Bai Ling’s nipples are ‘bai-ling’ out of her bikini (SWISH! Count it!)

May 12th, 2008 // 78 Comments

Bai Ling played around on a private beach in Hawaii while taking a week off from Crank 2: Amy Smart’s Nipples Fight Crime Like Batman with PMS. It looks like Bai Ling took a page from Amy’s book because her nip-nips keep popping out of her bikini. Then she decides to just ditch the damn thing. I wish more women would take their tops off sporadically. You know, for the economy and stuff. But will those fat-cats in Washington listen to me? Ha. Never. They want to talk to somebody with “a degree in economics” who “doesn’t get financial advice from a bottle of Jack Daniels.” Hey, I’ll have you know this stuff makes me all kinds of money. What’s that, whiskey? Diversify my funds with nachos? ON IT!

NOTE: Pics link to uncensored versions that are NSFW on account of the aforementioned nipple escape-age.


  1. Kim Lard-ass-ian

    Jesus Christ that nipple looks like its got a whole brain and independent nervous system its fucking gigantic, makes Kate Moss’ nipples look like jelloy tots.

  2. I’m conflicted… I want her to breast feed me, yet I fear she’ll steal my lighter.

    #28 – Nice job on the “jimmy” remark… it brought me back to high school. I doubt most people here understand what the fuck you’re talking about.


  3. Tom

    Crouching tiger, hidden titty.

  4. Count Drunkula

    Her nipples are bigger than me dick head :(. I’m such a failure. Bonus points for the Chester Cheeta ink on her… er… lower middle back? She really missed the mark on that one.

  5. farty_mcshitface

    she is such an ugly hideous bitch!
    she ALMOST makes amy winehouse look nice- almost.

  6. Asian Al

    Asian girls have those monster nipples which we all know and love. I had a girl once who had 1 1/4 in nipples. You could erase with those babies.

  7. aury


  8. shibuya_jones

    nipz to die for,even tho japanese women are way more delicious

  9. annoymous

    thank god for bai’s insistence on showing us her nipples.

    who wants to see pasties?!

  10. Ronnie D

    Well at least if her career dries up in North America I’m sure she can tune in Tokyo and find another gig on those filthy nips.

  11. el ces

    That poor woman.
    Look how happy she is in the pics where she’s dressed. They’re posted last, but were probably earlier.
    See how she averts her eyes when her breasts and ass are exposed?
    Her agent must be a real bastard.
    Probably brow-beat her into doing it.
    “You won’t be pretty much longer, do it while people still wanna look,” etc…


  12. daphne

    i dont get it, why i cant see it!

  13. Sara

    Just wanna rip those brown stubs off with my teeth.

  14. i dont get her…

  15. Bai Ling is clearly one of the sexiest asian women on the planet !

    If you have any doubts, check out my very HOT pic gallery of her at:

    Cheers !

  16. some guy

    bai-da-ling BA-DA-BOOM

  17. some guy

    bai-da-ling BAI-DA-BOOM

  18. ys

    cant beleive she’s 40!!!!!nice body!

  19. pedro peralta de la higuera

    que atros e imundo dejeneramiento de esas mugeres por llamarlas de alguna manera que paresen perras las autoridades no toman cartas en elasunto? asi estamos

  20. rajoooooo

    very good nipple,sexy crack, i want suck nipple ?

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  22. michelle

    My gosh is she hot………….why would anyone wear a top at the beach to begin with????????/

  23. michelle

    My god are those nipples fantastic. I am seriously jealous. With those sensational nuggets I could rule the word.

  24. michelle

    My god are those nipples fantastic. I am seriously jealous. With those sensational nuggets I could rule the word.

  25. Human God

    I would have used my toungue to fix her wardrobe malfunction.
    Bai Ling is quite attractive, even in her mugshot photo.
    Then again I am rather strongly interested in asian ladies because I have never had the fortune of dating one.

    Bai Ling… keep on being hot and crazy.

  26. Here’s a nice gallery of Bai Ling the Asian actress / model including plenty of hot pics of her sweet nips:

  27. Me

    R U kidding, a chance to suck on those huge nipples!! Shit I would pay for that.

  28. mark
    Commented on this photo:

    Her body is incredible and she may have the greatest nipples ever created.

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