Bai Ling arrested for stealing batteries

Airport police arrested actress Bai Ling (Lost, Revenge of the Sith) after she stole two celebrity magazines and a pack of batteries from a gift shop at Los Angeles International Airport (mugshot above), according to the AP:

The items had a total value of $16, said Sgt. Jim Holcomb of the airport’s police department. The 41-year-old actress was detained by a store employee who summoned police, Holcomb said.

First rule of celebrity shoplifting: Steal something big. That way, when you get busted, people don’t go, “Damn, what an idiot.” If you’re caught boosting a Ferrari, that’s totally understandable and, also, hardcore. Stealing batteries? Everyone thinks you’re crazy. Or an emotionless robot like in Star Wars. What was its name? Oh yeah; Hayden Christensen.

UPDATE: E! News reports Bai Ling blames “huge problem of breaking up [before] Valentine’s Day.” I guess she just needed the warm fuzzy feeling of ganking some Duracells. It all makes sense now.

Photos: Splash News
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