Avril Lavigne spits on paparazzi

September 29th, 2006 // 149 Comments

Just in case you didn’t already want to punch Avril Lavigne in the face, she was caught two times in the past two nights acting like a douchebag and spitting on the paparazzi.

After celebrating her 22nd birthday at Hyde, the wannabe punk-rocker unleashed a torrent of “f*** yous” to the paparazzi and autograph seekers, even signing the pleasant greeting on some pictures. Avril and her entourage then made their way to the safety of their SUV, where she rolled the window down and loaded up a liquid projectile in her mouth. Moments later, she displayed her masterful sharpspitting skills by hitting one photographer in the face while laughing hysterically and screaming, “bitch!”

And proving that dumbassery is contagious, her husband Deryck Whibley joined in the spitting frenzy and hit a photographer in the glasses with a loogie last night at the grand opening of Area nightclub in Hollywood. Make sure you’re alone when you watch the video because I gaurantee afterwards you’ll be filled with a lust to murder. And God forbid there are any infants around, because the sound of her voice will drive you to punch them.

NOTE: Free Slurpee to anybody who gets the reference.


  1. Elizabeth

    Dane Cook reference! Huzzah!

    And Avril Lavigne needs to go away. Right now. Kthnx.

  2. shell

    She’s so punk…right up there with the Dead Kennedys

  3. RichPort

    Someone should wack her, then make a punk group called the Dead Lavignes.

  4. jrzmommy

    All I got to say to the paparazzis who got it: YOU LUCKY LUCKY BASTARDS! What wouldn’t I give to be spat at in the face! I sometimes hang awake at night dreaming of being spat at in the face. They must think the sun shines out of your arse, sonny.

  5. Uh, did they just spit on me?!

    No, wait, did they just SPIT ON ME?!



  6. Aw, they are sharing things they do together while drunk.


  7. RichPort

    I’ll spit on Ms. Lavigne’s face… with my freakishly long johnson.

  8. awesome


    Dane Cook. I love that mofo.

  9. kitty_kat

    Wait a minute… Avril Lavigne is being to her fans? AVRIL LAVIGNE??? Doesn’t she understand that she is sooo 2 years ago? She should be thankful that she has any fans left at all!

  10. wighthouse29

    I grew up about 20 minutes from where she did and I can honestly say that I would give her something nice to spit shine!!!! It’s a Canadian custom for skanky little bitches like her. The ones I “interacted” with were “talented” with their “vocal” abilities. Thumbs up for Napanee women!!!

  11. Shelbs913

    Dane Cook is the reference! Now you owe me a freakin slurpee.

  12. What about “The Dead Milkmen”?

    ? Just you and me, punk-rock girl ? !!

    Note the hyphen Ferret

  13. The Dead Milkmen are GODS that should be worshipped!

    Bitchin’ Camero!!

    PS – Super-Secret Double-Bonus points for hyphen-use, Brain!

  14. This is a Rock 'n Roll Takeover


    And now, FerretJones, although you seem like someone I should know and be all chummy with, I have to correct you on one thing…The Revolting Cocks are NOT punk rock. They’re industrial.

    I wanna make friends with the badger!

  15. fapfapfap

    saying “she is sooo 2 years ago” is sooo last year

  16. macheteseduction

    Dane Cook…

    There better not be any infants around when I hear car alarms and Avril. Its bad news and can turn ugly.

  17. Italian Stallion

    I ran over my neighbors, BITCHIN CAMARAO, BITCHIN CAMARO,
    Now it’s in all the papers.
    My folks bought me a BITCHIN CAMARO with no insurance to match;
    So if you happen to run me down, please don’t leave a scratch.
    I ran over some old lady one night at the county fair;
    And I didn’t get arrested, because my dad’s the mayor.
    Doughnuts on your lawn
    Tony Orlando and Dawn
    When I drive past the kids, they all spit and cuss,
    Because I’ve got a BITCHIN CAMARO and they have to ride the bus.
    So you’d better get out of my way, when I run through your yard;
    Because I’ve got a BITCHIN CAMARO;
    And an Exxon credit card.
    Hey, man where ya headed?
    I drive on unleaded

    That song kicked ass………….

  18. Nuke L.A.

    The closest that little Hot Topic tart is gonna get to punk is when I assfuck her to “Beef Bologna”.

  19. 68 – Thanks ya “Guinea Horse”. :)

  20. pixel killya

    Stupid fucking Americans. Just because Avril is from Canada you think everyone Canadian is like that? I don’t know anyone, and I mean ANYONE that gives 2 shits about Avril or her pathetic music. And have NEVER heard anyone say “aboot” either. The vast majority of Canadians don’t live in the Maritimes dumbasses. But then again, I’m directing my comments to a bunch of Paris Hiltons and OJ Simpsons, aren’t I?

