Avril Lavigne spits on paparazzi

September 29th, 2006 // 149 Comments

Just in case you didn’t already want to punch Avril Lavigne in the face, she was caught two times in the past two nights acting like a douchebag and spitting on the paparazzi.

After celebrating her 22nd birthday at Hyde, the wannabe punk-rocker unleashed a torrent of “f*** yous” to the paparazzi and autograph seekers, even signing the pleasant greeting on some pictures. Avril and her entourage then made their way to the safety of their SUV, where she rolled the window down and loaded up a liquid projectile in her mouth. Moments later, she displayed her masterful sharpspitting skills by hitting one photographer in the face while laughing hysterically and screaming, “bitch!”

And proving that dumbassery is contagious, her husband Deryck Whibley joined in the spitting frenzy and hit a photographer in the glasses with a loogie last night at the grand opening of Area nightclub in Hollywood. Make sure you’re alone when you watch the video because I gaurantee afterwards you’ll be filled with a lust to murder. And God forbid there are any infants around, because the sound of her voice will drive you to punch them.

NOTE: Free Slurpee to anybody who gets the reference.


  1. EveryoneLovesAnIrishGirl

    I want a Diet Coke Slurpie please, because Dane Cook is a silly bitch.

  2. EveryoneLovesAnIrishGirl

    I almost got really mad thawt you stole from Dane Cook, but as long at you’re referring to it as a reference, kudos to you friend. Diet Coke Slurpie please, because Dane Cook is a silly bitch. Did I already say that?

  3. EveryoneLovesAnIrishGirl

    Yes, I believe I did =] oops sorry everyone.

  4. Dirt McGirt

    Anyone ever see the opening scene in that movie “The Way of the Gun?” What happened to Sarah Silverman in that movie needs to happen to Lavigne. And her husband also needs his ass kicked for spitting on people (he spat on a photog while riding with Paris Hilton)

  5. soup

    She is not 22

  6. biatcho

    Because it’s a rainy Sunday and I am bored I just wanted to say that people who think Dane Cook is funny need to reevaluate their existence.

  7. This is a Rock 'n Roll Takeover

    Biatcho, everything you’ve said on this site has been borderline retarded, therefore you have absolutely no say in what is or is not funny. Thank you and good day.

  8. starboard

    that’s awesome… more celebrities should be doing this and encouraging the rest of the pop culture obsessed to GET A LIFE OF THEIR OWN

  9. biatcho

    rocknroll… at least I am not a 37 year old who still thinks dock marten boots, skinny black jeans, punk rock & fauxhawks are “the shit”. And apparently you have a major crush on Dane Cook, which is especially “rock”, considering he’s done movies with Jessica Simpson. That’s cool!

    Now go ease your pain with some Avril Lavigne & eat a shotgun.

  10. biatcho

    and there’s nothing I love more than adding some newbie dickwad to my list of people who I plan on chasing away from here… sweet! I hope it’s a slow work week this week!!

  11. c

    Hyde will let Avril Lavigne in, but not Tara Reid? I would love to see how they make that subtle distinction between C- and D-list.


  12. This is a Rock 'n Roll Takeover

    LMAO! Chase ME away? Bitch, please. And I’m not even close to 37…I’m 20. So basically, I’m the woman every man has left you for. And when it comes to Dane Cook, I’m a huge fan. I’m not too excited about this new movie with Jessica Simpson, and I lost respect for him as a person while watching Tourgasm and seeing what a bitch he is when he doesn’t get his way, but as a comedian, he’s fucking hilarious. It doesn’t have to be intelligent, it doesn’t have to send a message, it’s just supposed to be funny. And I’ve met the man…I have pics with him up on my myspace from the time my mom bought me a fake ID just to get into the Improv to meet him. I also flew to Boston to attend the taping of his HBO special. If all you have to do is “chase people” off a fucking celebrity bullshit news website, then your life makes me really sad. While you’re sitting here reading about the life you wish you had, I’m out living it. Eat a cock. Good day.

  13. jrzmommy

    71–”Stupid fucking Americans. Just because Avril is from Canada you think everyone Canadian is like that? …. But then again, I’m directing my comments to a bunch of Paris Hiltons and OJ Simpsons, aren’t I? ”
    Okay, so, dummy, do I need to point out the irony within your comment?? Or will reading it back for yourself be sufficient enough for you to see what an absolute douche you are?

