Bai Ling arrested for stealing batteries

February 15th, 2008 // 74 Comments

Airport police arrested actress Bai Ling (Lost, Revenge of the Sith) after she stole two celebrity magazines and a pack of batteries from a gift shop at Los Angeles International Airport (mugshot above), according to the AP:

The items had a total value of $16, said Sgt. Jim Holcomb of the airport’s police department. The 41-year-old actress was detained by a store employee who summoned police, Holcomb said.

First rule of celebrity shoplifting: Steal something big. That way, when you get busted, people don’t go, “Damn, what an idiot.” If you’re caught boosting a Ferrari, that’s totally understandable and, also, hardcore. Stealing batteries? Everyone thinks you’re crazy. Or an emotionless robot like in Star Wars. What was its name? Oh yeah; Hayden Christensen.

UPDATE: E! News reports Bai Ling blames “huge problem of breaking up [before] Valentine’s Day.” I guess she just needed the warm fuzzy feeling of ganking some Duracells. It all makes sense now.

Photos: Splash News

  1. lys

    She looks good FOR HER AGE. Most girls would kill to look even 1/2 as good when they get over the hill. If she was pear shaped and white I bet more women here would love her. A lot of you white girls feel threatened by Asian girls -especially the fat white girls (which is most of them in America these days). I guess it makes the ugly fat girls feel better to say a skinny woman is boyish or a tranny. Just keep telling yourself that while you stuff your pie holes with all that ice cream ha ha ha

  2. Voracious

    She is very tight and toned and her face has barely a wrinkle.

    But as a girl who likes girls, I don’t find her attractive. I sorry I just like girls with meat on their bones.

  3. Anonny

    It’s not fair that Miss Ling’s mother gets thrown in jail for her crime. Homegirl isn’t a minor.


    She Looks like one of them CHINESE FISH VENDORs at a Beijing Fish Market….”Thu Doulla Pishhh”

  5. EuroNeckPain

    I like the mugshot face much better than the other pictures. She has a pretty mouth.
    I disagree with you people and I happen to enjoy looking at a 40 year-old woman who has not been butchered by liftings and collagen and botox. She is naturally wrinkle-free and it must be a shock to you American women who start bloating and getting wrinkles at 30.

  6. juliebeanpie

    #24, buh-dump-bump (actually it was pretty witty)

    #51, you have some SERIOUS anger issues. Did white girls make fun of you? Sorry if they did. I wouldn’t have.

    I feel so much better about myself seeing this lady “au natural”, (even though I’m a skinny white chick)….

  7. Xenophobia

    “au naturel”, andouille.

  8. justifiable

    In May, wasn’t she gonna marry some guy in Vegas that she’d just met a few days before? Pretty sad if he took her for all she had, even battery and magazine money.

  9. IKE

    #9, and #27, I can’t be surprised that she didn’t find a way to expose her nipple AGAIN?? She shows those things more than…….hmmm, more often than you post interesting comments. :)

    As for the “loser” comments…well, you’re just hatin’ it that I posted quicker than you.
    Damn Slowskys. Always grumping about something.

  10. LOL



    You think about food even when creating a user name? Typical she-ape… How about JulieAteTooManyPies? :p “skinny white chick?” I call BS on that. You might be skinny for a white chick these days and weigh in at 165 pounds at that ha ha ha ha. When you are in bed scratching that fat ass and wondering why your bf left you, he’ll be with a woman that actually turns him on ;)

  11. triman

    Ok, y’all need to stop saying that Bai Ling starred on Lost because it was just one fucking episode!

  12. xxx

    disgrace to asians…….

  13. sharpeidude

    Fucki, sucki and schmoke cigarette in da puschie! She give you wat you wan’t…long time! Fifteen dolas each.

    Numba ten…..fifteen dolas bouquo money! FI DOLAS!

  14. Janine

    Wow, I can’t believe crazy is 41, plus she looks like a totally different person without makeup. Maybe she stold the batteries for her vibrater, she was probably single and horny. Those things do go through batteries damn fast.

  15. Melissa

    Shes ugly without makeup….. and with makeup.

  16. lambman

    poor Bai, I like her quite a bit actually. She is sexy and can be a good actress, aslo she’s batshit crazy but in a fun way like a nipple slip in a bizzare outfit and getting arrested for stealing batteries. Not crazy in a drug addiction putting her kids in danger and wearing fishnets kind of way.

  17. lila

    Touche’ #7!!!

  18. squid vicious

    cant stop the copper top,those airport shops ream you brutallly.shes was most likely thinking eff these peeps im not paying the price for that and five finger discounted all you cappers see what you look like at 41.the average american at 41 looks like a sack of turd dough.i dont like or dislike her.i do like those jump to attention nippies she has though.

  19. I forgot it

    I would have taken her into the back room, had her remove her top and blow me. Then I would have let her take anything she wanted and leave…..with my man goo across her face and nips

  20. Bali

    oh, GOD, so nice discussion , would you love enjoy something new…? it would be more interesting…sweet, hot….Wow writing words is not the same as catching my eyes and enjoying the hot video across the room and smiling

  21. someone

    Wow…I actually used to think she was really pretty, and now I realize it was literally *all* in the makeup. I was also shocked to read that she was 41, but after seeing this picture, it all makes sense.

  22. pitty

    Poor girl. She just broke with her boyfriend she met on millionaire&cleb dating site R i c h C u p i d this might be the reason…

  23. Why is it every time there is a thread with an asian woman, some jackass never fails to make some thai hooker or military “sucky sucky” reference? Oh right, because all us asians look alike and work as hookers, right? That must be why!
    she is fucking disgusting! i only know her from the worst dressed lists.. this is probably the best thing to happen to her so called career lol

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  24. Lara

    I thought celebs like her get paid for going to an opening of an envelope. I guess I was wrong.

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