Avril Lavigne loves the paparazzi

June 1st, 2007 // 180 Comments

The always pleasant Avril Lavgine was spotted leaving the Roosevelt Hotel giving paparazzi the finger. Man, what a lady. I read somewhere they were going to ask her to write the Miss Manners column, but were afraid everybody would get discouraged when nobody could live up to the example she’d set. I believe their exact words were, “Her manners! They’re too mannerly! She’s too mannerful!” And then they just repeatedly screamed “manners” for three hours straight. I dunno, I guess that’s what they do in the newspaper business.

avril_lavigne_roosevelt_hotel_01-thumb.jpg avril_lavigne_roosevelt_hotel_02-thumb.jpg avril_lavigne_roosevelt_hotel_03-thumb.jpg avril_lavigne_roosevelt_hotel_04-thumb.jpg avril_lavigne_roosevelt_hotel_05-thumb.jpg avril_lavigne_roosevelt_hotel_06-thumb.jpg avril_lavigne_roosevelt_hotel_07-thumb.jpg avril_lavigne_roosevelt_hotel_08-thumb.jpg


  1. greatestntheworld

    The finger? That’s nothing. If she really wants to piss them off, she should point a 9mm H&K at them. Then she should pull the trigger repeatedly. I hear that pisses the paparazzi off a lot, like throwing a rock in a hornet nest.

  2. shez the only decent thing
    that came from up North…

    she iz so much better than
    Lohan, Spearz,….
    so much more talent and isn’t
    afraid to sing for real..Brittney!
    letz not forget, writez her own
    songz from the beginning…

    Avril,,pleaze tell Spearz
    that I found out where to
    get great extenzionz…
    India, for $5,000…
    cheapazz Brittney, get some…

  3. annie

    oh please. she should be grateful that the paparazzis are following her at all. the piece of bread i ate this morning is more popular than her.

  4. yea, shez way more
    popular than Brittney…
    shez on TV in a couple
    minutez promoting her (NEW CD)//


  5. # 47, #49,
    Not everyone wants to bow to the NWO and the drivel crew.

    Any comments ‘Canadians’ ?

  6. Binky

    Where’d you go ?

  7. D

    Who the hell is Avril Lavgine?

  8. you're all idiots

    You people here are nimrods, all name calling as you sit there and eat bags and bags of chips saying how all these stupid little sluts are so much less then you…

    A bunch of fat bald 40 yr old men with cameras annoying jostling for the shot…knocking over anyone in their way to do it, or just flat out invading privacy…

    Avril is annoyed and shows what she is saying so that everyone looking at the pictures is clear of what she is thinking.

    If Britney, Paris and LL died today this site would have fugall to write about and most of you losers would slice your wrists. The world would be a better place and Darwin will have one.


  9. what a rebel! gimme a break with the finger. she makes her living singing pop music.

  10. Rushzilla

    Dear # 54, learn how to fucking spell asswipe.

    Either way, I’m saddened by this horrible misrepresenatation of Canadian music. Is wear on Ontario’s behalf that we do have real musicians, and when they flip the bird I’m alright with it.

    This is asinine. Eventually her legions of “punk” (re: pop) followers will realize what kind of jackass writes music like this and claims that she isn’t pop.

    She’s a liar.

    Her warble was better off when she stuck to country.
    Fuck I hate this bitch.

    !!! iz A smelly crotch…
    @@@ iz A booger eater…..
    ### iz A freakWhoFuckzSatan..
    $$$ iz A fatWhoreBigMacEater…..
    %%% iz A winnerOfSauzageEating….
    ^^^ iz A loverOfMcDonaldzDriveThru…
    &&& iz A BlueBerryGirlFromWillyWonka..
    *** iz A U=Zuck=Bitch……………..

  12. Public at LARGE: Binky – That’s not the Ritchie finger ! She’s just flashing a few ‘squibs’.
    Binky: Oh > Right. “Squibs”.
    I used to think “Squibs” was the Octopus who used to play with Flipper. (Was Dennis Weaver in that show ?)
    Reality is trying to take ‘Squibs’ away from us – those bastards.

  13. Binky

    OOOOPs !!! Ritchie ?
    (Ok – maybe I don’t always read the top part and have mixed my Nicole ‘finger’ with my Avril ‘finger’ – pass the popcorn)

    It’s the same five or so ‘NWO icons’. Sooner or later they’re all going to have to produce –
    Which celebs will survive ?
    Chuck Sheen and Rosie and… ?

  14. Binky

    Well. Ok . One of my last links starts out ok- but about after an hour or so you get a guy that probably needs a shower.
    He’s from the Zionist NWO – likely. But that’s where I turned it off. Let me know what happens.
    Sorry for the unexplored link.
    This isn’t ‘Pirate Master’ apparently

  15. GamerEdie

    Two words:

    Avril who?

  16. Binky

    #65 It’s – ‘Avril : the finger is easier than mentioning 9-11 – Sk8er Boy’ Lavgine

  17. Binky

    Public at LARGE: “I used to think “Squibs” was the Octopus who used to play with Flipper.” You’re an innocent man Binky. You’re an innocent man.
    Binky : Thank God there’s one left.

  18. Guy

    Looks like she succeeded in getting more attention, sorry about everyone on here being tricked my her! :3

  19. binky

    So Guy #68 – what’s you opinion on 9-11 ?
    Inside job ?

  20. Guy

    I don’t know, nor care, I live in the UK.

    (Yeah, I know that it is only negative attention she is getting, I was just joking.)

