Avril Lavigne still jealous of Britney

April 16th, 2007 // 115 Comments

Avril Lavigne is taking more shots at Britney Spears, saying Britney could avoid the press if she really wanted to, and that she doesn’t get as much attention as Britney because she wants it that way.

“The press isn’t all over me like that. She’s probably one of the people who can’t control it. But if you don’t want it, you could get away from it. I don’t want my picture taken all the time.” Lavigne added that she and her hubby, musician Deryck Whibley, aren’t tabloid targets because they avoid the press. “If you want to be a tabloid couple, go around every red carpet in L.A., go to The Ivy for lunch. We don’t do any of that. To us, it’s cheesy. It’s lame.”

It’s funny that Avril Lavigne actually believes she doesn’t get as much attention as Britney Spears because she’s being crafty and avoiding the press. She could put on an old-fashioned general’s hat and start telling everybody she was Napoleon and she’d come off less delusional.

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  1. BloodCountess77

    Self important poseur bitch

  2. twist09

    geez….I’m Canadian and I hope all these ppl defending Avril aren’t doing it just because she’s Canadian….I hell hope this townie turned punk princess was never a Canadian for these kinda jealous comment…I have absolutely no respect for Britney for wot she has inflicted upon herself…and i know she could have avoided SOME BUT NOT ALL media attention by acting more normally (at least she could make them more positive)…nonetheless, face it Avril, the main reason why Britney is getting more publicity than you do is because SHE IS A MILLION TIMES MORE FAMOUS THAN YOU ARE! so quite these jealous comment and try to be famous if u so want to. completely agree w/ #32 btw, if you so want your privacy, i dont think Britney’s life is worth you bashing in the media and “jeopardizing” your o so private life.

    Pls quit making these comments and make ppl think Canadians have no class.

  3. thestraightshooter

    She isn’t a real human being anyway, just another photocopy from Canada.

  4. Will someone send this bitch back to canada-land! Along with Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Tilly and especially Peter North, I’m tired of that canadian blowing his sausage jockey all over our American womens faces!


  5. iamsosmrt

    If Britney truly wanted privacy she has the money to create it. However it’s not really that Avril is right about this and more so that when an idiot shoots their mouth off long enough something obvious and true will eventually come out. I believe will all of my heart that Britney is a raving insane lunatic and so her behavior can’t really be scrutinized the way a sane person’s would be. Does she behave like an freak who asks for trouble? YES. BUT does she have a brain or a solid non- retarded mental state? NO. So nothing Brit does is logical because crazy people are stupid.

    Avril Lavigne and her midget prince are not a bunch of clever crafty wizards that have found a way to avoid massive hoards of attention directed at them, they are a loser douche and douchette couple with insanely big egos who no one actually gives a shit about but, don’t tell them that because they think they are Catwoman and Batman. Punk Smurfette is a rude snotty self righteous little bitch suffering from the post teen know it all syndrome for which the only cure is time; time for life to smack you in the ass with precious humiliating life lessons. She’ a little child who has been married for what less than a year, so maybe in 20 years she can dish some advice out but right now her opinion is as worthless as she is.

  6. flavio

    all true, certainly, but really there is simply no way to give even the slightest bit of a fuck about britney spears anymore. really. avril is a totally ho-hum uninteresting artist, but by now she’s way hotter than britney. that video of her is pretty smokin, she has a nice ass. other than that i wish she’d shut up and stop making schlock music…

  7. islandgirl

    Who is Avril Lavigne?


  8. iamsosmrt

    I believe *with
    *a freak

    and whatever the fuck else I spelt incorrectly

  9. These losers couldn’t even get into the Ivy for lunch, and aren’t invited to the red carpet.
    I saw Avril on SNL the other night, good heavens she sucked. I hate the way she puts her hand on her hip like a pep squad reject.

    Actually, I’ll bet that in high school she tried to be a preppy popular kid and no one would let her, so now she’s a “cynical bitch” who likes to carry a skateboard.

    Poor Avril, all she ever wanted was for a girl like Britney Spears to sign more than “have a nice summer” in her year book.

  10. StoneRose

    Oooo, look out, its Avril and Derek…

    …or just a pair of juvenile, oompa-loompas gone shopping.

    I’d dress all dark and punky too if I were so short and blonde and white, HAHAHA.

  11. #16

    Damn! If I could stop laughing for a moment!!

    Okay, saying Avril is more talented and better looking that Britney is like saying emphysema is more desirable than cirrhosis of the liver. You’re killing me!! I gotta give it to you, though, you made me laugh almost until I pissed myself!

  12. radically4peace

    You know what else is cheesey and lame aside from going to the Ivy for lunch? Avril Lavigne.

