Avril Lavigne loves the paparazzi

June 1st, 2007 // 180 Comments

The always pleasant Avril Lavgine was spotted leaving the Roosevelt Hotel giving paparazzi the finger. Man, what a lady. I read somewhere they were going to ask her to write the Miss Manners column, but were afraid everybody would get discouraged when nobody could live up to the example she’d set. I believe their exact words were, “Her manners! They’re too mannerly! She’s too mannerful!” And then they just repeatedly screamed “manners” for three hours straight. I dunno, I guess that’s what they do in the newspaper business.

avril_lavigne_roosevelt_hotel_01-thumb.jpg avril_lavigne_roosevelt_hotel_02-thumb.jpg avril_lavigne_roosevelt_hotel_03-thumb.jpg avril_lavigne_roosevelt_hotel_04-thumb.jpg avril_lavigne_roosevelt_hotel_05-thumb.jpg avril_lavigne_roosevelt_hotel_06-thumb.jpg avril_lavigne_roosevelt_hotel_07-thumb.jpg avril_lavigne_roosevelt_hotel_08-thumb.jpg


  1. bob

    It’s hard to feel empathy for someone five feet tall and with a chipmunk voice. Whenever I hear her shrieks or giggles or songs, I jump outta my seat, thinking, “Oh, shit, where did I leave that rat poison?!”

  2. schack

    she’s so punk rock!

  3. shanipie

    BTW I totally agree, Mia is a shitface hahaha.

  4. menotu

    so, does this stupid bitch even realize that without the paps and her stupid screaming 13-17 year old fans she’d be nothing? way to to show some gratittude, i guess they never grow up.

  5. darit

    WHAT THE FUCK ARE U WEARING STUPID GIRL…i swear to god i dressed like that in 6th grade… I HATE AVRIL LAVIGNE SO MUCH PLEASE SOMEONE REMOVE HER from earth

  6. Guy

    I am just groaning so much at people saying she is ‘punk rock’, please jump off a cliff.

  7. Holly

    she seems to be a very nasty person.
    i think we should boycott her instead of spending millions of dollars supporting that peice of crap.

  8. schack

    Guy- i’m pretty sure we’re all being SARCASTIC. she’s about as punk rock as the new GAP scent “anarchy red.”

  9. Guy

    Thank goodness, but you can never be sure on here…

  10. gracie

    Ummmm last time I checked shopping at Hot Topic was out.

  11. CheChe

    Is it really necessary to flash your IQ?

  12. mandy

    You’re an idiot. Whenever someone poses for the camera (i.e. Lindsay Lohan) you make fun of them and when they don’t want to be photographed you make fun of them. I understand you are supposed to be making fun of people, but pick a side here. You have become very boring and predictable, whereas you used to be interesting and funny.

  13. StarFish

    She looks like one of those Donkeys in Mexico that they paint like a Zebra. But, Donkeys behave better in public.

  14. hungmaster


  15. MissPMS

    The most shameful thing to come out of Canada since Pamela Anderson.

    Someone PLEASE put Avril on the next flight to Ontario…America doesn’t like her, nor did they ever in the first place.

  16. uglyassboy

    Rebellion…Avril is thy name!

  17. Sumofabitch

    Eh. I’d still fuck the living shit out of her.




  20. Peachez

    You know, she talks so much shit about Britney and how she thinks Britney can avoid the paparazzi, and then she complains she hates the paparazzi, yet she’s photographed quite often. The joke is, she talks shit about Britney all the time, but she’s not even a blip on Britney’s radar. Stupid cunt.

  21. Slippery Jim

    Ignoring the usual insults from Americans when the topic is anything but AmeriKKKa, Avril is such a poser.

    You don’t get any more manufactured than Avril. Her record label attached a band to her and suddenly she is a star because she pretends to have attitude.

  22. Avril should eat shit and die, in no particular order (of course).

  23. #122- According to your pics you spend alot of time in bars. What do you expect to find at the bottom of a glass?

  24. malice in wonderland

    She can pretend to be as punk rock as she wants, but I still remember the day she asked a friend of mine to be the drummer in the COUNTRY band she was trying to put together. Last time I checked, country did not equal punk..unless I’m really out of touch.

  25. canada is her only problem, she can sing and write music,unlike Britney. at least she has a band and is seen on TV regularly.

  26. a

    Avril can’t sing OR write music. She sucks. She’s a joke.

