Bai Ling is almost too good at dancing

June 18th, 2007 // 95 Comments


  1. BaldAsBritney

    Her dancing expresses what yearns to be free in all of us.

    In this case, a gigantic shit.

  2. BaldAsBritney

    “do even little people have standards?”

    Oh they have standards all right

    Big standards.

  3. polypam

    Why is this a surprise? In my experience, Asian girls can’t dance.

    Unless they belong to Gwen Stefani.

  4. MrSemprini

    Flashing lights can often cause epileptic fits.

  5. lalaland

    #21 its MARY Carey…not Mariah Carey, 2 very (not so much) different people…

  6. Bogart

    That midget just put this video over the top!

  7. woodhorse

    I was afraid those midgets wouldn’t find any work after Paris’ birthday party but my fears were groundless. The goats were invited to a barbeque in Crawford.

  8. Dr.Bob

    Wow! She looks like a monkey wearing a vest! A coked-up, enraged monkey wearing a vest.. Where’s PETA when ya need ‘em?

    BTW – that’s a dwarf, not a midget

  9. Is this what Hollywood is like? Little People, crazy Asians, porn stars… I HAVE TO MOVE THERE! I’d fit right in.

  10. Don Boogie

    She may be a horrible dancer but her title as “World’s Skankiest Asian Broad” is still intact.

  11. lickme

    What’s with looking down the entire time? Apparently she can’t keep her eyes off her astonishingly dancing feet.

  12. Danklin

    I love how except for the midget there is like a 3 foot area between her and anyone else, be cause everyone is scare to death of getting an eye gouged out by flailing arms. My 4 year old cousin dances better than this.

  13. yourface

    I probably dance like that when I’m drunk.
    The only weird thing about this though, is that everyone is standing like five feet away. They probably made room for her to do a breakdancing move, but she forgot.

  14. Binky

    I haven’t seen moves like that since a doc I saw on the Discovery Channel.
    I think it was called ‘Trouble at the Ant Farm’ or ‘Ant Farms – Greatest Disasters’ or something like that.
    By the end of the show I realized I wasn’t getting out enough.

  15. Navdoug

    I dance like that. I had to stop though. People kept putting my wallet in my mouth and calling 911

  16. soesghost

    Didn’t Seinfeld end a few years back? So why is Elaine getting any coverage at all?

    PS – The midget makes this an instant pucker classic

  17. The Superfish guy is on coke

    Asians are known for sucking at two things: Driving and Dancing

  18. Fazool

    Asian; the race rhythm forgot…

  19. Fazool

    Asian; the race rhythm forgot…

  20. Kai

    It’s good that they slowed down the music, I’m not sure if the little person could’ve survived her dancing.

  21. BaldAsBritney

    Question: Whats the difference between a dwarf and a midget?

    Answer: Very little


  22. DeeeDeee

    Daaaang – she’s good. Now that’s some shit! :)

  23. yukadoozer

    what it is.

  24. Crump Master

    She’s crumping, you fools!

  25. ctti

    I see an ugly monkey with fits & the world’s worst dress sense.

    Plus, she was on the verge of dry humping the midget. EW?

  26. shaun

    the funniest bit was when the little man made an appearance right when the “go shorty” song came on

  27. Kamiki

    Holy mother of God give that girl some food, she makes Nicole Richie look like, Ricky Lake. (is Ricki Lake still fat?) well you know someone fattish. Horrible, I won’t even mention the dancing – it speaks for itself.

  28. techclerk

    Everybody have fun tonight.
    Everybody Wang Chung tonight.

  29. jrzmommy

    65 and 68 (and 69): That’s some funny shit you two said.


    Is that Britney I see in the background? You know, the oversized, chubby one, with skin hanging off the back of her unfitting white dress.

  31. meee

    god that was painful.

  32. jbird

    This is going to sound awfully snarky & racist, but I’ve met enouhg Asians to know that they simply have NO sense of rythm or timing. A few of us were once trying to get a few Asian girls to join us in a some basic side-to-side/clap to the beat moves and they simply couldn’t pull it togehter. EVER. When a white girl says you can’t dance, then HONEY YOU CAIN’T DANCE! BTW, someone should tell her that that old email adage that went “Dance as though no one’s looking” shouldn’t be taken so seriously.

  33. Kaye Amul

    What the…

    I think my eyes just melted.

  34. I think we’ll kidnap this crazy little girl and fly away with her. She can dance with us.

  35. ajax

    i apologize on behalf of china…

  36. JoeMama

    Dance well or not, she’s still one of the sexiest women on the planet. So she likes midgets, that just means that she is a freak.

  37. mimz

    chik looks like shes on pingers! crazy asian…

  38. dissonance42

    OH MY GOD! It was terrible enough already, and then the midget comes in. It’s almost like she wanted people to think she has completly lost her mind.

  39. dissonance42

    OH MY GOD! It was terrible enough already, and then the midget comes in. It’s almost like she wanted people to think she has completly lost her mind.

  40. Rodney

    who the hell is she?

  41. TheExpatriot

    Not to sound racist or stuff, but I dated a few Chinese girls, and all of them (but one) danced like that. Like a fucking praying mantis. Fortunately they never bit my head off, but it sure felt like it.

  42. Kathy

    I wish I had the guts to do that on the dance floor.

  43. jim stevens

    who the fuck is bai ling

  44. Havent you guys heard of google, if one more person says who is bai ling…look it up foolios. I remember her from The Crow, classic line as she looks at a woman’s dead body on her and her boyfriends bed and says “I think we broke her”.

    Seems like tons of he pics are nipple shots. Yes she is too damn skinny, and the dancing is just not even worth mentioning…obviously high as a kite.

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