Bai Ling says ‘RAWR! I’m a tiger – but in a bikini!’

May 15th, 2008 // 46 Comments

Bai Ling is chilling in Hawaii this week and also did the Lord’s work by partaking in several bikini shoots. This time around, she managed to keep her nipples fully secured. (Or did she??) Anyway, I’ll let you guys marvel at these while I prepare my last post of the day which’ll make it a Superficial Bikini Trifecta . You guys will love who’s coming up next. Or hate her and get into a giant flame war. Ha, you kids!


  1. anticks


  2. tThe White Urkle

    I would love to suck her a-hole until her head caved in!

  3. Gia

    I have no idea who this chick is but it looks like she got lipo on the stomach and horrible implants and a hideous gap for cleavage and even with all that cosmetic surgery she does not look sexy. If she looked sexy I would be thinking about sex right now. I’m not gay or bi-sexual but if I see a sexy male or sexy female then it makes me think about sex.

  4. snarky

    aah, news flash, no one cares about this ugly, barely famous chick ;so please stop posting pics of her

  5. Ted from LA

    You’re gay. Embrace it.

  6. A skin asian chick with no boobs, what a surprise..

  7. Meh. Thai stick is much better than C-h-i-n-k stick.

    (Can you believe we can’t say ch*nk? Try typing in any derogatory term you can think of about whites – every single one of ‘em will fly right past the auto-censors here. I blame the n iggers – their endless whining has ruined it for everyone.)

  8. Handcock

    i second that snarky, bitch is FUGLY.

  9. It's me Fuckers

    I think she should bunk it with Pete and Amy for the most revolting threesome in history. *shudder*

  10. Erica

    Come on. Who the fuck is this girl? What is she barely famous for?

  11. a2m

    Srsly, who is she? She isn’t that hot.

    This is hot, woot! Busty Asians!

  12. Gia


    Ha! Ha! Ted! You’re a funny guy!
    Thinking about visiting another females flower grosses me out.

  13. Ou

    She is so freakin’ fat!

  14. Ping

    Sexy girr! ME RIKE!

  15. Ted Mosby

    Sometimes she looks like a lady boy.

  16. Tim

    The only time Bai Ling said “RAWR” was when she was arrested for shoplifting and wanted to know what rawr she bloke.

  17. #7 troll, you are like the worst hemmorhoid EVER!!

  18. Bai Ring a Ding Dong

    Fake gook cunt. Dyed red hair, lipo, implants…. probably collagen lips & a face lift too (isn’t she 60 or so?)

    probably getting speech therapy so that she doesn’t make a cunt out of herself when she tries to say “Llewelyn’s Lime Lollipop”.

  19. Jake

    ummm didn’t quite keep her top on some of those shots :-) might want to look again…

  20. poonmoon

    Whenever I see this girl I swear I can almost hear her saying “me sucky, sucky, fucky, fucky, 20 dollhairs?” in the screechy voice of a retarded half cat half woman.

  21. Bill Clinton

    She looks like the retarded asian prostitue that you get for free if you pay for the hot one.

  22. Deva

    I guess little slopie doesn’t get it that no one wants her around….

  23. It's me Fuckers

    ROFL @ #16!!

  24. B-rad

    @21 – My thoughts exactly. She’s hideous, and if I never saw her again, my life would be better for that.

  25. El-COyote

    LOL – Bai Ling… Trying to stay young looking and relevant…
    Failing at both….

  26. Rut Roh

    Complain all you want, she’s hotter than 98% of Americans and 99% of Brits. It’s a shame she’s as crazy as the day is long.

  27. Sara

    I see a nipple.

  28. M-m-m-moTeesuh?

    Hey RutRoh,
    just cuz you’re a fat greasy sack of shat, don’t try and drag the US and UK down to your Or this fuguglygook’s level. For fuck’s sake- she looks like a mortally ill tranny. Douche.

  29. Skinny bitch, I'd nail her

    Bai Ling is a skinny bitch, but I’d stick my yang into her ying any day of the week. She is a crazy broad who would be great in bed, moaning and groaning and grinding like there is no tomorrow. She probably sucks great too.

  30. Gwen

    Whoooooo!!! Flame war!

  31. bosendorfer

    i can’t look at this hideous stick-thing any longer.

    i appreciate the “variety” you’re going for, but please, try and keep marginally-attractive celebrities/”celebrities” featured rather than this kind of thing.

    thank you.

  32. wreckhouse

    That’s borderline child porn, posting that picture of a little boy dressed in his mom’s bikini.

    Good God, she looks like shit. I don’t know who she is, but if there are ever any more pictures of her on here, a warning preceding the post would be nice-if I’d been eating when I got a gander at these I would have spewed all over my monitor.

  33. This is why gooks should be buried in rubble ; not seen.


  34. Wow. That sure was awkward…

  35. Rat

    She’s a nut job!
    But I would totally let her stomp on my balls!

  36. the octagon

    Dearest Morons.
    Yeah not hot at all.
    Especially not hot as the hot vamy/goth in The Crow or the robot in Sky Captain.

  37. FACE


  38. Me One


  39. norton

    Seriously, why is this totally whacked out slit famous again?

    Is this another “famous for being famous” Hollyweird surgically enhanced pain in the ass?

  40. She confuses my crotch… down boy! Down!!!

  41. OC Dee

    She looks like one of those underweight Asian male prostitutes. She needs to gain weight and perhaps this will improve her figure.

  42. Chupacabra

    what’s up with her nip slips? its like those things are always trying to escape. like brit-brit’s vajayjay.

  43. superficial, can you please stop posting anything about this hag?

  44. nat

    Wow. You people are so AAAAAAAANGRY.

    I’m sure if you randomly met Bai Ling you’d be like “God, she’s really pretty.”

    What a bunch of deranged brats. Way to perpetuate the cycle of obsessive body image issues in our culture. Reading this blog is like watching a bunch of dodo birds falling off a cliff, like that Ice Age movie.

  45. kamasutra

    @44 I like you’re style nat

  46. Here’s a very nice nude gallery of our waif – ish Asian model actress:

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