Avril Levigne

“You know what’s so gay is, like, all these journalists are, like (saying in faux hushed reverence), ‘Avril Lavigne’s punk and she’s a rebel and she does punk rock music,”‘ Lavigne, 19, said in a recent interview, using the word gay as a slang synonym for stupid.

“It’s like, ‘OK, how stupid are you? … Do you even know what punk is?’ I am certainly not punk, and I hate it when people try to say that I am.”

You know what’s really gay, Avril? The fact that you use the term ‘gay’ as a derogatory statement and that you string together sentences like a twelve year old.

She is right about not being punk though. She was never punk and she never will be punk. Sadly, her life will be rooted in pop, though she deludes herself into thinking that she’s a rock star. I don’t know why, but I’ve grown a strong distaste for Avril. Maybe it’s because she actually believes her own bullshit. That she really thinks she’s in a different class than Britney or Christina. The only difference between them and Avril though, is that Britney and Christina are popular.

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