Bai Ling is almost too good at dancing

June 18th, 2007 // 95 Comments


  1. jrzmommy

    I watched her dance and already I’m hungry again.

  2. jrzmommy

    oh and FRIST bitches!

  3. Boo-yaH

    Bai Ling sucky sucky at dancing.

  4. Woodie

    #1 – Good one.

  5. yeah right

    who the hell’s bai ling? i think i say her at the front porch of my neighbor’s house during halloween…comin out of the ground scarin kids and stuff…what the hell

  6. veggi

    hmm. I almost had something to say before I fell asleeep and hit my head on my desk.

  7. Omg
    She is too good
    I could never compete
    Her style and moves blind me with their greatness!

  8. oh well


  9. poorlycutpaperdoll

    her top is ridiculous as her dance

  10. ada

    omg =))

  11. Summer Kat

    Who the fuck is Bai Ling?

  12. Who lets an epileptic Asian boy into a porn star’s party? Irresponsible.

  13. Somebody help that girl…….she’s having a seizure.

  14. Coop

    Did anyone else watch long enough to see her molest the midget????

  15. oh well

    But the best part is when she freaks a midget while “Closer” by NIN plays. yes, I really did type that correctly. A midget.

  16. hollyj

    That’s what cyanide poisoning looks like, folks.

  17. cunnybrook

    @12 Bern I am one of the retards who went to your page and listlessly looked for the boob shot because I didn’t actually read what you wrote. But I eventually found it and it was remarkable. Good job Bernie. As usual. Boobs galore.

  18. lambman

    I love Bai Ling, she’s just so refreshingly crazy…not drug addict anorexic car crashing crazy…but you know, the good kind

  19. Quinn

    obviously HIGH
    she’s pathetic!!

  20. DefinatelyTrying

    I would for sure hit that fast ass in a N.Y. minute.

  21. Minefield

    She was at Mariah Carey’s party- Bai Ling is obviously not in a good place right now. That’s a hard fall for a girl who was once so well-known for her award winning roles in… and… you know…

  22. Mr. Nice

    You guys suck.
    She dances great. She looks good. This is a dance floor for christ’s sake!!!!
    She is having a good time and you guys are plain jealous. You can’t shake your legs or asses.

  23. Sarah


  24. jenny

    Is it possible that she’s on drugs? Maybe? Perhaps? and haha @ 16

  25. Jimbo

    @22 Mr. Nice – Bite Me!! Tell you mother I will give her the $20 I owe her after I hit the ATM machine. She love me long time!

  26. LOL #6!!!!

    I would love to see her break it down on the same dancefloor as Lindsey Lohan while Lindsey was doing her awesome high kicks. But only with Britney in the corner changing outfits and underwear with…well…with anyone, apparently.

    Yoko Ono rocks.

    What an awesome video.

  27. Hmm I wonder if she’s part of the PR China gymnasts team for the next Olympic Games! They’d definitely win with her!

  28. Classic video with the midgets making an appearance. That’s how the video of my birth went. I was born, then a midget busted in and started to dance around my cold, naked, sticky body!

    FYI…that midget better go watch his face or else he might get a sexaually transmitted 3rd world disease from Bai Ling’s crotch!


  29. Kris

    Umm. Eww.

  30. mirzu

    Cocaine is one hellava drug.

  31. jrzmommy

    Jrztroll, you shoulda taken credit for that one yourself, in #1, that’s pretty funny. Whenever I see Bai Ling, all I can say are stupid “Me so hohnee” jokes.

  32. BlackBanana

    Wow, it’s amazing how quickly this already outlandish display took on R-Kelly proportions with the inclusion of the midget.

    jrzmommy, you totally earned the spit-take.

  33. Ooba Gooba

    I missed the midget. I could only handle about 30 seconds of this.

  34. Elaine Benis

    Dancing? It was more like a full body dry heave.

  35. cracka

    She probably licked Lohan and is high as a kite….

    But really.. i always see shit on her… who is she?

  36. Kathleen

    She’s clearly on ecstasy.

  37. TigerLilly

    Peter and I like her because she looks something like me, dark hair, Indian skin, but I bet she a dirty little girl by the way she shakes it.

  38. Hagar7

    If I’d known that you could actually make a career out of being cast in one of the Star Wars prequels (as what the hell I couldn’t say) and having your part end up on the cutting room floor, I’d have auditioned my damn self.

  39. MDubs

    High as a KITE.
    You know how I know?….
    She is on the verge of humping a midget.

  40. JigglyPop

    Cocaine is a helluva drug.

    Plus, while she was “dancing” with Smalley McShorty, did anyone else notice the DJ roll into “Go Shorty- It’s yer Birfday”

    Classic ownage by the DJ

  41. earlystart

    Ok, so she dances a little funny, but i mean, who doesn’t at some point when you’re out and having fun? You guys must really be bored because there’s nothing to see here.

  42. she lookz like one of thoze
    little kidz in Indonezia that
    are pimped out to fat American
    zick=oz for $10.00..poor kid!

  43. Josh Lavarn

    She’s almost as good as Napoleon Dynamite.

  44. ed

    everyone reacts differently to acid

  45. jenster

    I heard angelina is trying to adopt her.

  46. loci

    the dwarf knows he’s in with a chance with a spastic, but he still has second thoughts.

    can you be too uncool for a dwarf…do even little people have standards?

  47. jrzmommy

    what’s a spit-take?

  48. Lowlands

    What you see here is a piece of history.From Maoistic parades to capitalistic moves.Or did she bathe in the river Yangtze?

  49. Jewel

    She could be the next STAR WARS KID!

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