Avril Lavigne still jealous of Britney

April 16th, 2007 // 115 Comments

Avril Lavigne is taking more shots at Britney Spears, saying Britney could avoid the press if she really wanted to, and that she doesn’t get as much attention as Britney because she wants it that way.

“The press isn’t all over me like that. She’s probably one of the people who can’t control it. But if you don’t want it, you could get away from it. I don’t want my picture taken all the time.” Lavigne added that she and her hubby, musician Deryck Whibley, aren’t tabloid targets because they avoid the press. “If you want to be a tabloid couple, go around every red carpet in L.A., go to The Ivy for lunch. We don’t do any of that. To us, it’s cheesy. It’s lame.”

It’s funny that Avril Lavigne actually believes she doesn’t get as much attention as Britney Spears because she’s being crafty and avoiding the press. She could put on an old-fashioned general’s hat and start telling everybody she was Napoleon and she’d come off less delusional.

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  1. mrlithium

    FIRST! and i hate avril!

  2. She’s with her evil henchman! Jeez, you’d think she could afford a bunch of tough mimes.

  3. Anexio

    Kinda getting a big poop shoot there aren’t you, Avril.

  4. badattitood

    Oh please. Avril, the reason the paps don’t hound you is because you are waaaaaaay less interesting.

  5. What does Avril mean English, “she who has no facial expressions?”

  6. jakebarnes

    Aww matching sunglasses

  7. alaskanchicsickle

    Ugliest pants ever.

  8. chiris

    The reason they don’t get attention is because they’re midgets, paparazzi have to use all the zoom they’ve got to really see them.

  9. Gee, I think that may be a sign of her trying to reach Britney status, sorry Avril, your music isn’t that good, and no one believes your bad ass image. Just write your teenage angst filled songs and dye your hair back to whatever the hell color it was before you tried to look like britney.

  10. DannyJames

    Its time for a reality check!
    oh pahleeeaaaase. Why is this dumbass still talking about Britney Spears? Does she just go up to any reporter and go on a tirade about how she is too good for the paparazzi, meanwhile shes just bitter that no one gives a shit about her? Britney Spears is supermega famous. The photographers literally stalk the woman, she cant even go into drug rehab or a store without a deluge of cameras documenting her every move. Avril should focus on her own shitty music and less on other people. Isnt she 22 or something? Why is she singing some junior high bullshit song about stealing some chicks boyfriend? Get the jizz outta your ears and listen to how much you suck. AND I AM THROUGH!

  11. schack

    I smell a nose job, oh, and The Gap’s new “conterculture Xbones” fragrance.

  12. schack

    britney is an icon. avril is a charicature of a charicature of an icon.

  13. elf

    they look so young!

  14. bedbugsandballyhoo

    Depending on the dialect. Other translations include, “She who takes herself way too seriously” and after seeing her interview on Popworld, “Humourless twit.”

  15. C. Everett Koop

    Based on the content of her speech, her facial expressions, and her ever-enlarging pooper, my diagnosis: chronic severe constipation.

  16. Shovelhead

    Folks, Britney is a no-talent, uneducated piece of white trash. Everything that has happened to her is a result of her own doing… She is a stupid person. She could control the media attention surrounding her very easily just dont give them what they want ! problem solved. Like her or not, Avril is more talented, smarter and better looking. Plus she is not some ‘manufactured’ pop act. Oh, she is not a drug addict or alcoholic either.

  17. Solaera

    I hate this phony twat. She is so full of shit. I’ve seen her photographed coming out of The Ivy, Teddy’s [came out spitting] and Koi just to name a few razzi hotspots.

    Cheesy and lame, huh? Funny, that’s pretty much what I think of the two of them.

  18. DMB in da ATL

    pink roses are SO PUNK ROCK!!

  19. outrageous.opinion

    Why isnt Avril just being honest and admit that she is not the freak that Britney is.
    Britney gets press because she wants it and because she is such a mess, that people enjoy seeing her and laughing. No amount of money can change true trailer trash. Makes me feel better.

