Avril Lavigne ‘too sexy’ to perform in Malaysia?

August 19th, 2008 // 86 Comments

Somebody thinks Avril Lavigne is not only sexy, but “too sexy.” Really? Vampire Girl? She was set to perform in Malaysia but officials for the country think Avril’s sugary pop music is a bad influence, according to OK! Magazine:

“It is not timely. It’s not in the good spirit of our National Day. If we go ahead with the concert, it is contrary to what we are preparing for,” said Shukran Ibrahim, a senior official from the ministry.
“We don’t want our people, our teenagers, influenced by their performance. We want clean artists, artists that are good role models,” said Kamarulzaman Mohamed, a party youth official.

Has anyone ever seen an Avril Lavigne concert? It’s pretty much the equivalent of watching somebody have a seizure – but with lasers, and it cost you a hundred bucks. Whee.


  1. rough daddy

    #42 when you tell me why youre such a dick weed then ill tell you why im so interested in child prostitution…

  2. Azmir

    I’m from Malaysia. Just to clarify: it’s not the authorities or the government that deemed Avril’s show “inappropriate” but there’s a political party that’s been making all the noise about the whole thing. The rest of Malaysia is waiting, except for this political party, and they must be happy now that her concert’s called off (though I haven’t read ANY news reports here in Kuala Lumpur about that YET).

  3. you idiots

    ok. i’m from the philippines and i haven’t seen or heard any activities of child prostitution. ever.
    it probably happens though, just as it does in every fucking country. filipinos aren’t into child sex you see. we’re more into doing it all the time… and yeah, that’s why there are so many of us.

    the only thing that fuels child prostitution in the philippines are ugly, fat, white pedophile men visiting the country.

  4. rachel

    haha all u fools who are not from malaysia and think you know a little something about malaysia are stupid. there is a reason malaysia a muslim country. they go as far to censor words like ‘ass’ and anything remotely intimate on tv.

    #44, #47 is absolutely right. u must have been the only one eating with ur hand there. and wtf is wrong with how a country uses their own language. geez. try attending some moral lessons. thats we have here in our unfortunate unprogressive religious country.

    and child prostitution? it’s like guns, drug abuse and all that shit. it happens everywhere, DOHHH

  5. darren

    stop being so jealous, you all pathetic losers. if you’re so good why don’t you go out and perform. i bet you all don’t even know how to sing. try to grow up! what are you 8 years old brainless kid. stop talking shit about people when you’re not good enough.

  6. tony jaa

    #53 If it aint the Philippines, then it must be Vietnam.. child prostitutes scowering the streets like rats. Btw.. my country is wonderful and more beautiful than Malaysia and Philippines..ask anyone. LOL

  7. darren

    why is all sudden about child prostitutes? that’s out of topic. go to another forum if you want to talk about that. idk what the hell you all arguing about. lame…

  8. Ida Haryani

    #50 Finally you admitted it right?
    your country have lots of bitches…….young bitches maybe??

  9. lim

    Malaysia ppl are lame (some) and I’m from Malaysia.. They think that everything is wrong here.. You can’t even hold hands in public.. no kidding.. they have police to check you know…

  10. kRWLnG

    I happen to come from Malaysia too. I wonder, why only ban the artists from other countries when your own artists dress like sluts and happily perform in public?

  11. kRWLnG

    p/s: Love the hair and dress. Hate her.

  12. UK_Matt

    You’ve all missed the point – they said they want clean artists. They clearly think she needs a shower.

  13. dharsh

    I think Malaysia is just overacting on this issue!
    PCD performed in MAA 2008 jst recently! N it wuz super sexy….
    what abt this?

    Real Nonsense!

  14. malaysian^joker

    ok, I’m glad to see most ppl here do know a little abt malaysia, that means the world is a small place baby, thanks to the net. the other funny thing i notice here, is that there are other malaysians other than moi who are checking out this awesome site, which makes me laugh everytime…. the other ppl who dont know shi*e abt malaysia..well, go on the internet ya’ll….as far as i know, the concerts still on, we re getting advertising and compeitions to win free tickets on our msian radio stations…the ppl who said avril is too sexy is the guys from an islamic political party ok, not other ppl or even the running govt..the reason why this happened is cuz of the unstable political situation here right now..now, dont think we re like one of those stereotyped-holywood-drama-asian country..the unstable situation is purely cuz more malaysians who are educated want to have a more democratic country…in the end, its got nothing to do with her…also, for ppl who dont know malaysia at all, its the country which used to hv the tallest twin towers in the world before whatever else that came afterwards…we also hv other stuff like the internet, hard rock cafe, cars(wow), mobile phones(hotdang), lots of white ppl, lots of foreigners, harvey norman, macy’s…lists goes on…i cant figure out if we re more american or british…

  15. Confused

    Um, why is this news? There are no boobies.


  17. Luffy

    63# is right… but i loathe this skunk! :)

  18. Luffy

    63# is right… but i loathe this skunk! :)

  19. kRWLnG


    You don’t happen to be from Penang, Malaysia are you? Coz I have a friend with the same name as yours.

