Avril Lavigne thinks Britney Spears is weak

April 2nd, 2007 // 149 Comments

Avril Lavigne says Britney Spears can’t blame the media for her meltdown because all celebrities have to deal with the fame that comes with their success and it was her own fault for being so weak. She says:

“What’s happened to Britney is all down to who she is as a person. If you want a piece of this business you have to be able to deal with it. You can’t complain about the pressures, the paparazzi, the madness because that’s the job.”

I’m not defending Britney Spears, but she’s on a completely different level of fame than Avril Lavigne. You probably didn’t even know Avril Lavigne was still alive until about thirty seconds ago when you saw this post. I mean, yeah, it’s pretty easy to deal with fame when the only time you encounter it is little kids asking you if you’re Minnie Mouse.

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  1. kitty_kat

    She doesn’t complain about the paparazzi… she just kinda spits on them is all…

  2. Shovelhead

    Nice one #46.

    The photos and original text on this site are funny and nicely done. Thought I would comment just for fun. Thanks for participating in my study of self-important losers.

    ‘Consider it lucky that this nobody at least has an IMDB, barely’

    WTF ? are you trying to make some point ? ha ha. Later.

  3. mrs.t

    #44-Yes, I am pretty ‘fired up”. You are starting to sound a lot like the long lost troll, lamebananas….I seem to remember it having a profound affinity for Avril.

    Now go do your Algebra before your mom gets home from her shift at the whorehouse.

  4. tits_on_snack

    Yep. And yells at them, gives them the finger, tells them to fuck off and let her be, etc.

  5. kitty_kat

    Hypocritical bitch.

  6. BarbadoSlim

    Nope, not trying, I made my point.

  7. Shovelhead

    She is not a drug addict, with two kids that she can not care for and the IQ of a tree stump.

  8. tits_on_snack

    Shovelhead I thought you were leaving.
    So your point is, Avril is a great person in comparison to Britney Spears.
    Well jeez. Somebody hand Avril a fucking trophy.

  9. Shovelhead

    #58 you are hurting my feelings.

  10. daηielle™↵

    Yes, I think Avril has a better voice.
    No, she does not have a better character.
    She fucking flips the bird to anyone and everyone that comes into contact with her.

    Atleast Brit Brit gives ya a smile and a downtown view.

    What has Avril given?

  11. Niecy

    She does have a point. There are a lot of celebrities who are able to deal with their fame better than Britney has. But Avril isn’t half as famous as Britney so she really shouldn’t say anything.

  12. Donkey

    Seems like she’s just saying the same type of stuff that we all post in here about Brit.
    The only difference is her statements are a little more public, and her statements are nowhere near as harsh as what we say.

  13. Avril sucks, get rid of her.

  14. NicotineEyePatch

    Good thing she isn’t too punk rock for those great big designer sunglasses she’s hiding behind.
    Wendy O. waits beyond the grave to give Avril her comeuppance in the afterlife, let’s just say that.

  15. woodhorse

    LameShovelBananasHead – don’t you realize that you are defending someone who would shoot you the bird, spit on you, and attended the University of IMDB? You cannot possibly have an IQ. Now give me back my damn earrings!!

  16. NicotineEyePatch

    Man, that’d be sweet if Wendy O.’s ghost just waited with her fist cocked, and every punk poseur who died got a sucker punch from her as soon as they showed up at the Great Table of Judgement.

  17. greeneyedcat

    what a douchebag

  18. BarbadoSlim

    Looking at her pig face I’m getting a definite oversized clit vibe from her.

  19. Lowlands

    If she thinks britney is weak then they should arrange a catfight to prove who’s right.I’ll bet the bald and masculin built britney will be in no time chewing on her like she’s a bag of Cheetos.

  20. woodhorse

    #69: $100 bucks on Britney.

  21. Isn’t she like the Britney Spears of Canada?

  22. Samara

    “I created Punk for this day and age. Do you see Britney walking around wearing ties and singing punk? Hell no. That’s what I do. I’m like a Sid Vicious for a new generation.”

    “People are like, ‘Well, she doesn’t know the Sex Pistols.’ Why would I know that stuff? Look how young I am. That stuff’s old, right??”

    Did Avril Lavigne really say that shit?

  23. daηielle™↵

    I put $200 on Britney!

    She’d probably hit the bitch with a bag of cheeto’s then catch her off guard and splash a can of Red Bull in her face before finishing with a fart.

    I’m feelin’ lucky!

  24. Cookie V.

    Avril is a smart cookie. Trash a soft target and gain free publicity all over the place. Why not?

  25. woodhorse

    #60 Excellent point! Britney is way more fun and user friendly.

  26. Craig & "em"

    You’re telling me this isn’t Adam Levine dressed in drag.


    oH..Well! Whoever this guy is…he’s right about Britney!

  27. pekpekshorts

    Doesn’t avril the overpaid white trash SPIT on people when she gets upset?

  28. imran karim

    she needs to go put some socks on her arms

  29. FRIST!!!

    Hmmm….Avril spits on the paps, and Britney kicks their asses with umbrellas. I think Avril’s just jealous that Britney’s a bigger badass. Brit’s my hero, Avril is my footcramp.

  30. BarbadoSlim

    Check this out: http://nieuwsmening.blogse.nl/log/whats-with-the-stars/avril-lavigne-gets-burned-by-interviewer.html

    the interviewer treats with respect she so truly deserves, and she comes off looking like a humorless tool. Ugly mouth too.

