Azealia Banks Called The Cops On Russell Crowe

Despite the fact that almost every single guest – including the one who brought her – told hotel security that Azealia Banks was acting like a crazy woman before Russell Crowe threw her out of his party, she filed a police report claiming he choked her and spat on her in the hallway. However, according to TMZ, there’s security footage, which both sides claim will be awesome for them:

Azealia claims the video will show the choking and spitting. It’s unclear how much of the incident was captured, but law enforcement sources tell us they will be checking out the footage. Bev Hills PD launched an investigation after Banks filed a battery report.
If the incident was recorded, we’re told Russell’s camp would be thrilled because they think it will show Banks is lying through her teeth.

As for how this will play out, who the fuck knows? It’s Russell Crowe and Azealia Banks, which means there’s a 50/50 chance the security footage just shows the two of them throwing phones at a baby.

“Crikey, this is fun!”
“Gay f-ggot n-gger baby!”
“Those are some strong words, sheila.”
“Just keep throwing phones, crocodile bitch.”
“Too right!”

Yup, totally gonna be that.

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Photo: Getty