    112–As a 37 year old woman I can honestly say there’s not a 20 year old GIRL in this world with whom I would ever want to change places with. 20 year olds are sloppy, immature, unsophisticated, insecure and sexual novices — unless you’re the town cum dump (think Lohan!). Plus, at age 37, I make a LOT of money — thankyouverymuch — which allows me the pleasure of giving my family a very comfortable life and travelling around the world with them.
    I’d bet you a $1,000 that my body is in way better shape than yours, but I’d have to wait about 10 years until you get a real job to be able to pay up.

    109–HEY HEY HEY HEY!!!!!!! Where’s the love? I’m 37 and I just wore my Doc’s this weekend. :)

  14. lesterpolyester

    ill take that free slurpee coup! i get it. hee hee… “oil is my blood.. seat belts…. radio knobs…… “

  15. This is a Rock 'n Roll Takeover

    jrzmommy…unless your measurements are better than 34(C)-24-34, I highly doubt your body is better than mine. As far as the money thing goes, I’m in college full time and I also work full time making $13/hr, which yeah, probably not as much as you make, but it’s a hell of a lot more than most people my age make. I have a blast on a daily basis. My life rules. I get to party with rockstars, and no I’m not a groupie. I’m the girl all the bands ditch the groupies for because I’m not all about sex and being the town jizz jar, I’m about partying and having a good time. I also make money taking professional pictures for bands at their shows. So I’m not doing too bad.

  16. biatcho

    jrz – no disrespect to you at all. you know I have the love! It does seem as if we have found ourselves another 20 year old asshat who has the mentality of a 15 year old and thinks she rules the world. She gets cofffee for a music producer & answers his phone & thinks she “meets” celebs… it’s HILARIOUS!

    And RNR chick, the more you feel the need to describe yourself & hand out your cup & waist sizes the more we are all going to think you’re a fat-ass cow so don’t even go there. Continue getting coffee, donuts & blow jobs for music producers… while I, on the other hand, continue to work in the TV & Film insustry and actually get to converse with people like Liev Schreiber & John Turturro… they vail in comparison to Dane Cook (insert sarcastic cough here) but they’re pretty chill guys who like to smoke butts with me in the secret indoor smoking room I found for them at our edit facility.

  17. jrzmommy

    biatcho: bingo. this one’s such a newbie that she really thinks they like her for “her mind.”

  18. biatcho

    Yeah, I wish I knew her real name so I could keep an eye out for some groupie chick that ends up dead from an ass-raping heroine overdose in the hotel room of Travis Barker.

  19. jrzmommy

    Now now, biatcho, she’s about partying and having a good time, not the sex, so the ROCKSTARS wouldn’t do that to her. She’ll be found in a hotel room dead at the hands of someone’s 45-year old, balding, spare-tire having CPA husband. Remember, family men up and leave their families and wives at the mere sight of her.

  20. This is a Rock 'n Roll Takeover

    Wow, you guys totally misinterpreted what I said, but whatever. I’m not hanging out with dirtbag rockstars like Kid Rock (or Travis Barker who I’ve always hated) or some lame shit like that. I’m talking Every Time I Die, The Used, My Chemical Romance, Unwritten Law, Mindless Self Indulgence, Senses Fail, Jimmy Eat World, Gwar, etc. Most of which I’m sure someone of your generation has no idea about. And for someone who has a family and so much money, you sure to seem to be awfully concerned with someone you don’t even know. Why don’t you spend more time thinking about them and less time worrying about what lame excuse for an insult you’re going to come up with for a person who not only doesn’t give a shit, but has too much of a life to want to continue such a petty, insignifigant internet argument? Yeah, for a 37 year old you sure have some crazy priorities. This will be my last correspondence with the two old hags who have no lives outside of work, children, and starting shit with people over the internet…your lives are my worst fear realized. It almost makes me glad though, because it just makes me realize how lucky I am that I’ll never be as pathetic as you. :)

  21. biatcho

    i heart gwar… they, like, totally rock!

  22. jrzmommy

    she sure gots alot to say for someone who doesn’t give a shit. well, what’s the tally up to now, biatcho? let’s see, there was DanYELL the Cunt, Sarah Jean the Lilac Queen, Star Maker Machinery, Stacy the Delusional Greek Whore and now the Pamela DesBarres/Annie Leibovitz wannabe. hee hee.

  23. biatcho

    We should come up with a fun tagteam wrestling nickname for ourselves & get RichPort involved. Together we can rid the Superficial world of teenagers & retards and keep it to good, dirty fun for us adults who can handle criticism with good old fashioned ass-reamings in return.
    We can call ourselves the Old Farts or Golden Girls since they all seem to think people in their 30s are old hags.

  24. jrzmommy

    biatch–we gotta get Commissioner in on it, too. And RichPort could be our Captain Lou Albano sorta guy. 30 IS the new 70, according to the wisdom of these 20 year old walking books of life wisdom.

