Avril Lavigne loves the paparazzi

June 1st, 2007 // 180 Comments

The always pleasant Avril Lavgine was spotted leaving the Roosevelt Hotel giving paparazzi the finger. Man, what a lady. I read somewhere they were going to ask her to write the Miss Manners column, but were afraid everybody would get discouraged when nobody could live up to the example she’d set. I believe their exact words were, “Her manners! They’re too mannerly! She’s too mannerful!” And then they just repeatedly screamed “manners” for three hours straight. I dunno, I guess that’s what they do in the newspaper business.

avril_lavigne_roosevelt_hotel_01-thumb.jpg avril_lavigne_roosevelt_hotel_02-thumb.jpg avril_lavigne_roosevelt_hotel_03-thumb.jpg avril_lavigne_roosevelt_hotel_04-thumb.jpg avril_lavigne_roosevelt_hotel_05-thumb.jpg avril_lavigne_roosevelt_hotel_06-thumb.jpg avril_lavigne_roosevelt_hotel_07-thumb.jpg avril_lavigne_roosevelt_hotel_08-thumb.jpg


  1. viv

    looks like ashlee simpson

  2. Wow! What a total Punk! So rebellious!

    I’d like to watch a real musician knock her to the ground, shave her head, do a line of blow off of her ass, then deliver a nice warm steamer on her chest.

    But, that’s just me reaching for the stars.


  3. I don’t think she necessarily means to flip people off every single day, I think maybe her hand has tourrette’s. Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt, people!!!
    Ok, I gotta go mow my lawn, before Whammer Jammer beats the shit out me.
    I’ll be back if you’re lucky
    Are ya feelin lucky?
    Oh wait, that’s right…nobody gives a shit

  4. Your Mom

    I hate her. What a douche.

  5. She can stick that finger up her ass.

  6. Chauncey Gardner

    Why aren’t there more violently insane celebrity stalkers than there appears to be? It seems like more people should be mowing these arrogant, moronic cock-sockets down when they step out in public.

  7. BarbadoSlim

    This is one nasty, nasty-ass, little cunt.

  8. “cock-sockets”

    That’s some funny shit right there…

  9. #2- Wow Ferret, that’s your second SECNOD of the day. I’ll bet you will be bragging to all your friends down at the Loyal Order of The Angry Ferret tonight.

  10. Missmara19

    Its Avril’avashlee simpson.

  11. #10 – You recall the days of the L.O.A.F.? That was blogs and blogs ago. You just may be a fucking hipster after all!

    There is a tear in my eye…

  12. AND – if you were a member of the L.O.A.F you must also have a gigantic and well-shaped cock. Bully for you!

  13. BarbadoSlim

    #3 I propose the deed be done by Pink with her huge meaty dick.

  14. Slim, can you imagine that? Pink would make yogurt out of this talentless hack. I would pay good money for that.

  15. I vaguely remember something about the L.O.A.F.
    Don’t let this trip down memory lane make you the Happy Ferret Jones. You must stay angry in these trying times.

  16. True. Maybe I’ll go punch a Nun in the throat just to get my energy level back up.


  17. Eh, I’ve never been such a fan of hers. The other dumb blond singers are much hotter than her. She’s nothing more than a bukkake candidate to me.

  18. Brock, your site link has given me such wood that I offer up my only sister to you for your efforts.

  19. Scorcher

    Is it possible to be less important than this bleached-blonde, bad-teethed midget?

  20. #17- I’m all for punching a Nun, but only in the cooter.
    Speaking of punching cooters…


  21. GOGF!!!!!

    Semper Fi Stoogie!!!!

  22. Looks like the ‘Punch was out of business around the same time I was. Coweenkeedink!

  23. Binky

    Actually I agree with AL here.
    I don’t like the paparazzi either – unless they’re catching a decent nip slip (hummm…just kidding mom) or they’re from ‘We Are Change dot org’
    But her hockey socks ? Looks like she still supports the Leafs ! What a disgrace. Wake up girlfriend !

