Rapper B.o.B. Wants Help Proving The Earth is Flat

Rapper B.o.B. is back in the news for trying to convince people to give him money (via GoFundMe) to prove that the Earth is flat. Apparently, if he can get a million dollars, he’ll send a satellite up into space so that he can check out the earth’s so called “curvature” for himself. It’s not good enough that there are already over two thousand satellites doing exactly that (and much more) in Earth’s orbit at this very moment, he wants to see for himself.

Where to start with this… Well, despite being digitally ethered by Neil deGrasse Tyson last year on Twitter, “Flat Earth Bob” still hasn’t come around to believe that the Earth isn’t a giant frisbee making its way around the elementary school diorama of the universe he envisions in his mind.

As of this writing, he’s raised almost $2,000 with half of it being his initial $1,000 donation. If we can double that, maybe that’ll be enough to buy a few plane tickets that will take him East from Atlanta until he lands in Los Angeles.