  25. biatcho

    the more the merrier I say! Then maybe it’ll get like it used to be around here… ah the old days. Can I be Brutus the Barber Beefcake?

  26. jrzmommy

    I wanna be macho mommy randy savage

  27. biatcho

    Jimmy Superfly Biatcho?

  28. jrzmommy


  29. This is a Rock 'n Roll Takeover

    I just happened to read a response I hadn’t read before, which was 116, and I just want to correct you on one very important factor…I don’t work for a music producer. I have no desire to go into the music industry. I have a job that I don’t even plan on being at for the rest of my life, just the rest of college. I work for EMG Alarm Services…big friggin’ deal. I’m the youngest person there, and I’m not even at entry level. You work in the TV and Movie industry huh? Well then you must know my cousin Maria Crenna, the Executive VP of Paramount Television? In June when I come out to LA for our family reunion, which is being hosted by Penni Crenna, the widow of my late Uncle Richard Crenna, I’m going to have a visit with the hilarious Patton Oswalt. Now don’t tell me you have something against him too?

    Oh and also…here’s your proof that I’m not a “fat cow”

    Damn, even without makeup I look good…

    Don’t worry, I’m used to jealousy from other females. Especially older ones.

  30. This is a Rock 'n Roll Takeover

    I hadn’t read all of 116 before and I really feel the need to clear one very important thing up…I am not anywhere near being a fat cow…in fact, that’s LAUGHABLE! I’m used to getting outlashed at by females, especially older ones, because of their jealousy. And I’ll bet you’re going to ask why I can’t show pics? Well here you go bitches…


    And even without makeup I look better than you ever did…

    Suck it.

  31. RichPort

    #115 – What were you before the surgery?

  32. RichPort

    #123 – … Are you ladies planning my future without me? Look, I saw R&R’s pics (if those weren’t taken from a GGW video) and I could swear she was smoking my sausage just last week, and I hadn’t bathed or shaved in days. I just remember reaching down and manhandling tits so fake they felt like my erection… which of course is not fake, or augmented… but I digress. The best thing about 20 year olds is they’ll do what ever you ask: ATM, girl on girl, salad tossing, tea bagging… all in the name of colege experimentation. Young girls are also psycho… one pearl necklace and they think they can climb up your fire escape and take pictures of you sleeping. Scary bitches. In closing, I’d love to manage your WWE ladies tag team, as long as I get to hit someone with a fucking folding chair.

  33. jrzmommy

    I see Miss Fake ID just couldn’t stay away.

    Ya know, my six year old daughter has started saying, She’s jealous of me! She’s just jealous!! Don’t be so jealous….about some girl at school. But that’s okay because she’s six and she just learned a new word and that’s a typical six-year-old-girl response to things. HOWEVER–coming from a 20 year old, it just sounds…I dunno…..pathetic? And posting pictures of yourself to PROVE how pretty you think you are to a bunch of yahoos like us is sad and SCREAMS insecurity.

    129–(and #130–just in case it didn’t post the first time, she paraphrased and posted it for us again!!!) Seriously, you’re a joke…..this isn’t jealous backlash, this is people thinking you’re an asshole….now run away before someone drops a house on you, too.

  34. biatcho

    ok, i now have to go find a mop because I just fucking pissed all over myself and it’s dripping all over the floor.

    I can’t stop laughing at how pathetic this all is. It’s way funnier than anything patton Oswalt has ever done because he’s never done anything funny. He was given a chance on mr. Show with Bob 7 David (greatest show on the planet) but he is a nobody still riding on David Cross’ coattails.

    Oh &, hhmm let’s see my father is Dee Snyder and my mother is, uuuhh, Sally Feild and I get a lot of friends because of that so GO SCREW. And I also have the biggest tits & smallest waist in all the land so whatever (making W sign with my fingers).

  35. steponme

    That Dane Cook reference made me laugh.
    Thanks you so much. :)