  21. Binky

    I guess ‘Guy’ got off at 4 (EST?)
    No comment.
    C’est la vie.
    (The French ? That’s for you Mia and the other Quebec chick ‘Julia’? x – as long as you shave) x

  22. Binky

    Well how about Iraq ? And the WMD ?
    Tony… and Gordon’s welcome of the NWO ?
    Over 50 Canadians have died in Afghanistan – how many Brits ?
    Still don’t care ?

  23. Guy

    I do wish they would withdraw the troops away from Iraq, my brother is currently stationed there.

  24. Lonny

    Yeah Guy – where DID you go ?

  25. Guy

    I am not sure what you are talking about…

    You must be confusing me with some other user called Guy on here?

    I rarely comment on posts here.

  26. A

    oh wow!Everybody, look at her cool black nail polish! hahaha
    ya know, I liked black nail polish once,
    when I was a 12 year old wannabegoth that is.

  27. Rach

    well..she has the guts to do that…you always try to find bad things abt these celebrities. if anyone here is angelic and never did anything like giving the finger to someone…than you can actually say anything but not when 99% of the ppl here actually did it!

  28. Rob

    Avril’s a bitch anyways. At her wedding, Deryck’s grandmother fainted from the heat and being dehydrated right after the ceremony while some pictures were being taken of the bridal party on the other side of the property. Deryck came rushing down to see how she was, while Avril never bothered to check, obviously not concerned about the health of her guests. You can even see the photos if you’d like…they’re the bunch of her standing by herself while her new husband goes to see if his grandmother was in trouble. Classy.

  29. Nice nail-polish!

  30. Kris

    She thinks she’s so badass. What a little bitch.

  31. shanipie

    Its funny becuz she acts all pissed because the paparazzi are always paying attention to morons like Britney or Paris or Lindsey. So she’s gotta act all “annoyed” when they are taking her picture when really she’s like all giddy inside like a little kid about to get a huge ice cream cone.

    Holy shit they’re taking MY picture, I better act like I hate the attention.

    Meanwhile they are just taking her picture cuz all the other little hollywoodhoes are still asleep from their clubbing the night before.

    I’ll bet some of the Paparazzi spot her and are all like, “eh, 20 feet is way to far to walk just to get Avrils picture, I just won’t pay rent this week”

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  33. imen

    whatever she dos this singer will still my idol in the contrary i really liked this behavior
    its soooooooooooooooooo avril lavigne
    with her punjk rock style

  34. imen

    whatever she dos this singer will still my idol in the contrary i really liked this behavior
    its soooooooooooooooooo avril lavigne
    with her punjk rock style

  35. imen

    whatever she dos this singer will still my idol in the contrary i really liked this behavior
    its soooooooooooooooooo avril lavigne
    with her punjk rock style

  36. She’s such a spoilt bitch, does anyone remember the article on here when she said she is annoyed that the Paparazzi doesn’t focus on her, they always photograph Paris Hilton etc, so she gets her chance and flips the camera off? She needs to get a life.

  37. BarbadoSlim

    @58…sory to bust your bubble, Avril, but your music sucks, you are a posseur, and un ugly little troll.

    We are also better than you in EVERY POSSIBLE WAY. And we will not slice anything except salami on the day LL dies ’cause we will have a HUGE party.

  38. frank

    what was she doing at the roosevelt hotel? is there a club or bar in it? was lindsey photographed coming out of there recently, too?

  39. BarbadoSlim


    *you still suck

  40. no1justminda

    That guy’s tie and her bag match…tell me that wasn’t planned!!

  41. sandy

    Once you make your first million dollars you pretty much don’t qualify as PUNK. Or hardcore in any way, especially when you’re a bubble gum pop singer. get over it. grow up.

  42. shit alot of hollywood still
    wearz black polizh…
    az far az that finger goez..
    yea, some old bitch flicked
    me off in traffic the other
    day…if 89 yr. oldz can do,
    then whatz the big deal aboout
    the finger!

  43. This attitude would disappear after a thick 8 in her shoot.

  44. Guy


    Can’t you see she is smiling whilst swearing? She isn’t affected one bit by it, and just craves more.

  45. Dionysion

    Y’all are just pissed because she isn’t playing the American “I-am-a-whore” game. Good going Avril. Fuck you, with class. Idiots!

  46. Aja

    It’s sad how she thinks doing that makes her look rebellious. meanwhile she complains that they don’t give her enough attention. I’d like to kick her right in her poseur twat.

  47. I’m surprised she doesn’t throw cans of beans at the paparzzi like Hugh Grant lol!


  48. MissDior17

    Proof that avril wants to be a hollywood whore [britney, lindsay and paris]:

    - She dyed her hair blonde
    - She writes a song about stealing someone’s boyfriend.
    - She’s a bubble gum pop star.
    - She tried to show her underwear but failed.
    - she craves attention.

    Lindsay, Paris and Britney are better than her because:

    - their songs don’t have the words “lyke totally omgz lulz”
    - the paparazzi actually gives them attention.
    - they have friends.

    I live in Canada and I hate this shitter to bits. I wish she’d just fuck off with her husband so I don’t have to hear about the country singer anymore.

  49. Gas With Oily Discharge

    Avril Lavinge is a Canadian piece of shit.

  50. frenchie

    83-85 Please learn how to spell and form coherent sentences. Press the “post your comments” button only once.

    I’m sure it’s not a stretch to say people often wonder if you are stupid. Perhaps you should keep your mouth shut so as not to remove all doubt.

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