Avril Lavigne spits on paparazzi


Just in case you didn’t already want to punch Avril Lavigne in the face, she was caught two times in the past two nights acting like a douchebag and spitting on the paparazzi.

After celebrating her 22nd birthday at Hyde, the wannabe punk-rocker unleashed a torrent of “f*** yous” to the paparazzi and autograph seekers, even signing the pleasant greeting on some pictures. Avril and her entourage then made their way to the safety of their SUV, where she rolled the window down and loaded up a liquid projectile in her mouth. Moments later, she displayed her masterful sharpspitting skills by hitting one photographer in the face while laughing hysterically and screaming, “bitch!”

And proving that dumbassery is contagious, her husband Deryck Whibley joined in the spitting frenzy and hit a photographer in the glasses with a loogie last night at the grand opening of Area nightclub in Hollywood. Make sure you’re alone when you watch the video because I gaurantee afterwards you’ll be filled with a lust to murder. And God forbid there are any infants around, because the sound of her voice will drive you to punch them.

NOTE: Free Slurpee to anybody who gets the reference.