  20. Ida Haryani

    #69 Hie kRWLng,

    Nope, am not from Penang, but once studied there during my matrix….

    ok back to the topic….
    at least now peop all around the world do recognize “malaysia”, right?
    but, if u think u can talk about this country before experiencing the environment here, so sorry…LOSER !!

  21. kRWLnG

    Maybe that’s the reason y they posted this. Coz as far as I know that wannabe is still gonna perform here in Malaysia. What a nightmare.

    p/s: Wrong person then, sorry Ida.

  22. If Avril is ‘too sexy’ to perform in Malaysia, the Malaysian authorities would go nuts if Christina Aguilera ever planned to perform there!

    I’ve linked to this article on http://www.moneyfame.com/

  23. Dee

    For the first time ever Randal: Fuck you

  24. The concert will go on but the date has changed to August 28, 2008. Hurray!

  25. Another Malaysian

    Actually i agree with #16.

    i don’t quite understand the reason why local officials wish to ban her concert (‘Too sexy. Really? Vampire girl?’- LOL) but it is the correct conclusion. I hope she does get banned! Avril Lavigne really sucks…

    And Malaysians, just because she is popular and does western pop/’rock’ doesn’t mean her music is good! I wish some of us Malaysians would stop accepting ALL western music as ‘good’ just to seem ‘progressive’ and ‘modern’. White colonialism ended more than 51 years ago. Jesus. Move the fuck on!

  26. Ida Haryani

    #76 Totally agree with you…..to all malaysians, pls don’t be like spounge, just absorb all the western music without considering the bad effect of it…..think wisely…

  27. tony jaa

    Please visit Thailand for a cultural enriched experience..you can skip malaysia and singapore anytime LOL

  28. Malaysian #79

    #44 – I’m a Malaysian and it’s always hilarious to read other people’s comments on how we are so ‘uncivilized’. Eat on banana leaf and eat with fingers? Where did you stay here in Malaysia? In a cave? Because you obviously don’t know shit. If you’ve really been here and explored Malaysia, you’d know we have so many different cultures here…and obviously we have a lot of different types of restaurants. You can use fork and spoon, you know. You can also opt to use to chopsticks, or eat with your feet for all I care. And as far as I know, we use plates here… So get your facts right, imbecile. And if you don’t know the language, don’t act like you do. It’s embarrassing. You just publicized your stupidity.

    As for Avril’s news.. it’s the Islamic political party that wants to ban her not the government so don’t criticize the whole country. They always want to ban something because they love to suck the fun out of everything.

    The concert is still on anyway. But the reason to call for a ban is ‘sexy’? Sexy my ass. PCD performed here and they are way sexier than Avril. Geez.

  29. Hohhohoho… i am malaysian..

    trust me … it isnt avril but this fu*ked up mindset …

    we have some wrapped up dude with turbans like and shit waiting in the corner just to catch people holding hands *psst you cant hold hands in public.. duh..

    But hey, eating with banana leaf is fun.. really… it isnt any 3rd war country thing… but anyone coming down to Malaysia, holler me so i can bring you in for the experience…

  30. kinacolada

    getting caught for holding hands in public is total shite. i hold hands, smoke, and drink(im a muslim) openly here in malaysia. nobody ever glanced at me twice! so does my friends. what state exactly are u in? the east coast? that does not happen in the cities here. literally, there are freaks roaming the streets of every country in this world. as for the so called expat loser, every single language in the world has its own uniqueness. that’s the beauty of language. your language might sound stupid to the french and japanese! btw, everybody eats with their hands one way or another. what’s the big deal? and tell me which one do u prefer, eat with ur right hand and wipe ur poop with ur left, or do the multitasking using the same hand?

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  32. Malaysian #79 & #83

    #80 Shireen K – wtf? Can’t hold hands in public? That’s total bullshit. I’m from Ipoh now living in PJ/KL… I’m a malay, I’ve held hands, kissed, hugged, smoked.. I don’t drink but I join people who do drink when clubbing .. my cousins and friends who are malays do drink… I’ve seen other people doing what religious ppl call as ‘taboo’ and all these happens openly in public and no one with “turbans like and shit waiting in the corner just to catch people holding hands” appeared. It’s a normal thing here now. This isn’t the 50′s. If in the ‘kampung’/rural areas these things might still be taboo but in the cities, who the hell cares anymore?

  33. pixie

    this is so cute. i am actually at the counter where they’re selling tickets and we got official note from the sponsors that they’re just postponing it for our independence day celebrations lah. the other “additions” for the whole “sexy” things are just our government’s way of showing that they do their job.

    and whoa, the malaysians that defend their country, i was half expecting a bashing for us. BANGGGAA!!!

    for that retard who thinks that we don’t know that she’s from canada, just so you know, the little countries are the ones that learn world geography from a really young age, unlike quote miss america, “americans dont know where america is on their map because they don’t own maps”

    but this forum, is starting to sound like a lecture on western culture. people like her because she’s cute not because she’s western.haa haaa

  34. kadoosh

    All the people who hate Avril should get together and lock her up – in my closet.

  35. avril lavigne needs to go back to canada she a gay fag that no one likes just like Hannah Montana

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