Bai Ling at Silent Hill premiere

April 21st, 2006 // 148 Comments
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  1. jugsgirl

    shes kind of weird

  2. honeycomb's_big_yeahyeahyeah

    She wanted to take her little butt out for an airing. Dinner and a show. And only rebels tuck their shirt up and under instead of into pants or little butt twicher skirts. I’m not making sense? i’ve been drinking since 8 am. You can’t buy class like what I have.

  3. honeycomb's_big_yeahyeahyeah

    But I like her parka coat and the rebellious alterations she made. Cutting off the back of it, and the mittens-on-strings.

  4. midgietothemax

    who is she? i mean besides an attention whore??

  5. BarbadoSlim

    Oh, she is on the promotional tour for the film, she plays one of the creatures, as herself of course.

  6. mags

    I think she fits in well at a horror movie premiere.

  7. rnbri

    Whoa….. #5!!!! On my very 1st post!

    Don’t have too much to say about her except..”Who the heck is she?”

  8. educatedguess

    you’d tuck your shirt up and under too if you had a stomach like that. not trying to be funny but HOLY HELL, I wish my body was that good. who cares if she’s alone, she’s in great shape.

  9. Bai Ling, the Asian version of Paris Hilton. The only difference is you read her Valtrex prescription from right to left.

  10. mmmBitch

    Ick… at least there’s no thong poking out over her leather pants.. but that might be because she skipped the underwear today.

    Who the f*** is she anyways? What movies has she even been in? She was in Sky Captain, but anything else?? Can she even speak?

  11. mrs.t

    i’d hit it.

    and if that was my body, i’d be wearing a thong, and nothing else.

  12. mmmBitch

    She’s not even wearing pants….

    Silly me, I should have know better than to expect Bai Ling to cover her cha cha with fabric.. it needs to breathe.

  13. Fisher55

    I heard that she lost a Mitsubishi in a card game last night

  14. mmmBitch

    Check her out at
    They have a whole section devoted to her and the crap she wears. She dresses even crazier than Bjork.

  15. BarbadoSlim

    Ah, she so horny ah, ah, she so horny, she love joo long tine.

    and to the oriental or “asian” community.
    me so solly ,

  16. mmmBitch

    Amazingly enough, there’s not a nipple in sight. Must be an off day for her.

  17. CoJo

    The first picture looks as though she’s getting born out of a gigantic bloody vagina.

    Totally the asian version of Paris Hilton.

  18. cazz

    she looks like one of the cheeky girls…

  19. Italian Stallion

    Her nickname is Pu-Pu-Platter…….

  20. boredmilf


    lol eeewwww!

  21. Spacedog

    #9 — SOM. Thanks, Mama.
    Bai Ling is nuttier than a 10-pound fruitcake.
    I heard she shows up to these premieres so she can get her picture taken and then can put them up on the wall at her rub and tug business so she can charge patrons a special $50 “celebrity rate.”

  22. Fisher55

    she needs to go back to being Gwen Stefani’s background ornament

  23. Land-Man

    God is she HOT! Got that fatties?

    P.S. I mesured my penis today at the Naval Surface Warfare Center. It displaced 50,000 tons, roughly equal to the displacement of a Nimitz-class Aircraft Carrier.

    P.P.S. A squadron of F-14s lust landed on my penis.

  24. What does she actually do? I mean seriously, I dont know what she does. I only ever see her looking weird on GoFugYourself. Someone tell me!!


  25. mmmBitch

    she’s just someone one who shows up everywhere but who has no understandable relevance to any of the events she attends, and dresses like a WHORE. She’s not hot, just naked.

  26. biatcho

    Oh the slants… can’t take them anywhere.

  27. RottenJimmy

    I don’t care what ya’ll say – she’s flippin’ hot…i think i’m gonna have to rub one off right here in my cube….

  28. boogaloo

    now that is something I would love to wear to any outing with the children. I think the other moms would be jealous. LUV the moon boots ;)

  29. Code58

    There’s a SH movie, WTF?

  30. PapaHotNuts

    Jackie Chan is starting to look weird to me. Where’s Chris Tucker?

  31. Isn’t Bai Ling like 50 years old. Shes a media whore. And she’s OLD.

    Shes not fat, though, I can’t call her that.

  32. mmmBitch

    she’s 36! Why would you dress like a retarded teenage Harajuku girl when you’re pushing 40? I don’t care if you’re fit, dress your age!

  33. Jacq

    Bai-Ling dir-tee. And si-ree.

  34. krisdylee

    Bye Ling.. bye-bye see ya later..

  35. biatcho

    And this chick definitely needs to be shipped back to Thailand to be used as nothng more than an ass-raping slave. It’s all she’s good for.

  36. jugsgirl

    Edna Bambrick should report Bai Ling for wearing that awful outfit.

  37. Trotter

    Lickie lickie clitty clitty bang bang bye bye

    Die Ching

  38. gammanormids

    She is pathetic. Years ago, I thought she had some future.

  39. WishDoll

    Who is Bai Ling? Is she an actress?

  40. cate

    So what DOES she do??????

  41. She has had a few bit parts in movies, she had a bigger part in Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow, and was in some other movie but they got pissed because she appeared in Playboy.

    She was locked in a mental institution in China. and after hearing her interview on Howard Stern they let her out too early.

    OK, now that I have introduced you all to Bai Ling I can get back to my origional comment….which is….
    I didn’t know Bjork was Chinese. (Not the best, but what the heck, it’s Friday)

  42. Land-Man

    She is my dry-cleaner. I seduced her by bringing in laundry that I nutted on (good tip for all the fellas).

  43. PapaHotNuts

    Land-Man, I’ve been doing that for years. Except I’m still wearing them when I get there.

  44. DonLes91

    I think she was Fook-Mi in Goldmember. Or Fook Yu.

  45. Captain Awesome

    Its like someone put the head of the guy who makes my Chinese food on a hot chicks body.

    This shit is fucking with my head.

  46. Trotter

    Not only nut-greased goods, but she likes the bacon strips.

  47. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    I want to pick her up by the ankles and dip her in MeganHarris’ neo-bohemian vagina. Is that weird?

  48. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Here’s another tip for the fellas: Ladies like it when you give them your dirty laundry to do. And don’t just give it to them – hurl it in their face while they’re relaxing, sleeping, or doing the dishes. And make sure it’s really dirty and covered in nut. Follow this act with “This beer ain’t cold enough, you dumb bitch!” and a swift honk of the titty, and you, my friend, will have to undergo surgery to remove her from your dick. I just got so wet thinking about dirty laundry being thrown in my face I slipped off my chair – and this chair is upholstered!!! SOM!

  49. Trotter

    SOM!!! SOM!!!!

  50. Fisher55

    She was also in that broadway musical…

    “Miss Baigon”

    ba-dum, bum

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