I don’t get it.

February 11th, 2010 // 95 Comments

Here’s Hailey Glassman on the cover of Steppin’ Out which is apparently a magazine by and for chicks too hookery for Jersey Shore. That said, I’m genuinely surprised Jon Gosselin didn’t let Hailey near his kids. She’s practically a life lesson that will steal your wallet once you’re asleep. Try learning that in your fancy schools.


  1. Tool


  2. kaylia

    was CrackWhore Magazine too classy?

  3. Sarah

    Worst photoshop job ever.


  4. No amount of airbrushing can save this skank.

  5. Richard McBeef


  6. schnozzle

    she got’s a big ‘ole honkin’ nose on ‘er

  7. Rougher than rocco

    Oh Im a hater cause I wouldnt follow Jon? Ok.

  8. Uhhh


    Nah. Too easy.

  9. honestly, i’d hit that shit and tear it up.

  10. Tucker Jay

    Wow. I cannot stand her face.

  11. cdkerch

    I think they broke their airbrush tool trying to slim down that mammoth beer belly… Also, never seen a classier pairing than leather biker gloves and a fake gold snake armband.

  12. cdkerch

    I think they broke their airbrush tool trying to slim down that mammoth beer belly… no time to get to her child-bearin hips…

  13. yuki

    is she a wrestler now??

  14. Sport


  15. dubba

    that outfit would look great in normal colors… or at least matching colors…

    on someone that doesnt look like she got solicited from a curb

    …i bet the person who organised this is colorblind


    i judge you as: ugly and boring


  17. God the Bounty Hunter

    Don’t see many bitches with concave hips.

  18. rach

    Omg that’s the worst photoshop ever! Look at her hips compared to her waist. It looks horrible.

  19. Mr. Nice Guy

    Big Trade up from Kate, should have kept her.

  20. spmblueeeyz


  21. Hollandaze

    @ 17

    I worship thee!

  22. GrandMa

    Oh my. Quite a combination of wardrobe and accessories going on there.
    And it made the cover. Very nice.

  23. unbelievable

    Man they had the Photoshop Liquefy workin’ overtime on this. And gee, she gets a cover just because she’s been with Jon?? I’m in the wrong business!

  24. My poor eyes!

    Did she catch the truck that hit her face?
    She’s a two bagger, you need the second bag in case the first one breaks

  25. CP Biscuit

    Anyone who knows the Howard Stern Show knows that Steppin’ Out Magazine is run by former “contributor” Chauncey, who is the creepiest sycophant there is. I would trust maybe 10% of the interview and almost none of the photos.

  26. Stephiphany

    This is just way too classy for me. Plastic snake upper arm band? Wow.

  27. Colin

    I don’t know the terminology to describe this. Calling her a butterface is being cruel to all the other butterfaces out there. Maybe yogurtface. Or one-of-those-lumps-you-find-in-spoiled-milk-face.

  28. Salad Face

    Hailey triumphant return to the spotlight will be a comeback story for the ages. God bless America.

  29. havoc

    Looking at her right hand, I thought she was doing the old ping pong ball trick….


  30. whatever

    Wasn’t it CoCo Chanel who said “Before leaving the house, look in the mirror and remove one piece of jewelry”?

  31. Clamhammer

    You could cut a roast on her jaw bone.

  32. “Judge This Haters!”

    It sucks goat ass. Also, I estimated her age to be 45 years at first glance.

  33. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    She looks like she just had some really bad anal.

  34. NeverOn

    I thought Roller Derby was dead. She must be channelling than Juno chick/Drew Barrymore lesbian thing.

  35. pimp

    i’d fuck her with a bag on her head, and a bag on mine in case her’s fell off…

  36. lol

    next time give it to me to photoshop…

  37. Is it just me or does she look like she raided her mommy’s closet and threw on every sluttly thing she could find?

    At least Tila Tequila has a modicum of fashion sense. Fucked up fashion sense, but there you are.

  38. Bubbles

    Jon’s next TV appearance is confirmed to be in the next season of Trailer Park Boys.

  39. Whoever photoshopped her face has no idea what an mandible looks like.

  40. NeverOn

    Sequel: Hailey Glassman vs Predator and Alien

  41. hank

    Hit it and run away quickly.
    Look, I haven’t been laid in 8 months so my standards are low, OK?
    Don’t judge me!

  42. goober

    Since when is a Chaunce Hayden publication considered a legitimate magazine?

  43. Brooke

    Is this a real magazine? It looks like one of those amusement park photo shops that let you take wacky photos of yourself on the cover of a magazine with a limited costume selection.

  44. sammy

    #42, this appears to be a typical Chaunce Hayden publicity stunt.

  45. angry

    LMAO @ 27

    This looks like those flyers you get in Vegas for hookers.

  46. Her body looks hot. Obvious the wardrobe is ridiculous….but I don’t remember her face ever being THAT rigid and awkward???

  47. P.S. Her face resembles Celine Dion in this picture.

  48. Art

    Is 2010 going to be the year of ridiculous Photoshop magazine spreads?

  49. Savalas

    With that makeup job and outfit, She looks like she belongs on the cover of a 1981 Hustler

  50. Okay – this is the one time the headline lived up to the story. I clicked it hoping to read something like this and it didn’t disappoint. Unlike Jon’s “you know”…

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