

  18. BunnyButt

    #2, Sienna Miller never looks Sienna Miller. For some reason, I am unable to recognize her without a label, though normally I can recognize even the most obscure celebrities. I don’t know how the paps manage to spot her … unless, of course, her “people” are purposely leaking her location so the paps can find her. But, gosh, I can’t imagine a celebrity doing that…

    #17, thank you for playing grammar police. I almost screamed when I read “him and his wife”.

  19. whoopwhoop

    they are both whores…. along with most people these days. whoever wants can sit there all day and talk about how ‘cool’ it is to ‘get so much ass’ but really, where does it get you in life.? But then again, it does seem that most people forgot how nice it is to have some class

  20. 123

    As my unmarried brother-in-law and his married girlfriend now realize, “kind of separated” and an “emotionally-finished marriage” do not equal “legally separated” or “divorced,” and the soon-to-be ex can still make the ensuing custody/property/financial battle a living hell on the grounds that the new relationship is infidelity. Because that’s pretty much what it is, legally speaking.

    I’m sure Getty has a good lawyer but he’s still an idiot. Really, it’s not hard to get divorced in this country; folks are just selfish.

  21. #19


    Class & Ass go hand in hand for me…..that’s how i get so much Ass in the first place.

    Also….he is not a whore…..he is a PIMP or at the very least a Gigalo. Get it right you boner!

  22. hot mess

    @8 havoc

    Most men already *have * tried Sienna Miller at least once.

  23. adeliza

    and this is the girl that was so upset about being cheated on by that friggin’ slug Jude Law. I guess she doesn’t practice what she preaches.

  24. eastcoastgirl

    That whore also broke up Jude Law’s marriage.

  25. saka

    I am a blog troll, ignore that bullshit site I linked it leads to a virus. Sorry but I have a little dick and needed the money for a transplant so I tried to scam you guys. Sorry again ignore the link.

  26. ZZflop

    Perhaps he wanted to keep his PERSONAL LIFE personal? Why you even posted this story is beyond me.

  27. getty ass

    Getty? offspring of the rich and famous an actor? or the other big profession “design” really? big surprise.

  28. lol

    foolin’ around with the douchebag son’s of the rich; it’s how hollywood gets their jobs- certainly not by talent.
    big shocker
    or maybe she is rockin the shocker.

  29. SueB

    Um, is this guy the only person in the world who hasn’t heard what a tramp Sienna Miller is??? A guy with those looks and that kind of money who wants to cheat on his wife should be smart enough to choose ANYONE ELSE. (Granted, he can probably afford the meds he’s going to need.)

  30. lemonheads

    A big KUDOS to whomever took those photos of those two twits!

    Sienna is a worthless ho. She was cheated on and now she’s the cheater. That is the worst kind of ho, the one who should know better! Does she exist just to be embroiled in adultery scandals or does she actually serve some purpose in the world?

    Blah-thalzar is a nobody cheating scum. Not good looking, not charming, had no problem adding to his large brood as little as 1 year ago but now finds himself deciding he wants to be a free bird and hang out on yachts with homewrecking hos. I feel sorry for his 3 daughters. What will they think of men knowing what a douchebag their own father is? This, as well know, won’t last and Blahthazar will remain pubicly defiled for his actions for many years to come. Sienna, however, will get off easy because people have come to expect this from her.

    Hopefully his scorned wife will take him for a boatload of his money.

  31. Larry Jones

    As long as he keeps parading hot actresses around naked for us, he’s a good man in my book.

  32. Sash

    LOL, the wife said to the media that they weren’t separated. Owned.


  34. Word

    Skank and skankette…hope they kick him off that Brothers and Sisters show, I love that show. I’ll hurl if I have to see him on that though, seriously. Sienna Miller… been there done that along with the rest of the Western hemisphere.

  35. Cami

    He’s a longtime druggie and it shows by his actions. Sober up you spoiled jerk. Sienna Miller? Well that’s just hopeless.

  36. Omnibacon

    There just aren’t enough kids being named Balthazar these days

  37. Lisa

    Seriously-once he’s divorced, Sienna will going after a new married man. He’s an ass but she’s a major slut.

  38. nicole

    I hope his wife takes his stank ass to the cleaners! AND he left his wifey for a ***bag, who’s been from A-Z in Hollywoodland. Good luck roping her in!

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