Bai Ling’s nipples are ‘bai-ling’ out of her bikini (SWISH! Count it!)

Bai Ling played around on a private beach in Hawaii while taking a week off from Crank 2: Amy Smart’s Nipples Fight Crime Like Batman with PMS. It looks like Bai Ling took a page from Amy’s book because her nip-nips keep popping out of her bikini. Then she decides to just ditch the damn thing. I wish more women would take their tops off sporadically. You know, for the economy and stuff. But will those fat-cats in Washington listen to me? Ha. Never. They want to talk to somebody with “a degree in economics” who “doesn’t get financial advice from a bottle of Jack Daniels.” Hey, I’ll have you know this stuff makes me all kinds of money. What’s that, whiskey? Diversify my funds with nachos? ON IT!

NOTE: Pics link to uncensored versions that are NSFW on account of the aforementioned nipple escape-age.