Bai Ling still ridiculously whorish

August 16th, 2006 // 71 Comments



  1. RichPort

    Her t shirt makes me feel like a 10th grader again… MMMMMMMM…. nipples…

  2. SuperShallow

    something tells me her daddy did naughty things to her….
    its not funny, I’m serious

  3. jamiew

    She should get this car to go around in to show off not some ghetto e class.

  4. DancingQueen

    Will someone please tell me who the hell this skank is anyway? I have no idea. WHY is she famous? Or is it for being a whore?

  5. jrzmommy

    That’s the chick that just did my nails. That’s her…she said, “you pick cullah” I never forget a face.

  6. even owen wilson would only lick that for a half hour…

  7. combustion8

    I have some white I would like to add to that yellow.

  8. of course a half hour after that…owen would be hungry again…

  9. RichPort

    I could go for a little takeout…

  10. andrewthezeppo

    Actually she’s a VERY good actress when in her native language… Rent “Dumplings” or “3-Extremes” (which has an edited down Dumplings). She plays a woman who makes dumplings out of aborted fetuses its amazing.

  11. She’s airing out her cootch. Otherwise, her vag smells like a week old dim sum.

  12. She needs to grow the hell up, she is starting to act like a cougar. Isn’t she in her mid-30s?

  13. jrzmommy

    11–No thanks. I don’t like when my stomach contents reappear out of my mouth! But it sounds fucking fascinating.

  14. I can hear her labia flapping as she walks, and what smells like sweet and sour sauce?

  15. nc72

    No worse than a bikini but damn she’s freaky looking

  16. Someone forgot their over the shoulder boulder (pebble) holder!!

  17. Populist

    #7- Owen Wilson probably will be licking that, after he gets Kate Hudson to leave her husband, and then dumps her.

  18. jrzmommy

    Bai Ling translates to Most Dishonorable Daughter

  19. Rimmer

    Serious actress yes. Wasn’t she in that movie “Memoirs of a Geisha’s Cunt”

  20. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Every now and then we need a story about Bai Ling to bring out the best and brightest students of the school of the corny Asian joke. It’s like the school of Shaolin, only more vagina-oriented. Did you see that?!!! I said ‘Orient’!!! HA! ME ROVE YOU RONG TIME!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL LMNNOP PBS DDT DADV!!!

  21. 86

    Now for the obligatory ‘who is she, again?’ post…..

  22. ER

    #9 – that was a good one….I’m still laughing!

  23. ImSuicidal

    @22 oshie – What’s the matter? You kind of lost it there at the end of your post!!
    Bad day?
    Wrong side of the bed?
    Are you still upset because you can’t logon to:

    P.S. Michael Dell isn’t at home right now. I left a message.

  24. arieschic

    yeah, I was kind of wondering who this chick is too. Why is she famous?

  25. Hmmm, Post-It notes could be a new trend. You know they come in different colors too, very fashionable.

  26. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    26 -
    - I’m always having a great day because I have huge, perky tits
    - I’m always having PMS. That’s because it fuels my murderous rage and makes me crave chocolate.
    - It’s never the wrong side of the bed when I wake up in it.
    - Yes.

    As far as anything else you may have addressed re: my demeanor -
    I guess I should have bought the good crack today instead of that off-brand krack which is derived from Coco Puffs rather than Cocoa leaves. Lesson learned. But you know me, always trying to save a buck.

  27. jrzmommy

    “…with their ching, chang, chung talk. I can’t understaaaannd YOU!” Dave Chapelle

  28. saltpeanuts

    Mmmm. Something about her makes me feel good in all my special places. Plus, I’d really like to pee in her butt.

  29. Spunkbubble on J. Alba's chest

    Hey lay off my orange chicken tasting pussy. Nothing like eating chinese!

  30. ImSuicidal

    29 – (salivating & eyes as big as saucers)
    I’m sorry! Could you please repeat everything after “huge, perky tits” !!!

  31. RichPort

    Who gives a fuck why she’s famous? Or if she’s a whore. Or is she’s catching up to Porous Hilton with the crotch shots. I’d hit that until her accent went away. I’d start getting my nails and toes done like a fruit. I’d even listen to her stories of being a refugee and sucking off Japanese sailors to get smuggled into this country. The rest of you are obviously chicks if you’re not willing to make those personal sacrifices. Chicks I tell you.

  32. jrzmommy

    she’s a little beefy for an asian. (Great. now I just heard the punchline “Beef with Blokkree” in my head)

  33. jrzmommy

    …and Long Duck Dong’s bizarre drunken laughter following the beef with blokkree punchline

  34. AmericanMcKrout

    #15- tee hee!
    But seriously- Owen Wilson + Bai Ling? Hmmm. How about Kate Hudson + Bai Ling? Now THAT I would pay to see!

  35. Italian Stallion

    Another Bai Ling story, same stupid jokes, but atleast this one didn’t go to 100 comments like all the rest…………..

  36. Give it time Stallion, the day is young…

  37. jrzmommy

    38–yeah, but what the hell else can one say about Bai Ling? You either make asian jokes or you talk about her trashy clothes and how appropriate they are for a whore such as herself. We can’t really comment on anything else when it comes to such a completely irrelevant and extraneous fucking whatever-she-is.

  38. beifiori

    she’s ugly. why is it that fugly people get to the jobs, or get attention for being beautiful when it’s very apparent they are FUGLY??????? we have paris, nicole, hohan, giselle “the he-horse twin”, madonna, wilmer valderamma, bruce willis, arnold, countless models (and it’s not just the females) , just to name a few…what is up with that????

  39. IFuckingHateYou

    Tom Cruise loves Bai Ling.
    Probably because that’s a cock hanging out of her skirt and we all know that TCLTC.

  40. 86

    She should marry someone with the last name Wall. Cuz cuz then her name would be Bai Ling Wall. ha.

  41. jrzmommy

    43–that’s fucking hilarious.

  42. stingybtchsuzy

    #21 – All I know is Bobby Lee was in “Memoirs of a Geisha.” And Bai Ling is no Bobby Lee, dammit! If the “…Cunt” knockoff starred Bai Ling, it’s no wonder it never even made it to video, because she is no Bobby Lee!

  43. ImSuicidal

    43 – If she doesn’t marry someone with the last name Wall, you can crank call her and say:

    CC: Is Mike Wall there?

    BL: No!

    CC: Is John Wall there?

    BL: No!

    CC: Are there any walls there?

    BL: (getting aggravated) NO!

    CC: (screams into the phone) THEN WHAT THE FUCK IS HOLDING UP YOUR HOUSE??? (slams the phone down)

    BL: (looking perplexed… hangs up!)

    It gets them everytime!!!

  44. ratadechapinero

    I don’t know but it looks like she has a penis trying to get out of her skirt or whatever that is.

  45. Holy crap, you are all a bunch of sick, twisted bastards!…….and I am growing to love each and every one of you….

  46. LL

    RE ” I’d hit that until her accent went away.”


    What’s with her hat, though? She looks a little too much like Yoko Ono there. Are we sure it’s Bai Ling? With the hat and huge sunglasses that dumb bitches insist on wearing, I’m not sure it IS her. Maybe it’s just some random Asian chick who happens to dress as provocatively as Bai Ling, though that is difficult to contemplate.

  47. Ag229487

    da bitch is drivin a c class- now we know shes broke

    stil fuck her tho

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