  21. beifiori

    I agree with giggles, when are they going to be arrested? here’s a nice fuck you right back to the both of them…they are disgusting, unappreciative, sick bastards who need to be spit on right back. the only thing those people were doing was taking pictures and asking for autographs, and they behave like that? send em back to the trailer park and take away the money and fame, fucking shits.

  22. biatcho

    I was oot & aboot at a Canucks game last week and got drunk on Molson’s and then got some hookers and watched “Strange Brew” while they sucked my balls and I felt dirty afterwards… then listsned to Avril Lavigne and all was right with the world again. eh.

  23. Equalparts

    #40 Right the FUCK ON!!!!

    Punks don’t get married in a Vera Wang fucking gown when they are 21 and dance their first dance to a Goo Goo Dolls top 40 song.

  24. #73- I thought you were a hot chick??

    Click the link, and see where all the cool kids hangout.

  25. Jenna

    Isn’t it so cute when the has-beens think the paparazzi are there to take pictures of them? The photogs hang out at Hyde to see if Hohan breaks another limb, or to see Paris hook up with (I mean go down on) yet another guy, not to get that great candid shot of….Avril.

    Get a clue, nobody remembers who you are, nobody cares that either of you had a hit song years ago, please get over yourselves.

  26. biatcho

    #75 I am… I just play the part when I feel the need to make fun of douchebuckets.

  27. I can see where your coming from, me being a douchebucket myself.

  28. biatcho

    I like to think of you more as douchesolution, not a bucket. cheers!

  29. Ariana

    Baby punching reference from The Alphabet of Manliness by Maddox.

    I definitely flew to Seattle to go to his book signing.

  30. LukeWarmwater

    The bitch probably just got finished swallowing Deryck’s man chowder making for a thick nasty loogie she could hurl 20 feet. Might have even broken that photog’s nose.

  31. This is a Rock 'n Roll Takeover

    #80, not Maddox, Dane Cook, and if Maddox did indeed put that in his book, it means that loser is out of original material. Not that bitching about the world is really original to begin with.

    Or you could just be slightly retarded. Take your pick.

  32. now now come on guys.. this is the chick that gave us sk8er boi… she means well…

  33. RichPort

    #71 – Look, I’m glad you’re are 51st state and all but I have to admit, I’m kinda glad you guys can’t elect anyone to Congress. Please consider yourselves the French-Eskimo version of Puerto Rico or Guam. Just like we appreciate the Dominican Republic for supplying Major League Baseball with shortstops and outfielders, we are grateful for your generous donation of marginal talent and tree sap. Please return Avril to whereever you people put people like her. Many thanks for the Filipino hotties in Toronto and the hydroponic weed.

  34. scamps

    I better know the punching babies joke. I was at the show on the cd.

  35. I envision a day where is Avril Lavigne wants to spit on people who try and take her picture, she has to look a lot harder to find them.

    You may say I’m a dreamer, I’m not the only one.


  36. poker_n_d_rear

    #71- i take offense to what you said, as i finish up my my sex tape and murder my wife, how dare you for classifying all of us americans as vain capitalist consumers, my trophy wife and i are giving you the evil eye sir, if it wasnt for the fact im overweight and under-educated id find you and give you an earful

  37. poker_n_d_rear

    oh yeah avril is a dumb bitch

  38. LL

    If you want me to side with either Avril or the camera jockeys who follow her around, sorry, can’t do it. They’re ALL a bunch of assholes. If someone gets close enough to Avril for her to reach them with her Canadian phlegm, then good on her. And if one day she spits on the wrong person and he/she punches her right in her blonde Canadian face, someone please get video of it so I can laugh my ass off.

  39. bakismaki

    They must be getting followed by canadian paparazzi because no one in america cares at all about these two.

  40. Klepto

    Boo fucking hoo, paparazzi are just as bad as the pampered brats. I don’t feel bad for what either side does to the other.

  41. junebug

    Speaking of wanna-be punks, This reminds me of when Rancid opened for the Ramones in KC back in 90 something- 2 of the fucks from Rancid started spitting on the fans & throwing shit

  42. BeaGass


  43. HumanDictionary

    Claude Balls:

    See british actor, circa early 1930′s

  44. Aiden

    I would like my Slurpee now, since I totally get the reference (Dane Cook anyone)!

  45. Great. I had completely forgotten about Avril until you posted this. THanks, Superfish.


  46. She might as well change her name to “Douchebag Lavigne” or just “Douchebag,” then she can be like “Madonna”

  47. xx.deathcab.xx

    I’d love to see her jump out of Hyde next week and expect heaps of photographers and cameras to notice her. And when they DO see her and Derylicktmahballs exiting the club, they could all turn their cameras off and walk away looking disapointed while she stands there trying desperately to seem angstful to her husband. And then he slowly slides a few feet to the left.

    Snap, you ugly bitch.

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