Bachelor in Paradise Is Punking America

Hate to say I told you so, but the controversy involving Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson exchanging BJ’s while filming a commercial for some shitty Mexican resort Bachelor in Paradise was all a big, fat, slam dunk of a marketing shtick. The title I went with back on June 12 was “Bachelor in Paradise Is The Truck Stop Bathroom of Reality TV” and in that article I guaranteed that this episode would be airing by the end of the summer. Am I some sort of Reality TV Nostradamus? Probably not… I would never have guessed that Joanna Krupa would eventually have her smelly vagina vindicated in court, but we all have our moments.

Anyway, here is the new clip that teases the new BiP episode where Corinne and DeMario had sex and producers flipped out because it was intended to be a hand holding competition or something, I don’t know.

She seems pretty well put together in this clip. When the story broke they painted Corinne to be J-Law in Austria drunk and here she looks like she’s more J-Paul on too many Red Bulls high. TMZ reported that she claimed her blackout was caused from mixing prescription drugs and booze, but won’t specify which one… That being said, adderall can work wonders as a ‘pick me up’ when you need to keep the party going but don’t want to insult the hotel staff by asking for cocaine, but that’s solely my opinion and has nothing to do with Corinne Olympios.

My point still stands that this show sucks and is for suckers. Don’t be a sucker. Read The Superficial and stay informed on what really matters: being able to identify Jon Hamm’s penis by only looking at a thumbnail photo.