  13. Crazytherapist

    Its funny that Avril actually believes that the Paparrazi or ANYone is even interested in her. she WANTS to be lumped into the same poser idiot catagory as Brittney, because they both suck at bringing anything worthwhile into the entertainment industry. Im embarassed that she’s from Canada, but then again theres losers everywhere right?
    So congrats to Avril, you are fake, conceited AND delusional

  14. All she needs to do is shave her head and act retarded and she is Britney.

  15. OhMyMeg!

    Avril: “I’m the Sid Vicious of my generation.”
    Johnny Rotten: “I wish. Then she’d be dead.”


  16. HughJorganthethird

    #16 actaully said this “Avril is more talented, smarter and better looking. Plus she is not some ‘manufactured’ pop act”

    Say what? Where in the fuck do you think she came from you moron. Oh yeah after years of touring as an indie act she finally got her big break based on her song writting skills and amazing live presence? Give your fucking head a shake. Do non manufacured pop stars have “the matrix” write all thier songs for them? This feeble minded no talent doesn’t even shit unless her record label tells her to. I have never ever seen a more packaged, fake peice of shit than Avril. At least Brit had the balls to go nuts and actually show some personality, albiet twisted. Avril would have to ask her handlers wether she can get angry or not. What I wouldn’t give to see Amy Winehouse get loaded and stab this cunt to death with a broken whiskey bottle. Oh yeah and by the way Canada doesn’t fucking want her back, she’s all yours now, enjoy.

  17. Avril,

    Can I get a Price Check on Huggies? When you’re done we also need a vomit clean-up in asile 4.

  18. Nikk The Templar

    “Actually, I’ll bet that in high school she tried to be a preppy popular kid and no one would let her, so now she’s a “cynical bitch” who likes to carry a skateboard.”

    Actually…yes, she was….

  19. iamsosmrt

    Avril is just cranky because her husband used to plow Paris the Filth Hilton and even put her skankness in one of his video’s. I can’t blame the little poser for being pissy, I’d be pretty permanently bitchy if my hubby had had some Hilton before me… you know because STD’s are so itchy, painful and deadly.

  20. StoneRose

    Nice dork hat, Derek. I recall Zits wearing the same one on Degrassi High…in the 80s which is where that hat belongs.

    And nice ‘natural’ hair extensions, Avril. I recall another pop princess wearing the same shit before she shaved ‘em off…oh yeah! Its Britney! Who knew!

  21. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    In the 3rd pic it looks like she is gonna hock a huge loogey at the photog.

  22. bedbugsandballyhoo


    Ha!Ha! That reminds me of when she mispronounced David Bowie’s name on some award show and then later claimed it was because she had never heard of him or his music. What rock has she been living under? I suppose it might be true though, since she was raised on COUNTRY MUSIC! In the infamous words of Sid from “Flushed Away,

  23. chaunceygardner

    She needs a good, strong punch in her crooked mouth. Or a cock.

    I’ll volunteer both.

  24. iamsosmrt

    Don’t worry everyone, Avril and Deryk will soon be dead along with all of Hollywood. It’s the six degrees of Paris Hilton and her vile, vile diseases. Soon all of hollywood will be wiped out.
    Unfortunately only the mating of Paris Hilton and either Charlie Sheen or Gene Simmons would be able to kill the anti christ Hilton and her festering warts Nicole and Nicky.

  25. Nat

    I’d still rather bang Spears.

  26. JaeMae

    Degrassi is the greatest thing to ever come out of canada

  27. Shanipie

    everytime i see her with her husband i feel like she is just playing house. ike omg it would be cool to get married today and buy grocieries together hehehehe.

  28. Don'tCallMeShirley

    What she’s saying makes PERFECT sense. I mean, Avril is basically a pop culture icon. “Hey, hey, you, you, I don’t like your girlfriend”–Who else could spin such lyrical gold?

  29. onecritic

    April Levine is a ridiculous manufactured poser idiot. Her husband is butt-ugly, her songs are fucking unlistenably bad, and her performance on SNL was worse than laughable, it was “cryable.” I can barely stand to look at her stupid face and ridiculous clothing. AAAHHHH!!!

  30. onecritic

    p.s. She’s wearing Converse high-tops with SKULLS on them, that tells me she’s TOUGH and ALTERNATIVE!!!!

  31. onecritic

    p.p.s. Oops, not Converse, they’re some other idiot brand. What-fucking-ever!!!

  32. Truthseeker013

    A complete loser is jealous of a complete loser…

    What an amazing Cosmos we inhabit.

  33. Yourfairytale

    Yes, Avril sucks. She IS manufactured, she is pop, and she is talentless. She is still better than Britney though, mainly because Britney sucks just as much and is just as talentless but she gets her ugly ass kissed so much for being “talented.” I hate that shit! I can take Avril better than Britney for the very fact that she is ignored, which is what Britney should be too.

  34. herbiefrog

    hey babe : )

    so you thought…
    …you were better
    …tyhan our babe : ))

    best of luck with that

    and bye babe


  35. Canada & Mia can suck our ass, that bitch told me to fuck the American flag and jump out a window, that bitch thinks she knows all about our country and trashes us to Hell.

