Avril Lavigne still jealous of Britney


Avril Lavigne is taking more shots at Britney Spears, saying Britney could avoid the press if she really wanted to, and that she doesn’t get as much attention as Britney because she wants it that way.

“The press isn’t all over me like that. She’s probably one of the people who can’t control it. But if you don’t want it, you could get away from it. I don’t want my picture taken all the time.” Lavigne added that she and her hubby, musician Deryck Whibley, aren’t tabloid targets because they avoid the press. “If you want to be a tabloid couple, go around every red carpet in L.A., go to The Ivy for lunch. We don’t do any of that. To us, it’s cheesy. It’s lame.”

It’s funny that Avril Lavigne actually believes she doesn’t get as much attention as Britney Spears because she’s being crafty and avoiding the press. She could put on an old-fashioned general’s hat and start telling everybody she was Napoleon and she’d come off less delusional.

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