  27. Meaghan

    Avril Lavigne is so badass and hardcore. I especially find the way she can’t even flip people off properly (look at her hand, that’s not how position your fingers) especially badass and hardcore. Celebrities are so dumb, someone should give them a few real life lessons on how to do real life everyday things, (like flip people off). Time and time again I see celebrities trying to be cool by flipping someone off, but 90% of them never do it right. When flipping someone off, all fingers should be upright to the knuckle, where you then fold them down. They shouldn’t all be down past the middle finger, making you look like some kind of retarded cripple. They should all be touching the middle finger as well. Dumb asses

  28. Isn’t America great to let singers make money in our country even though people think that they suck….including the people from their own country.

  29. BarbadoSlim

    @125 yes, a “writer” who can forget, let’s take a peek shall we:

    “..Hey! Hey! You! You!
    I don’t like your girlfriend!
    No way! No way!
    I think you need a new one
    Hey! Hey! You! You!
    I could be your girlfriend…”

    Oh yes, she’s a regular Jane Austen.

    PS: You are too stupid to live, please kill yourself immediately and DO NOT reproduce.

  30. Sky

    i still think she is pretty hot though

  31. BarbadoSlim

    @130…haven’t questioned her capabilities as a cumrag. Knock yourself out buddy :)

  32. Alexandra

    honestly i’m tired of this weekend break stuff.

  33. Giomon_Rocks

    Uhhhh did I miss something because I thought that Avril’s 15 minutes were up. Don’t you have to be totally famous in order to even have the right to flip off the cameras? The paparazzi probably mistook her for Britney Spears or something. What a silly bitch.

    #129- LMFAO!!!

  34. Hilarious. She is such a twat.

  35. to 127

    You are neurotic and, hmmm, a bit analytical. Who’s the retard? Yeah. That’s right.

  36. evian_baby




    failing that… danielle???

    *breaks down in tears

  37. Canada can kizz my azz!!!!!!

    Izn’t that place nothing but
    woodz and water…soundz like
    “Wrong Turn” people…..

    her parentz are probably married//
    like miaz…..

  38. violeteyes

    Hey Binky, are you there?

  39. Svenny Bo Benny

    Someone needs to run up to her and punch her right in the face….HARD!

  40. techclerk

    Why iz it zo hard 4 ewe to type the letter “s” when itz zo cloze 2 “z” on the keyboard?

  41. techclerk

    She looks like the ugly version of ashley simpson’s doppleganger

  42. Dawn

    Notice the celebrities who scream: ‘I HATE THE PRESS, GET OFF MY BACK BIATCHES!’ and are then photographed flipping the bird OR *pretending* to look nonchalent are usually the talentless ones.
    Please honey, the paparazzi are your friends.Without ‘em, the masses wouldn’t be the least bit intrigues you talentless li’l runt.
    The ones with REAL talent usually don’t joinin the circus party

  43. Binky

    #138 I’m here now.
    But judging from the drivel above – my evil twin made an appearance earlier in the weekend.
    (I mean that ‘moonjuice’ (TM) crap writing is worse than the MTV movie awards)

  44. Binky

    1 a : a short humorous or satiric writing or speech b : a short news item; especially : FILLER
    2 a : a small firecracker b : a broken firecracker in which the powder burns with a fizz
    3 : a small electric or pyrotechnic device used to ignite a charge
    4 : a cute little octopus who used to play with Flipper.

    I’ll take Door #4 Monty.

  45. #123 – The only way I see in the world is through the bottom of a glass.

  46. leah

    She’s a stupid cunt slut whore that is just of a publicity cunt as paris hilton. Yeah she’s so punk rock. Have you seen her last video? she is singing about becoming someone’s bitch with paris hilton extentions and pink tips. she can go fuck herself.

  47. nagger please

    On the web I see countless young male negroes assaulting old people. Why can’t a jungle bunny assault Avril?

  48. annie

    >>#54: im the dumb one when you couldn’t even recognize an ‘S’ from a ‘Z’? ‘Jezuz!’
    i don’t give a shit about Britney or Avril. They both suck and their music is trash.
    >> im just saying that that punk loser should be thankful that she still gets attention despite her obvious lack of talent.

  49. haru

    Instead of flicking off the paparazzi maybe she should embrace them. We never REALLY see her face do we? She did disappear for what? 3 years?

    THEN after the paparazzi have SERIOUSLY invaded her privacy can she start flicking off the camera. She’s not provocative, her music is not politically driven (at least not what I’ve heard..boyfriend? skater boy?)& isn’t angst ridden. What is she flicking them off for? Come on, stop trying to Punk.

  50. supposably

    Oh, Paris is in Jail already.
    They are never going to forgive you for being this late Fishy.

    It just came up as “breaking news” on my tv…. *vomits*

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