Let Me Check… Yep, Azealia Banks Is Still Crazy

I fucking love Azealia Banks. I love that I can follow her from a distance as well, because I’m pretty sure being in her circle would be like living with a live wolverine that’s addicted to Halloween candy. In her short-lived career she’s managed to piss off literally everyone and she even got Russell Crowe to spit on her once… not in like a sexy way either.

Now as Azealia gears up to make her barely blipworthy comeback, she’s taken to picking fights with B-rate Instagram comedians and the exchange is basically a text message version of a fist fight in a Walmart parking lot…

Azealia Banks has added an additional layer to her food pyramid that is nothing but metaphorical beef. She can’t exist if she isn’t talking sh*t, so she kept herself alive recently by trashing Instagram comedian Jess Hilarious.

To her credit, Hilarious came for Banks first. The comedian included her in her weekly news run-down, pointing out that Azealia’s tickets were selling on Groupon for less than $20. And Banks wasn’t going to take that lying down.

“You trying to make it onto the big screen with these daily audition tapes. Buckle down and write a real script,” she wrote on Instagram. “It will get you further than the chitlin circuit.” (from HHMW)

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