  36. Gringer76

    I’d rather be Avril than Britney ‘Skank’ Spears anyday.
    Also, just because Avril isn’t in the limelight as much as Spears doesn’t mean she’s a bad person.
    Everybody has a right to their opinion, it’s called free speech, morons.
    Avril seems to have more originality than Britney and Britney has no class or culture at all.

    I’d rather shoot myself in the face than be Britney Spears. And Avril is right, if Britney hates being hounded so much by photogs than she shouldn’t flaunt her ass around so much.
    Those kinds of celebrities that say they hate the paparazzi are the ones who go out and do stuff to gain attention from them the most.

  37. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    I saw the new DeGrassi and it really depressed me. Some of the popular student characters that were in the original show are now parents & teachers in the new show. God DAMN I’m old :(

  38. kitty_kat

    #76- What about insulin?

  39. NicotineEyePatch

    She can pretend she’s the anti-Britney all she wants, but the peroxide and the don’t-fucking-look-at-me-I-can-buy-you sunglasses speak volumes.
    Wendy is waiting, Avril. And she’ll eat your soul.

  40. Pikachelsea

    luvinit, you are such a pristine example of unwarranted Canadian arrogance, it actually boggles my mind.

    I love how you go on and on about how awesome Avril is, as if her alleged greatness somehow vicariously transfers over to you. NOBODY GIVES A CRAP ABOUT CANADA. GTF over it. And Avril Lavigne is the perfect example of a no-talent, stuck-up, fake and obnoxious Canadian slutbag. Maybe you’ll figure that out after she flips you off and spits in your eye when you ask for an autograph.

  41. Punkin

    About not being a drug addict:
    You obviously didn’t see her interview on MTV News where she is bragging about being drunk the entire time that her last album was recorded. Not that it makes her an addict, but she’s on her way. She was also obviously on something during the interview.

    I think the manufactured poop star has been covered already, so I won’t even go there.

  42. imaginaryheroes

    #90 –

    “Unwarranted Canadian arrogance”? I love how your rant became a pristine example of American arrogance.

  43. Avril is definately better than Brittney, I know alot of people in school who still like her, but hate Brittney the BALD ANTI-CHRIST, Most people just want Brittney to stop being so “poor me” and how about” poor babies” who will never know their Bald Mother…She still thinks she’s a Mouskateer!!!Dumb Bitch.

  44. crazyotto

    arent they on the OC……..


    Deryck and Avril? How did the two people with the dorkiest names in the world find one another? Are they like Canadian names? She’s so special…sigh…

  46. entertainthetxgirl

    She’s just jealous cause she didn’t think about shaving her head first.

  47. Dank

    She stays out of the public eye, so these pictures werent actually taken? They must be a marage of Avril and her dopey ass husband. Hmm could it be that no one gives a rats ass about you because you’re a hypocrite and you turned into everything you once said you hated? Assbag.

  48. loungechic

    Seriously, who thinks her new song on the radio sounds like the most pop song ever… reminiscent of OH MICKEY YOU’RE SO FINE, YOU’RE SO FINE YOU BLOW MY MIND! HEY MICKEY!

  49. iamsosmrt

    Yes freedom of speech is important, which is why most of us here are commenting on what a MORON Avril Lavine is.

    Sure Avril is entitled to an opinion and Britney is a train wreck who asks for trouble. However Avril, as a younger less experienced, much less famous person is really in no position to lecture anyone. There are hardly any Britney fans here, people simply don’t appreciate the know-it-all antics of a little celebrity whose career was made in part possible because idiots like Britney and the ancient skank Madonna opened the door for young women, like Avril, to sell themselves… I mean their “music”. Clearly Britney needs a slap in the face but, Avril Lavigne is the last person who qualifies to do so. Little Lavigne is just begging Karma to knock her on the ass. She is a young, newly married celebrity (her husband dated Paris Hilton and you know what they say about people that touched Hilton) shooting her mouth off as if she’s got it all figured out. She’ll soon find that life has a lot in store for people after age 22 and that she doesn’t have all the answers. She is making an ass of herself by being extremely obnoxious and arrogant especially as such a young immature little woman (her lack of eloquence shows her IMMENSE immaturity; have you heard her speak?); SHE IS TEMPTING FATE. Everyone in Hollywood self destructs sooner or later. So NO ONE famous should ever talk shit about another celeb (regardless of free speech) and when they do the people will rip them apart; hence this post.

    Anyone can say anything; that doesn’t make them QUALIFIED to do so.

  50. Adrianus Smith


    This is regarding the shooting at Virginia Tech:
    Did you listen to the video of the student with a cellphone on the campus? Now they’re saying he only had one gun. Bullshit!!! Anyone who has fired a pistol (or two) knows he had more than one firearm! What is the American Government hiding? Witnesses even reported the guy had two pistols! What’s the deal? Did the Bush family make a deal with this guy too? Where’s the freedom of information in the states? They’re hiding somtehing! Someone please tell me what!
    spred da wurd!

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