Bai Ling’s breast falls out…of course

July 11th, 2007 // 152 Comments

Wow, it’s a slow news day. Bai Ling was outside the Roosevelt last night and showed up to Teddy’s with her new husband. And it’s Bai Ling, so it was just a matter of time before her boob popped out. She even acts surprised when it happens, like it wasn’t completely intentional. The odds of her falling out of her top this many times by accident are about as good as her joining Mensa and then piloting a cardboard box to the moon.


  1. smaddox

    to #40:

    You have always hated asian women…? And you are yourself a girl..? And I can imagine some of your ex-boyfriends left you for a much slimmer, cuter asian chick right??

  2. JagedNS

    I hear about this person from time to time but I could never quite place her. I checked on IMDB and damn, she’s been in alot of things..most of which I haven’t seen…until I got near the bottom of the list…..she was in The Crow with Brandon Lee. I saw this years ago when it came out and now finally know who Bai Ling is. I don’t care any more than I did before…but at least I’m informed now.


  3. I like thiz cute little
    Azian girl..????..zhe
    would fit in with my
    friendz..zhez a krazilittlebitch??

  4. 40, I agree. I hate asians as well, and 51, it has NOTHING to do with ANYONE EVER leaving me for one of those “things” thank you very much. And the only reason that guys are attracted to them, is because of the Korean and Vietnam wars. Sucky Sucky Five Dollaaaa ring any bells?? You bitch at people who say they hate asians, yet you stereotype them enough to think that all asian women are easy. So technically, youre just as bad, if not worse than me and my pal 40 up there!

  5. PS, I love you number 40.

  6. santosh

    who’s she wid boobs popping out…mine male frns dhawal has better chest than her….yak…

  7. I’ like to screw this Asian girl. I would spin her in circles on my dick, then when
    I was done, I’d piss and take a hard shit
    on her chest.

  8. smaddox

    so TheHeeasians..etc etc,

    You make a few assumptions here which I guess you’re in no way shape or form allowed to do.

    1) The only reason people are attracted to asian girls is because of the Korean and Vietnam wars? Because there were prostitutes during that war that offered their services to US troops??? JESUS!!! I can’t even comment on this one due to a stupidity melt-down in my brain.

    2) I stereotype them, and think all asian women are easy????????? Since when did I do that?

    What else can I say?

  9. averageasian

    she didn’t seem to mind much

    hey, it’s how she gets famous, right?

  10. jamie


    so, you and your friends are skanky hos?

    yeah, i can totally Zee that.

  11. kix

    Skankiness knows no race.

  12. HALLEY

    I’m asian, and I assure you guys, asian boobs are not normally like that. They’re usually firm and pretty with perky nipples. She’s one hell of a kind.

  13. jus'stupid


  14. smaddox

    Nothing wrong with her nipples actually… her behaviour is a bit strange, but her body is fine! Better than most fat americans…

  15. jus'stupid

    She is bird dog ugly.
    she hit every branch of the ugly tree on the way down.
    I wouldn’t do her with Jimbo’s crank
    She is still better than ztankyzkankkelli

  16. AnyTime

    “Put your titty up, Adele.”

  17. ever notice how
    fatt old people
    ztuck to their
    chairz R zo mean
    and ugly??

    U bitchez wixhed
    u looked az good
    az her…and my
    Englizh teacher
    iz on vafuckincation..
    zo fuck U.

  18. smaddox

    Krazihottkelli -> you got my support!!

  19. aqua6


  20. Aubree

    40 and 54…

    I am sure there are some great white supremist or KKK sites that you could blog on. Save your white power statements for some place else.

  21. Chauncey Gardner


    Love the KALIFORNIA reference!

    “This ain’t Lucky Lager!”

  22. AnyTime

    Maybe this is old but why isn’t this on SF?

  23. AnyTime

    #71 Thanks, I’ve been holding that back for one of these titty dropping celebs and this one seemed appropriate!

    “Cold weather makes people stupid and that’s a fact. “

  24. TeeHeeHeeAsiansAintForMe

    Im not a racist, I just fucking hate asians and I am entitled to that opinion. Why are you all getting your panties in a bunch here? Seriously. Freedom of speech is my right as an american.

    Something Bai Ling would know NOTHING about.

    :) Smile if you hate me. I dont care. I come here to be superficial and say offensive things is all.

  25. Aubree

    i’m not racist” hmmmm, might want to re-think that statement, sweet cheeks

  26. TeeHeeHeeAsiansAintForMe

    and #64…

    Why come on here and say that Bai Ling’s body is “fine”?? How is that fine?? She looks like shes going to snap in half at any given second. Of course, fat to you is probably those kelly clarkson/mandy moore posts, right?? Moron.

    See, Im not allowed to voice my opinion as to why I cannot tolerate asians, but you can voice out about fat people??

    prejudice is prejudice no matter how you look at it.


  27. francesca

    #51, I’m way too hot for any of my ex-boyfriends to have left me for an ugly, dumb, flat-assed Asian. They all smell like garlic..I smell like Juicy fuck off!