  20. Arab Hater

    @ 16

    Go back to Canada and FUCK YOURSELF along the way

  21. JaeMae

    #16- It is seriously hilarious that you think this cunt is not a “manufactured” pop act. The only difference between Avril and Britney is that Britney makes about a jiilion more dollars. Yes, a jillion.

  22. pirhan

    She’s like the kid at school that no one likes and she plays it all cool and tough when not invited to parties. I’m so sad she’s Canadian. I like Celine more then her.

  23. Joshingya31

    Even when Britney had hair, i would have still put one in this bitch over baldy anyday. A maybe a little donkey punching might change her attitude problem.

  24. JaeMae

    no seriously, post 16 is funnier than anything the superfish has written today.

  25. pirhan

    Oh, and hahaha to jakebarnes. I didn’t notice until now. Who has the cheese now?

  26. At least she’s smart enough to realize that you’re less likely to have pictures of your twat all over the internet if you wear panties on a regular basis.

  27. Miss Asia

    it is obvious that she is a hypocrite when she says she does not go to hot spots in order to avoid the press.
    i hate her so much, that stuck up bitch!

  28. meee

    she does seem kind of stuck up and elitist, but she has a point. not just about britney, but anyone who lives in hollywood and complains of press.

  29. pekpekshorts

    #16 = idiot avril was never a skater before her first album. the studio ‘made’ her become one.

  30. bedbugsandballyhoo

    Not a manufactured pop act, aye? Tsk, tsk, you haven’t done your homework. She actually got her start by winning a CONTEST to sing with Shania Twang, (Intentional misspelling) The “punk princess” got her start in country music and her record company revamped her image to attract the young teen crowd. Not manufactured my ass.

  31. luvinit

    16- Totally agree with you!!
    20- Go FUCK women from THE FATTEST NATION IN THE WORLD! Us Canadians can’t help that we’re way better. It not our fault. It just happened that way.

    WTF? Why a re peole sticking up fro Britney? We never see her with her children, she acts like she’s retarted, she shaves her head, marryies K-Fed???, goes to rehab, fucks a fellow rehab dude behind the bushes, wears no underwear, hung around with a walking STD, attacked a paparazzi’s car with an umbrella, wore some random chicks bikini for a day, and she wears ugly wigs!!

    Avril has real boobs and hair, has talent, married an non homosexual wannabe rapper, acts NORMAL, is gorgeous(guys don’t you dare say that you wouldn’t hit that! we know you would)

    Avril has a point about britney and every other celeb that complains about the press

  32. whitegold

    I like when people go to the media to bash other people for being in the media all the time. It’s like, yeah, you “intentionally” keep such a low profile, but you decide that talking smack about BS was worth coming out of your private bubble?! Really? You claim to want to keep your personal life private, but felt that if you were going to go public to discuss anything, the lifestyle of BS would be the thing worth going public for? Interesting…

  33. dirt chicken

    Yeah … let’s turn this into a US vs Canada battle … fucking douchebags.

    The fact is that both of these skanks suck. They are BOTH manufactured pop acts … it’s just that Britney had success at one point , and that little canuck whore didn’t. Trim up your mullet and go to Tim Hortons for another donut, Gord, Eh.

  34. kamihi

    Oooh Avril SK8 off into obscurity will you dearie, & let Brit self destruct in all her glory in public.
    What an ugly husband she has.

  35. Like, right, Avril, stars could stop going on the red carpet (sorry you were only called for the premiere of “Clerks 2″) or eating at the Ivy (which alot of us reg-u-lar people don’t know too much about, bitch) or you could be a shining example, idiot……..
    There, your annoying little girl image and horrid musical skills are gone. Show Britney up! Don’t miss this offer! It’s only for a limited time (before you start being pelted with tomatoes).

    She thinks she’s punk or something?
    Yeah, and Courtney Love is a diet expert.

  36. 7-point-7

    Welcome to the Land of Munchkins!