  31. polypam

    This is coming from someone who hocks loogies at paparazzi.

    As the pot said to the kettle: “Dude, you are sooooo black!”

  32. woodhorse

    #49 – I’m slow sometimes.. don’t understand but it sounds like a question. I’m not a genius like Wally.

  33. daηielle™↵

    They’re lyrics to Avril’s song……can’t remember the title… then again, I can’t remember Avril so…..

    Just posted it to break the ice. Shovel dude was getting too aggressive.

  34. ElatedPornStar

    Who the fuck is the broad anyways? Avril Who?

    Thought as much.

  35. Dank

    You mean Avril is NOT Britney Spears? Have you heard the song “girlfriend”? I swear Britney wrote that when she was like 11.

    #15 you’re a dumb fuck. Avril isnt even American dipshit. As far as Avril having more talent than Britney, are you fucking kidding me?

  36. Dank

    ^^ btw, i wasnt saying Britney has one shred of talent by saying that.

  37. Dani

    #3 it’s a yakpak bag – yakpak.com
    now i must burn mine because it seems i have the same taste as avril.
    how disappointing!

  38. LoneWolf

    Avril is about as punk as Ashlee Simpson was, and even less famous. That doesn’t, however, take away from the fact that she’s right. There are a shitload of celebutards who are more famous than Her Vajesty and they handle it a lot better than she does. Avril isn’t one, but then again she didn’t say she was.

    Opinions are like assholes – everybody has one, and they all stink.

    Speaking of which, as I’ve said before, if Britney wanted out of the limelight, she’d get out. Believe it or not, some celebrities have people whose job is to keep them *out* of the papers.

  39. gailmariecat

    #50 and #51 You are so right about the spitting!!! I guess it takes a strong person to deal with the paps by spitting on them. So mature.

  40. Topaz Vamp

    Britney and Avril both suck, just in different ways. Sure, Britney is weak-minded, but Avril is a huge poseur, and yes, she WAS originally a country singer. Her label pushed her into psuedo teen-angst faux-punk because they thought (rightly, sadly enough) that it would be more lucrative.

  41. Topaz Vamp

    “You can’t complain about the pressures, the paparazzi, the madness because that’s the job.”

    Right, you can’t complain about them, but you CAN spit on them.

  42. p0rn0graphalicious

    How about they are both simple boring rats who should be eradicated for the survival of human intellect? I’m happy with not taking sides and being rid of both of them. I don’t understand why ANYONE is taking sides. What is nice to see is that Avril has a few fans that figured out how to use a computer instead of using a crayon on the monitor.

  43. Reveille

    I love how everyone on this site thinks they know so much about all these celebrities. Don’t you realize you know nothing about these people! haha jokes on all you assholes who keep talking about them and making them even more famous. Avril can do and say whatever she wants and so can Britney. They’re laughing all the way to the bank.

    And for all you who say Avril is a punk poseur; she is a little bitchass girl with a bad attitude so the clothes suit her personality. How does that make her a poseur? She never once stated she was punk, in fact, she stated many times that she never said she was punk so all of you need to get the hell over it.
    Britney and Avril make way more money than you do, and if you can’t handle that they are smarter than you, then you poor baby.

  44. Conky

    Hey, at least Avril has hair on her head.

    And probably on her sniz too, lol.

  45. thexelleos

    i would like to punch that ugly bitch in the vagina.

  46. no1justminda

    Know what’s really weak? Avril’s new song “Girlfriend”…*puke*

  47. bungoone

    not that britney has made the best choices in men but at least she didn’t marry Paris’ sloppy seconds.

  48. Topaz Vamp

    If Avril said she never said she was punk, that’s bullshit revisionist history. She once said she was a Sid Vicious for a new generation. Or is that too metaphorical for you to comprehend?

  49. Jenny

    No, Avril is not smarter than Britney Spears. “He was a sk8er boi (yeah the song title is spelled that way) she said see you later boy, he wasn’t good enough for her” is no work of genius. Yeah, yeah, a lot of us are mean about Britney Spears and so on, but what Avril’s doing is different. She’s saying that she comes from the same place as Britney and that she has the same problems. Last time I checked, Avril doesn’t have two kids or a shaved head and she’s not running around shouting “I am the antichrist” and writing 666 on her head. (Britney’s actually more punk than Avril lol) The last thing I read about Avril was something about her unpunk fairy tale wedding that had pink roses and everything. So of course the papparazzi follows the interesting people with interesting stories, and who’s more interesting than Britney Spears? Not Avril Lavigne. And if you watch the videos of celebrities walking around, the papparazzi are pretty bad. Now I’m just saying, if I was having the world hate me and worrying about my ex-husband and being lost and confused like Britney is right now, well, Avril shouldn’t call Britney weak. Toxic is a better song than “Girlfriend”, better than “Candyman” too. Britney’s one of those pop divas who don’t belt or yell their songs. At least she’s likable. Avril… even as a kid I didn’t like her. I fell for Britney Spears, NSync, even JLo, but never Avril. I hate Avril Lavigne.

  50. Noorm

    I think we can agree on 2 things

    1- Avril is a poseur that only care about fame and exposure

    2- It worked (currently no.7 on the billboard chart)

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