Kelly Osbourne propositioned by Axl Rose

August 28th, 2008 // 100 Comments

Axl Rose reportedly came on strong to Kelly Osbourne at a party. Designer Richie Rich watched the whole thing go down and couldn’t believe the crap coming out of the 46-year-old singer’s mouth, according to OK! Magazine:

“He was really weird with her,” said the Heatherette fashionista at a party for the launch of the new Tide and Downy Total Care washing liquid. “He kept leering at her and saying, “I want to f*** you!”

“I want to fuck you.” Axl Rose, everybody. World class Casanova – if it were 1985.

Photos: Splash News

  1. toolboy

    Gotta give it to Axl, he is smooooth. Not as smooth as driving past the girl, beeping the horn and yelling “wanna fuck?” and then speeding away, but close. Can’t tell you how many times that little gem got me some.

  2. sameshitdifferentyear

    That’s still one step up from the last party she attended.

    People kept telling her
    “I want to make you my fucking lawn ornament.”

    Will someone follow her home and find out where that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is??

  3. LallaChan

    OMG Axl is too old for Kelly.. ehm ehm.. did she say yes???

  4. Anexio

    Axl Rose could have any pile of steaming shit he wants. Why would he want Kelly Osborne?

    I call bullshit on this story.


  5. Hecubus

    Like Axl, I’d LOVE to fuck her because I’m a big Ozzy fan (I even watched an episode of the Osbournes once, shhh). She’s not gonna get any for any other reason so she might as well take the ‘Hey you’re Ozzy’s daughter!!’ sex where she can get it.

  6. joney

    I love her.. no matter what.

    check her black eye out ..

  7. Joe C

    Weird. She kind of reminds me of Penelope Cruz in these pics. A fat, pale, ugly as fuck Penelope Cruz that is.

  8. malicious

    I think she looks incredible, GO KELLY!

  9. Chenush

    She looks… hungry.

  10. NarkmaaOt

    wow, i bet all of you who are calling her a fat fuck are really attractive and toned. like i’m willing to bet every one of you probably looks like ohh, probably like a young george clooney with mario lopez’s body, because anyone who has time to comment pictures of women they don’t even think are attractive with comments as witty and original as all of yours probably has not only a wildly impressive physique and mug worthy of swooning and frenzied emotions not seen since the beatles stopped performing live, but also a buzzing social life and healthy relationships with women, probably women who resemble jessica alba.
    you’re pathetic.

  11. InoMorthnu

    She looks incredible! Good for her! And if Axl really said that to her, he’s a world class douche.

  12. UK_Matt

    To quote a former associate of mine:

    “Are you alright love”


    “Well tell your fucking face.”

    She does look good though. Oddly enough just as she’s started working on radio over here…

  13. ella

    she has fat lets

  14. Urbanspaceman

    #63 – She has interesting legs

  15. This is false, it is obvious that this is a publicity stunt by the designer in order to get some publicity at Axl’s expense.

  16. marie

    she has pasties. I think she is pretty.

  17. Kelly’s mom, Sharon Osbourne and Axl’s rep say the story is totally false. In a statement to OK!, they say,

    “Richie Rich is a self-promoting liar. Kelly and Axl may have met briefly at a party more than four years ago, but Mr. Rich’s fantasy of what happened, in reality…never did. Both Kelly and Axl resent this falsehood and respect each other immensely.”

  18. NY Ted

    No doubt Rose was all fucked up on the H…probably had a spike sticking out of each major vein…why doesn’t that no talent trash just find a BFI bin to go and fucking OD behind…what a fucking no talent loser!

  19. Bill

    I bet she just lays there like a sack of potatos.

  20. Bill

    I bet she just lays there like a sack of potatos.

  21. Bill

    I bet she just lays there like a sack of potatos.

  22. Sandwarrior

    Axl would have better luck trying to smoozzz Kelly’s father, if he is looking to revive a failed career. What a loser.

  23. November pain in her butt like a dead horse if she says yes

  24. TheMirrorAintAsFriendly

    She looks amazing! Her face looks so much happier now that she has lost weight. You can tell she totally has regained confidence. Great for her, she doesn’t need to show off her cleavage to strike attention. She looks awesome!

  25. Natalia

    I really think she looks amazing in these photos!

  26. He is still lookin’ for his glasses folks.
    So we can’t blame him now!!

  27. .

    60. NarkmaaOt …..
    so…. where´s your fucking social life ? ´cause you´re in here like all of us…. writting and reading pathethic shit and stuff……

    so…i suposse you have issues…..and no job …

  28. (V)onitor Killer

    If i was at a party, and had 5-10 mins to kill… I’d hit it.

  29. Annicka

    well, she does look like a man, and Axl is the biggest queer on the face of the planet..

    that said, I’d jump on him. oh hell yes. I’d be his beard.

  30. Im proud of Kelly O. for losing all the weight. She looks good at this size if you ask me.

  31. asdfghjkl(=

    #68……i know that Axl is pretty fucked up but…..he has talent. I don’t believe this bullshit. It’s too fucked up. But believe what you want.

  32. rabbit

    she looks beautiful

  33. rabbit

    she looks beautiful

  34. Unklejoe

    Kellys cool and shes not as bratty as she was on the Ozzbournez. My two cents worth…Id Bang her… her mum and sistah amy in a nasty three way.And number 60 go suck a dogs dick ya fukn cunt!

  35. Jimbo

    what a bunch of wack-jobs. axl was king and kelly is a big mouth #@%&$ just like her mother . when axl sings, shut up and enjoy. when the mike’s off, who cares what he’s up to.everyone of you enjoyed his music or you wouldn’t even know who he is. and ozzy rules too. jeeze

  36. dd

    This story is NOT true! Axl would never act like that! Richie Rich made this story up.

  37. jen

    this story couldn’t be farther from the truth

  38. el ces

    Mmm, looks good here. I miss her big hair.

  39. bb

    she is still beautiful! you go girl!!!!!!!

  40. Julignr

    What the hell???????
    Axl, I’m here for you baby,

    what the f*** were you thinking, were you pissed or sth???

    came on,

    you deserve better honey,

    love you Axl!

  41. Kitty


  42. wikkidangel

    I’d sleep with axl rose any fuckin day…..poor axl is right ;)

  43. axl needs alot of love and attention

  44. Wukurac

    All you stupid bitches can dream about geting fucked even by a 104 years old Axl,guy is a legend,he’s a multi millionaire,talented, in good shape and wrote music that millions of people love.

  45. I think these are the best pics I’ve seen of her.

  46. I think these are the best pics I’ve seen of her.

  47. cd

    nice electrical tape on the left nip there

  48. Her pictures look not good.
    But I like her,

  49. iloveaxl

    Axl saying “i want to fuck you” is NOTHING to complain about! I’d have him ANY DAY!!!!!!! ANYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. anon

    He was not even at that event. This a totally fabricated story. I remember when the story first came out and it was later clarified that he was not even there.

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