Axl Rose Showed Up To ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ On Time And Made Logical, Coherent Statements, WTF?

Axl Rose hasn’t given a live television interview in over 10 years, but last night he not only sat down with Jimmy Kimmel and actually showed up on time. Even more amazing, he was surprisingly lucid and cordial making with the adorable anecdotes about tormenting his friends by showing their kids his Halloween tree with presents and saying, “What? You don’t have one at your house?” It was like visiting with your funny uncle who occasionally fires the whole family and punches models in the face. We all have one.

More clips below:

Axl Rose actually showing up on time and talking about being a manager for Tower Records before “Appetite For Destruction” made him rich in both money and Stephanie Seymour vagina. (Last part implied, and I only just now thought of this, has anyone compared Axl’s DNA to Boner Boy’s? Just curious.)

And Axl Rose revealing a Hobbit plays guitar for GNR now because why not?