Avril Lavigne is weak

June 14th, 2006 // 85 Comments





  1. El drana del Internet

    “hardcore-sk8r grl” has loius vitton luggage, lol.


  2. El drama del Internet

    | and, yes, i am an illiterate small-dicked canadian


  3. Nikk The Templar

    Maybe the luggage isn’t really that heavy…

    Maybe Avril has carpal tunnel syndrome and can’t move her hands that much…

    Maybe she strained a muscle in her arm or back..

    Or maybe she’s becoming a little namby pamby diva cumdumpster.

    The better looking she gets, the more prissy and girly acting she becomes.

  4. closetsloane21

    So we hear nothing musical from Avril in yonks and she appears wearing a velour tracksuit and brandishing THE bag of the season whilst her predecessor, the ex-velour-tracksuited-handbag-toting skinny blonde, Miss P. Hilton, makes a ‘record’. How very punk rock that Avril has decided to become the living retrospective example of Paris. That’s progressive, man. Or is it regressive? Someone please explain.

  5. libertarienne

    Avril, stop bleaching your hair. It’s lookin’ like crap. Troll hair and velour track suits do not go together…on second thought, bleach away!

  6. cyan

    that bag is marc jacob’s.

  7. wwconando

    At least she finally has her hair out of her face.

  8. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Americans smell like flowers and fine perfume, as long as they’re aryan, white, upperclass Americans with big penises. All other Americans smell like ass.

  9. jane's eyre

    A white aryan? So I’m guessing there aren’t any black aryans. Darn.

  10. waterranger

    Paris Hilton’s “perfume” smells like flowers (according to Paris Hilton).

    “You smell like a baby prostitute” *sprays air freshener*

  11. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Black aryans smell like cinnamon. FACT.

  12. which one is avril and which one is deryck? and who the hell taught these kids to spell…salad heads…

  13. Aimtrue

    My god look at Mr. Chicken Bone Arms. Those arms are going to snap under the weight of those tiny bags. No better way to draw attention to your puniness than to put a tattoo right across you lacking bicep.

  14. Italian Stallion

    How come the sun light didn’t burn these two? I always thought that was a myth about vampires. See Mulder was right, the truth is out there……………

  15. Xanthia

    @49: Eskimo = Alaska = American……. so your point is………..????

    By the way, love that the “rebel girl” is now wearing bubble gum pink nail polish too.

    God – pass the vodka. Quick!

  16. I’m just laughing my ass off that this is the girl who spent so much time trying to convince us she was “punk” and so “hardcore”, while she was busy doing jazz hands and singing “Sk8ter Boi”. All of that bad attitude and black fingernail polish has only resulted in her looking like the third Hilton sister.

  17. andrewthezeppo

    Damn, she is all kinda of fugly. She’s fugly six ways from Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Just an ugly beast.

  18. waterranger

    #65 – I know! I totally agree with you! But…. a lot of americans seem to have the misconception that Canadians live in igloos and speak… eskimo (hence bigjims clever remark about polar bear underwear hehe)

  19. lisad71

    #16 – Who hasn’t f*cked Paris? This guy must be into dirty snatch cuz Avril is skanky too.

    #22 – Don’t insult German Shepherds like that. Mine is cuter than Avril, probably outweighs her at 100# and can sing better for sure.

  20. limper

    I guess giant bondage purses are the hot accessory now. Aaanyway, they’re a cute couple because they have the exact same size boobs.

  21. TrannyGranny

    That luggage is filled full of all the sex toys, panties and cheerleader outfits I made Avril use, while I spent 3 days grudge-fucking her on a spendid cocaine and pez binge. I made her pay for the champagne and the room, and I tied his sorry ass in the corner and made him watch, ala “Clockwork Orange”. Although oddly, all he did was scream “Yeah Tranny, give it to that slut” and beg me to let him masturbate. I’m home now, and scrubbing my body with turpentine, I like the tingly feeling it give you.

  22. Iambananas

    Wow, I can’t express how cool that is. I wish I had someone to carry around all my junk.

  23. HughJorganthethird

    She looks like shit and they are both midgets. Next.

  24. bakismaki

    Not that I care about these two, but she looks like crap.

  25. diviine

    i think it’s bull that she’s not allowed to wear pink nail polish and carry designer luggage. is there a fucking rule somewhere that rebellious girls have to look butch? wtf!

  26. ChickenScratch

    Deryk = Der+Dick+Paris = Dare Dick

    You do the math.

  27. Faye Valentine

    I hate that white trash upturned nose of hers.

  28. whoinvitedthefatchick

    I’m sure this was probably the last shoot the paparazzi will ever do of Avril. You know, not because they don’t like her anymore but simply because they can’t get the shutter to open up long enough to get her skin on film. She has gotten so white she almost can’t be seen anymore. Good thing she has a frequent shopper’s card at Hot Topic.

  29. She’s also…what’s the phrase??? hmmm… oh yeah. She is not hot and looks like a rat with bleached blonde hair. Yeah, remember that old saying? I think my Grandpa used to say it back in the day.

  30. Isa

    HELLO HELLO ????????????????????????????????HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IS SHE ENGAGED?????????

  31. Deryck Whibley sounds like something coughed up by someone with bird flu. Since Sum 41 never managed to squeeze out that pivotal second hit, I’m pretty sure the asshole is going to be jazzed to have any media attention, even if it is footage of him being Avril Lavigne’s bitch.

    And for christ’s sakes, it’s rolly luggage. How hard is it to drag something? Maybe he should have practiced with his girlfriend first.

  32. pixelbasic

    Someone is still taking pictures of her?

  33. Danklin

    Avril is such a fucing sell-out its ridiculous. She should be hanged for being such a hypocrite.

  34. kittenz

    So what if he carried her luggage, I’d expect the same thing from my boyfriend.
    Maybe he offered to do it cause maybe it was to heavy for her to carry over those steps and it didn’t seem to much of a strain on him when he was pulling them by the bar thingy.

    Why should she be hanged for doing something different Danklin? thats crazy!
    I guess if she doesn’t express herself in the prescise manor every wants her to be then shes a sell out for trying a different approach MAYBE just maybe she wanted to try the girly girl approach in all honsetly. I’m so glad you all seem to know a celebrity so well and what they’re thinking.

  35. SUMGUY

    Yeah i agree deryck is probly carrying the luggage cuz thats wut guys do for their girlfriends. and by the way dont insult deryck if u dont even know who he is. He makes a lot of people happy jus being himself and making music. I wish that this wudnt b such a big deal with avril and deryck. They both r under a lot of pressure set aside all of the bullshit going aroud about their realationship. I wish them the best of luck and hope that they a happy life together

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