  37. Fuck Avril lavigne, for making everybody defend Britney Spears. What is this suddenly a Britney Spears shrine or something? they both are or were talented but in different types of music and audience. Avril should stop trying so hard on that old bad girl image, its Bull Sh… and Britney? she was once famous for her talent, but now she

  38. tits_on_snack

    Ew, shut up you disgusting Canadian Avril-lovers, and quit making me ashamed to be one of you.
    Avril is pop crap and a disgrace to my nation, just the same as the billions of American pop artists churned out every year disgracing THEIR nation.
    Avril Lavigne cannot sing or play an instrument worth a shit. She “shouts” her songs in an out-of-breath monotone deadpan voice when she’s singing live (studio recordings don’t count, since they’ve been polished and run through a thousand processors – and even then she still sounds like ass). She has one “move” which consists of kicking her foot up into the air, not to mention she’s a grown married woman singing about stealing highschoolers boyfriends and looks like she was raised and bottlefed by sixteen year old Hot Topic employees.
    Fucking “Nah nah, hey hey, I don’t like your girlfriend”? How old are you? Twelve?

  39. ATX

    I bet she has good pussy. Even for a Canadian!

  40. kitty_kat

    @ #12- Britney’s more famous than Avril, but I don’t think I’d go as far as calling her an icon. She’s just another one of those trashy celebs that are more famous for their personal lives than their actual craft. I don’t think anyone is gonna remember Britney 25 years from now.

  41. kitty_kat

    That said, Avril needs to get over her Britney jealousy. This is so ridiculous!

  42. lickmybutt

    i’d like to punch avril in her ugly, gnarled toothed face. she is just as annoying as britney, only worse cuz at least brit is doing her “thing” as pathetic as that thing is, but avril is only in the media to talk shit about other people. she needs to be put in her lame ass place.

  43. bedbugsandballyhoo

    To the unaware: Bashing Avril does not mean you like, and are defending Britney…believe it or not…it is possible to intensely dislike both of these posers and their so-called music.

  44. Kate

    Avril is half-right, but half-right is NOT enough to warrant her opening her mouth. I mean, yes, Britney does do/ wear outlandish things and do things to draw attention to herself but she and Avril are so obviously not even in the same league in terms of celebrity status. There’s a difference between not getting any attention from the press because you’re too clever for them and not getting any attention because they’re not interested in you. Get over it, Avril. And I’m by no means a Britney fan, but as far as my opinion of Avril in general goes, check out the last 6 lines of #38…couldn’t have said it better myself…a married woman talking about stealing boyfriends…yeah…

  45. lambman

    I hate Avril but she’s 100% RIGHT about this.

    If Britney would have just gone to Louisianna and stayed with her parents after the divorce none of this crap would have happened. Celebs like Britney who go shop on rodeo and eat at the Ivy and go clubbing at Hyde KNOW the paparazi are at all of these places, and there for have to right to complain about it.

    Look at somebody like Ben Afflec, when he was with J. Lo his pic was taken every day, because they went all around LA all the time. Now that he’s married to J. Ga you never see them because they moved outta LA.

  46. tits_on_snack

    #43, word.
    Same with the whole Aniston/Jolie crap. Anytime someone badmouths Jolie, they’re instantly on “TEAM ANISTON” which irritates the crap out of me, since I detest both annoying wenches.

  47. Naruelle

    #16- did you just call avril talented? wow good joke. GOOOD joke. she’s the most manufactured singer SINCE britney spears if you think about it and she can’t sing to save her life. Now she’s singing about somebody else’s bf she can’t have in 8+ languages or something… its quite pathetic

  48. ptown1024

    did i miss matching sunglasses day??? damn, my girl is gonna be pissed!

  49. Nikk The Templar

    #45 hit the nail on the head.

    #47 is also right. Avril is as fake as Lee Press-On Nails. And I remember when the punks in the 1980′s used to go up to Hollywood to fuck shit up and spange, not to go shopping at Fred Segal.

    It’s a shame. I think Avril’s EXTREMELY attractive…but everytime she opens her mouth, it’s something about Britney. I think she’s gay for her and this marriage to Deryck is a sham.

  50. The press isn’t all over Avril for the same reason that the press isn’t all over Clair Danes, or Melissa Joan Hart, or Jennifer Love Hewitt.

    They aren’t as popular. Avil’s total sales is less than the Sales figures for Brittney’s 1st CD.

    That and she looks like she smells bad. That said, I still think Britt is Trash, I just don’t think that Avil is lower than trash.

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