Bai Ling is not engaged to Nick Carter

November 10th, 2005 // 3 Comments

Bai_Ling_Hollywoodpoker.jpgNick Carter called Ryan Seacrest’s show on Tuesday to deny reports that he and Bai Ling are engaged, after Bai Ling was quoted as saying they were. A rep for Bai Ling has told a rep for Nick that she never said the things that were reported, though it seems pretty clear the woman is insane.

I appreciate that posing in Playboy and not starring in Star Wars is enough to make you think you’re famous, but randomly telling reporters that you’re enaged to celebrities qualifies you as an idiot. Looks like we have a challenger for the title of Biggest Attention Whore. I expect her next move will be to claim she slept with the President and start dressing only in used condoms. Well played, Bai. Well played.

Nick Carter Tells Ryan Seacrest – ‘Hell No’ [PR Newswire]


  1. Zanathon

    BAI LING: “The reporter didn’t let me finish my sentence. I was going to say that me and Nick Carter got engaged…in a DREAM!”

    Then out of the blue she went on and said…

    BAI LING: “My next tattoo is going to be of a side ways portrait of Nick Carter’s face inked in between my legs. That way, whenever I queef I can pretend Nick is singing to me one of the songs from his solo album.”

  2. assholic

    nick isn’t far off as much of an attention seeking media whore as bai ling to me. if they ever get a child together (adoptive or biological), poor child indeed.

  3. Nick Carter called Ryan Seacrest in Spain today to dispel rumors of marriage between him and Bai Ling. Ling was quoted by publications saying that she was in love and both are committed

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