Bai Ling’s breast falls out…of course

July 11th, 2007 // 152 Comments

Wow, it’s a slow news day. Bai Ling was outside the Roosevelt last night and showed up to Teddy’s with her new husband. And it’s Bai Ling, so it was just a matter of time before her boob popped out. She even acts surprised when it happens, like it wasn’t completely intentional. The odds of her falling out of her top this many times by accident are about as good as her joining Mensa and then piloting a cardboard box to the moon.


  1. Clarence the Clown

    I’ve seen 12 year olds with bigger chests.

  2. Jaffo

    Can someone PLEASE tell me why this anoying, whorish skank is even remotely considered famous?! Was she like an extra in Full Metal Jacket or something?!

  3. combustion8

    I would tear that shit up… I loves me some chinawomen.

  4. I thought Bai Ling was the name of a Chinese panda bear, right?

  5. venus

    maybe she was surprised it didn’t happen sooner? practising in front of the mirror for the eventuality was probably as close as she got to another acting gig.

  6. Mdiz

    Damn that is one Fugly chick.

  7. combustion8

    I’ve got a fever.. and it’s yellowish in tint.


    She’s Chinese, what do you expect? My 6 year old cousin’s erection would be considered bigger than her breast, but then again, her nipple takes up most of it, so really, it’s more of a nipbreast.

  9. Gerald Tarrant

    Jesus, Samantha Ronson and Bai Ling. What happened to the whorish celebretards in bikinis?

  10. huh?


    who is this chick?

    someone please tell me, thanks! =)

  11. huh?


    who is this chick?

    someone please tell me, thanks! =)

  12. Gross! Who wants to see that shit?

  13. Chauncey Gardner

    She seems like she’d be scary in bed. Like, maybe a little too free with *her* teeth and *your* pain.

    But the really funny thing is that I just can’t picture her doing the normal things that people do, like cooking breakfast, reading a magazine, petting a puppy dog, or watching a comedy, when she’s not out in public. I see only images of Bai sitting in the lotus position on a dais in a dark chamber, surrounded by chains and fire.

  14. Poochi

    Chicka da china
    The Chinese Chicken
    Have a drumstick and
    Your brain stops tickin’…

    Who is she? Or an even better question… who gives a shit!

    Reminds me of this chick Melanie, only Melanie is not chinese, and has nicer titties, and is a little taller. Scratch that!

  15. Pikachelsea

    What has she done to be considered worth taking a picture us? Oh and her nipple is the stuff of nightmares. She could put an eye out with that thing. Probably her own.

  16. star69

    You call those flapjacks breasts??

  17. michelle

    she looks like a fucking Asian mannequin! her husband (?) looks like he is adjusting her body for the correct pose for the picture.

  18. hollaback

    I think her breasts are pretty because they are actually real. The nipples are huge though….gag.

  19. silentpyjamas

    Bai Ling is a super-chef.
    she makes delicious dumplings!

    dedicated to kdm773

  20. I would probably do
    a chineze girl in the
    future..they’re zo
    fuckin cute…….

  21. Sal Calabro

    It’s a “slow news day”???

    Since when is what this website covers “news”?

  22. Smelly Gostard

    OK krazihotkelli, here’s the deal– you can use a “z” in place of an “s” in words such as “Chinese” because the “s” makes the “z” sound. Using a “z” in the word “so” is really asinine though. Why? Because that “s” makes a “ssssss” sound. Usually I just skip your posts because I thought you were “special” (with an “s”). Then I decided maybe you really didn’t know any better and if I enlightened you, your life would be full of peaches and pink ponies, and maybe people wouldn’t think you were retarded.
    Ain’t I sweet?

  23. nagger please

    Asian chicks have the best nipples.

  24. Joe Mahma

    It’s a good thing TMZ blurred it out so we can’t even tell it’s what is being described.

    I guess I’ll just take their word for it.


  25. Kevin Kunreuther

    Finally! A place where I can hang my hat. Unhand her, you rapscallion, you Moorish cur, that coat rack is my Asian nookie.

  26. Its a good thing TMZ blurred it out as not to offend my virgin eyes!

  27. hoobaskank

    why is everything about her so freakishly tacky?

  28. Those are the most disgusting bird perch like nipples that I have ever laid eyes on. Excuse me while I murder babies now.

  29. twoofus

    Not sure how but Bai Ling Cod has managed to make a beautiful thing like nipslips boring. Whore.

  30. Danklin24

    Jebus christ, does anyone actually find this girl attractive? Seeing her ugly face just kind of depresses me, i mean, way more than seeing Hilary Swank.

  31. Atrieds

    Who IS she?! What does she DO?!

  32. aqua6

    Whoo..hoo.. Jena’s breasts fall out, no one would complain

  33. sharpeidude

    Okay…so who is this VC gook whore and why should I care?

  34. ajax

    what a ridiculous human being

  35. aqua6

    I meant, if Jenna’s breasts fall out no one would complain, especially the guys. Bravo to fake breasts and American porn stars.
    So women, if your breasts are saggy please carry a bra unless you are silicon implanted. Who would not want big breasts even the fake ones, right guys?

  36. wanky

    ok wtf does she do?? seriously.

  37. Mr Big

    NASTY chinese breasts.

  38. francesca

    I have always hated Asian women; her ugly flapjack tits with the eraser nipples confirms this. Her husband is equally as ugly. He looks like a black Asian. Probably the most hideous combo ever. I hope they never have kids.

  39. Will

    #1 – who the hell is she

    #2 – that is a nasty looking boob

  40. Not sure who she is, but she has nice boobs. I like flat Asian chicks.

  41. tromba1

    Who the fuck is this person? Nice tits. BFD.

  42. Guy

    God I lol’d at the guy in the blue shirts expression, you can see him turning around seeing her boob, then a kind of smile on his face in the rest.

  43. miss oblivious

    Get thee to a nunnery!

  44. it doesn’t look falling out to me – more like the design of the outfit

  45. Daryl G.

    Nobody seems to want to answer who this dumb bitch is:

    She’s actually been in a LOT of things, but I can’t actually say I remember her in any of them.

  46. treble

    she’s a nobody..

  47. Kamihi

    Attention whore – celebs are such attention sluts.

  48. Kamiki

    Attention whore – celebs are such attention sluts.

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