Simon Cowell quits American Idol for American Idol

January 11th, 2010 // 28 Comments

In case you’re not allowed near the office water cooler because of “the incident,” Simon Cowell announced today this will be his last season of American Idol. He’s quitting the show to prepare for the US launch of The X Factor which is almost a complete 180 from American Idol. If we’re only talking about names. People reports:

“I’m thrilled that we have put a date on the launch of the U.S. version of The X Factor, and delighted to be continuing to work with FOX,” Cowell said in a statement. “We have a fantastic relationship, a great team and are all very excited about this.”
As for whether Abdul could be a judge on the new show, Cowell said, “I adore Paula. Whatever happens, I will be working with her in some capacity. Because I miss her.”

Wow. So basically this announcement was a giant “Fuck You” to Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi who get the extra added joy of having Ellen dropped in their laps. Simon Cowell, ladies and gentlemen, Master of Dick Maneuvers.

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  1. killerabbit

    Ah, he’s so wacky.

  2. PixelPerfect92

    He’s a genius. >.>

  3. barfdog

    for the record…
    american idol is part of the pop idol franchise that was a copy of popstars (“I know, let’s copy popstars…we’ll call it pop….idol, yeah”). Simon Cowell din own shit in this copy show. One day Simple SImon woke up and thunk to himself, “hmmmmmm, why don i just copy it myself and then i would own it”, and so x-factor was born.

    The only thing simon cowell did to get famous was put people down, and the people he put down we FAKING being bad (almost all of em anyway). american idol is a fucking joke for bland people.

    now that simon pulls the strings and makes the money of such crap as susan boyle, he don need his old meal ticket anymore.

  4. Chris

    It should read:

    …”Master of Dick Moves”

  5. Randal

    It’s a sad day for American Idol to see the very best and edgy judge we’ve ever had the privilege of watching on the best show to ever hit TV. Simon put many great and talented singers on the map who have the show and Simon to thank for their vaulted careers.

    Simon, it’s not going to be the same show without you and I wish you all the best in bringing a new era of reality TV with X Factor into the new decade.


  6. He’s a lot smarter than people want to believe and he’s one rich bastard.

  7. good news!
    Let me know a lot

  8. aleda

    “ladies of gentleman”? What the fuck does that mean?

  9. Appropriate that this fat fucking asshole has “Cow” in his last name.

    What a doughy little fuck!

  10. vdls

    THANK GOD. I hate that fucking show.

  11. It is really sad day for American Idol to see the very best judge we have ever had the privilege of watching on the best show to ever hit TV. He is truly the best . I really shocked to know about that.

  12. Paul

    This man is a genius. He gets rid of people who piss with his delicate senses while at the very same time creating a new franchise, which he will own and profit off substantially. Fox will probably give it the “Idol” timeslot, too, because it realizes that Simon Cowell + ?????? = PROFIT.

  13. Todd

    Barfdog, this is my first post after many years of checking out this site.

    Your post is one of the most retarded, difficult to read, pile of grammatical shit I have seen on the internet. Go back to school.

  14. Anthony

    He may irritate, but he’s savvy as hell.

    He’s got no ownership in American Idol, insofar as I’m aware.

    However, X-Factor is another case altogether. He’s got a large stake in that enterprise and will reap far more rewards from it than he could on Idol.

    May be a huge Idol knock-off, but that’s TV for you.

  15. So, he is preparing himself for the X factor. that is why he left the show. I am gonna miss him in this show.

  16. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Brits have degraded into “damn boring” in XXI century. I haven’t seen a funny comedy or an interesting programme on BBC since 2003 Love Actually.
    They even managed to ruin that Radio station in the open seas “comedy” and political satire in “In the Loop” James Gandolfini’s short appereance was the only good thing about it. Nobody even to look at appereance wise on their TV.
    Now this old hag is only famous because of Susan Boyle and only because of his condescending, contemptous personality. EW!

  17. OTP


  18. bb

    fuck this british faggot

  19. Pseudopodia

    who fucks a give?

  20. Veronica

    if you hate American Idol, you’ll loathe X-Factor. They must have a billion pound budget for electrical effects to detract from the mediocre crust of Britain’s talent pool.

    But you can’t dismiss the man’s business savvy.

  21. sonofbarfdog

    all grammatical “errors” were the intention of the artist. But you had a hard time understanding it? It did make me laugh aloud that your first comment ever here at thesuperficial (after many years of reading) was to effectively defend Simon Cowell. Todd, is there something you want to tell us? Anything? It’s ok Todd, maybe you aren’t ready yet.

  22. jc

    Its a great move in my opinion. American Idol is long in the tooth and showing its age. Without Cowell I don’t think most people will watch. Hes the only reason I watch American Idol anyway. What the hell does Ellen Degeneres know about judging talent anyway. Comedy talent, maybe but not musical talent.

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  24. ghd

    oh, beautiful girl.

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