Bai Ling might be married

July 6th, 2007 // 43 Comments

Bai Ling was spotted outside club Area in LA on the Fourth of July and told paparazzi she had gotten married in Vegas earlier that day to Damon Elliot, the son of singer Dionne Warwick. Which is just absolutely insane. I mean, really, Mr. Damon Elliot? Bai Ling? You couldn’t find a circus clown to marry? Or a monkey in a silly hat? I figure the marriage will last three weeks before Damon snaps and murders Bai Ling because she refuses to stop bouncing around in the corner while chanting, “Look at me! Look at me!”

NOTE: I’m assuming she won him over with her dance moves. How could you watch her dance and not fall in love?


  1. sdenigma

    First…on useless piece of news :)

  2. James


  3. up yours

    what’s very liberating?

  4. James

    That is one skinny, flat chested, ugly bitch!! It must hurt to do her. Mr Winky will be banging on bone the whole time

  5. rockdust

    Based on her fugly outfit, I think she’s confused whether she should dress for warm or hot weather. Hideous!

  6. johnnycake

    Awwwwwww…. no mean comments here – I think they actually look cute together…

    Never thought I would post something even remotely positive about Bai Ling. 11:00am or not, I need a drink.

  7. rockdust

    Oops…I meant warm or COLD weather!

  8. wiinja


  9. jrzmommy

    You mean she denied us the joy of seeing what she passed off as a wedding dress? UH! Make me so piss off!

  10. Uber Jalemon

    I’m in lust. Is it a sign of mental problems ?

  11. she needs to relax with that yoko ono shit.

  12. gringo

    She has his mom’s nostrils.

  13. jrzmommy

    Mallied? Yeah, mallied.

  14. yomomma

    who is she?

  15. CountDrunkulaXxX

    First, I cant think of any movies she has EVER been in. Second, she has got to be the fugliest asian that I have ever seen (trust me thats saying a lot I kinda hate the asians they gross me the fugg out), and Third, Id loooove to see a sex tape with these two in it. How can a dude that overweight have sex with a chick THIS underweight??

    ewww mental picture.

  16. he lookz bliztz
    he don’t even know
    who hez with…

    I hear that canada
    lookz like her??

  17. whitegold

    Wait, who supposedly got the worst end of this deal? The fact that I can’t figure it out means they must be a good match for each other!

    And now, hopefully, some random guy who is apparently the son of Dionne Warwick and some annoying girl who tries almost as hard as, umm, what’s her name (you know, Nick’s gf…seriously, I can’t remember her name…wow, how ironic is that), can just fade off into a peaceful obscurity and be happy together.

  18. You can Bai Ling my bell – ell – ell
    Bai Ling my bell
    Bai Ling it, Bai Ling it

  19. Beef Curtians

    That’s one crazy slope.

  20. Miserable Bastard

    If I woke up on the fifth of July married to that, I’d be bai-ling out an open window.

  21. BaiLingDaBlingBling

    “Rook at me… Rook at me…”

  22. asteadyrain

    it’s bai ling…tomorrow she’s gonna claim she flew to mars and invented peanut butter.

  23. ssdd

    Can you imagine if they bred and what that thing would look like???!!!

  24. opie

    who is she…what has she ever done…why do we care???

  25. CountDrunkulaXxX's MAMA

    Hey bitch get back between my ass crack. dontcha know your daddy’s quarter asian? you obviously been living n the folds of my fat for too long.

    Now why can’t all ugly people be as happy as these two fuglies?

  26. Alayney

    Dude who runs this site — you forgot your “nipple shields” — I see nipple!!! Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. lambman

    Don’t judge her until you see “Dumplings”

    cause that movie rocks, and she’s awesome in it…plus you know, eating fetuses is always entertaining

  28. Anna

    “she has got to be the fugliest asian that I have ever seen (trust me thats saying a lot I kinda hate the asians they gross me the fugg out)”

    Um…Can somebody say…racist asshole?!

  29. hey look it's a gook

    I don’t know why, but I’ve got to stop on the way home and pick up some Kentucky Chicken Fried rice.

  30. Anna

    Of course, it’s a zipperhead hooking up with a porch monkey, so as long as we drown their young it’s sort of a win:win.

  31. wahooligan82

    Of course, when she was telling the paps she got married in Las Vegas, what she really said was ‘I GOT MAH-WIED IN RAS VEGAS!’

  32. frenchie

    How can I get my hands on a pair of those fur eppaulettes? They update the basic t-shirt in a way I haven’t seen before. It’s like Dynasty and Pearl Jam in Woodstock.

  33. sharpeidude

    I thought Bai Ling was the name of a fucking panda bear!

  34. thiz girl lookz
    zweet az zugar??

  35. carsten5577

    Who’s the obese monkey?

  36. superficialfreak

    This her dancing about half naked

  37. Lowlands

    Did her greencard expire? The Great and Heavenly leader is calling her back.Although it’s from his grave.She’s reluctant because capitalism has its charm.

  38. Bai Ling and Damon Elliott make an interesting couple. I heard he is producing her album to come. Damon recently finished working in the studio with Jessica Simpson, Beyonce and Tila Tequila. So, maybe its a trade off. Damon has new Television Show Beverly Hills Confidential coming out soon.

  39. CountDrunkulaXxX

    Wow Erin. And IM the crazy one? Stop being a child and get over it. Youre the only reason that were not friends. GET OVER IT. LEAVE ME ALONE. IM DONE. YOURE DONE. TIME TO GROW THE HELL UP.

    Im not going to contact you, or try to start shit with you like you have sooo desperately been trying to do lately, so just stop. Im being mature, I could do A LOT of stuff right now to mess up everything you have in life but Im not. So you stop. Leave my friends alone, just forget that we were ever friends.

    Its THAT simple.

    PS Get over yourself. You might be pretty on the outside, but your personality (or lack there of) makes you the most unattractive person that I have ever met. Youll see this someday when youre 40 and alone.

    Sorry to everyone else on here. Apparently I have a stalker.


  40. Jimmy

    It’s January ’08, and we just spent a week with them on a cruise, and they appeared to be totally in love. They’re both exceptionally nice, warm, open people.

  41. I liked Bai Ling on LOST. And in The Crow. Lately I`m not so sure about her projects, but I saw the Chain Letter trailer and (despite the fact that she`s not even visible in it), I think the movie could be okay.

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