Bai Ling is an idiot

Bai Ling is rejoicing the plea bargain in her Valentine’s Day shoplifting arrest. You know, the one where she got picked up for stealing batteries and two Star magazines for a total of $16.22 and didn’t even try to pay for the shit on the spot. Well, Bai Ling is apparently pleased as hell with the outcome, according to the thumbs-up picture from her blog:

Theft dismissed and I am innocent!Yes!Yes!Yes!
I plead guilty today in court to ” DISTURBING THE PEACE “
Theft dismissed! yes! This is it! All the darkness went away, the sunlight really come back to me with a huge smile right now dance in my trailer Yes! Yes! Yes!
I told you truth is going to be told and I am innocent!!!

Except Bai Ling left out the part where she’s getting nailed with a $700 fine for, again, only sixteen bucks worth of crap. The AP reports:

In the plea deal requested by her attorney, she agreed Wednesday to plead guilty to disturbing the peace and to pay a fine and penalties totaling $700, city attorney spokesman Frank Mateljan said.

What an amazing legal maneuver. The next time I’m in trouble with the law, I’m getting my legal advice from Bai Ling. What’s that? The cops can’t prove it’s me if I leave prints all over the scene? I’m on it! Put my drivers license in the victim’s mouth? Makes sense. I better leave a Post-It with my correct address though. Don’t want them going to the wrong house. Ha! Could you imagine?

Photo: Bai Ling
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