  24. She and Victoria Beckham are competing for ‘The #1 Biggest Pig Nose in the World.’ Place your vote before it’s too late

  25. MissDior17

    Avril Lavigne thinks she has it all figured out at 21 or however the fuck old she is. C’mon, she used to be a “skater punk” who hated girly girls and now she’s “just growing up and becoming a woman”. I think she should shut her Paris Hilton [as she fucked her husband before Avril, her remains on Deryck still exist] coated cum filled mouth before she makes a total hypocrite of herself.

  26. Hollywood Agent

    If this nobody doesn’t want her picture taken, she shouldn’t be in the entertainment business where everyone is considered a public figure.

    No one is stopping her from going to work at the Hollywood Waste Management Company. I heard that they are currently hiring used-to-be almost-famous nobodies for good paying trash collection jobs.

  27. Lopelus

    Atleast she’s keeping her diseases in her mouth this time.
    News flash, April, no one respects your “profession” either.

  28. Ali

    I second 1 and 3 LOL

  29. ali

    hey look at me i write songs 4 years after gwen stefani that sound exactly like her and live to bash britney and ashlee yet grow my hair out juuuust like them. psycho idol love hate shit avril. seriously, youre not fooling anyone. blows my mind.

  30. Dom

    good canadian girl. show ‘em americon punks.

  31. ssdd

    The Bitch needs to remember that the paparazzi helped to make her “famous”… She best hope and pray they continue to EVEN want to take pictures.. otherwise, the public will forget about her.

  32. Danny

    I’d really like to see her bare feet. And o, I don’t think that’s weird.

  33. Laughing at jerks

    I’ve been thinking about it.. I think I’d willingly do hard time if I could punch her in the teeth.. with a 2×4.. that had nails sticking out every which way.. and the nails were covered with poison… poisonous poison

  34. #23- Semper Fi, what is that? Always Painful?

  35. Binky

    I agree #32, but she still hasn’t pulled on an

    ’9-11 Inside Job’ t-shirt

    ‘For When the Finger Just Won’t Do’

    (and watch the paps clear – fast)

  36. no1justminda

    Oh Avril, you’re such a badass. Hey hey, you you, I don’t like your “music”

  37. amalie

    She’s a TOOL. Nobody cares, shes a has been, and her music sucks!!! She’s just pissed no one gives a damn about her…

  38. captain obvious

    Jeez, I totally thought that was Ashley Simpson when I first saw the photo. I have to admit, I have some Avril cd’s and really do like her singing. But as far as her personality; it seems like she’s somewhat of a bitchy poser. I’ve heard her bash the blonde look many times, and yet there she is, with seriously blonde hair, and on many occasions wearing kinda slutty clothes, etc. I think she’s a pretty girl, but needs an attitude adjustment.

  39. imran karim


    imran karim

  40. Crap Tonight

    What we have here folks is..
    an idiot


  42. me0w

    She could’ve just screamed “FUCK YOU!!” to the paparrazzi, but that wouldn’t have made a good photo, so she did it in sign language so everyone will see that she’s a hard core rock n roll bitch. I am so impressed.

    Avril you are so punk rock! Pink and Ashlee are only posers, but you are the real deal. rock on, Avril! You rebel, you sk8ter punk. I headbang to your music! Everyones gonna mosh at your next show. can’t wait.

  43. me0w

    that outfit is so ugly. Look at her socks and her cropped pants and that bag.

  44. bungoone

    the sad part is her & her friend are giggling. if she was as much of a bad ass as she thinks, she wouldn’t be all “tee hee hee i flipped them off!” fucking tards.

  45. isitin

    She makes us Canadians look bad, dumb bitch.

  46. elle

    i can’t believe i hate someone more than paris hilton. i can’t believe someone could be this odious without murdering someone. she probably would murder wouldn’t she? she would probably kill sid vicious because he ‘isn’t punk enough…like me. cos i’m punk….what? sid vicious is dead? yeah uh…i knew that. cos he’s like totally reincarnated in my body. that’s why i act so fuckin’ punk…ish. suck on that. fuck and that”

  47. violeteyes

    She’s more embarrassing than Celine Dion. Don’t worry 47, she’s a celebrity, it doesn’t count.

  48. She forgot her manners in public. I love your rock type baby… but seems not fit.

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