  28. TeeHeeHeeAsiansAintForMe

    because I say I dont like asians (And I definiately DONT mean ALL asians) that makes me racist?? I dont think so. I dont drop the N bomb. I dont call hispanics anything other than HISPANICS. I HAVE NEVER used a racial slur such as chink, gook, etc in my life… Im clearly not the definition of a racist. I just do not favor asians is all.

    I can happily say when Katrina happened, I volunteered, and went there and handed out food and water. Does that make me a racist??

    While I was doing shit like that, your lazy asses were sitting at home NOT going to help, not because you COULDNT, but because you were scared of rape and crime. Thats racist.

    Im not.

  29. TeeHeeHeeAsiansAintForMe

    hahahaha I love francesca!! :) They are flat assed, arent they!!?

  30. francesca

    #54, remember, Asians whore out their daughters at age eight to feed the family. Esp. in Veitnam, Thailand,…the list goes on. XOXO to you.

  31. Aubree


    krazihottkelli and her friends (77, 40, 54)are at the internet cafe making ignorant middle school comments….now girls don’t you have to go now? I heard Baby Gap and Limited Too are having great summer sales.

  32. sharpeidude

    I’m pretty sure my uncle tossed this bitch out of a helicopter over Saigon in 1969.

    Get some baby!!!!

  33. TeeHeeHeeAsiansAintForMe

    How can you call me racist for utilizing my right as an american and practicing freedom of speech? So what?! I dont like asians. Ive never used a racial slur against them though. Or any other race. When Katrina happened, I was there, helping to pick up the pieces that none of you were willing to help with. Ohhh you didnt go cuz you couldnt?? BS. You didnt go because you were scared of being raped or mugged or the likes.

    I would have went and helped with the tsunami in asia as well had I had the funds to do so. I dont hate all asians. I just cannot tolerate most asian women, because they have the I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT BECAUSE IM A WHORE mentality.

  34. TeeHeeHeeAsiansAintForMe

    yep, exactly. Hasnt anyone seen Full Metal Jacket? Thats really how shit was there… Except instead of being 15, those girls were younger than that.

  35. TeeHeeHeeAsiansAintForMe

    and I have NO connection to KrazziHotKelli either thanks. Im sitting in the comforts of my own home on my day off.

  36. hollow

    #40, 54
    stop being racist, which you clearly are
    #51 agreed

  37. TeeHeeHeeAsiansAintForMe

    OMG you people are F’in stupid. Im not a damn racist. Get the hell off this site if you dont like people being blunt and speaking about what theyre thinking. Seriously. Why dont you go be gay with Perez Hilton or something??!?!!

  38. francesca

    #61, you’re correct in saying skankiness knows no race…but Asian chicks are just plain ugly. Go into any nail salon and see for yourself.

  39. Aubree


  40. TeeHeeHeeAsiansAintForMe

    I wouldnt say theyre ALL ugly, but a large portion of them are. And yeah, skankiness does know no race, but at the same time, I see more skanky asian american girls than I see anything.

    Having lived in an asian dominated part of the world for a bit, and seeing them in THEIR environment, they arent skanky. But heere, for some reason, they are.

    Sucky Sucky Five Dollla.

  41. TeeHeeHeeAsiansAintForMe

    Aubree get over yourself. No one youre speaking of is racist. Youre picking francessca and I apart, while there are like 4 other comments in here that are blantantly outright racist. Get out of here with your bleeding heart bs.

  42. Aubree



  43. hollow

    go look up the word racist, dumbass
    you just said you hate asians.
    enough with your freedom of speech shit, you’re racist. fckin admit it already.
    since when were asians stereotyped to have flat asses?

  44. maddy

    they look like such a sweet couple, and I for one am happy for Bai Ling, and her husband. If our lives were judged by paparazzi shots, we wouldn’t come off looking good either.

  45. TeeHeeHeeAsiansAintForMe

    Hollow. Here are a few simple directions for you.


    Im not racist. I hate MOST asian AMERICAN women. Not asians in general. Seriously. Can you read?? are you illiterate?? Go to hell if you dont like what Im saying. Ignore me. I am voicing my opinions as it is my God given freedom to do so.

    So many of you people in here have a problem with us saying that WE DONT LIKE ALL ASIAN WOMEN and then you go home calling gay people Fags and stuff like that.

    Making fun of fatties as well is EQUALLY as bad. And Im sure youre ALL guity of doing so.

  46. Aubree

    thank you hollow!

    at least someone else can point out the obvious

  47. TeeHeeHeeAsiansAintForMe

    You guys seriously think youre being soo clever in shutting me down, dont you? Id punch you both in your ugly asian ass kissing faces if I could.

  48. Aubree

    hmmmmmm, now who’s getting her “panties all in a bunch”?

    i’m done, you’re a racist.

    said and done.

  49. astella

    All hail the Chinese Paris Hilton!

  50. Come on, 12 year old Asian boys don’t really have what can be constituted as “breasts.”

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