  36. tsarinaamanda


    ALL of those “bands” suck. They are NOT rock, they are just a bunch of whiney closet cases that wear girls pants, have shitty haircuts, and write shit songs where they whine about the pain of their upper-middle-class life and getting beat up in high school by the HOT guys. And poor Richard Crenna, being related to a stupid, snotty cunt like you must be a real kick in the balls for a cool guy like him. I loved him in the Rambo movies, but I guess you can’t pick your family, too bad for him. Unfortunately he didn’t seem to teach you to STFU and not brag about shit that isn’t all that fucking special. Ohh, BFD, YOU hang out with…Patton Oswalt and some shit emo bands! Whooptee doo, you get a cookie! Yeah, us old hags are SOO JEALOUS, OMGZ LOLZ WTF!!11one! UR SOO much kewler than us, OMGZ! Obnoxious whore, and just so you know, you are NOT anything to write home about, much less leave a spouse for. My dog’s asshole has more personality and is more attractive than you, especially when she lets a rotten fart rip. And not everyone WANTS to be a cum-guzzling moped for the whole music industry to take a ride on (fun to ride until your friends see you), some of us actually pursue careers that we can be PROUD of…but I’m sure you know nothing about the emotion known as PRIDE, all you seem to know about is vainglory and boasting about shit that isn’t all that spectacular. Now, I think I hear one of the flaming fags from Taking Back Sunday, or whichever emo-homo band you name-dropped calling for their favorite spunk-rag….buh-BYE little whore, don’t come back until you learn how to RESPECT YOUR ELDERS, and I’m only 24, but I can GUARANTEE you that I’m WAY more successful than you will ever, in your WILDEST dreams, hope to be, and I got that way without riding the coattails of OTHER people’s accomplishments, or dropping their names to make myself look more important. Yeah, and BTW, I’M related to Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, but that and 35 cents will get me a newspaper, so WTF does it matter? Jesus fucking CHRIST!

  37. tsarinaamanda

    A billion points if YOU know who Kaiser Wilhelm is without Googling him…but since you only seem to know the names of irrelevant, shit-assed bands, I’d be willing to bet you have not the slightest idea who he is. Go read a book, whore, when you have something to be proud of, you will realize that all this bragging is pointless and just makes people hate you even more.

  38. she’s such a stuck up bitch

  39. sarah

    Wait? Didn’t she do any interview or something saying she wasn’t as famous as britney because she didn’t do crazy attention getting shit?? am I the ONLY one seeing a pattern here…?

    BTW the bitch is not punk rock and should be kicked in the stomach for trying to be.

    case in point * Ahem*
    “Hey hey, you you, I don’t like your girlfriend…”

    * crricketss*

  40. punky


  41. Luci........................

    Well, what would YOU do if you had a big crowd of people around you seeking your autograph and getting your picture? I don’t think “Can you please leave me alone” is gonna do anything. She wants a life AWAY from the paparazzi! I’m kick everyone in the you-know-whats if there was a permanent group of people following me around for the rest of life. Give the girl a break! Leave her alone and go get a life rather than sitting here writting hate-comments about someone you don’t even know personally.
    It wasn’t exactly her decision to be “famous” she wanted to write music and she did. People liked it, bought it, the paparazzi caught on and here we are.
    Hell yeah her music isn’t “punk”, but she didn’t say she was either, eh? “Punk” is being who you are and not copying everyone else. Believing in what you believe in. I don’t care about other peoples opinions. This is mine. Anyone who thinks they are “punk” for liking the sex pistols,whatever, wear punk clothing they copied from sid vicious, go around swearing like its the only word the can say, is a POSER. Which gives me the impression that most of the people here are also posers. If you don’t know what anarchy is, you have another thing comming, and don’t even dare ask me what a poser is, coz basicly, you are one. I don’t have a problem with anyone unless they have a problem with me.
    “Punk is drinking alcohol from unlabeled bottles in a club in the middle of the city, the club that has no sign or name on the door. Punk is telling the establishment to lick your balls, then actually whipping them out on stage.” – Sorry that doesn’t make you punk either. Makes you seem poserish.
    You’re all gonna disagree with me, but I don’t give 2 craps.
    Sexist arse-wipes.

  42. I don’t like the paparazzi, they need to get real jobs. I think I’ll make an exception for Avril though.

  43. I don’t like the paparazzi, they need to get real jobs. I think I’ll make an exception for Avril though.

  44. Robin

    Avril has talent and she never called herself punk.

  45. Justo VanJaybones

    She might be a douchebag, but the paparazzi are scumbags, they deserve to be spit on and a whole lot worse.

  46. She got a little angry so your gonna say she needs to grow up? If someone followed you- no- if a group of people fallowed you everywhere would you get mad? No wait you’re used to everybody watching you, you attention whore.

  47. James

    Damn, if I ever see her I’ll stand in front of her with my camera in hand and my mouth WIDE open.

    Lets see if she can hit a sitting target.

    I wonder what it would taste like.

  48. James

    Damn, if I ever see her I’ll stand in front of her with my camera in hand and my mouth WIDE open.

    Lets see if she can hit a sitting target.

    I wonder what it would taste like.

  49. Laura

    Spitting isn’t a Canadian thing, that’s the most idiotic stereotype I’ve ever heard.

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